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    Virgos like instruction manuals. They'll try anything if it's explained in
    clear, easy-to- understand steps. Take the instructions away and they often
    panic. They always read the handbook first, and this makes them terrifyingly
    competent in almost any sphere of life they choose to explore. Unfortunately
    there aren't any instruction manuals for how to deal with love and passion
    (although there are lots that pretend to be). It's not surprising that so many
    Virgos are terrified of what they perceive as the dangerous lunacy of falling
    in love.

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    Pythagoras of Samos is often described as the first pure mathematician. He is
    an extremely important figure in the development of mathematics yet we know
    relatively little about his mathematical achievements. Unlike many later Greek
    mathematicians, where at least we have some of the books which they wrote, we
    have nothing of Pythagoras's writings. The society which he led, half religious
    and half scientific, followed a code of secrecy which certainly means that
    today Pythagoras is a mysterious figure.

    We do have details of Pythagoras's life from early biographies which use
    important original sources yet are written by authors who attribute divine
    powers to him, and whose aim was to present him as a god-like figure. What we
    present below is an attempt to collect together the most reliable sources to
    reconstruct an account of Pythagoras's life. There is fairly good agreement on
    the main events of his life but most of the dates are disputed with different
    scholars giving dates which differ by 20 years. Some historians treat all this
    information as merely legends but, even if the reader treats it in this way,
    being such an early record it is of historical importance.

    Pythagoras's father was Mnesarchus ([12] and [13]), while his mother was
    Pythais [8] and she was a native of Samos. Mnesarchus was a merchant who came
    from Tyre, and there is a story ([12] and [13]) that he brought corn to Samos
    at a time of famine and was granted citizenship of Samos as a mark of
    gratitude. As a child Pythagoras spent his early years in Samos but travelled
    widely with his father. There are accounts of Mnesarchus returning to Tyre with
    Pythagoras and that he was taught there by the Chaldaeans and the learned men
    of Syria. It seems that he also visited Italy with his father.

    Little is known of Pythagoras's childhood. All accounts of his physical
    appearance are likely to be fictitious except the description of a striking
    birthmark which Pythagoras had on his thigh. It is probable that he had two
    brothers although some sources say that he had three. Certainly he was well
    educated, learning to play the lyre, learning poetry and to recite Homer. There
    were, among his teachers, three philosophers who were to influence Pythagoras
    while he was a young man. One of the most important was Pherekydes who many
    describe as the teacher of Pythagoras.

    The other two philosophers who were to influence Pythagoras, and to introduce
    him to mathematical ideas, were Thales and his pupil Anaximander who both lived
    on Miletus. In [8] it is said that Pythagoras visited Thales in Miletus when he
    was between 18 and 20 years old. By this time Thales was an old man and,
    although he created a strong impression on Pythagoras, he probably did not
    teach him a great deal. However he did contribute to Pythagoras's interest in
    mathematics and astronomy, and advised him to travel to Egypt to learn more of
    these subjects. Thales's pupil, Anaximander, lectured on Miletus and Pythagoras
    attended these lectures. Anaximander certainly was interested in geometry and
    cosmology and many of his ideas would influence Pythagoras's own views.

    In about 535 BC Pythagoras went to Egypt. This happened a few years after the
    tyrant Polycrates seized control of the city of Samos. There is some evidence
    to suggest that Pythagoras and Polycrates were friendly at first and it is
    claimed [5] that Pythagoras went to Egypt with a letter of introduction written
    by Polycrates. In fact Polycrates had an alliance with Egypt and there were
    therefore strong links between Samos and Egypt at this time. The accounts of
    Pythagoras's time in Egypt suggest that he visited many of the temples and took
    part in many discussions with the priests. According to Porphyry ([12] and
    [13]) Pythagoras was refused admission to all the temples except the one at
    Diospolis where he was accepted into the priesthood after completing the rites
    necessary for admission.

    It is not difficult to relate many of Pythagoras's beliefs, ones he would later
    impose on the society that he set up in Italy, to the customs that he came
    across in Egypt. For example the secrecy of the Egyptian priests, their refusal
    to eat beans, their refusal to wear even cloths made from animal skins, and
    their striving for purity were all customs that Pythagoras would later adopt.
    Porphyry in [12] and [13] says that Pythagoras learnt geometry from the
    Egyptians but it is likely that he was already acquainted with geometry,
    certainly after teachings from Thales and Anaximander.

    In 525 BC Cambyses II, the king of Persia, invaded Egypt. Polycrates abandoned
    his alliance with Egypt and sent 40 ships to join the Persian fleet against the
    Egyptians. After Cambyses had won the Battle of Pelusium in the Nile Delta and
    had captured Heliopolis and Memphis, Egyptian resistance collapsed. Pythagoras
    was taken prisoner and taken to Babylon. Iamblichus writes that Pythagoras (see

    ... was transported by the followers of Cambyses as a prisoner of war. Whilst
    he was there he gladly associated with the Magoi ... and was instructed in
    their sacred rites and learnt about a very mystical worship of the gods. He
    also reached the acme of perfection in arithmetic and music and the other
    mathematical sciences taught by the Babylonians...

    In about 520 BC Pythagoras left Babylon and returned to Samos. Polycrates had
    been killed in about 522 BC and Cambyses died in the summer of 522 BC, either
    by committing suicide or as the result of an accident. The deaths of these
    rulers may have been a factor in Pythagoras's return to Samos but it is nowhere
    explained how Pythagoras obtained his freedom. Darius of Persia had taken
    control of Samos after Polycrates' death and he would have controlled the
    island on Pythagoras's return. This conflicts with the accounts of Porphyry and
    Diogenes Laertius who state that Polycrates was still in control of Samos when
    Pythagoras returned there.

    Pythagoras made a journey to Crete shortly after his return to Samos to study
    the system of laws there. Back in Samos he founded a school which was called
    the semicircle. Iamblichus [8] writes in the third century AD that:-

    ... he formed a school in the city [of Samos], the 'semicircle' of Pythagoras,
    which is known by that name even today, in which the Samians hold political
    meetings. They do this because they think one should discuss questions about
    goodness, justice and expediency in this place which was founded by the man who
    made all these subjects his business. Outside the city he made a cave the
    private site of his own philosophical teaching, spending most of the night and
    daytime there and doing research into the uses of mathematics...

    Pythagoras left Samos and went to southern Italy in about 518 BC (some say much
    earlier). Iamblichus [8] gives some reasons for him leaving. First he comments
    on the Samian response to his teaching methods:-

    ... he tried to use his symbolic method of teaching which was similar in all
    respects to the lessons he had learnt in Egypt. The Samians were not very keen
    on this method and treated him in a rude and improper manner.

    This was, according to Iamblichus, used in part as an excuse for Pythagoras to
    leave Samos:-

    ... Pythagoras was dragged into all sorts of diplomatic missions by his fellow
    citizens and forced to participate in public affairs. ... He knew that all the
    philosophers before him had ended their days on foreign soil so he decided to
    escape all political responsibility, alleging as his excuse, according to some
    sources, the contempt the Samians had for his teaching method.

    Pythagoras founded a philosophical and religious school in Croton (now Crotone,
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    The third, actually two very short novels, Black Easter and The Day after
    Judgement, were written using the assumption that the ritual magic for
    summoning demons as described in grimoires actually worked. In the first book,
    a wealthy arms manufacturer comes to a black magician with a strange request:
    he wishes to release all the demons from hell for one night to see what might
    happen. The book mainly consists of a lengthy description of the summoning
    ritual, and the grotesque figures of the demons as they appear. The book ends
    with Baphomet announcing to the participants that the demons can not be
    compelled to return to hell: the War is over, and God is dead. The Day After
    Judgment shows the characters from the first book, and the realisation that God
    may not be dead, as something appears to be restraining the actions of the
    demons upon Earth.

    Sanderson Beck was born March 5, 1947 in Los Angeles. He earned a B.A. in
    Dramatic Art from the University of California at Berkeley, an M.A. in
    Religious Studies from U.C. Santa Barbara, Ph.D. candidacy in the Philosophy of
    Education from U.C.L.A., and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the World University.
    He was a Conscientious Objector during the Vietnam War. In 1982 he formulated
    World Peace Movement Principles, Purposes, and Methods, and in 1987 he traveled
    to 47 states and met with 600 peace groups to promote peace and disarmament. He
    has been arrested many times for nonviolently protesting nuclear weapons and
    military intervention and in 1989 was imprisoned for six months. Sanderson has
    taught Philosophy and many other subjects at the World University since 1976.
    On September 1, 2001 World Peace Communications was incorporated as a nonprofit
    organization for educational, literary, and charitable purposes. Sanderson's
    versions of the Wisdom Classics have been published as the WISDOM BIBLE, and
    the first volume of his HISTORY OF ETHICS was published as Ancient Wisdom and
    Folly and the second volume as Age of Belief. Sanderson recently published the
    Nonviolent Action Handbook and GUIDES TO PEACE AND JUSTICE. He became an
    official candidate for President of the United States in December 2002, and in
    May 2003 he endorsed Dennis Kucinich.


    Introduction to Boethius

    ...The lifetime goal of Boethius was to translate the complete works of
    Aristotle and all the dialogs of Plato, showing by his commentaries that the
    two could be harmonized, because they agree at philosophically decisive points.
    He did translate into Latin Porphyry's introduction to Aristotle's Categories
    and all of Aristotle's works on logic, which later had a great influence on the
    history of medieval philosophy, these being the most available works of
    Aristotle or Plato in Latin. He also translated from Greek into Latin the
    geometry of Euclid, the music of Pythagoras, the arithmetic of Nicomachus, the
    mechanics of Archimedes, and the astronomy of Ptolemy. He could explain a sun-
    dial and a water-clock.

    In 510 Boethius became consul under the Ostrogoth Theodoric who had become king
    of Italy. Although Theodoric was an Arian Christian, Boethius wrote Theological
    Tractates on the trinity attempting to explain with logic the unity of God as
    substance and the three divine persons in terms of relation, and to describe
    the Christ as both human and divine by defining substance, relation, and nature.

    About 520 Theodoric appointed Boethius the master of the offices, heading all
    the government and court services. In 522 Boethius reached the height of his
    fortune as his two sons became consuls together....

    A 35-year schism between Rome and Constantinople had been resolved in 519, and
    apparently Theodoric was fearful of the Eastern emperor. The senator Albinus
    was accused of having written a letter to Emperor Justin, and Boethius openly
    came to his defense. Boethius was charged with treason and also with practicing
    magic or sacrilege.

    In political life Boethius had often stood up for justice at his own risk. He
    and Saint Epiphanius had persuaded Theodoric to remit by two-thirds the tax his
    nephew Odoacer had imposed on the farmers of Campania. The eloquence of
    Boethius had rescued Paulinus from the intriguers in the palace. He had
    criticized the Goths Conigastus and Trigulla, and he had sided with the culture
    of the larger Roman empire against the Gothicizing circle of Cyprian. Now
    the "honorable" Basilius and Opilio were saying that Boethius had treasonous

    Boethius was locked up in Pavia three hundred miles from Rome while a sentence
    was passed against him and confirmed by the Senate, probably under pressure
    from Theodoric. While Boethius was in captivity and deprived of the use of his
    library, he wrote THE CONSOLATION OF PHILOSOPHY.. In 524 a strong cord was tied
    so tightly around his head that his eyes bulged out; then he was beaten with a
    club until he died. Shortly after that his father-in-law, the senator
    Symmachus, was taken from Rome to Ravenna and also executed.

    The historian Procopius wrote how Theodoric was stricken with guilt soon after
    this when the head of a large fish was served him, reminding him of the head of
    Symmachus. Terrified he caught a chill, which piles of blankets could not
    smother. He lamented the wrongs he had done against Symmachus and Boethius and
    died in 526.

    THE CONSOLATION OF PHILOSOPHY became one of the most popular books throughout
    the middle ages. It was translated into Old, Middle and Elizabethan English by
    Alfred the Great, Chaucer, and Queen Elizabeth respectively.

    The Pi and Theta represent the first letters of Greek words describing
    philosophy from the practical to the theoretical. The Eleatic school of
    philosophy was founded by Parmenides a little before Socrates and emphasized
    the unity of being. The Academics were those who studied at the Academy founded
    by Plato. The Epicureans followed the philosophy of Epicurus (341-270 BC) which
    believed in maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain. The Stoics included Zeno
    of Citium, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. Anaxagoras was condemned for impiety
    and exiled from Athens about 450 BC. Socrates was executed by the Athenians in
    399 BC. Zeno of Elea was tortured for challenging the tyranny of Nearchus about
    440 BC. Canius was executed by Caligula in 40 CE. Seneca was forced to commit
    suicide by Nero in 65 CE, and Soranus was condemned to death by Nero in 66.
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    Europa jest cala winna antysemizmowi.Byl i jest tam od wiekow.Probowano
    "oczyscic" swoje kraje zapominajac ze Zydow wywiezli Rzymianie po calym Imperium
    rzymskim i zabroniono im wracac do swojej ojczyzny.Kosciol Katolicki stal sie od
    poczatku ich zacieklym wrogiem i jest do dzisiaj. Pan Bog moze nierychliwy ale
    sprawiedliwy :probowano wytepic Zydow we wszelki mozliwy sposob: palac,mordujac
    ,urzadzajac pogromy,zwalajac winne za wszelkie mozliwe nieszczescia/obecnie
    tendencja wsrod rodakow/ i co dokonano??? Wlasciwie nic.Zydzi dalej sa, maja
    swoj kraj,jezyk,religie i kulture a co z milymi i "oswieconymi" narodami? Pan
    Bog zsyla im wielka nagrode: Islam wsrod ich "wyzszej" kultury, poza tym masy
    Arabow,Turkow,Czeczencow,Chinczykow,Hisndusow Afrykanczykow i jeszcze inne
    rasy,religie ...Z pewnoscia beda miec "czysta rase" za jakies 10-20 lat.Moze
    jeszcze sie doczekamy jak wnuki mordercow z Oswiecimia,hypokrytow z Paryza
    ,zabojcow ze Szwajcari i Jedwabnego itd.beda pod rzadami Arabow.To bedzie /na
    pewno/ perfekt sprawiedliwosc! Powodzenia!,2.html?f=50&w=9934683&a=9939664

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    Bardzo wyraznie widac wzrost ogolnoswiatowego antysemizmu.No bo przeciez trzeba
    na kogos zwalic cale niezadowolenie, prawda? Polacy nie sa ani lepsi,ani gorsi
    od innych narodowosci.Wymyslaja od zarania dziejow nieslychane glupoty i
    oskarzaja Zydow np.jak zabijanie dzieci na wypiek macy .Oczywiscie ciemnocie nie
    przyszlo do glowy ze Zydzi maja zabronione jedzenie jakiejkolwiek krwi.Drobny
    szczegol ,prawda? Trzeba miec jakiegos kozla ofiarnego . Bedzie jeszcze wieksza
    nienawisc do Zydow w najblizszej przyszlosci ,z pewnoscia.Historia sie powtarza.,2.html?f=50&w=9969875&a=9985432

    Re: Izraelczycy zgładzili szefa Brygad Męczennikó
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    "Kto mieczem wojuje ten od miecza ginie".....
    Bravo Izrael !!!Shalom to you all.,2.html?f=50&w=13773301&a=13781093

    Re: I co zostało z Kościoła katolickiego?
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    Moze jestes "owieczka" ale prowadzona przez wilki w owczych skorach. Pozatym nie
    znasz w ogole Bibli.Pan Jezus nogdy nie wspomnial KK -to sam kosciol ma do tego
    pretensje.Przeczytaj sobie ,bidoku ,ciemny katoliku.Poza tym stan twego umysly
    jest niepewny-majaczenia o "silach" miedzynarodowych,Zydach,ciemnych
    organizacjach czychajacych na biedna ,cudowna Polske... Pachnie schizofrenia...,2.html?f=50&w=14129448&a=14137004

    Re: A zaczęło się jeszcze w Egipcie i Persji
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    Zaczelo sie od zarania dziejow.Najpierw byla religia -idea jednego Boga i
    pierwsze zasady higieny-to bylo sola w oku dla wszystkich. Co do zdolnosci
    narodu Zydowskiego to nie musimy jej udowodniac,zawsze wywolywala mnostwo
    zazdrosci jak ich przywiazanie do religii i konsekwentne trzymanie sie jej zasad
    obojetnie w jakim kraju .Przypominam ze, Zydow wygonili Rzymianie z ich ziemi i
    zabronili powrotu .Zydzi dzieki swoich zdolnosci zawsze przetrwali.Ile
    cywilizacji zginelo -a Zydzi sa i beda. To narod wyjatkowy czy komus sie podoba
    czy nie.W naszym niestabilnym swiecie gdzie upadaja wszelkie wartosci na pewno
    wzrosnie nienawisc do Zydow .Swiat musi miec kozla ofiarnego aby wytlumaczyc
    czyms swoja nieudolnosc ,wojny itd.. Arobowie musza miec jakies wytlumaczenie i
    usprawiedliwienie dlaczego niszcza stopniowo Zachod.Przypomina to troche
    usprawiedliwienie sie Hitlera jak zaatakowal Czechoslowacje.Ludzie naiwni
    oczywiscie zgadzaja sie z ta propaganda. To tak jakby slepy prowadzil kulawego
    -az w dol wpadna .Francja zasluzyla sobie na swoj los.Tak szybciutko
    swoj kraj z Zydow w czasie wojny sw. bo chciala "czystej" rasy to maja teraz
    lepsza rase -ta odplaci za wszystko . Niedlugo Francuzi beda z lezka w oku
    wspominac dawne czasy. Wszyscy Zydzi z Francji powinni wyemigrowac do Izraela,
    tylko dla swojego dobra.Maja swoj kraj i powinni tam mieszkac.,2.html?f=50&w=14155510&a=14164448

