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08.03.05, 17:23
Hello, I am using function module IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM in order to input
incoming data to SAP system. Basis type is INVOIC02. I call
IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM in my own function module that processes incoming IDoc.

How do I get SAP Document Number with created data from IDoc???

How does Idoc status record look like when it succesfully posted in SAP system
(with 53 status number)?.

And another thing: How to create IDoc with existing data in SAP system.
Doesn't matter what quality of data but I would like to achieve valid IDoc
with any invoice.


ps. rozumiem tez po polsku ;-)
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  • wojtas71 09.03.05, 10:34
    * Creation through NAST message control
    If the application supports messaging, it is the preferred solution. In this
    case the application stores a message to table NAST and triggers the message
    processing [entry point is RSNAST(einzel_nachricht) and the called routine is
    created when you post the message manually through its appropriate transaction.
    If you want the IDoc to be sent only when the document has been created through
    an inbound IDoc, you need to implement a condition in message control, that
    decides when to disable the creation of the NAST entry. A detailed description
    on this is found in "The R/3 Guide to EDI, ALE, Workflow and Interfaces"

    czy ktos moglby wyjasnic szerzej w jaki sposob ustawia sie message workflow aby
    uzyskac outbound IDoc np. typu INVOIC02?

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