Rabini-pedofile, gwalciciele Dodaj do ulubionych

42. Case of Rabbi Melvin Teitelbaum (Los Angeles, CA) (Accused of three
counts of sex crimes against two boys under the age of 14, and one count of
assault with intent to commit rape against one boy's mother. The charges were
dropped for lack of evidenced)
43. Case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler (AKA: Mordechai Tendler) (Monsey, NY)
(Accused of innappropriate sexual behavior with women in he counseled that had
gone on for years).
44. Case of Rabbi Isadore Trachtman (Chicago, IL and Jerusalem, Israel)
(Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses)
45. Case of Rabbi Hirsch Travis (Monsey, NY) (Rabbi in Monsey, accused of
posing as a Brooklyn doctor specializing in infertility problems, and allegedly
sexually abusing and assaulting a patient.)
46. Case of Rabbi Matis Weinberg (Baltimore, MD, Santa Clara, CA and Har
Nof, Israel) (Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses)
47. Case of Rabbi Yaakov Weiner (New York, NY and Israel) (Accused of
molesting boy at Camp Mogen Avraham, New York)
48. Case of Rabbi Nachman Weisfeld (Northern, Israel) (Convicted of
physically and sexually abusing children under his care in an education
49. Case of Rabbi Don Well - Principal (Brooklyn, NY) (Accused and charged
with Rabbi one count of third-degree sexual abuse).
50. Case of Cantor Phillip Wittlin (Harrisburg, PA) (Convicted of molesting
two girls)
51. Case of Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov (Los Angeles, CA) (Convicted of sexual
abuse and committing lewd acts against three boys)
52. Case of Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman (New York, NY) (Violated guidelines
concerning "sexual ethics and sexual boundaries," )
53. Case of Rabbi Max Zucker (Dallas, TX) (Accused by three women of
improperly touching)
54. Case of unamed NY rabbi who has an unhealthy interest in teenage boys
55. Case of Unnamed Rabbi in West Rogers Park (Chicago, IL) (The alleged
offender originally meets his victims on line, and then after time connects
with them in person. The allegations that have been made include the rabbi
using a form of hypnosis and then sexually assaulting his alleged victims).
Sprawy karne innych oficjałów gmin ortodoksyjnych (rodziców, nauczycieli,
instruktorów obozowych itd.
And Other Trusted Officals (Parents, Teachers, Camp Counselors, etc.)
1. Case of Faiz Suleiman Abukarinat - The Negev Pedophile (Israel)
(Convicted of kidnapping and raping three girls from Beersheba and Ashdod)
2. Case of Arie Adler and Marisa Rimland (New York, NY) (Arie Adler was
accused of molesting his daughter. Marisa Rimland murdered her daughter, and
then committed suicide).
3. Case of Simcha Adler - Ohel Counselor (Borough Park/Brooklyn, NY (Plea-
bargained charges of sodomy, sexual abuse and two counts of endangering the
welfare of a child down to attempted sodomy.)
4. Case of Tal Alaluf (Arrested and confessed to raping a 13-year-old boy
he "groomed" via an Internet chat room, according to police detectives).
5. Case of Hen Alkobi (Haifa, Israel) (Accused of raping and sexually
abusing teenage girls in the Haifa area, ended in a plea bargain arrangement.)
6. Case of Ben Amotz (Tel Aviv and Jaffa, Israel) (Allegedly lured 12 to
13-year-old girls to his apartment using drugs)
7. Case of Igor Antapika, Haifa, Israel/Soviet Union (AKA: Street Stair
Rapist) (Arrested and accused of raping several women)
8. Case of Eugene Loub Aronin - School Counselor (Joppa, TX and Buffalo
Grove, IL (Convicted in 1984 of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy)
9. Case of David Carl Arndt, M.D. (Boston, MA) (Charged with four counts
of statutory child rape and one count each of indecent assault and battery,
drugging a person for sexual intercourse, contributing to the delinquency of a
child, and possession of the drugs ketamine hydrochloride ("Special K") and
10. Case of Yehezkel Atar (Tel Aviv, Israel) (Convicted of raping a nine-
year-old girl).
11. Case of Boris Bardichevsky (Petah Tikva, Israel) (Arrested this week by
the Israel Police's Etgar unit on suspicion of trading in women).
12. Case of Leeore Batshaw - Psychology Student at The University of
Winnipeg (Israel) (Convicted - internet sting on child pornography)
13. Case of Yoav Biran (Jerusalem, Israel) (Accused of distributing child
pornography over the Internet, also of preforming indecent acts on children.
Also see: Case of Rafael Kaplanovsky and Case of Itai Snapier).
14. Case of Moni Biton (Tel Aviv, Israel) (Convicted and sentence to
sentenced to 22 years for purchased a stun gun, tear gas, knives and scissors,
and decided in advance which brothels him and his friends would attack).
15. Case of Yaron Blanc (Ariel, Israel) (Accused of using the internet to
lure minors for sexual activity)
16. Case of Baron Bloom (London, England) (Convicted of indecently
assaulting a 15-year-old girl. The judge ordered Bloom's name to be placed on
the sex offenders register for 10 years and sentenced him to one year's
17. Case of Harold Bloom - Humanities and English Professor at Yale (New
Haven, CT) (Accused of sexually harassing students).
18. Case of Michael Broman (Givatayim, Israel) (Arrested this week by the
Israel Police's Etgar unit on suspicion of trading in women).
19. Case of Rami Buchnik - Physical Education Teacher (Tiberias, Israel)
(Arrested after complaints that he had been molesting youths at several . . .

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