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eryn_7  napisała: 

> June 2004 
> Yale University researchers have shown that active ingredient in marijuana can 
> cause transient schizophrenia-like symptoms ranging from [u]suspiciousness and 
> delusions[/u][b][/b] to impairments in memory and attention in some patients. T
> he study was an attempt to clarify [u]a long known association between cannabis
>  and psychosis[/u][b][/b] in the hopes of finding another clue about the pathop
> hysiology of schizophrenia. 
> Last year, Netherlands researchers reviewed five studies and concluded that the
>  [u]use of marijuana (cannabis) approximately doubles the risk of developing sc
> hizophrenia[/u][b][/b]. Because the studies excluded anyone with a history of p
> sychosis and controlled for the use of other drugs, they were "able to show the
>  specific effects of cannabis."
> Thus if a young person is genetically at risk for schizophrenia, the research s
> uggests, the use of marijuana can cause the same kind of damage the schizopheni
> a would cause, which could bring on the illness when it might otherwise have no
> t have emerged, cause earlier onset, and/or worsen the condition.
> Newsday quoted one of the study's authors, Dr. Manzar Ashtari, as saying, ""Don
> 't put yourself at risk, especially if you have a family history of schizophren
> ia or severe mental illness -- especially when the brain is still growing."

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