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Immigrants fight back H1-B Ban proposed by Tom Tan

24.07.03, 23:23
From: Preethi Ryan (
Subject: Immigrants fight back H1-B Ban proposed by Tom Tancredo
Date: 2003-07-21 03:30:17 PST

Indian workers fight back on US visa moves
by Susie Hughes at 12:16 18/07/03 (News on Business)

Earlier this week, Shout99 reported on the political movement in
America to remove or reduce H1-Bs - the US equivalent of fast track
visas. Now, the immigrant workforce has launched a counter-campaign
using the Internet to protect their rights to work in the US., a US-based Internet site for non-resident Indians, has
already collected more than 10,000 comments and signatures from around
the world within a few days of launching an online petition. It hopes
to generate more than 50,000 names in its petition before presenting
it to President Bush, the Indian President, the Indian Prime Minister,
the law makers in the US Congress and the Indian Parliament and the
leading international media.
The petition 'Do Not Abolish H-1Bs' is in response to moves by a
Republican Congressman, Tom Tancredo, who wants to eliminate visas
under the H1-B category, claiming that, particuarly in IT, Indian
workers coming into the US are taking the jobs of Americans at lower

To counter this, the US-based Indian workforce has organised itself
online to campaign against the measure. The petition claims that:

"H1-B and L1 Visas have powered the stupendous growth in the American
high-tech sector in particular. The H1-B Visa provided skilled
professionals that powered the Information Revolution led by America.

"American economy was slumping in the late-80's and early 90's due to
the Japanese Manufacturing prowess.

"The Information Revolution that powered America's growth and its
leadership status was enabled to a large extent by H1-B professionals
-- irrespective of whether they had a part in the Silicon Valley
startups or established organisations like Microsoft and NASA.

"America should not abolish the H1-B Visa law that helped mitigate
crucial skill shortages. Even today, India graduates several times
more Computer Science professionals than America. Several of them work
far harder than their American colleagues -- given the fact that they
are immigrants in an alien country wanting to prove themselves.

"This resolute hard work of Indians should NOT be penalized by
scrapping the H1-B Visa.

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