    19 lipiec 2004 13:35:20
    Re: Świetny pomysł
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    Sharon ma calkowita racje. Zydzi z Francji powinni wyjechac do Izraela
    zabierajac wszystkie pieniadze ,pozbyc sie posiadlosci francuzkich i uzyc swoje
    wyksztalcenie i zdolnosci do budowy swojego panstwa. Jezeli tego nie zrobia
    beda coraz bardziej przesladowani.Podobna sytuacja byla przed II wojna. Tez
    byli Zydzi nawolujacy do opuszczenia Niemiec i innych krajow Europy.Jednak
    wielu to sie nie podobalo bo bylo im bardzo wygodnie .Jak przyszla wojna nawet
    ci co chcieli nie mogli uciec. Francja i tak zostanie niedlugo opanowana przez
    Arabow,juz wlasciwie jest bo wladze sa powiazani finansowo z krajami arabskimi
    a takze osobiscie .Najlepszy przyklad Chirac. I rowniez jesli sa jacys jeszcze
    Zydzi w Polsce powinni rowniez wyjechac. Polska to kraj pod panowaniem Rzymu a
    on byl zawsze antysemicki .Wypowiedzi tutaj wiekszosci rodakow nie pozostawiaja
    co do tego najmniejszej watpliwosci.,2.html?f=50&w=14268910&a=14277888

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    With the introduction of chronicity to our discussion, we have found the god
    within our fantasy--Chronos, who has been he who binds us to the physical form,
    he who devours his own children. As the Lord of our local universe, Time
    assures our imprisonment within the Creation, the material Universe. Mystics
    have an inherent yen to escape the bounds of time and space, and seek their
    spiritual home beyond the Abyss.
    As long as we are below the Abyss, our consciousness finds causality problems
    inherent in time travel. These conceptual conundrums prevent the mind from
    entering the realm of the pure archetypes. We perceive only dim reflections of
    their effulgence, but we must "see through" the literal nature of reality, even
    to accomplish this task.
    The mind-boggling problems of time travel violate the causality principle, so
    it becomes paradoxical. The mind, or Ruach, cannot enter these finer realms--
    only the Neschamah or soul can journey there to the Source. When you cross this
    Abyss, you untie the knot between the soul and the mind, leave the province of
    Universal Mind and its three-fold illusion of time-space-matter.
    Mystic practice provides a prescription for soul travel that makes transforming
    a wormhole into a time machine seem like childs-play. The energy for the
    journey comes from your intent and Will, but like any journey to foreign lands,
    it requires extensive preparation. Like the shamans of old, one becomes a
    psychonaut, rather than an astronaut.

    Dzien dobry, Doktorze Fsmile)))))

  • patience 29.07.04, 00:29
    Podpowiedz 1:
    - Co zobaczy kotek jak zwizualizuje swoj ogonek?
    - Tornado.


  • drf 30.07.04, 03:05
    Each number had its own personality - masculine or feminine, perfect or
    incomplete, beautiful or ugly. This feeling modern mathematics has deliberately
    eliminated, but we still find overtones of it in fiction and poetry. Ten was
    the very best number: it contained in itself the first four integers - one,
    two, three, and four [1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10] - and these written in dot notation
    formed a perfect triangle.
    In their ethical practices, the Pythagorean were famous for their mutual
    friendship, unselfishness, and honesty.

    Pythagoras argued that there are three kinds of men, just as there are three
    classes of strangers who come to the Olympic Games. The lowest consists of
    those who come to buy and sell, and next above them are those who come to
    compete. Best of all are those who simply come to look on. Men may be
    classified accordingly as lovers of wisdom, lovers of honor, and lovers of
  • drf 30.07.04, 02:31

    Wybacz Patience moja nieobecnosc ale studia mnie wciagnely w samo centrum
    splotow slonecznych....a tam jak wiadomo sa baaaardzo wysokie temperatury...
    cisNieNie tez ooogromne i dlatego trzeba zachowac ziiimna krew i dobre
    chodzenie azeby temu zadaniu podolac...wiec nie dac sie sprasowac do baaardzo
    gestej materii o wysokim ciezarze gatunkowym i tendencji wybuchowych ale raczej
    zeglowac po powierzchi tego ocanu ognia i medytowac nie szukajac kontaktu z
    centrum ...szczerze lekajac sie tej ciaglej reakcji jadrowej...ale w koncu...

    Kapiel sloneczna dobrze mi zrobila..wink
    prime \'prim\ n [ME, fr. MF, fem. of prin first, L primus; akin to L prior] 1 :
    first in time : ORIGINAL 2 a : having no factor except itself and one <3 is a ~
    number> b : having no common factor except one <12 and 25 are relatively ~> 3
    a : first in rank, authority or significance : PRINCIPAL b : having the highest
    quality or value <~ television time>
  • yourope 30.07.04, 13:09
    Just as form and colour are used as means by some, who (whether by art or
    constant practice) imitate and portray many things by their aid, and the voice
    is used by others; so also in the above-mentioned group of arts, the means with
    them as a whole are rhythm, language, and harmony—used, however, either singly
    or in certain combinations. A combination of rhythm and harmony alone is the
    means in flute-playing and lyre-playing, and any other arts there may be of the
    same description, e.g. imitative piping. Rhythm alone, without harmony, is the
    means in the dancer's imitations; for even he, by the RHYTMS of his attitudes,
    may represent men's characters, as well as what they do and suffer. There is
    further an art which imitates by language alone, without harmony, in prose or
    in verse, and if in verse, either in some one or in a plurality of metres. This
    form of imitation is to this day without a name. We have no common name for a
    mime of Sophron or Xenarchus and a Socratic Conversation; and we should still
    be without one even if the imitation in the two instances were in trimeters or
    elegiacs or some other kind of verse—though it is the way with people to tack
    on 'poet' to the name of a metre, and talk of elegiac-poets and epic-poets,
    thinking that they call them poets not by reason of the imitative nature of
    their work, but indiscriminately by reason of the metre they write in.

    Ja jestem w trakcie wycieczki mniej wiecej odwrotnej, w glab zupy
    quantowej. 'Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry
    expresses the universal, and history only the particular.' To bardzo ciekawe,
    biorac pod uwage, ze poezja jest imitacjasmile A jeszcze ciekawsze, ze . nie masmile
    Co do chronodendrologii, to przekroj zupelnie roznie wyglada w zaleznosci od
    tego, gdzie sie to drzewo posadzi. Na ogol zupelnie inaczej, hihih. Albo tak: z
    prasowania pi wychodza smieszne brylysmile Dowcip - i trudnosc - polega na
    wyznaczeniu sceny, na ktorej obowiazuje jednosc miejsca, czasu i akcji. A drugi
    dowcip, ze nie da sie zgromadzic..... i z nich zrobic scene. Bo one bez sceny
    nie istniejasmile))))))))))))

    PS. cieszem siem.
  • Gość: ale glupi watek IP: 83.168.96.* 05.08.04, 19:36
    bardzo glupi watek
  • Gość: 79o IP: 83.168.96.* 05.08.04, 19:37
  • Gość: .... IP: * 22.08.04, 15:34
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  • zupagrzybowa 24.08.04, 11:38
    "Sturgess Campion Mitchell"
    ich habe heute eine "Beglaubigte Zuteilung und Vergabe" von der oben genannten
    Firma kurz SCM bekommen.
    darin steht das ich 21.000 € bekommen würde, wahlweise als einmalige Summe oder
    in 12 Raten a 1750 €.
    Wenn ich meine Zuteilung haben möchte, soll ich das Beiligende "Empfänger-
    Erfassungsformular" ausfüllen und zusammen mit 39,90 € " Akquisitions-Gebühr"
    an die Firma
    Sturgess Campion Mitchell
    Postfach 75632
    1070 AP Amsterdam
    Kennt jemand diese Firma ???
    Ich werde mich hüten denen Geld zu schicken, aber möchte auch nicht das
    irgendwer auf so eine miese Masche reinfällt.
    Gruß Ingo
  • patience 26.08.04, 14:37


  • drf 03.09.04, 12:14
    trudno byc jednostką w grupie szczegolnie gdy ta porusza sie jak odrebna
    jednostka przykład biegnie,stoi ustawiona w kolejce,czy ogląda
    przedstawienie teatralne...grupa animowana jest przez Struny i Muzyke z których
    składa się nasz Teatralny Wszechświat...

    wladza grupy nad jednostka i : jednostki nad grupa...wymiar 3
    piramidalny...teoria grup ma-tematycznych? L&ORDERד?
    ?Lodz na druga strone chaosu Arka hArona do kolektywnej podswiadomosci
    Pamieci Naszej Planetarnej
    4litery z dna
    i kolonie na Marsie
  • Gość: drf IP: * 10.09.04, 17:29
    New York Times

    School Siege in Russia Sparks Self-Criticism in Arab World

    September 8, 2004


    BEIRUT, Sept 8 - The brutal school siege in Russia, with hundreds of
    children dead and wounded, has sparked an unusual round of
    self-criticism and introspection in the Muslim and Arab world.

    "It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists,

    but it is equally certain, and exceptionally painful, that almost all
    terrorists are Muslims," Abdel Rahman al-Rashed, the general manager of
    the widely watched Al-Arabiya satellite television station wrote in one
    of the most striking of these commentaries.

    Writing in the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Mr.

    Rashed said it was "shameful and degrading" that not only

    were the Beslan hijackers Muslims, but also the murderers

    of Nepalese workers in Iraq, the attackers of residential towers in
    Riyadh and Khobar, Saudi Arabia, the women believed to have blown up
    two Russian airplanes last week and Osama bin Laden himself.

    "The majority of those who manned the suicide bombings

    against buses, vehicles, schools, houses and buildings, all over the
    world, were Muslim," he wrote. "What a pathetic record. What an
    abominable `achievement.' Does this tell us anything about ourselves,
    our societies and our culture?"

    Mr. Rashed, like several other commentators, singled out

    Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a senior Egyptian cleric living

    in Qatar who broadcasts an influential program on Al

    Jazeera television and who has issued a fatwa, or religious ruling,
    calling for the killing of American and foreign "occupiers" in Iraq,
    military and civilian.

    "Let us contemplate the incident of this religious Sheikh allowing, nay
    even calling for, the murder of civilians," he wrote. "How can we
    believe him when he tells us that Islam is the religion of mercy and
    peace while he is turning it into a religion of blood and slaughter?"

    Mr. Rashed recalled that in the past, leftists and

    nationalists in the Arab world were considered a "menace"

    for their adoption of violence, and the mosque was a

    "haven" of "peace and reconciliation" by contrast.

    "Then came the Neo-Muslims," he said. "An innocent and benevolent
    religion, whose verses prohibit the felling of trees in the absence of
    urgent necessity, that calls murder the most heinous of crimes, that
    says explicitly that if you kill one person you have killed humanity as
    a whole, has been turned into a global message of hate and a universal
    war cry."

    A columnist for the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyassa, Faisal al-Qina'I,
    also took aim at Sheikh Qaradawi. "It is saddening," he wrote, "to read
    and hear from those who are supposed to be Muslim clerics, like Yusuf
    al-Qaradawi and others of his kind, that instead of defending true
    Islam they encourage these cruel actions and permit decapitation,
    hostage-taking and murder."

    In Jordan, a group of Muslim religious figures, meeting

    with the religious affairs minister, Ahmed Heleil, issued a statement
    today saying the seizing of the school and subsequent massacre was
    dedicated to distorting the pure image of Islam.

    "This terrorist act contradicts the principles of our true Muslim
    religion and its noble values," the statement said.

    Writing in the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour, a columnist,

    Bater Wardam, noted a propensity in the Arab world to

    "place responsibility for the crimes of Arabic and Muslim terrorist
    organizations on the Mossad, the Zionists and the American
    intelligence, but we all know that this is not the case."

    "They came from our midst," he wrote of those who had

    kidnapped and murdered civilians in Iraq, blown up commuter trains in
    Spain, turned airliners into bombs and shot the children in Ossetia.

    "They are Arabs and Muslims who pray, fast, grow beards,

    demand the wearing of veils and call for the defense of

    Islamic causes. Therefore we must all raise our voices,

    disown them and oppose all these crimes."

    In Beirut, Rami G. Khouri wrote in the Daily Star that

    while most Arabs "identified strongly and willingly" with

    armed Palestinian or Lebanese guerrillas fighting Israeli occupation,
    "all of us today are dehumanized and brutalized by the images of Arabs
    kidnapping and beheading foreign hostages."

    Calling for a global strategy to reduce terror, he traced

    what he called "this ugly trek" in the Arab world to "the home-grown
    sense of indignity, humiliation, denial and degradation that has
    increasingly plagued many of our young men and women."

    A Palestinian columnist, Hassan al-Batal, wrote in the

    official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Ayyam that the

    "day of horror in the school" should be designated an international day
    for the condemnation of terrorism. "There are no mitigating
    circumstances for the inhuman horror and the height of barbarism" at
    the school, he wrote.

    In Egypt, the semi-official newspaper Al-Ahram called the events "an
    ugly crime against humanity."

    In Saudi Arabia, newspapers tightly controlled by the government -
    which finds itself under attack from Islamic fundamentalists - were
    even more scathing.

    Under the headline "Butchers in the Name of Allah," a

    columnist in the government daily Okaz, Khaled Hamed al-Suleiman, wrote
    that "the propagandists of Jihad succeeded in the span of a few years
    in distorting the image of Islam.

    "They turned today's Islam into something having to do with
    decapitations, the slashing of throats, abducting innocent civilians
    and exploding people. They have fixed the image of Muslims in the eyes
    of the world as barbarians and savages who are not good for anything
    except slaughtering people," he wrote, adding:

    "The time has come for Muslims to be the first to come out against
    those interested in abducting Islam in the same way they abducted
    innocent children. This is the true Jihad these days and this is our
    obligation, as believing Muslims, towards our monotheistic religion."
  • Gość: µ IP: *.strong / 213.186.71.* 10.09.04, 20:55
  • zaufany_chirurg_niny_terentiew 10.09.04, 22:41
  • Gość: 101 IP: * 15.09.04, 14:41
    From metaMathThree/CaabaList/AlefBethGimmel{{{...

