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I need a place where I can meet my clients because I don't want to go too far from the hotel. I need a stylish hotel with a first-clas restaurant and first-class facilities. Swimming pool? No, I don't have time when I'm on business.

Could I have a quiet room in a small or medium-sized hotel? I don't want to stay at the Piazza San Marco but it, should be central. I'd like a place that's relaxing with friendly staff and maybe a courtyard or garden.

I: I want made you decide to upgrade your hotel, Renee?
R: Well, for two reasons really. You see there is a lot of competition between hotels in Amsterdam, so your hotel has to be good. Secondly, I've noticed that tourists and businesspeople want a higher standard of accommodation than in the past.
I; So, how did you go about changing the hotel? What did you have to do?
R; well, for one thing we had to make changes to the guestrooms. The rooms are now a lot more comfortable. The furniture's better quality and we've completely redecorated all the rooms in a more modern style. We also put a minibar and colour TV in every room.
I: Really? How many guestrooms are there?
R; There used to be forty-two rooms but we reduced it to thirty-eight because generally speaking, bedrooms in two-star hotels are not as spacious as in four-star hotels. We also needed to converd some of our small shower rooms to fully-eqiupped bathrooms.
I; What about the rest of the hotel? Did you have to make changes there too?
R; Oh yes, lots. The reception area has been made bigger and it is staffed twenty-four hours a day now. we also redesigned the bar and put in new sofas, armchairs, carpets and curtains.
I; It certainly looks very colourful. Do you employ more staff now?
R: Yes, we do, because we now provide a portrt service, twenty-four-hour room service and a laundry service for guests. The other major change was to the food service. The standard of the cuisine's much higher now and we offer a wider range of food on our menu. But we still want the atmosphere to be as friendly as before, no matter how many stars we have!
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