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Baby jogger city mini or valco baby snap?

13.02.18, 15:24
I'm looking to buy a stroller which I'm taking to India. I don't want a full size pram. But would rather prefer a lightweight stroller which I can use from may be when baby is 4 months or so. Primarily I will be going on smoother surface and mainly for city use. I want it to be light weight and easily moves with one hand and good for air travel.
Which one is better value for money. ? I can see that they are costlier in Poland than in US market.
If there is any other option also I would look those also.ia it is good to buy first hand or second hand. Where to look for second hand ones?

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  • gochalodz 14.02.18, 08:22
    City mini is more popular and has better resale value,p75349048
    NAVY , LIME and EVEERGREEN 890zł (without tray )
  • jeenaprem 14.02.18, 10:00
    Thank you. Even I was thinking the same in future if we might be moving somewhere else it's a little more popular than valco baby. I was just wondering does the adjustable footrest and the width of the valco baby a big advantage over the city mini? When you see the price difference I prefer the city mini over the valco baby. Saw some reviews also for valco baby getting the brake damaged and replaced many times. Thank you so much for the website you mentioned.
    Really appreciate the group eventhough I have put a question im English.
  • ablacim 14.02.18, 15:40
    You can buy an extra adjustable footrest for baby jogger. I think it's a useful thing with younger children who sleep a lot.
  • kasiamamaani 15.03.18, 22:34
    There is a solution if you want the footrest for city mini
    I wonder what you’ve chosen, as we are in the market for the stroller and have simmilar dilema..

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