    dla przypomnienia 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23
    31 37 41 43 47 53 59 61 67 71
    73 79 83 89 97 101 103 107 109 113
    127 131 137 139 149 151 157 163 167 173
    179 181 191 193 197 199 211 223 227 229
    233 239 241 251 257 263 269 271 277 281
    283 293 307 311 313 317 331 337 347 349
    353 359 367 373 379 383 389 397 401 409
    419 421 431 433 439 443 449 457 461 463
    467 479 487 491 499 503 509 521 523 541
    547 557 563 569 571 577 587 593 599 601
    607 613 617 619 631 641 643 647 653 659
    661 673 677 683 691 701 709 719 727 733
    739 743 751 757 761 769 773 787 797 809
    811 821 823 827 829 839 853 857 859 863
    877 881 883 887 907 911 919 929 937 941
    947 953 967 971 977 983 991 997 1009 1013
    1019 1021 1031 1033 1039 1049 1051 1061 1063 1069
    1087 1091 1093 1097 1103 1109 1117 1123 1129 1151
    1153 1163 1171 1181 1187 1193 1201 1213 1217 1223
    1229 1231 1237 1249 1259 1277 1279 1283 1289 1291
    1297 1301 1303 1307 1319 1321 1327 1361 1367 1373
    1381 1399 1409 1423 1427 1429 1433 1439 1447 1451
    1453 1459 1471 1481 1483 1487 1489 1493 1499 1511
    1523 1531 1543 1549 1553 1559 1567 1571 1579 1583
    1597 1601 1607 1609 1613 1619 1621 1627 1637 1657
    1663 1667 1669 1693 1697 1699 1709 1721 1723 1733
    1741 1747 1753 1759 1777 1783 1787 1789 1801 1811
    1823 1831 1847 1861 1867 1871 1873 1877 1879 1889
    1901 1907 1913 1931 1933 1949 1951 1973 1979 1987
    1993 1997 1999 2003 2011 2017 2027 2029 2039 2053
    2063 2069 2081 2083 2087 2089 2099 2111 2113 2129
    2131 2137 2141 2143 2153 2161 2179 2203 2207 2213
    2221 2237 2239 2243 2251 2267 2269 2273 2281 2287
    2293 2297 2309 2311 2333 2339 2341 2347 2351 2357
    2371 2377 2381 2383 2389 2393 2399 2411 2417 2423
    2437 2441 2447 2459 2467 2473 2477 2503 2521 2531
    2539 2543 2549 2551 2557 2579 2591 2593 2609 2617
    2621 2633 2647 2657 2659 2663 2671 2677 2683 2687
    2689 2693 2699 2707 2711 2713 2719 2729 2731 2741
    2749 2753 2767 2777 2789 2791 2797 2801 2803 2819
    2833 2837 2843 2851 2857 2861 2879 2887 2897 2903
    2909 2917 2927 2939 2953 2957 2963 2969 2971 2999
    3001 3011 3019 3023 3037 3041 3049 3061 3067 3079
    3083 3089 3109 3119 3121 3137 3163 3167 3169 3181
    3187 3191 3203 3209 3217 3221 3229 3251 3253 3257
    3259 3271 3299 3301 3307 3313 3319 3323 3329 3331
    3343 3347 3359 3361 3371 3373 3389 3391 3407 3413
    3433 3449 3457 3461 3463 3467 3469 3491 3499 3511
    3517 3527 3529 3533 3539 3541 3547 3557 3559 3571
    3581 3583 3593 3607 3613 3617 3623 3631 3637 3643
    3659 3671 3673 3677 3691 3697 3701 3709 3719 3727
    3733 3739 3761 3767 3769 3779 3793 3797 3803 3821
    3823 3833 3847 3851 3853 3863 3877 3881 3889 3907
    3911 3917 3919 3923 3929 3931 3943 3947 3967 3989
    4001 4003 4007 4013 4019 4021 4027 4049 4051 4057
    4073 4079 4091 4093 4099 4111 4127 4129 4133 4139
    4153 4157 4159 4177 4201 4211 4217 4219 4229 4231
    4241 4243 4253 4259 4261 4271 4273 4283 4289 4297
    4327 4337 4339 4349 4357 4363 4373 4391 4397 4409
    4421 4423 4441 4447 4451 4457 4463 4481 4483 4493
    4507 4513 4517 4519 4523 4547 4549 4561 4567 4583
    4591 4597 4603 4621 4637 4639 4643 4649 4651 4657
    4663 4673 4679 4691 4703 4721 4723 4729 4733 4751
    4759 4783 4787 4789 4793 4799 4801 4813 4817 4831
    4861 4871 4877 4889 4903 4909 4919 4931 4933 4937
    4943 4951 4957 4967 4969 4973 4987 4993 4999 5003
    5009 5011 5021 5023 5039 5051 5059 5077 5081 5087
    5099 5101 5107 5113 5119 5147 5153 5167 5171 5179
    5189 5197 5209 5227 5231 5233 5237 5261 5273 5279
    5281 5297 5303 5309 5323 5333 5347 5351 5381 5387
    5393 5399 5407 5413 5417 5419 5431 5437 5441 5443
    5449 5471 5477 5479 5483 5501 5503 5507 5519 5521
    5527 5531 5557 5563 5569 5573 5581 5591 5623 5639
    5641 5647 5651 5653 5657 5659 5669 5683 5689 5693
    5701 5711 5717 5737 5741 5743 5749 5779 5783 5791
    5801 5807 5813 5821 5827 5839 5843 5849 5851 5857
    5861 5867 5869 5879 5881 5897 5903 5923 5927 5939
    5953 5981 5987 6007 6011 6029 6037 6043 6047 6053
    6067 6073 6079 6089 6091 6101 6113 6121 6131 6133
    6143 6151 6163 6173 6197 6199 6203 6211 6217 6221
    6229 6247 6257 6263 6269 6271 6277 6287 6299 6301
    6311 6317 6323 6329 6337 6343 6353 6359 6361 6367
    6373 6379 6389 6397 6421 6427 6449 6451 6469 6473
    6481 6491 6521 6529 6547 6551 6553 6563 6569 6571
    6577 6581 6599 6607 6619 6637 6653 6659 6661 6673
    6679 6689 6691 6701 6703 6709 6719 6733 6737 6761
    6763 6779 6781 6791 6793 6803 6823 6827 6829 6833
    6841 6857 6863 6869 6871 6883 6899 6907 6911 6917
    6947 6949 6959 6961 6967 6971 6977 6983 6991 6997
    7001 7013 7019 7027 7039 7043 7057 7069 7079 7103
    7109 7121 7127 7129 7151 7159 7177 7187 7193 7207
    7211 7213 7219 7229 7237 7243 7247 7253 7283 7297
    7307 7309 7321 7331 7333 7349 7351 7369 7393 7411
    7417 7433 7451 7457 7459 7477 7481 7487 7489 7499
    7507 7517 7523 7529 7537 7541 7547 7549 7559 7561
    7573 7577 7583 7589 7591 7603 7607 7621 7639 7643
    7649 7669 7673 7681 7687 7691 7699 7703 7717 7723
    7727 7741 7753 7757 7759 7789 7793 7817 7823 7829
    7841 7853 7867 7873 7877 7879 7883 7901 7907 7919
    wniosek ihve=1473 nie jest liczba pierwsza,alEf-numerycznosc
    znaczy iz swiadomosc jest STRUKTURA przestrzeni Cantora,szpinOZA?
  • drf 16.09.04, 01:46
    Gość portalu: 101 napisał(a):

    ) From metaMathThree/CaabaList/AlefBethGimmel{{{...
    ) CodeName)))1473=ihve(((Łódż/Kropiwnicki/Piotrkowska104
    ) .........................................................
    ) dla przypomnienia 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19
    ) 29
    ) 31 37 41 43 47 53 59 61 67 71
    ) 73 79 83 89 97 101 103 107 109 113
    ) 127 131 137 139 149 151 157 163 167 173
    ) 179 181 191 193 197 199 211 223 227 229
    ) 233 239 241 251 257 263 269 271 277 281
    ) 283 293 307 311 313 317 331 337 347 349
    ) 353 359 367 373 379 383 389 397 401 409
    ) 419 421 431 433 439 443 449 457 461 463
    ) 467 479 487 491 499 503 509 521 523 541
    ) 547 557 563 569 571 577 587 593 599 601
    ) 607 613 617 619 631 641 643 647 653 659
    ) 661 673 677 683 691 701 709 719 727 733
    ) 739 743 751 757 761 769 773 787 797 809
    ) 811 821 823 827 829 839 853 857 859 863
    ) 877 881 883 887 907 911 919 929 937 941
    ) 947 953 967 971 977 983 991 997 1009 1013
    ) 1019 1021 1031 1033 1039 1049 1051 1061 1063 1069
    ) 1087 1091 1093 1097 1103 1109 1117 1123 1129 1151
    ) 1153 1163 1171 1181 1187 1193 1201 1213 1217 1223
    ) 1229 1231 1237 1249 1259 1277 1279 1283 1289 1291
    ) 1297 1301 1303 1307 1319 1321 1327 1361 1367 1373
    ) 1381 1399 1409 1423 1427 1429 1433 1439 1447 1451
    ) 1453 1459 1471 1481 1483 1487 1489 1493 1499 1511
    ) 1523 1531 1543 1549 1553 1559 1567 1571 1579 1583
    ) 1597 1601 1607 1609 1613 1619 1621 1627 1637 1657
    ) 1663 1667 1669 1693 1697 1699 1709 1721 1723 1733
    ) 1741 1747 1753 1759 1777 1783 1787 1789 1801 1811
    ) 1823 1831 1847 1861 1867 1871 1873 1877 1879 1889
    ) 1901 1907 1913 1931 1933 1949 1951 1973 1979 1987
    ) 1993 1997 1999 2003 2011 2017 2027 2029 2039 2053
    ) 2063 2069 2081 2083 2087 2089 2099 2111 2113 2129
    ) 2131 2137 2141 2143 2153 2161 2179 2203 2207 2213
    ) 2221 2237 2239 2243 2251 2267 2269 2273 2281 2287
    ) 2293 2297 2309 2311 2333 2339 2341 2347 2351 2357
    ) 2371 2377 2381 2383 2389 2393 2399 2411 2417 2423
    ) 2437 2441 2447 2459 2467 2473 2477 2503 2521 2531
    ) 2539 2543 2549 2551 2557 2579 2591 2593 2609 2617
    ) 2621 2633 2647 2657 2659 2663 2671 2677 2683 2687
    ) 2689 2693 2699 2707 2711 2713 2719 2729 2731 2741
    ) 2749 2753 2767 2777 2789 2791 2797 2801 2803 2819
    ) 2833 2837 2843 2851 2857 2861 2879 2887 2897 2903
    ) 2909 2917 2927 2939 2953 2957 2963 2969 2971 2999
    ) 3001 3011 3019 3023 3037 3041 3049 3061 3067 3079
    ) 3083 3089 3109 3119 3121 3137 3163 3167 3169 3181
    ) 3187 3191 3203 3209 3217 3221 3229 3251 3253 3257
    ) 3259 3271 3299 3301 3307 3313 3319 3323 3329 3331
    ) 3343 3347 3359 3361 3371 3373 3389 3391 3407 3413
    ) 3433 3449 3457 3461 3463 3467 3469 3491 3499 3511
    ) 3517 3527 3529 3533 3539 3541 3547 3557 3559 3571
    ) 3581 3583 3593 3607 3613 3617 3623 3631 3637 3643
    ) 3659 3671 3673 3677 3691 3697 3701 3709 3719 3727
    ) 3733 3739 3761 3767 3769 3779 3793 3797 3803 3821
    ) 3823 3833 3847 3851 3853 3863 3877 3881 3889 3907
    ) 3911 3917 3919 3923 3929 3931 3943 3947 3967 3989
    ) 4001 4003 4007 4013 4019 4021 4027 4049 4051 4057
    ) 4073 4079 4091 4093 4099 4111 4127 4129 4133 4139
    ) 4153 4157 4159 4177 4201 4211 4217 4219 4229 4231
    ) 4241 4243 4253 4259 4261 4271 4273 4283 4289 4297
    ) 4327 4337 4339 4349 4357 4363 4373 4391 4397 4409
    ) 4421 4423 4441 4447 4451 4457 4463 4481 4483 4493
    ) 4507 4513 4517 4519 4523 4547 4549 4561 4567 4583
    ) 4591 4597 4603 4621 4637 4639 4643 4649 4651 4657
    ) 4663 4673 4679 4691 4703 4721 4723 4729 4733 4751
    ) 4759 4783 4787 4789 4793 4799 4801 4813 4817 4831
    ) 4861 4871 4877 4889 4903 4909 4919 4931 4933 4937
    ) 4943 4951 4957 4967 4969 4973 4987 4993 4999 5003
    ) 5009 5011 5021 5023 5039 5051 5059 5077 5081 5087
    ) 5099 5101 5107 5113 5119 5147 5153 5167 5171 5179
    ) 5189 5197 5209 5227 5231 5233 5237 5261 5273 5279
    ) 5281 5297 5303 5309 5323 5333 5347 5351 5381 5387
    ) 5393 5399 5407 5413 5417 5419 5431 5437 5441 5443
    ) 5449 5471 5477 5479 5483 5501 5503 5507 5519 5521
    ) 5527 5531 5557 5563 5569 5573 5581 5591 5623 5639
    ) 5641 5647 5651 5653 5657 5659 5669 5683 5689 5693
    ) 5701 5711 5717 5737 5741 5743 5749 5779 5783 5791
    ) 5801 5807 5813 5821 5827 5839 5843 5849 5851 5857
    ) 5861 5867 5869 5879 5881 5897 5903 5923 5927 5939
    ) 5953 5981 5987 6007 6011 6029 6037 6043 6047 6053
    ) 6067 6073 6079 6089 6091 6101 6113 6121 6131 6133
    ) 6143 6151 6163 6173 6197 6199 6203 6211 6217 6221
    ) 6229 6247 6257 6263 6269 6271 6277 6287 6299 6301
    ) 6311 6317 6323 6329 6337 6343 6353 6359 6361 6367
    ) 6373 6379 6389 6397 6421 6427 6449 6451 6469 6473
    ) 6481 6491 6521 6529 6547 6551 6553 6563 6569 6571
    ) 6577 6581 6599 6607 6619 6637 6653 6659 6661 6673
    ) 6679 6689 6691 6701 6703 6709 6719 6733 6737 6761
    ) 6763 6779 6781 6791 6793 6803 6823 6827 6829 6833
    ) 6841 6857 6863 6869 6871 6883 6899 6907 6911 6917
    ) 6947 6949 6959 6961 6967 6971 6977 6983 6991 6997
    ) 7001 7013 7019 7027 7039 7043 7057 7069 7079 7103
    ) 7109 7121 7127 7129 7151 7159 7177 7187 7193 7207
    ) 7211 7213 7219 7229 7237 7243 7247 7253 7283 7297
    ) 7307 7309 7321 7331 7333 7349 7351 7369 7393 7411
    ) 7417 7433 7451 7457 7459 7477 7481 7487 7489 7499
    ) 7507 7517 7523 7529 7537 7541 7547 7549 7559 7561
    ) 7573 7577 7583 7589 7591 7603 7607 7621 7639 7643
    ) 7649 7669 7673 7681 7687 7691 7699 7703 7717 7723
    ) 7727 7741 7753 7757 7759 7789 7793 7817 7823 7829
    ) 7841 7853 7867 7873 7877 787 jone
  • Gość: hihi IP: * 17.09.04, 13:39
    noway. to ani chybi jakas zmylka.
  • Gość: -*- IP: * 17.09.04, 17:04
    uhhh noway wink
    gdzie pLomi3nie cenTrum splotuSlonecznego...?
  • Gość: hmmm... IP: * 17.09.04, 18:33
    Gość portalu: -*- napisał(a):

    > gdzie pLomi3nie cenTrum splotuSlonecznego...?


    > usciski
    > ZenSualne


  • drf 25.10.04, 14:57
  • Gość: 5325=SENS IP: * 26.10.04, 08:26
    235 3liczbyP!erwsze 9öDel
  • mistatwista 17.09.04, 20:18
  • zupagrzybowa 18.09.04, 00:02
  • Gość: niezorientowana IP: * 18.09.04, 00:28
    O co chodzi w tym forum, wszystkie wpisy nie trzymaja sie kupy?
  • zupagrzybowa 18.09.04, 00:44
    a musi byc watek?
  • Gość: Y.S IP: * 18.09.04, 02:21
    zupagrzybowa napisała:

    > Z3rOstOpniZ3r0CelZiusza?wink))

    Kula z lodówki.
  • Gość: xionZeXienzyca IP: * 18.09.04, 03:31

  • drf 19.09.04, 14:13
    2000 places of Pi



    Note the long run of 9's.
    The mathematicians of Pythagoras's school (500 BC to 300 BC) were interested in
    numbers for their mystical and numerological properties. They understood the
    idea of primality and were interested in perfect and amicable numbers.
    A perfect number is one whose proper divisors sum to the number itself. e.g.
    The number 6 has proper divisors 1, 2 and 3 and 1 + 2 + 3 = 6, 28 has divisors
    1, 2, 4, 7 and 14 and 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14 = 28.
    A pair of amicable numbers is a pair like 220 and 284 such that the proper
    divisors of one number sum to the other and vice versa.
    You can see more about these numbers in the History topics article Perfect

    liczby milosne 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14 = 28.
  • mistatwista 20.09.04, 04:34
  • drf 14.10.04, 22:32

