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IP: * 12.02.03, 16:34
Dear Friends of Palestine,
> The Musical Intifadah continues to provide new songs, music and
> information about the Palestinian cause. The latest features are:
> - An exclusively compiled video production about Gretta
> Duisenberg,
> the wife of the President of the European Bank, who caused world-wide
> turmoil by hanging a Palestinian flag from her balcony. She has since
> dedicated her time and efforts to bringing the Palestinian cause under
> the attention of the people in the Netherlands. The video is featured on
> the Musical Intifadah as well, partly in English and partly in Dutch,
> with
> English subtitles. You don't want to miss this!
> - Jim Page, a folk musician who is highly respected in the USA,
> and
> has performed with celebrities like Bonnie Raitt, JJ Cale and Emmylou
> Harris, and whose music has been played by famous artists like the
> Doobie Brothers and David Soul, has made his song "Palestine" available
> for the Musical Intifadah. Penetrating and powerful lyrics, and a voice
> that
> resembles the styles of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, make this song
> a most wonderful contribution to the Musical Intifadah.
> - Frank Abbinanti, a renowned composer and musician in the field
> of
> classical piano music, has recorded a CD called "Jenin", in which he has
> ventured to translate the emotions involved in the Jenin massacre into
> music. The Musical Intifadah features a clip from his unique and
> captivating work. An interview with Abbinanti will soon be published at
> the Palestine Chronicle.
> I hope you will continue to support the Musical Intifadah, and I wish to
> thank everyone who has been so kind as to express their support by
> their kind messages, and of course, the artists who have contributed
> their music to the project.
> As for those who have provided their mail addresses, and are waiting to
> receive their copy of the CD, I would kindly request a little patience.
> I
> apologize for the delay, but I will not forget it and will soon come
> around
> to produce the CD's and start sending them around (I ran out of my
> previous supply, and it's a one man operation).
> Please excuse my long message, I will keep it short next time.
> Thanks,
> Doc Jazz
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