  • Gość: /\ IP: * 11.11.04, 01:07
    GRUŹLICA jest choroba zakazna wywolywana przez bakterie Mycobacterium
    tuberculosis. Wywoluja ja równiez inne mikobakterie przenoszone miedzy innymi
    przez bydlo, jednakze jest to zjawisko rzadkie. Schorzenie to ma charakter
    przewlekly i nawracajacy, moze dotykac kazdego narzadu i tkanki. Najczestsza
    jest jednak gruzlica pluc. Zakazenie glównie dokonuje sie droga kropelkowa,
    czyli wskutek wdychania powietrza wraz z kropelkami zakazonej sliny lub sluzu.
    Pratki moga unosic sie w powietrzu przez kilka godzin. Zwieksza to ryzyko
    zakazenia osób z otoczenia. W Polsce wskaznik zapadalnosci wynosi ponad 40
    chorych na 100 tysiecy ludnosci. Wprowadzone kilkadziesiat lat temu obowiazkowe
    leczenie gruzlicy i przeswietlenia rentgenowskie pluc drastycznie zredukowaly
    czestosc wystepowania choroby. Jednakze ostatnie lata przynosza nowe
    niepomyslne dane wskazujace na wzrost zachorowalnosci. Zwiazany on jest z
    rozwijaniem sie opornosci bakterii na kolejne generacje antybiotyków. Sugeruje
    sie takze wplyw chorób obnizajacych odpornosc, a zwlaszcza AIDS.
    Objawy : Poszczególne stadia gruzlicy sa podobne do tych w kile. Zwykle
    zakazenie pierwotne nie daje zadnych objawów. Przez wiele kolejnych lat
    zakazenie moze miec charakter utajony. Uaktywnienie choroby moze nastapic w
    kazdym momencie oslabienia odpornosci organizmu. Infekcja rozwija sie
    najczesciej w szczytowych partiach pluc, dotyczyc moze jednak równiez nerek,
    kosci dlugich, kregów, wezlów chlonnych, opon mózgowo-rdzeniowych i innych
    narzadów. Nieleczona gruzlica prowadzi do zniszczenia tkanki plucnej i smierci.
    Gruzlica pluc w 80% jest uaktywnieniem utajnionej infekcji. Tylko w 20% rozwija
    sie po pierwszym kontakcie z pratkami. Chory moze nie odczuwac zadnych
    dolegliwosci poza ogólnym zmeczeniem, mimo rozwiniecia pelnej gruzlicy.
    Najczesciej jednak wystepuje dlugotrwajacy kaszel, który bywa wiazany z
    paleniem papierosów lub niedawno przebyta infekcja. Poczatkowo wystepuje on
    tylko rano, chory wykrztusza niewielka ilosc zielonej lub zóltej wydzieliny.
    Stopniowo wydzielina jest coraz bardziej obfita, pojawia sie dusznosc, która
    moze byc wynikiem pekniecia pluca lub gromadzenia sie wysieku w oplucnej.
    Kolejnym etapem jest krwioplucie, w odkaszlanej wydzielinie pojawiaja sie
    skrzepy krwi lub swieza krew. Rozwijajaca sie gruzlica prowadzi do powiklan.
    Gdy ognisko gruzlicy znajdujace sie tuz pod oplucna peka, wtedy powstaje
    gruzlica oplucnej, objawiajaca sie najczesciej w postaci wysieku oplucnej.
    Potocznie zjawisko to nazywane jest „woda w plucach”. Jesli zmiana jest
    rzeczywiscie duza, to moze ona peknac i uszkodzic oskrzele, co doprowadza do
    zapadniecia pluca.
    Zawsze w przypadku podejrzenia gruzlicy pluc, wykonuje sie zdjecie
    rentgenowskie klatki piersiowej. Stwierdzic mozna na nim wieloguzkowe nacieki
    zwykle w górnych partiach pluc. Przeprowadza sie takze badanie plwociny i
    posiew tego materialu. W plwocinie mozna znalezc pratki gruzlicy, jednakze ich
    obecnosc nie jest dowodem na gruzlice. Posiew plwociny na specjalnych podlozach
    mikrobiologicznych wykazuje wzrost pratków po 10 dniach do 6 tygodni. Duza
    pomoc w rozpoznaniu stanowi skórny odczyn tuberkulinowy Mantoux. Podskórnie
    wstrzykuje sie 5 jednostek tuberkulinowego PPD. Zaczerwienienie w miejscu
    wstrzykniecia o srednicy powyzej 10 mm wskazuje na czynna gruzlice.
    W przypadku, gdy chorzy nie wykrztuszaja plwociny, wykonuje sie
    bronchofibroskopie, w której pobiera sie specjalnym endoskopem wydzieline
    Leczenie gruzlicy odbywa sie przy pomocy kombinacji antybiotyków. Trwa ono
    minimum 6-9 miesiecy. Jest ono skuteczne. Stosuje sie rózne kombinacje i
    schematy chemioterapeutyków. Zwykle stosuje sie tylko izoniazyd, gdy choroba
    przebiega bezobjawowo. Wlacza sie inne leki w bardziej skomplikowanych przypadW
    Polsce obowiazkowe sa szczepienia przeciwko gruzlicy szczepionka BCG w
    schemacie: w 1 dobie zycia, 12 miesiacu zycia, 7 roku zycia, 12 roku, 18 roku
    zycia (patrz Kalendarz szczepien - uwagi).kach (ryfampicyne, streptomycyne,
    etambutol, pirazynamid i inne).
  • Gość: tu mnie masz:) IP: * 11.11.04, 03:01
    a teraz to wjechales na moja ulubiona dziedzine tj. medycyne !
    no to jak mam he he nie odpisac?
    Ło matko boska, rzuc pare tematow medycznych lub psychologiczych a nie zejde z
    Forum smile Jest co prawda tu Forum Zdrowie ale raczej ograniczam sie do jego
    czytania... a i to z rzadka... bo...hi hi kazdy chce internetowych konsultacji
    od forumowiczow. Tyle opinii "medykow " ilu ich jest. I to bardzo
    srednim poziomie.

    A co do gruzlicy...
    Teraz wieje groza w obwodzie Kaliningradzkim. Gdzies czytalem, ze od poczatku
    2004 zanotowano ponad 3 tys nowych przypadkow.( Na swiecie zakazonych pratkami
    gruzlicy jest 1,7 MLD!!!!! ) A ty wiesz,ze jeden koles ,ktory pratkuje
    statystycznie zaraza okolo 15 osob rocznie?
    Strach jechac autobusem.. Strach tez pic mleko prosto od krowy...
    Z innej beczki gruzlica jest ..... doskonala ( acz niedoceniana?)dio
    przeprowwadzenia ataku terrorystycznego. Pratki sa wrazliwe tylko na niektore
    czynniki. Sa odporne i na dzialanie kwasow i zasad.
    Np. temperatura 60 C zabija pratki dopiero w.... 20 minut.
    Poza tym pratki moga przezyc poza organizmem, jelsi temperatura jest wyzsza niz
    4 stopnie kilkanascie tygodni.
    A np. w minus 70-80 kilka lat, tak wiec przechowywanie pratkow w profesjonalnej
    zamrazarce jest potencjalnie mozliwe....
    A jeszcze z innej beczki...Skoro Michnik przebywa sanatiorium dla gruzlikow (
    jesli nadal przebywa) mozna mowic prawie tylko i wylacznie o gruzlicy
    popierwotnej. To jest takiej, ktora rozwija sie w kilkanascie,kilkadziesiat lat
    po zarazeniu pratkami.A popatrzmy gdzie Michnik przebywal w okresie PRL.
    Duze zgromadzenia, ciasnota w pomieszczeniu, wyniszczenie organizmu, cukrzyca (
    na pewno nie Michnik,zdecydowanie nie jest typem cukrzycowym chciaz palenie
    papierosow sprzyja rozwojowi cukrzycy ), stres,(Michnik) alkoholizm (
    podejrzewam ) niedozywienie, ( zdarzalo sie) nowotwory ( byc moze pluca,krtan -
    nie ) sprzyjaja rozwojowi gruzlicy.
    Wezmy tez statystycznie: zapadalnosc na gruzlice u mezczyzn jest 2 krotnie
    wieksza niz u kobiet.
    ( Ta satystyka tez moze wskazywac na to, ze gruzlica moze byc niezla bronia
    biologiczna, poniewaz dotyka mezczyzn! )

    Kurde ide, bo gotowym trzysta elaboratow medycznych napisac. Ale prosze he he o
    tematy medyczne na aquanecie, jesli znajda sie dyskutanci smile)))))

    A poza tym :

  • Gość: :}(.){: IP: * 11.11.04, 10:45
    ciekawe co piszesz..
    ..Adas nie ma lekko , bedzie musial zmienic wiele
    swoich nawykow i generalnie przeprogramowac sie - zmienic Filozo7ie ...

    nie jest latwe ...ale konieczne ...ludzie zaangazowani w zycie wszyskich maja
    trudnosci ze znalezieniem swego wlasnego...

    moze o chodzi o kontrole ? wladze nad soba czy swiatem ?
    /ja nawe7 nie mam kon76oli nad 7an9en7ami moje9o kompa wink

    psychoSoma7yka ?

    jade 7e6az na po97ze8 kole9i co zma7l na zawal se7ca w wieku 49 la7 sad

    memen7o mo6i....


  • Gość: Psychol IP: * 11.11.04, 14:16
    Pewnego wieczoru, wiedziony potrzeba poczytania czegos polazlem do sasiadki,
    ktora wiem,ze posiada jakies ksiazki poza telefoniczna i kucharska.
    Zobaczylem na polce ksiazke, reklamowanej ,polecanej, itd Luise Hay.
    Pozyczylem. ( nie pamietam tylulu )

    Ksiazka traktowala o tym, ze kazda ale to kazda choroba ( lacznie z ranieniem
    sie np. w maly palec u nogi,nowotworem i robaczyca ) jest wynikiem okresownych
    predysozycji i wlasciwosci psychicznych. Oczywsicieco do ranienia w palec mozna
    przewidziec, ze osoby nerwowe, lekliwe, a przez to mniej uwazne i bardziej
    roztargnione beda sie ranily w palec czesciej niz osoby zrownowaznone, spokojne
    i stateczne.
    Ale...gdy przeczytalem,ze robaczyca jest wynikiem "wstydu samego siebie"zawylem
    ze smiechu. A gdy dotarlem do nowotworow, ktore wg autorki tez powstaja na
    gruncie strachu, leku pzred samym soba, potrzba manifestacji mojego ja ...
    Zadrzalem, bo autorka, znajduje sie od dawna na liscie autorow bestsellerow i
    karmi swoimi teoriami niezorientowanych ludzi.
    No sorry robaczyca jest tego przykladem.Przepraszam czy jesli zjem salate z
    jajem glisty ludzkiej, nie dosc dobrze opulkanym w barze salatowym Pizza Hut,
    to ja sie w"wstydze samego siebie" mam "wypierane leki "???
    To preciez jakis bzdet do potegi entej!!!!

    Oczywiscie, ze istnieje mnostwo chorob psychosomatycznych ale do ciezkiej Matki
    Marii, autorka przegiela. Chetnie zapytalbym ja, jakich emocji he he jest
    objawem choroba CJD .... smile Ciekawe co by na poczekaniu wymyslila! smile

    Pozniej napisze o bardzo ciekawych chorobach psychosomatycznych.

    A co do Adama M. Ilekroc dane mi go bylo widziec, nie wypuszczal papierosa z
    ust, ciagle kaslal, i chrypal. ( swoja droga tez pale jak smok.... psiamac i
    bezskutecznie usilowalem rzucic kilka razy )
    A co do kontroli masz racje. Latwiej rzadzic 1000 osob niz soba wlascicwie
    Wspolczuje ci smierci kolegi 3maj sie.

  • Gość: ufffffffff IP: * 12.11.04, 03:25
    bandyta Arafat, bandytą Arafatem.
    Ale chwilowo mam w nosie terrorystow, politykow, komisje sledcze, i inne tego
    typu specjaly.Zajme sie tym jak skoncze robic interesy, a ze nie predko skoncze
    to sie nie predko zajme smile No i terrorystami,politykami, komisjami zajme sie
    wtedy jak bede miec tyle kasy ile Kulczyk.Albo moze komisje, politycy,
    terrorysci zajma sie mna jak tyle bede mial ?? Choinka to sie jeszcze
    zastanowie nad wola posiadania smile
    Ponadto wole se poczytac, popisac o gruzlicy, chorobach psychosomatycznych,
    walnac kilka diagnoz lacznie ze swoim przypadkiem, powyglupiac,miec dobry
    romansik w realu itp itd
    Skad zmiana ?
    Dzisiaj wreszcie zdobylem sie na pocztanie sobie archiwalnych postow.W jednym
    przypadku mnie zatkalo. Czyjas prosba, w zasadzie list gonczy mnie rozwalil.I
    pewna persona, o ktorej wtedy marzylem by sie dowiedziec, kto to jest i walnac
    ja w nos juz stala sie i prosta i jasna i calkowicie transparentna
    < smileczysad ? >
    Prawda okazala sie okrutna.
    Dzieki lekturze odkladanej do dzisiaj pewne rzeczy zrozumialem.
    ide sie zastanowic sie, jak sprawic, by pewne powidzenie Adieu bylo jak
    najbardziej kulturalne, malo bolesne, a przede wszystkim,zeby pewna wiedza nie
    zostala wykorzystana w zly sposob.

    Pozdrowienia dla wszystkich Aquanetowcow smile
    Specjalne uklony dla Pani, ktora moim komisarzem ewentualnie zostac mogla.
    Niech sie Drogiej Pani wiedzie we wszytkim, czego sie WacPani dotkniesmile
    Przesylam Szanownej Pani podziekowania, moc usmiechow,telepatycznie z 30
    przepisow THE BEST OF SHOW,podziekowania za w sumie dobre rady i za to,ze
    dokladnie poczytalem za, co moge byc wdzieczny itp itd
    Spoko juz sie nie odzywam i nie zabieram Pani cennej energiismile
    A pisze to serio.
  • Gość: Jezus...Maria IP: * 16.11.04, 03:05
    DRF - bardzo wazna inf na privie zaraz doleci.

  • zaufany_chirurg_niny_terentiew 19.09.04, 16:57
  • Gość: 900D IP: * 21.09.04, 13:47
    Vad är en ledare?

    Expressen startades mitt under brinnande världskrig. Det offentliga Sverige
    hukade inför tyskarna. Tidningarna teg. Politikerna gjorde eftergifter.
    Storföretagen gjorde pengar.
    Expressen var en motkraft mot den tidens svassande. Vi teg inte, eftersom vi
    visste hur illa det gick när människovärdet förkrymptes till en bock i en

    Den kampen är på intet sätt avslutad.
    Det uppstår alltid nya idéer som kränker individens rätt och värdighet och som
    sätter större värde på staten, kollektivet eller företaget.
    Expressen är en motkraft.
    Vi tycker att den enskilde ska vara fri att söka sitt livs värde och lycka på
    just sitt sätt. Vi skyr idéer som socialism, konservatism och nationalism. Vi
    motarbetar fördomar om givna könsidentiteter och förställningar om etniska
    egenskaper. Vi sätter kulturlivets frihet högt, liksom forskningens och
    Expressen är en liberal tidning. Vi ger ut tidningen därför att vi tror på våra
    idéer. Vi vill förändra verkligheten. Ofta syns detta ställningstagande i hela
    tidningen, men tydligast syns det på sidan två ledarsidan. Där tar vi ställning
    i frågor som berör oss och som vi tycker är viktiga.
    .).sh :Ile jest warte życie? , to pytanie równie ważne dla polityków może dla
    a szczególnie dla osób…jeżeli ta osoba jest Sadam Hussein szczególnie…

    .1 Polityk np Michnik nie zna Saddama ale za to zna Wszystkich Wazne Osoby
    na scenie europejskiej i zgodnie z zasadami Okraglego stolu wykorzystac
    ostatnia oferte Sadama : Zycie za Pokoju w Iraku...Szwecja chetnie przyjmie
    Sadamma ktory ma tu wielu przyjaciol ,Joan GuiJoe ma tez Gleboki Fizyczny
    kontakt z Sultanem Bagdadu i kassa tez jest , bo te miliardy naftowe musza
    gdzies sie byc, dlaczego nie w szwecji ? chociaz adasia kasa nie neci,
    pokoj na blizkim wschodzie..?nie wiem co adas mysli aktualnie o stanie rzeczy
    na swiecie bo go nie czytam,za to ostatnio czytam Urbana bo mysli a takze
    spotkal Saddama..ten ma KAPITAL POTENCJALNY


    affera w toku
  • drf 21.09.04, 14:21
    Menoryczność- 7gałęziowość 1+2+4
    forma 2uch 3kątów w centrum
    Transformacji.przestrzeni Banalnych
    Naga dziewczyna w kwiatach...
  • zupagrzybowa 21.09.04, 15:14
    ZEBRANI tu na JASNEJ GORZE oswiadczamy 27 sierpnia 2004 IZ SPOTKAMY SIE

    sle zyczenia
    Sugestia: Na koniach, Kawaleria Damska ?
  • Gość: antyhabermas IP: * 21.09.04, 18:16
    bo okragla?
    to chyba 2 rozne pytania?
    cudowny, hihi
  • Gość: CUrioUS IP: * 21.09.04, 23:10
    So where is this key to nonothingness?
  • Gość: nanoThingNess IP: * 21.09.04, 23:28
  • Gość: nonarcist IP: * 22.09.04, 00:07
    Gość portalu: nanoThingNess napisał(a):

    > inside
    > M::T

    M..T ?

    In the search of starting point of affections, we inevitably encounter
    Narcissus, since according to the contemporary psychoanalysis its origins are
    based on the margins of narcism and idealization. As Freud says, it is not
    Eros, but the kingdom of narcism that represents the explosive, and probably
    dominates the physical life. ( This illusionist permanence is being
    rehabilitated, brought back to normal in spheres where the desire is being fed
    on the breasts of my reality…love, and since love creates the ocean-like
    feeling of content narcism, nothing affects more than the deprivation of love).

    In order to reach the personal physical space we need emptiness. For the
    contemporary analysis it was discovered as the constituent element of human
    psyche. Therefore the symptom as the mediator of the emptiness is more easily
    transmitted on the sphere of the metaphor that is condensing the phantasms.

    Politics is good only for the movement of a body.
    What the movement of a body is good for?
    Emptiness is good for the personal physical space.
    What the personal physical space is good for?
  • zupagrzybowa 22.09.04, 00:58
    The sound that suggests the dripping is a simultaneous and monotonous rhythm of
    repetition. The quantity of the liquid is being collected, the new drops are
    falling into bigger and bigger puddles of water, and then everything
    disappears, to be repeated from the beginning, infinitely. The continuously
    filling and emptying, drops of water presented through the video projection,
    awaken a symbol – the tears. When reducing the visible, Ksenija also in her
    earlier works - installations proportionally increases the notion of the
    invisible. A symbol is always placed instead of a non-present object or
    reference, because only the missing thing can be symbolised, therefore formally
    presented. (1) The place where the drops are created and where they disappear
    is invisible, as well as their symptom. What is presented is only the
    mechanism: machina lacrimalis.

    It is possible (medically) to present a part of the invisible. A teardrop is
    consisted from 98% water, 0,6% proteins, 1% minerals, especially NaCl ,and
    antibacterial solution that has vitamins A and C. The ciliary process wets the
    eyeball, and the tears are taken through various channels, and excreted through
    the nose. But, when there are too many tears, the liquid cannot be sucked in
    through the cornea, and is pouring over the eyelid. The excretion is performed
    under the control of the autonomous nervous system: the sympaticus that
    regulates the normal secretion, and parasympaticus that regulates psychogenic
    and reflex secretion. (2)

    The other part of the invisible, the symptom, the one that effects the
    parasympaticus, is signalised but hidden. 'The material model is a mere
    transmitting of the implosion of space…' says A. Maračić (3), 'the
    possibilities of a sudden insight into the inside of our individual universe.'
    The material pattern in this installation is also being subjected to reduction,
    almost to the utter dematerialization ( unless tears are things?). But the same
    as in previous ambiences there is again the mirror as the royal symbol of the

  • Gość: son IP: 213.8.52.* 21.09.04, 14:55
    רבנים תוקפים את ``העיסוק הפופוליסטי בקבלה``
    הרב יובל שרלו: "גם התקווה ש'מתוך שלא לשמה יבוא לשמה' איננה רלוונטית כאן, משום
    שמי שמתחיל את העיסוק בקבלה לא בחתירה לתיקון עולם ותיקון נפשי אלא בפסטיבל, אין
    סיכוי שיגיע לרמות הגבוהות".
  • zupagrzybowa 21.09.04, 15:24
    פסטיבל dlaczego nie?
  • Gość: ידיש IP: * 22.09.04, 00:04
  • zupagrzybowa 22.09.04, 01:16
    צ 8
    נ 9

  • Gość: profanum.officium IP: * 22.09.04, 18:00
    <A HREF="">deth to fuckin'

  • Gość: karenfucker IP: 5.3.1R* / * 23.09.04, 23:19
    moja orthodox sprowadzila sie do miasta z Haifa. Od razu mnie sie spodobala. ma
    17 lat a wtedy to chyba 16. Dlugie czarne wlosy jak to jewish girls. Tak to jest
    podobna do Lary, Croft oczywiscie. I troche do mame Luke Skywalker.

    Ona sie mnie tak spodobala ze ja w nocy o niej myslal i robil to co ten samiec
    masturbantki i kon. I ja sie w koncu przemogl.

    A tate mi powtarzal, zebym ja sie nie zadawac z ta dziewczyna, bo oni orthodox.
    I ja widzial maja peisy i ubrani na czarno a my modern jestesmy i nawet mycki
    nie nosimy. A akurat obok nas zamieszkali i te Karen widzialem kazdego dnia i
    mnie nosilo. Na szczescie nie wychodzila za czesto z domu.

    Ale raz padal desz i ona jakims cudem do sklep poszla bo tam chyba chore byli u
    niej. I ja te Karen hop z domu i odezwal sie i tak to sie zaczelo.

    Potem byl okres ze sobie listy pisali i wkladali pod... to cos do czyszczenia
    buty przed wejscie. A ona mi w skrzynke na listy i ja od razu by rodzice nie

    Az sie w koncu decydowala i sie jakos spotkali ona byla sama w domu. I wtedy mi
    powiedziala ze nawet nie calowala mezczyzny ani nic. I ze jej rodzina jest
    strasznie staroszkolna, czy jak sie to, mowi. I ze jej nigdy nie pozwola ale jej
    sie bardzo chce i ze ona musi

    I ja Karen troche dotykalem ale ona sie bardzo bala wiec ja jej powiedzial tylko
    ze sama moze sobie dawac przyjemnosc. Bardzo sie zrobila, czerowna i obuzona ale
    potem mi napisala w liscie ze to zaczela robic. Bardzo bylem o nia spragniony.

    Na dwa tygodnie potem znowu byla sama w domu i jak ja przyszedl to juz mi na
    wiecej pozwalala. Dotykalem jej brzuch, i plecy, i podciagnalem jej spodnica ona
    taka dluga czarna welniana nosi. I majtki jak stare kobiety, nawet moja mame
    nosi string. Ale mnie majtki karen bardzo sexual ... no wiesz.

    I jej to na , no bra jej zdjalem, a nie to tydzien pozniej widzialem Karen cala
    naga juz mi pozwalala wszystko tylko te jej majtki zostaweiala sobie, na. A na
    nastepne randezvous kupilem jej string i ona przy mnie zalozyla odwrocila sie
    tyl do mnie i widzialem jej tyl. Piekna jest, mmmmmmmmmm

    A od miesiac to ja normalnie z nia sex robimy, milosc. Ona ma bardzo duza
    potrzeba w tym wzgledzie. Czasem jak sie nie spotykamy to ona to sama robi i
    zaczela jej mame i tate i brat kloci sie z nimi bo ma wystarczajaco takiego
    zycia. Chce inny miec, takie nowe jak ja i jak wiecej mlodzi ludzie u nas w Israel.

    My zazdroscic Europa czy Ameryka ze tam prawie wszyscy sa nowoczesni a nie tak
    jak Zydzi ze czesc jest taka jak rodzina Karen, ale Karen taka nie bedzie.

    Ona teraz robi wszystko bo to lubi, lubi jak ma cumshot czy blowjob (jak to sie
    po polsku nazywa, bo ja sie rodzicow wstydze pytac?). I fajn jest!!
  • Gość: peace.holo9 IP: * 24.09.04, 13:22
    In popular usage, almost any crazy killer is a "psychopath." But in psychiatry,
    it's a very specific mental condition that rarely involves killing, or even
    psychosis. "Psychopaths are not disoriented or out of touch with reality, nor
    do they experience the delusions, hallucinations, or intense subjective
    distress that characterize most other mental disorders," writes Dr. Robert
    Hare, in Without Conscience, the seminal book on the condition. (Hare is also
    one of the psychologists consulted by the FBI about Columbine and by Slate for
    this story*.) "Unlike psychotic individuals, psychopaths are rational and aware
    of what they are doing and why. Their behavior is the result of choice, freely
    exercised." Diagnosing Harris as a psychopath represents neither a legal
    defense, nor a moral excuse. But it illuminates a great deal about the thought
    process that drove him to mass murder.

    Diagnosing him as a psychopath was not a simple matter. Harris opened his
    private journal with the sentence, "I hate the f---ing world." And when the
    media studied Harris, they focused on his hatred—hatred that supposedly led him
    to revenge. It's easy to get lost in the hate, which screamed out relentlessly
    from Harris' Web site:

    "YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!!!? Cuuuuuuuuhntryyyyyyyyyy music!!! . . .

    "YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!!!? People who say that wrestling is real!! . . .

    "YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!!!? People who use the same word over and over
    again! . . . Read a f---in book or two, increase your vo-cab-u-lary f*ck*ng

    "YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!!!? STUPID PEOPLE!!! Why must so many people be so
    stupid!!? . . . YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE!!!? When people mispronounce words! and
    they dont even know it to, like acrosT, or eXspreso, pacific (specific), or 2
    pAck. learn to speak correctly you morons.

  • Gość: . IP: * 25.09.04, 11:40
    Year Zero One is pleased to present the source code for Norman White's
    interactive robotic project, The Helpless Robot.

    The Helpless Robot is an artificial personality that responds to the behavior
    of humans by using its electronic voice which speaks a total of 512 phrases.
    The speech that is delivered depends on its present and past experience
    of "emotions" ranging from boredom, frustration, arrogance, and

    Since 1987 The Helpless Robot has been exhibited in numerous galleries both in
    Canada and internationally. By sharing and publishing The Helpless Robot
    script, Norman White invites fellow creative individuals to collaborate on a
    software project aimed at: >> creating more powerful and varied simulations of
    an emotional entity. >> translating the code into Java or another web language,
    so as to create a net-based version of The Helpless Robot. This might involve
    re-writing parts of the existing Delphi code, or starting all over from


    Where are you going, Socrates?
    For I see you're even wearing sandals today.

    To Agathon's for a banquet
    celebrating his theater prize.
    I evaded him yesterday because of the crowd,
    but I agreed to come today,
    and so I'm dressed up.
    How do you feel about
    going unasked to the banquet?

    I'll do whatever you say.

    Come along then.

    See that you have an excuse for me,
    as I won't admit going unasked,
    but I'll say I was invited by you.

    With two going together,
    the one ahead shall plan what we'll say.
    So let's go.

    Socrates and Aristodemus walk together down the street. After a while Socrates
    becomes absorbed in his thoughts and pauses, waving Aristodemus to go on
    without him. Aristodemus arrives at the door to Agathon's house and knocks,
    nervously expecting Socrates to arrive at any moment. A SERVANT opens the door
    and leads Aristodemus inside to the banquet where he is met by AGATHON.

    Oh, Aristodemus,
    you're welcome to join the banquet!
    If you came for anything else, put it off.
    Yesterday I went up to invite you
    but couldn't find you.
    But why didn't you bring Socrates with you?

    Aristodemus looks behind him again, still expecting Socrates to come in at any

    Well, he was just with me
    and should be here soon.
    In fact it was Socrates who invited me to dine.

    Good of you to come, but where is he?

    He was following right behind me,
    but I wonder where he went.

    Agathon commands a servant.

    Go look for him and bring him in.
    And you, Aristodemus,
    sit down next to Eryximachus.

    ANOTHER SERVANT offers Aristodemus a bowl of water to rinse
    his hands and then a towel to dry them. Then Aristodemus reclines on
    a couch. Meanwhile the first servant returns and reports to Agathon.

    Socrates is standing on the neighbor's porch,
    but when I asked him to come in, he refused.

    How strange!
  • drf 11.10.04, 10:25

  • zupagrzybowa 23.09.04, 23:20
    Programming with H2O

    You're a software developer. Your programming language of choice is VB, Access,
    C++, Perl, ASP or PhP. You want your software to run everywhere; over the web,
    in companies, at hosting providers. You want to write one program and have it
    work everywhere.

    Unfortunately, as you know, that's easier said than done. You long for a really
    good environment. But you've seen and used the tools and you're still coping
    with the same old stuff: managing variables, security, compatibility issues,
    and worse yet, having to write hundreds of lines of code to solve the most
    mundane problems. Sure, the languages are sexy on the outside. But thy're no
    fun. They're either too complicated, slow, web-unfriendly, or limited. You say
    to yourself and your friends, "There has to be a better way!"

    The Better Way is Here
    Now there is a better way -- the H2O programming environment from Aestiva, a
    powerful programming language for programmers who want to build web-friendly,
    universal applications. Imagine the following:

    Your programs run in browsers. Like the HTML language, there are no worries
    about the underlying hardware.
    Your language is smarter. No more need to define variable types or dimension
    arrays since the language does it for you.
    Your language is easier. It's English-like so there's no need to "comment"
    code. Routines that once took hours to write now take minutes.
    Your programs are super compact. You wite high-level code, not low-level code.
    Programs take up to three hundred times less code.
    Debugging is easier. A runtime error checker points out where problems occur,
    plus with up to three hundred times less code, there's less to debug.
    Your programs run faster. The H2O "high-level interpreted" architecture means
    programs run about as fast as compiled C.
    Your programs are universal. Write once, run anywhere. On Linux, Mac, Unix and
    Windows servers. In standard hosting accounts too.
    Your programs can be packaged. Distribute them. Load them point-and-click. Copy-
    protect and sell them.
    Your programs are trustable. H2O's security-by-default architecture means you
    don't need to be a security expert to write a web software program.

    You don't need to dream about these features. They're here now. In H2O. It's
    why H2O is so much fun.

    This introductory chapter provides you with a brief look at the main design
    goals of H2O; the remainder of this paper examines the features of H2O in more

    You don't need to dream about these features. They're here now. This
    introductory chapter provides you with a brief look at the main design goals of
    H2O; the remainder of this paper examines the features of H2O in more detail.
  • drf 24.09.04, 00:54
    Collecting Earth science data is only part of what GLOBE teacher Rafat Jambi
    and his students do together at Hamzah High School, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. On
    June 8th, 2004 they observed the transit of Venus. It began at 5:22 UT (or 8:22
    AM. local time). "By using the eclipser provided by King Abdul Aziz City for
    Science and Technology it was very clear to see it as a dot passing through the
    sun," said Rafat Jambi. Khalid Bin Waleed commented, "I have looked through the
    big telescope at Venus. It is at the middle of the sun. It is like an eye. The
    Sun is white and big and Venus like a black dot in it."
  • Gość: N^Z! IP: * 11.10.04, 15:38
  • dajczgewand 11.10.04, 16:18
    7Y603SKA 71AUMA
  • mcattery 11.10.04, 18:18
    oczywscie zaraz zbiore,ze tu wlazlem he he ..
    ale rozwiazanie brzmi :
    Getto łódzkie
    Żydowska Trauma...

    Milego wieczoru.
  • Gość: odpowiedz IP: * 12.10.04, 22:17
    kto to jest:
    studiuje innych, a w lustrze ma pustke?
    podmiotu od przedmiotu nie odroznia?

    Spieprzaj rzepie.
  • mcattery 12.10.04, 23:03
    Kto ci dal prawo wywalania kogos z watkow ?
    Spieprzaj rzepie ? - no wybacz przesadzasz.
    Zyje w demokratycznym Panstwie, pisze na demokratycznym forum, wiec spieprzaj
    mozesz mowic,wtedy,gdy ktos wejdzie do twojego prywatnego Forum,albo Twojego
    Co do studiowania innych, mam rowniez do tego pelne prawo, skoro tak jak wyzej
    jestem na forum otwartym, dostepnym dla kazdego.Jak kupisz portal Agory wtedy
    nie bede miec wstepu.
    A poza tym : sorki czasy komunistyczne sie juz skonczyly, wiec sobie bede pisac
    gdzie mi sie podoba.

    Juz kiedys napisalem: nie jestem tu dla Ciebie a dla Siebie.I czy prosilem cie
    o odp na mojego posta?

  • Gość: antyrzep IP: * 12.10.04, 23:35
    Hmmm... Wiecej trudnych pytan

    1. czy zawartosc glowy Raskolnikowa spaskudniala dopiero wtedy, gdy zamachnal
    sie siekiera, czy tez jej paskudnosc byla przyczyna zamachu?

    2. Raskolnikov postudiowal staruszke, a czego zaniedbal postudiowac?


    Ze tak powiem. Chcialo mi sie swego czasu, no nie? Tylko ze mi sie wydawalo, ze
    cos tam robie, a niewykluczone, ze pomagalam Raskolnikovovi opanowac
    skutecznosc obserwacji staruszek. Zywie gleboka nadzieje ze nikogo nie
    zamordujesz i ze kiedys w koncu cos z tym Raskolnikovem zrobisz. Przez ostatnie
    3 lata efekty, jak widacsad A jesli jeszcze nie dotarlo, to inteligencja oraz
    uroda moze i pomagaja sie ustawic w zyciu, ale niekoniecznie pomagaja zostac
    homo sapiens.
  • mcattery 13.10.04, 00:05
    Droga Ad Aware smile
    1.Co do paskudnosci nie bede sie sprzeczac,ze paskudne miewam mysli.Na
    szczescie mysli.I to od dzieckasmile
    I na tym sie zazwyczaj konczy.W 99 proc na 100 przyp.

    2.Raskolnikow postudiowal kilka lat temu Staruszke. Stwierdzil, ze Staruszka
    jest cool.Ostatnio, wrocil do studiow i stwierdzil,ze Staruszka jest nadal cool
    ale tez zapomniala postudiowac czegos innego i tyz sie wcale nie zmienila...
    Dlaczego wrocil ? Raskolnikow to jednak zachowa dla siebie.
    Raskolnikow tez, tak jak Staruszka, zapomnial postudiowac i tego i owego.
    Ale Staruszka przesadza.To ona byc moze juz nie lata z maczuga,ale wali maczuga
    tak na wszelki wypadek,zeby samej nie dostac? Staruszka traci, bo jak walnie,
    to dany osobnik traci przytomnosc zanim zdazy cokolwiek powiedziec.
    Co do 3 lat. Myli sie Staruszka,ze sie nic nie zmienilo.
    Raskolnikow porzucil siekiere,byl na banicji,konsylium sie nad nim
    zebralo,przezyl jeszcze pozniej z 12 gorszych rzeczy ( nie mowi,ze porzucenie
    siekiery bylo rzecza zla).Teraz Raskolnikow, ma swoja Sonie,swoj interes i
    tylko czasem nostalgicznie wspomina... Nie lata po forum z siekiera, nie pisze
    cudeniek,nie pisze w zasadzie niczego co mogloby urazic Staruszke.
    A Staruszka sie czuje urazona i nie da nawet 10 minut Raskolnikowowi, by ten
    mogl przeprosic Staruszke i pokazac jej,ze cos sie zmienilo.
    Raskolnikow pozdrawia Staruszke, i zapewnia ja, ze wiedza Staruszki sluzy mu
    wylacznie w dobrych celach.
    Raskolnikow oswiadcza,ze wejscie do tego watku spoodowane bylo checia
    sparwdzenia wlasnych mozliwosci intelektualnych.Raskolnikow ucieszyl sie jak
    dziecko, rozwiazujac zagadke matematyczna...
    Juz sie odrzepiam.

  • Gość: no wlasnie IP: * 13.10.04, 00:22
    Raskolnikow ucieszyl sie jak
    > dziecko, rozwiazujac zagadke matematyczna...

    No wlasnie.
    A ja od 3 lat wtlukuje Raskolnikowowi w glowe zeby przestal studiowac zagadki i
    szarady a zabral sie za etyke. I to na powaznie. Zagadki i szarady nic
    Raskolnikowowi nie daja oprocz naostrzenia siekierki. To ze akurat faza
    spokojna - nie ma znaczenia. Tytulowy bohater tez nie latal w kolko po ulicach
    z zadza mordu w oczach. Raz mu tylko zylka pekla... i o jeden raz za duzo.

    PS. Mowiac o staruszkach bynajmniej nie siebie mialam na mysli. Ja co najwyzej
    moge byc twoim Komisarzem, jakby co, hihi. I wez sie w koncu do roboty bo mam
    stanowczo dosyc powtarzania tego samego. Zamiast rozwiazanej szarady, przyjdz z
    przemyslanym problemem etycznym. To pogadamy bez przepedzania.
  • mcattery 13.10.04, 00:40
    Hoquet = OK
    fonetycznie.... smile

    Mam problem etyczno-moralny i to nie maly. Opisze jutro.

    I dzieki Wysoki Komisarzu.

    PS. co do latania po ulicach ... tytulowy bohater moze nie, ale jego
    odpowiednik zaliczyl i te faze...
  • Gość: 7ea7R IP: * 12.10.04, 23:35
    prosze osoby mcattera i wroclaw o odrobine wyrozumialosci
    kazdy moze sie tu wypowiadac na dowolny 7ema7...wink))
    a oco chodzi z lus77ami ? k7o jes7 k!m?
    7u7aj nie wiadomo...
    7am moze wiedza

    w 7ea7Rze AQUALNOSC
    9aze7y wy87ancZej
    ada3ia m!chn!ka
    in 7he 7eal 307ld

  • Gość: witaj:) IP: * 12.10.04, 23:47
    nie mam wyjscia. to dziecko ma kozika w garsci i musi sie nauczyc go nosic w
    pochwie, bo w koncu krzywde zrobi albo sobie albo komus. No nie, dziecko? Ono
    inne narzedzia tez ma, tylko za malo uzywa, bo kozik jest taki latwy i do
    garsci pasujewink)))
  • Gość: d77 IP: * 13.10.04, 00:34
    he zapowiada sie ciekawie
    la7370wymi czy sie7ie70m
    ale s7udiowal 7azko7nikow
    s7a7uszke? DOS7OJEWSKI s7udiowal
    znaczy...DOS 100 JEW ski?
  • mcattery 13.10.04, 00:50
    jak juz jestesmy przy dostojewskim...
    DOS 100 JEW ...
    kiedys chcialem startowac w Wielkiej Grze na jego temat.Oj mlody wtedy bylem.
    skonczylo sie na znanym innym Teleturnieju - tez za mlodych lat. ( Zeby zgadnac
    jego nazwe wystarczy przypomniec sobie uklad zerojedynkowy )
    i poleglem w Finale na najglupszym na swiecie pytaniu i to z dziedziny, na
    ktorej sie znam niezle czyli z biologii.
    Cholera nawet wam nie powiem o co chodzilo ,bo sie wstydze.A z reszta.Poszlo o
    pytanie o ....muche.Otoz oko muchy sklada sie z kilku milionow soczewek dzieki
    ktorym mucha widzi punktowo, moze obserwowac rozne kierunki.A padlo pytanie:
    Ile par oczu ma mucha? Ja natychmiast skomplikowalem sobie zycie,policzylem hi
    hi owe soczewki wypalilem, ze kilka milionow....I prowadzacy sprowadzil mnie na
    Ja duren zamiast podac prosta jak but odpowiedz chcialem podac przyblizona
    liczbe soczewek...
    Zamiast Dostojewskiego pytanie o muchach......
    Coz zyciesmile

  • Gość: SIEC WODNA? IP: * 13.10.04, 01:06
    wspolczuje p7ze97anej wiel7iej 97y...
    widocznie nie warto swia7a rozumiec
    zmieniac a tylko UPROSCIC...
    czy rzeczy najpostsze sa niewidzialne ?
    jes7 pan na scenie
    7ea77u wiel7iej 97y
    pzejdzie pan do his7o7ii
    jako 80ha7e7 POWIESCI p7smirkIEC WODNA
    Coz zyciesmile

  • Gość: hahahaha IP: * 13.10.04, 00:51
    > ale s7udiowal 7azko7nikow
    > s7a7uszke?

    najpierw jenteligencjom
    potem siekierkom.
    Ale to jedno i to samo.

    a DOS 100 JEW ski?
    On byl przez Raskolnikova drenczony.
    to sie zemscil
    Zemstom i Karom.
  • Gość: 6O2 IP: * 13.10.04, 01:16
    8IES? DOS 100 JEW ski?
    D3MON? moze o dziadyMicki33icza?
    KON7ad 9UStaW ?
  • mcattery 13.10.04, 01:19
    ee tam konrad gustaw...
    zapachnialo mi mesjanizmem...
    i IV licealna smile

  • Gość: deTERMINATOR IP: * 13.10.04, 01:26
    2as7anow sie i 97aj
    swoja 707e do67ze

  • Gość: 906 IP: * 13.10.04, 01:22
    sku7eczne sa
    Pla6i e9ipskie

  • mcattery 13.10.04, 00:20

    Ano teatrzyk niezły tu dziś mamy smile
    Pristupljenje i nakazanje dzisiaj wystawiamy
    W nowej wersji surrealistycznej
    forumowej albo nawet bardziej kosmicznej
    dyskurs na razie o rzeppospolitej
    zmartwionej w sumie, do spania umytej...
    a co do luster to ten z wrocka pyta
    czy jak rzeppospolita w lustro patrzy to widzi czarcie kopyta...
    czy durnote widzi ogromna?
    czy moze nature swoja ułomna ?
    rzeppospolita to widzi..
    rzeppospolita czasem sie wstydzi..

  • Gość: dobradobra IP: * 13.10.04, 00:43
    nie udawaj ze nie wiesz o co chodzi. 3 lata temu moze bys i dostal pochwale,
    testosteronie, za rozwiazanie szarady. Ale po 3 latach to ci sie nalezy co
    najwyzej nagana. Nic nie robisz. Studiujesz staruszki na portalu i rozwiazujesz
    szarady. Kto sie nie rozwija, ten sie cofa. Zaskocz mnie czyms w koncu. A teraz
    zmiataj cwiczyc mozgownice.
  • mcattery 13.10.04, 00:54
    Raskolnikow ubrany w pidzame zatoczyl sie, zamachnal i bez jednego drgnienia
    miesnia.... pokazal staruszce bleeeeeee......

  • mcattery 13.10.04, 01:02
    par beczek..

    jente - to ty tu nie mieszaj. Jente to byla swatka w Skrzypku na Dachu.Calkiem
    obrotna kobiecina.
    ligencja - to ekwiwalentny pszyrost husteczek z ligniny do kataru
    siekierkom - prosze bez ostrych narzedziow lub Siekierezady warszawskiej. Ja
    mam ja bardzo niedaleko.....
    Zemsta jest daniem, ktore spozywa sie na zimno. A potem,ze danie jest lodowate
    ZEMSTOM sie odbija. ( Hoquet = OK )
    Karom - wole kiery w sumie.

    Dobranoc zezulem buty i spac bieżem.

  • Gość: asio! IP: * 13.10.04, 01:03
    mcattery napisała:

    > Raskolnikow ubrany w pidzame zatoczyl sie, zamachnal i bez jednego drgnienia
    > miesnia.... pokazal staruszce bleeeeeee......

    Zadnego szacunku dla starszenstwa nie majom.
    Widzisz dochtorze? Oslabiles mi szczekoscisk i od razu podskakuje.

    Sio, rzepie. Spac! A rano do biblioteki zamiast na forum.
  • mcattery 13.10.04, 01:09
    Kobieto !
    Bylem w bibliotece ostatnio i jusz piszem co wypozyczylem:

    Wichry namietnosci - Nora Roberts
    Zemsta w twych oczach - Danielle Steel
    Demony Normandii 10 - Masterton
    Predator 4 i poltora

  • Gość: cza77 IP: * 13.10.04, 00:49

    Jest jednoroczną rośliną warzywną z rodziny krzyżowych. Jej ojczyzną jest
    prawdopodobnie Azja lub rejon Morza Śródziemnego. Warzywo to znano i ceniono w
    starożytności - zarówno w Grecji, jak i Rzymie. Obecnie rzepa jest szczególnie
    doceniana w Europie Zachodniej. Popularna jest również w Stanach Zjednoczonych.
    W Polsce uprawia się ją od dawna - od okresu przedpiastowskiego. Dopiero w
    wieku XIX wyparł ją ziemniak.
    Częścią jadalną warzywa jest kulisty, podługowaty lub spłaszczony,
    mięsisty, soczysty, łagodny i słodki korzeń spichrzowy barwy białej, żółtawej
    lub ciemnożółtej, zależnie od odmiany.
    Rzepa zawiera sód, potas, magnez, wapń, żelazo, miedź, fosfor,
    chlor, karoten, witaminy: B1, B2, B6, C; kwasy: nikotynowy, pantotenowy,
    foliowy. To wartościowe warzywo ma też zastosowanie w lecznictwie ludowym, np.
    w leczeniu robaczycy.
    Najbardziej znane odmiany: Holenderska Biała, Goldball, Teltowska,
  • Gość: dochtorze! IP: * 13.10.04, 00:59
    ... przepisami kulinarnymi zamiast umyslowom produkcjom etycznom? I to zaczal 3
    lata temu?

    To wartosciowe warzywo, nie mowiac o calym daniu kulinarnym, moze i leczy
    robaczyce, ale ja nie mam robaczycy!

    A moze rzep mysli ze ja mam robaczycem. hm....
  • mcattery 13.10.04, 01:06
    Mylisz sie najbardziej antyrobakowa roslina sa pestki z dyni.A rzepa
    antyrobakowego dzialania raczej nie posiada.
    A co do robaczycy,mozesz sprawidzic czy masz, panuje teraz lamblioza
    przynajmniej w Warszawie... no ale niestety u kotow...

    A co do przpisow to ja zrobilem wlasnie dzisiaj zupe z dyni z porto.
    A co do przepisow etycznych, kupie se ksiazke z nimi i moze co upichce.

  • Gość: ototo! IP: * 13.10.04, 01:11
    > A co do przepisow etycznych, kupie se ksiazke z nimi i moze co upichce.

    Ale jedna nie wystarczy. Nie zawsze bedzie dochtor pod renkom zeby moj
    szczekoscisk oslabiac.
  • mcattery 13.10.04, 01:21
    a szczenkoscisk to nie po przepisach kólinarnyh.
    kupiem sobiem cosik masz Pani cos co polecasz?
    ide spac.

  • mcattery 13.10.04, 01:25
    scriptum :
    odetchniesz o Białogłowo, ponieważ Smok na Froum nie przybedzie najpewniej
    przez 3 nastepne dni... Idzie w konkury i na amory pospiesza z Wybrankasmile
    ktora juz od lat niezmienna jest i gosci w sercu mym.
    A propos ma Wybranka ksiazke napisala...Tytul Wac Pani zostawiam wyryty na mej
    sygnaturze gie giesmilepolecam.. szczerze.

  • Gość: toidzwreszcie IP: * 13.10.04, 01:34
    No coz, chodzi o to, zeby z bagna zrobic jezioro. Jedno i drugie moze zajmowac
    taki sam obszar na mapie, ich powierznie w sloncu tak samo moga polyskiwac, ale
    to pierwsze jest plytkie, drugie glebokie. Trudnosc polega na tym, ze te
    przepisy sa indywidualne. I nie ma innego sposobu, kazdy musi sobie sam wybrac
    co kupi. Trzeba nabrac powietrza, nabrac odwagi- i rzucic w polki... Dopiero po
    poglebieniu dna mozesz konfrontowac czym sie roznisz od innych jezior. Jesli
    sie bedziesz wzorowac - to nie jezioro z ciebie bedzie, a imitacja jeziora. Nie
    pytaj wiec o rade. Dobranocsmile
  • Gość: 4409049113 IP: * 12.10.04, 00:09
    75!391 NUM370W
    70M 31 M177!X
  • drf 25.09.04, 23:15

    Marxist ideology has undoubtedly left deep traces in the scientific thinking of
    Tajik scholars. Academics in the young, independent state have to unravel their
    own academic research and the work of their predecessors in order to sift
    scientific results from ideology. In this paper, presented at the ESCAS V, Mr.
    Asimov investigates the historical topics that urgently need to be reviewed. He
    also presents his views on the problem of russification, a predominant
    phenomenon in Soviet Tajikistan.
    By M.S. Asimov

    The dissolution of the Soviet Union gave rise to a revision of Central Asian
    history. Although Central Asian historians of most of this century have
    been 'formatted' in the Marxist methodology, which reduced everything to 'class
    struggle' and denied any human dimension, it is unacceptable to wipe out
    everything that was done in those years.
    We should by no means pretend to be blind and deny that it was during the years
    of the Soviet regime that universities and a highly elaborate network of
    schools were opened, industry started to develop, archaeologists discovered
    important monuments of the past, physicians successfully fought endemic local
    diseases, engineers constructed hydropower stations and illiteracy has overcome
    in Tajikistan. All this and much more permits me to insist in a very modest way
    that it is quite impossible to accept a unilateral negative position to the
    recent past of Central Asia.
    Having given this caution I shall return to my topic; let us see which periods
    in the history of the Tajiks have to be rewritten most urgently, and which
    problems seen from modern objective viewpoints, we should investigate first.

    The benevolent Russian brother.
    One of the most burning issues in our past is the Russian conquest. Central
    Asia was conquered by the Russian Empire in the second half of the nineteenth
    century. Historically it was only another step in Russian colonial politics
    which had started in the fifteenth century with the move to the east.
    The Russian conquest of Central Asia was extremely brutal; we possess an
    impressive testimony of that terrible brutality in the pictures of the great
    Russian artist Vereshchagin. In one of his famous pictures we see a huge hill
    composed of human heads, heads which Russian soldiers severed from the bodies
    of defeated Central Asians.
    This colonial conquest was said to be the free choice of Central Asian nations
    whose single purpose was to be united with the great and most benevolent
    Russian brother!
    Here lies a very important task for historians: their obligation is to uncover
    all details, to describe day by day how Russia conquered Central Asia; sources
    should be published, archives opened, the requisite documents handed over to
    Central Asian scholars. The world should know the truth about the real deeds of
    the Russians in Central Asia.
    Once conquered, Central Asia was made a deliverer of raw material for the
    Russian industry. As far as Tajikistan is concerned, the north grew more
    prosperous than the south. The south of the country remained under control of
    the amir of Bukhara, who was, however, under Russian protection. The amir
    regarded the eastern part of his princedom as a kind of colony; thus the people
    of this "Eastern Bukhara" experienced double exploitation; they led a miserable
    life that is shown in the few contemporary documentaries that still are at our
    The area that we now regard as Northern Tajikistan was in a more favourable
    situation: it was under the direct rule of the Russian governor-general in
    Tashkent. It became an integral part of the Russian Empire. The growth of
    Russia's textile industry augmented the demand for cotton; this raw material
    became the main agricultural product in the area. The growth of trade
    corresponded to that of agriculture and by 1914 the export of Central Asia was
    higher than its import. The growth of trade turned the Central Asian economy
    from an isolated, self-sufficient rural economy into a steadily strengthening
    market-oriented economy. Thus Russian colonization also brought Central Asia
    positive innovations. Railways were constructed, new schools, and gymnasiums
    We cannot deny the importance of Russian scholarship. Needless to say that all
    orientalists are highly appreciative of Professor Barthold and his incomparable
    scholarly heritage.

    Enlightening on the Jadidists.
    Another matter is the anti-Russian resistance in Central Asia. Soviet
    historiography had to qualify this as a highly reactionary movement. In the
    restudy of the resistance movement we should first turn to role of the
    enlightened Jadidists. Soviet historians always associated Jadidism with pan-
    Turkism; and indeed, Jadidist leaders expected support from Turkey and dreamed
    of the unification of the Turkish nations. Since pan-Turkism implied a change
    of orientation from Russia to the Turkish nations, it was systematically
    repressed by Russia, along with Jadidism. In the years of Stalin's purges the
    majority of the Jadidists disappeared, even people loosely connected with them
    did not escape Stalin's hand. The Jadidists were painted very black indeed and
    absolutely no research on their real ideas and actions was permitted: one had
    simply to repeat the official formulas.
    We know now that the Jadidists were not reactionaries. They were critical of
    the stagnation in the old princedoms, and they were against the feudal regime.
    The Jadidists were fighting for progress in Central Asia, for the well-being of
    their nation. I am convinced that our duty is to convey the truth about them, a
    process which has already been started. The literary heritage of the Jadidists
    has now been published.

    A history of the Tajik
    It is very important to rewrite the history of the Soviet period, which was
    until recently the favourite period for research. At the same time it was the
    period most subject to control: one could only write what corresponded closely
    to the official views. For that reason the enormous bulk of books, articles,
    and dissertations which deal with this period must be read more than
    critically. The main topics for this period are the so-called revolution in
    Bukhara, the civil war in Central Asia, the redistribution of land, and water,
    the collectivization and industrialization, and the Communist Party's politics
    in the realm of culture and education. I would like to stress once more that we
    have to be very cautious in order not to swing from one extreme to another.
    We have already started this work in Tajikistan. The Institute for History,
    Archaeology, and Anthropology of the Academy of Sciences is preparing a history
    of the Tajik People from the most ancient times up to our own day. The first
    two volumes, which deal with ancient and medieval history, are ready for print.

    Let us discuss one of the problems that was of paramount importance to my
    nation as well as to our neighbours during all the years of Soviet rule: the
    problem of russification.
    Russification embraced a wide spectrum of different issues: language and
    script; perception of the cultural heritage; understanding of national
    identity; family and everyday life; rituals and traditions; dress and food;
    everything underwent russification to a greater or lesser degree. Ultimately it
    reflects the global problem of "West" versus "East".
    The opposition of "West" to "East" has a very long prehistory. It finally took
    its shape in the nineteenth century, when the European countries built their
    colonial empires A popular thought was that an abyss separated "West"
    and "East". We know the verse by Rudyard Kipling:

    "Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,
    Till Earth and Sky stay presently at God's great Judgment Seat"...

    This was a global opposition, but it was even
  • zupagrzybowa 26.09.04, 00:09
    Dalia Yasharpour was introduced to her dissertation topic by a member of the
    Iranian Jewish community in Los Angeles. Knowing that she was becoming an
    expert in the confluence of Jewish and Persian history and culture, he showed
    her a manuscript in his private collection and said he "wanted to know what it
    It turned out to be a copy of The Prince and the Sufi, an adaptation of the
    life of Gautama Buddha in verse and rhymed prose. The author is Elisha ben
    Shemuel, a Jew living in 17th-century Persia. A sterling example of Judeo-
    Persian authors, he was a poet writing the Persian language using Hebrew script
    and addressing a Jewish audience in a composition that features a Muslim mystic
    and displays influences of the Persian culture in which he lived.

    Dalia’s dissertation topic focuses on a literary analysis and translation to
    English of the work, which combines Judaic and Iranian traditions with Muslim
    thinking. The plot of the story involves a prince who is, as Dalia puts
    it, "extraordinary in every sense" in his quest to understand the meaning of
    life. A Sufi, or Muslim mystic, seeks him out and enlightens him with an array
    of anecdotes that convey moral, theological, and philosophical values.

    Ben Shemuel was clearly quite familiar with the Persian literary styles of his
    time, Dalia says, and "he was unabashed about seeing Jewish elements integrated
    with the Muslim." At one point, the mystical Muslim master expounds on
    Maimonides’ thirteen principles of the Jewish faith. The Sufi also encourages
    the prince to pursue a moderate form of asceticism, a concept found in ancient
    Iranian wisdom literature.
    "Judeo-Persian authors judged the quality of their work by the degree to which
    they successfully integrated Jewish with Iranian and Muslim elements," says
    Dalia, who finds it "amazing how interdisciplinary" her dissertation topic is.
    To pursue a doctorate in Near Eastern languages and cultures, she had to become
    expert in Islamic, Jewish, and Iranian studies and learn the Persian, Hebrew,
    and Arabic languages. Then, she could begin to examine the linguistic,
    literary, and intellectual features of Judeo-Persian literature.

    "If you’re
    about your work,”
    she says,
    of how
    the field, you
    will engage
    They will
    want to
    However, her extraordinary scholarly journey began at her grandmother’s knee,
    listening to stories about the family, Jews who had lived in Iran until 1979
    Islamic Revolution. "I wanted to understand what my connection was to Iran and
    to being Jewish," she says. With her BA in English achieved, Dalia began to sit
    in on Persian language classes at UCLA. She earned a diploma at Oxford
    University’s Center for Jewish Studies, writing a thesis on Iranian-Jewish
    history, which dates back as early as 722 BC. She spent the following summer at
    Hebrew University, studying Hebrew and exploring manuscripts; this would be the
    first of many visits.
    Upon discovering Judeo-Persian literature, she began looking for scholarly
    mentors. "I had to find scholars specializing in Judeo-Persian studies and
    convince them I wasn’t dabbling. I had to go out of my way to prove myself and
    how serious I was." One of those scholarly mentors brought her back to UCLA.
    Hossein Ziai, director of Iranian Studies, "knew that what I wanted to do was
    difficult, that it required extensive research abroad," and yet, she says, "he
    was enthusiastic and encouraging."

    Indeed, Professor Ziai believes that Dalia’s work will make an important
    contribution to scholarship on "the highly positive symbiosis of the Judaic and
    the Iranian framework," as the two cultural threads "merge and inform a
    uniquely harmonious view of fundamental issues relating to knowledge and
    experience." Judeo-Persian literature is not widely studied, and just one
    article has previously been written about Ben Shemuel’s work.
    Until two editions were printed in the 20th century, The Prince and the Sufi
    existed only in manuscripts, one carefully copied from another. Dalia has
    studied manuscripts from collections in the United States and Israel—and of
    course, from the private collection of her Los Angeles connection. Dalia
    relishes her links to the local Iranian Jewish community, where she
    occasionally lectures. "I’ve always wanted my research to be relevant to
    Iranian Jews, to be something that I can share with them. Every time we meet I
    am gratified by our exchange.

    Dalia has also taught at UCLA and Santa Monica College, offering classes in
    language, history, and religion. In Winter 2003, she developed and taught a
    class on the intellectual development of Jews of Iran. She is hoping that her
    wide-ranging knowledge and her fluency in three languages besides English will
    help her find the academic job she seeks.

    In continuing her research, she will benefit from the extensive experience
    she’s acquired drafting proposals that win grants and fellowships—including a
    Skirball, Fulbright and most recently, a Dissertation Year Fellowship—to
    support her graduate work. Particularly with a subject that is relatively
    unknown in the academic world, "one needs to be able to communicate one’s
    research objectives clearly and succinctly," she says, "to write proposals that
    are engaging for people who read them and put one’s case across well."

    Besides the ability to express oneself effectively, Dalia believes that a
    passion for one’s work is the key to success. "If you’re passionate about your
    work," she says, "irrespective of how obscure the field, you will engage
    people. They will want to listen."

    Published in Fall 2003, Graduate Quarterly
  • Gość: 9OL!SZi))iSZ IP: * 11.10.04, 08:16

    The ab-ocular hypothesis, then, as applied to Derridathemovie.

    What does Derrida mean, in Memoires, by this curious word and phrase, “the
    abocular hypothesis,” which seems at once so specific and so inaccessible, so
    clear and yet so vague? A quick pre-mémoire or introduction:

    abocular = (Latin) ab (out of, from) + oculis (the eye)

    Thus, and immediately, the “abocular” is constructed on an in-built
    incommensurability, in that “out of or from the eye” can mean either

    a) emanating from within the eye, or

    b) away or separate, distant or discrete from, the eye, created from within
    or received from without by the eye—a perfect (im)balance of the conundrum of
    autoportraiture . . .

  • patience 29.09.04, 17:53
    Why has academic philosophy suddenly taken to counseling and practical
    consultation? Why now?

    It's by no means sudden, more like a revival, a renaissance. Greek and Roman
    philosophy were thoroughly practical. Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great.
    Marcus Aurelius a Roman emperor took counsel from the Stoic Epictetus.
    Pythagoras founded a society that used philosophy as the basis of communal
    life. Seneca and Lucretius applied philosophy to people suffering from
    religious anxiety and emotional troubles. Plato thought the human race was
    nosos--"sick"--and offered philosophy as medicine. Epicurus, in a statement
    that contemporary philosophical counselors love to quote, said: "Worthless is
    the argument that does not alleviate suffering." Hellenistic thought was
    therapeutic to the core, as Martha Nussbaum demonstrates in Therapy of Desire.
    How does philosophical counseling differ from other forms of counseling?

    Philosophical counseling has many things in common with most schools of
    counseling, basic human qualities such as a talent for listening, caring for
    the other, relying on experience, special training, and so forth, but it is
    also unique in several ways: for one thing, it is ancient and draws on rich
    traditions dating to the Axial Age of Socrates and Buddha and Lao Tzu.

    Rooted in the wisdom traditions, it appeals to the highest mental
    functions--reason, intuition, and volition. It appeals to the active side of
    the personality and frames the counseling relationship as a special type of
    learning partnership. And it is based on learning practical, not just
    theoretical, skills; for example, it doesn't just discuss free will in the
    abstract but offers instruction on training the will.


  • drf 02.10.04, 03:13

    New sensory modalities. Human programmers, lacking a sensory modality for
    assembly language, are stuck with abstract reasoning plus compilers. We are
    not entirely helpless, even this far outside our ancestral environment - but
    the traditional fragility of computer programs bears witness to our
    awkwardness. Minds-in-general may be able to exceed human programming ability
    with relatively primitive general intelligence, given a sensory modality for
    Blending-over of deliberative and automatic processes. Human wetware has very
    poor support for the realtime diversion of processing power from one subsystem
    to another. Furthermore, a computer can burn serial speed to generate parallel
    power but neurons cannot do the reverse. Minds-in-general may be able to carry
    out an uncomplicated, relatively uncreative track of deliberate thought using
    simplified mental processes that run at higher speeds - an idiom that blurs the
    line between "deliberate" and "algorithmic" cognition. Another instance of the
    blurring line is coopting deliberation into processes that are algorithmic in
    humans; for example, minds-in-general may choose to make use of top-level
    intelligence in forming and encoding the concept kernels of categories.
    Finally, a sufficiently intelligent AI might be able to incorporate de novo
    programmatic functions into deliberative processes - as if Gary Kasparov2 could
    interface his brain to a computer and write search trees to contribute to his
    intuitive perception of a chessboard.
    Better support for introspective perception and manipulation. The
    comparatively poor support of the human architecture for low-level
    introspection is most apparent in the extreme case of modifying code; we can
    think thoughts about thoughts, but not thoughts about individual neurons.
    However, other cross-level introspections are also closed to us. We lack the
    ability to introspect on concept kernels, focus-of-attention allocation,
    sequiturs in the thought process, memory formation, skill reinforcement, et
    cetera; we lack the ability to introspectively notice, induce beliefs about, or
    take deliberate actions in these domains.
    The ability to add and absorb new hardware. The human brain is instantiated
    with a species-typical upper limit on computing power and loses neurons as it
    ages. In the computer industry, computing power continually becomes
    exponentially cheaper, and serial speeds exponentially faster, with sufficient
    regularity that "Moore's Law" [Moore97] is said to govern its progress. Nor is
    an AI project limited to waiting for Moore's Law; an AI project that displays
    an important result may conceivably receive new funding which enables the
    project to buy a much larger clustered system (or rent a larger computing
    grid), perhaps allowing the AI to absorb hundreds of times as much computing
    power. By comparison, the 5-million-year transition from Australopithecus to
    Homo sapiens sapiens involved a tripling of cranial capacity relative to body
    size, and a further doubling of prefrontal volume relative to the expected
    prefrontal volume for a primate with a brain our size, for a total sixfold
    increase in prefrontal capacity relative to primates [Deacon90]. At 18 months
    per doubling, it requires 3.9 years for Moore's Law to cover this much ground.
    Even granted that intelligence is more software than hardware, this is still
    Agglomerativity. An advanced AI is likely to be able to communicate with other
    AIs at much higher bandwidth than humans communicate with other humans -
    including sharing of thoughts, memories, and skills, in their underlying
    cognitive representations. An advanced AI may also choose to internally employ
    multithreaded thought processes to simulate different points of view. The
    traditional hard distinction between "groups" and "individuals" may be a
    special case of human cognition rather than a property of minds-in-general. It
    is even possible that no one project would ever choose to split up available
    hardware among more than one AI. Much is said about the benefits of
    cooperation between humans, but this is because there is a species limit on
    individual brainpower. We solve difficult problems using many humans because
    we cannot solve difficult problems using one big human. Six humans have a fair
    advantage relative to one human, but one human has a tremendous advantage
    relative to six chimpanzees.
    Hardware that has different, but still powerful, advantages. Current computing
    systems lack good built-in support for biological neural functions such as
    automatic optimization, pattern completion, massive parallelism, etc. However,
    the bottom layer of a computer system is well-suited to operations such as
    reflectivity, execution traces, lossless serialization, lossless pattern
    transformations, very-high-precision quantitative calculations, and algorithms
    which involve iteration, recursion, and extended complex branching. Also in
    this category, but important enough to deserve its own section, is:
    Massive serialism: Different 'limiting speed' for simple cognitive processes.
    No matter how simple or computationally inexpensive, the speed of a human
    cognitive process is bounded by the 200Hz limiting speed of spike trains in the
    underlying neurons. Modern computer chips can execute billions of sequential
    steps per second. Even if an AI must "burn" this serial speed to imitate
    parallelism, simple (routine, noncreative, nonparallel) deliberation might be
    carried out substantially (orders of magnitude) faster than more
    computationally intensive thought processes. If enough hardware is available
    to an AI, or if an AI is sufficiently optimized, it is possible that even the
    AI's full intelligence may run substantially faster than human deliberation.
    Freedom from evolutionary misoptimizations. The term "misoptimization" here
    indicates an evolved feature that was adaptive for inclusive reproductive
    fitness in the ancestral environment, but which today conflicts with the goals
    professed by modern-day humans. If we could modify our own source code, we
    would eat Hershey's lettuce bars, enjoy our stays on the treadmill, and use a
    volume control on "boredom" at tax time.
    Everything evolution just didn't think of. This catchall category is the flip
    side of the human advantage of "tested software" - humans aren't necessarily
    good software, just old software. Evolution cannot create design improvements
    which surmount simultaneous dependencies unless there exists an incremental
    path, and even then will not execute those design improvements unless that
    particular incremental path happens to be adaptive for other reasons.
    Evolution exhibits no predictive foresight and is strongly constrained by the
    need to preserve existing complexity. Human programmers are free to be
    Recursive self-enhancement. If a seed AI can improve itself, each local
    improvement to a design feature means that the AI is now partially the source
    of that feature, in partnership with the original programmers. Improvements to
    the AI are now improvements to the source of the feature, and may thus trigger
    further improvement in that feature. Similarly, where the seed AI idiom means
    that a cognitive talent coopts a domain competency in internal manipulations,
    improvements to intelligence may improve the domain competency and thereby
    improve the cognitive talent. From a broad perspective, a mind-in-general's
    self-improvements may result in a higher level of intelligence and thus an
    increased ability to originate new self-improvements.

    A man believed that his neighbor always operated his lawnmower at dinnertime,
    deliberately to annoy him. As a result, he felt resen
  • Gość: JA9 IP: * 02.10.04, 03:20
    A man believed that his neighbor always operated his lawnmower at dinnertime,
    deliberately to annoy him. As a result, he felt resentment and hostility and
    the sound of the lawnmower began to obsess him. Since there was no way to
    escape the obnoxious sound, he decided he needed to deal with his anger, and
    sought counsel. The counselor persuades him to consider the possibility that
    the mower was not mowing at dinnertime intentionally. (It was in fact a totally
    unfounded assumption.) Once the client forced himself to consider the
    possibility that the annoying action was not deliberate, the physical stimulus
    of the noisy lawnmower ceased to disturb him. The client's assumptions caused
    him to experience a physical stimulus as especially irritating. So in a sense,
    the anger was the conclusion of an argument with false premises. This is a
    simple example showing how philosophy can help moderate disturbing emotions: by
    exposing the false assumptions that feed the emotion.
    A woman was tormented by the inconsistencies of her lover. Sometimes he was
    kind and caring, other times he seemed cold and distant. The inconsistency
    increased her pain. A change occurred after suggesting that her pain was
    aggravated by unrealistic expectations. That expectation was fed by assumptions
    about the unity of the human personality. The breakthrough came when she saw it
    was unrealistic to expect consistency and unity. She considered the idea that
    persons are naturally multiple. Instead of seeing her lover as a unified person
    who was supposed to love her consistently, she practiced viewing him as an
    aggregate of mental traits and functions, (thus drawing on a Buddhist
    conception). Counseling here undermined an expectation that caused needless
    suffering. It's easier to moderate reactions to others once it is understood
    how inherently unstable an aggregate the normal personality is. By enriching
    her perception of the nature of persons, the client learned to accept the
    loving part of her lover and fretted much less over his deficiencies. This of
    course did not rule out that at one point she would decide his deficiencies
    outweighed his virtues.
    An aging man felt depressed because he felt he was losing his edge. Talented,
    functional, in good health, he still felt little enthusiasm for life. He felt
    depleted in the face of time running out. An idea about the nature of time from
    the philosopher Henri Bergson was introduced (time understood as duration).
    Losing one's edge may be inevitable with aging, but the richness and depth of
    experience of older people may compensate. In short, aging offers the
    possibility of a qualitatively deeper experience of time than does the
    experience of younger people. Every moment measured by the clock may be the
    same; but the depth of experience we bring to each moment can make all the
    A shy young man who wanted to speak out in class and carry on more expressively
    at social gatherings felt uncomfortable in situations that called for him to
    exhibit his personality. So he turned to philosophical counseling. What was
    philosophical about shyness? Well, he soon realized he always assumed people
    were disposed to laugh at his inadequacies, an idea that was easily proven
    His fear of being observed also proved to be based on unfounded
    assumptions. He saw this after considering the premise that most people are
    generally more worried about themselves than actively scanning others for their
    deficiencies. He also realized there was nothing he could do if people were
    observing him but much to be done about how he felt if they were. (For this a
    Stoic distinction was usefully applied.) Eventually he came to see that his
    shyness was the other side of a frank desire to be seen and admired. Instead of
    looking for causes of his shyness in the past, he faced the present assumptions
    that were fueling it. Once he found them to be groundless, he saw his behavior
    in a new light. This paved the way for new assumptions and new habits to take

    A woman struggled with guilt over paying attention to her own needs. She was
    taught to believe she was supposed to sacrifice herself for others, her
    children, her husband, her family and her friends. She never seemed to have
    anything left over to give to herself, which she was also taught to believe was
    selfish. She suffered because she lacked the tools to draw limits on her self--
    sacrifice. She lacked the concept that would allow her to put herself first.
    Philosophical counsel provided her with two wedges: the first was Nietzsche's
    notion of "healthy selfishness." The second was Kant's argument that we have
    duties to ourselves as well as to others. These ideas were used in discussion
    to help her reinterpret her situation.
    A person otherwise happy and able had uncontrollable shopping urges, and the
    debts incurred threatened the stability of her marriage. Her tendency to blame
    and condemn herself complicated the problem. Several strategies came into play
    for coping with this common problem. Once she learned to see that her behavior
    was the result of ruthless advertising strategies designed to make her a
    consumer she learned to reframe her buying habits as part of a culture, or
    spiritual, war. She also came to realize that just wishing to change her habit
    wasn't enough and that she had to take command of her whole life in new and
    skillful ways. Here the saving move was to shift from seeing the problem as
    social and spiritual, not just personal. By filtering her experience through
    the metaphor of "spiritual warfare" as opposed to the metaphor of "sucker"
    or "victim of moral flabbiness" she learned to see her problem in terms that
    were more engaging and self--fulfilling.
    A man had a near--death experience and for a short time experienced what seemed
    like heavenly love and bliss. When he recovered from the cardiac operation that
    led to this experience he found he was unable to adjust to his old life, which
    he now viewed as far removed from what he experienced in his near--death state.
    The contrast was overwhelming and depressing, and he wasn't sure if his near--
    death experience was some kind of diabolic illusion designed to wreak havoc on
    his life.


    PantaRegeNeReRing !
  • Gość: 6+ IP: * 02.10.04, 17:43
    It is always dangerous to compare the world's continents. Their charms rest in
    the eye of the traveler, and no two travelers or continents are alike. When
    faced with the great continent of Asia, however, it is tempting to step back
    and look at the numbers. Asia represents almost one-third of earth's land mass.
    Its holds the world's highest point, Mt. Everest, and the lowest point outside
    of uninhabitable Antarctica, the Dead Sea. It is home to both the largest and
    deepest lakes on Earth, the Caspian Sea and Lake Baikal. Out of the twelve
    longest rivers on Earth, seven wind through Asia. All the world's major
    religions originated in Asia, and two out of every three people on Earth live

    The countries of Asia are so diverse that on the surface they have little in
    common. If anything, their commonality lies in diversity itself. Many of the
    societies in Asia are composed of a multiplicity of ethnic groups and
    religions, tribes and languages. Interknowledge invites our readers to sample
    this incredible abundance of landscapes and peoples. Those contemplating an
    adventure in Asia can take heart in the fact that the continent's overwhelming
    immensity is also the source of what is perhaps its greatest natural resource--
  • Gość: God's Gifts IP: * 02.10.04, 18:25
    First and foremost, the Jewish Bible changed history by literally creating
    history. Every religion in the world saw the world in cyclical terms, as a
    Great Wheel (see, for example, the flag of India). In describing the cyclical
    worldview, Cahill cites Henri-Charles Puech, author of Man and Time: "No event
    is unique, nothing is enacted but once . . . ; every event has been enacted, is
    enacted, and will be enacted perpetually; the same individuals have appeared,
    appear, and will appear at every turn of the circle."

    Judaism alone differed. According to the Jews’ way of viewing life, events
    actually move forward; they do not merely repeat themselves. In their rejection
    of this universal mode of thought, Cahill writes, "The Jews were the first
    people to break out of this circle. . . . It may be said with some justice that
    theirs is the only new idea that human beings had ever had." The results of
    this utterly transformative way of understanding life? In Cahill’s words, "Most
    of our best words, in fact—new, adventure, surprise; unique individual, person,
    vocation; time, history, future; freedom, progress, spirit; faith, hope,
    justice—are the gifts of the Jews."

    Cahill is right to emphasize this transformative Jewish contribution. If all is
    a circle, nothing we do matters, none of us matter, life does not matter. It
    will all happen again. What we do doesn’t matter—for our actions to matter,
    they must be able to influence the future. But the future cannot be influenced
    if everything happens over and over.

    If, on the other hand, the Jewish view is adopted, everything matters—every act
    I engage in matters, and therefore I matter—so much so that each one of us
    changes history by everything we do. Cahill offers two excellent—and, to my
    knowledge, original—explanations of why the Bible’s genealogies, sections of
    the Bible that bore most of us, are of vast importance. One is that the listing
    of these individuals’ names—even the names of women—was the Hebrew Bible’s way
    of saying that every one of these persons was uniquely significant.
    Fourth, the Jews gave the world the notion of human freedom—on two levels. The
    first and more obvious is the Torah’s rejection of slavery as a norm in the
    human condition—which is why black Americans took so much solace in the Hebrew
    Bible’s exodus narrative. The less obvious but no less important way was
    another result of the Bible’s complete rejection of the cyclical view of
    life: "We are not doomed, not bound to some predetermined fate; we are free. If
    anything can happen, we are truly liberated—as liberated as were the Israelite
    slaves when they crossed the Sea of Reeds."

    Now someone—preferably though not necessarily a non-Christian—needs to
    write "The Gifts of the Christians." For these are very great and include
    something called the United States of America. America is largely a Christian
    gift, and unless most of us Americans understand this, and unless Christian
    influence endures, this gift will surely be taken away. European rejection of
    those gifts gave us Nazism and communism. Even a Jew knows that.

    "A man who has faith must be prepared not only to be a martyr, but to be a
    fool. It is absurd to say that a man is ready to toil and die for his
    convictions when he is not even ready to wear a wreath around his head for
    them." - G. K. Chesterton
  • Gość: drf IP: * 08.10.04, 21:58

    postanowilem opowiedziec wam historie
    wlasnymi slowami nie odwolujac sie
    do czegokolwiek
    po raz pi3rwszy w moim zyciu
    gdy zrozumialem ze slowa woda to jedynie
    CzYstaPo3zja lit3ratura

  • patience 09.10.04, 00:05
    istnienie jest
    pragnienie znaczy
    witaj w domu

  • drf 09.10.04, 00:58
    Dom pu3liczny
    a miejsce ktore zajmuje
    jestem ruchomym FRa9menTem
    moze falowaniem powierzchni Morza ?
    Morza Smierci
    Moze Zycia ?
  • patience 09.10.04, 01:55
    teraz jest zawsze
    to gotowanie zupy

  • Gość: 3od IP: * 09.10.04, 02:25
    doWody sie znajda wink))
  • patience 09.10.04, 03:05
    Gość portalu: 3od napisał(a):

    > doWody sie znajda wink))
    > smile)))))

    To ide sie zdrzemnac!

  • Gość: 7en IP: * 09.10.04, 12:34
    s7ukam 7ieloznaczosci
    i 7najde
    w 7y77ach
    nie 7akie nume7y
    a inne
    al7a6e7ycznie 3ozna 7ez
    w 7eRRa8aj7ach naN0
    opano3anie s7yF2u?
    7od du7ha?
    klucz 7aju?
    7en I7onii i7anskiej

  • Gość: R/\) IP: * 10.10.04, 01:18
  • Gość: pytajnik IP: * 10.10.04, 10:15
    tak mi sie wydaje, ze w tym majlu udalo mi sie sporzadzic znakomity zapis
    strumienia swojej swiadomosci biezacej, kilka jezykow i kilka spraw na raz. To
    jest niesamowicie wqurzajace, jak sie mysli wydawaloby sie w miare spojnie, a
    po otwarciu ust wylewa sie z nich belkotsad

    Chodzilo mi miedzy innymi o nastepujace pytanie:

    Mamy wiec 4D: numerki 1,2,3,4
    Na przyklad Nietsche - mozna chyba powiedziec ze dotarl do nr 3. Znajdujac sie
    miedzy 1 a 2 kontemplowal znaczenie "plasterka", ktorego mial do dyspozycji w
    nr. 3. Slusznie doszedl do wniosku, ze w pozycji nr. 3 numerki nr 1 oraz 2 go
    nie dotycza i wyciagnal wnioski, a potem swira dostal...

    W programowaniu 4 poziomu kodowanie 3D jest oczywiscie nietrudne, no nie? No
    ale teraz chodzi o strune i np. widac, ze punkty nr 1 i 2 jednak dotycza, hihi.
    To znaczy w pewnym sensie, troche tak, troche nie. Czyli nie wiem czy warto sie
    zajmowac plasterkami? Albo na przyklad relacja plasterka do struny

    No wiec, czy nr 4 da sie przetlumaczyc na jakies narzecze bardziej zrozumiale
    dla otoczenia?


    70\/3 |5 900)

  • Gość: F1 IP: * 10.10.04, 23:27
    Faze 1 - 2 sets of 3
  • drf 10.10.04, 23:44
    1 set of 3 and 1 run of 4
  • Gość: 3D IP: * 10.10.04, 23:46
    1 set of 4 and 1 run of 4
  • zupagrzybowa 10.10.04, 23:51
    1 run of 7
  • Gość: dlaczego? IP: * 10.10.04, 23:55
    > 1 run of 7

  • Gość: okej IP: * 11.10.04, 00:06
    set = zbior obiektow = oznaczony tym samym symbolem np cyfra lub litera

    run = uporzadkowanie w jakiejs konwencji

    takie sa zasady tej najbardziej popularnej gry w US

    dlaczego ?


    gry matematyczne psyHologia?
  • Gość: heheeeeeee IP: * 11.10.04, 00:13
    masz farta ze jestes daleko bo bym nos ci rozkwasila heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    > gry matematyczne psyHologia?

    no wlasnie!!!

    hihi zaraz podpale dywan
  • Gość: nono IP: * 11.10.04, 00:18
    why N07 ?
  • drf 11.10.04, 00:23
    7-things in 1 <olor

  • Gość: orany IP: * 11.10.04, 00:26
    no probuje
  • Gość: muZyka IP: * 11.10.04, 00:36
    Wymysly 7ez
  • Gość: zmyslymam! IP: * 11.10.04, 00:47
    Gość portalu: muZyka napisał(a):

    > Wymysly 7ez

    i domysly ...

    ale i tak walczem w domyslniki
    a te fazy im dalej tym mniej materii stalej

  • Gość: drf IP: * 11.10.04, 01:03
    7ozrzedza sie

    ale i expanduje

    te przest7zenie

    MO mentalne

  • Gość: aaaaaaa IP: * 11.10.04, 01:06
    <olor sie robi z biegania
    sam z siebie nie istnieje
    a materii stalej wcale nie mniej
    hahaha od kamienia do wody
    zabawne wymyslysmile))))))))
  • Gość: zupa9zy8owa IP: * 11.10.04, 01:15
    7ZmY5LaMi ???
    run oF 8s?
  • Gość: 0So8A IP: * 11.10.04, 01:25
    0So608Y sa Rozne 73Z

  • Gość: tak IP: * 11.10.04, 01:45
    to najdziwniejsze
    bez odpowiedzi
    moze lepiej
  • Gość: 0K IP: * 11.10.04, 01:57

    1zycie nie wiecej?
    7un o7 99 Yea7s
    9NOZ7ycznie ?
  • Gość: ).S IP: * 11.10.04, 02:10
    1 7un
    of in7ini73 <oL07s
    miedzy nr 1 i 2
    skonczona dlugosc, nieskonczona szerokosc
    i juz?

  • Gość: nieWiem IP: * 11.10.04, 02:22
    O808LIWOSC ?
    7oscia9liwa 7ez ?
  • Gość: toWidac IP: * 11.10.04, 02:47
    1. nieLineA7na - p7a9ni3nia to nie przyczyny lub skutki
    sila ciezkosci jest. Kamien spada na ziemie gdyz sie znalazl za blisko.
    Przyczyna upadku kamienia jest jego niewystarczajaca odleglosc od ziemi a nie
    sila ciezkosci. Przyczyny i skutki sie zaczynaja od woli, a zmiany wynikaja i z
    woli, i z p7a9ni3n?

    2. 7oscia9liwa wszerz, nie7oscia9liwa wzdluz. Kreci sie i to wszerz sie czasem
    miesza z innym wszerz, ale i tak jest spojne do srodka, a nie na zewnatrz. Ale
    moze byc pomieszane orbitowanie wokol wspolnego srodka ciezkosci?

    Ale wystarczy zeby jeden rozmiar sie dawal rozciagac, zeby to sie nie dalo
    nazwac skonczonym, no nie?

    W tym sensie Bog istnieje. Ale nie w punkcie 2, tylko wszerz, hihiiiiii
  • Gość: 609 IP: * 11.10.04, 02:59
    O 6o9u wole milcZeC
    8 w pop7ek?
    can7o7 sie klania
    z ©on7inuuuuuuum
    809KA )3S73S smile))
  • Gość: hihi IP: * 11.10.04, 03:08
    tCh.rzysz przed 609.3m? hihi )a Tez.
    7y t3z )39739 900)

    3.7<a smile)))))))))))))))
  • Gość: run IP: * 11.10.04, 01:30
    DNA <oloru?
    poprzez stawanie sie?
    jest parzysta
    ma to wpisane
  • Gość: 7UN IP: * 11.10.04, 01:39
    wi7aj 3IL<.
  • Gość: 7UNS3T IP: * 11.10.04, 01:52
    a7HHHH ).734

  • Gość: ).734 IP: * 11.10.04, 02:08
  • Gość: 3IL<. IP: * 11.10.04, 02:22
    hihi tak
    namacalnie przyjemna smile)))))))))))
  • Gość: ?3S IP: * 11.10.04, 02:36
  • Gość: 63XUALN7 IP: * 11.10.04, 03:13
    609 63XU ?
    a mowia ze ma7ema7yka nie ma 63XU?-)
  • Gość: uroczyscie IP: * 11.10.04, 03:22
    oraz w pelni przytomnosci umys7u wpi9uje w to d77ewko ze MA!73MA!7yka -)
  • Gość: wolniej!!!!!! IP: * 10.10.04, 23:53
    a najlepiej jeszcze raz!
    Nie nadazam!!!!!!

    Och jak sie wqrzam ze nie moge zrobic krzyzowego ognia pytan, hihi
  • Gość: ).(Z93W& IP: * 11.10.04, 03:33
  • Gość: 8u7i IP: * 11.10.04, 03:39
    faza 10
  • Gość: -+-=<©S IP: * 11.10.04, 08:03
    Derridathemovie profoundly plays with the slippery issues of light, of
    enlightenment, of lightness, of cinematic spot-lighting. And it plays with the
    occlusion of en-lightenment, the dynamics of seeing and not seeing, saying and
    not saying, of the “telling” of and by Derrida. The layers and laminations of
    which the film is comprised slip across, under, and around one another in a
    textual and semiotic dance of light, at once coy and confrontive, uneasy and
    familiar, blinding us with insight and with lack of light. As a film, it is a
    remarkable achievement, the first of a new kind of cinematic pensum. Like
    deconstruction, Derridathemovie (as I will call it here, since though it is
    many things it is not, acknowledges that it is not, and refuses to be, Derrida)
    constructs, with great care that is simultaneously disguised as a kind of
    improvisation, the interrogation out of which Derrida’s own textual questions
    emanate. Derrida’s “own” question, who or what is writing?, transmutes in the
    film into the Nietzschean question, who is asking this question and of what
    might any adequate response consist? And, by extension, in what medium?
  • Gość: N^M8375 IP: * 11.10.04, 09:09

    !N407MAC!A :

    drf zu67 9rz78037
  • drf 11.10.04, 09:32

    0=(+) 8=0.0 10=1w0 -+-=V
  • Gość: gRama7!con IP: * 11.10.04, 18:49
  • mcattery 11.10.04, 18:56
    a jak by bylo eroticon ?

  • Gość: 313KC!1 IP: * 11.10.04, 19:08
    to 8y 8ylo W3s3LeJ ???
  • mcattery 11.10.04, 19:10
    zdecydowanie by nie bylo smile

  • mcattery 11.10.04, 19:12
    raniii gdzie?
    u kogo smile?
  • Gość: moW!3 IP: * 11.10.04, 19:27
    53XV1lN1 = sexualna
  • drf 11.10.04, 20:59
    wszysTko to cy4ra
  • mcattery 11.10.04, 21:34
    temat Twojej wiadomosci : Wszystko to cyfrasmile Pitagorassmile
  • mcattery 11.10.04, 21:39
    53XV1lN1=3c17731y smile)))))
  • Gość: !7737 IP: * 12.10.04, 00:19
    Blessings to you
  • Gość: al90777m IP: * 13.10.04, 00:11
    7y770 10 li7e7
    ale 8a7dzo wielo2na©zn7ch wink
  • kanslichef 13.10.04, 02:24
    6o6r3 9o72987i?
  • Gość: kanslituum IP: * 13.10.04, 02:40

  • Gość: ćśoG IP: *.strong / * 13.10.04, 02:46
    you smoke, fool?
  • kanslichef 13.10.04, 02:53
    m7:ćśoG ?
  • Gość: ĽůV ÝöűŘ GöĐ IP: *.strong / * 13.10.04, 02:56
  • Gość: 609.5Fuck.n96o09 IP: * 13.10.04, 03:03
  • drf 13.10.04, 03:07
    ĽůV ÝöűŘ GöĐ

    Kanslichefen bistår ministrarna med ledningen och övervakningen av verksamheten
    vid ministeriet och vid ämbetsverken och inrättningarna inom dess

  • mistatwista 13.10.04, 03:15
  • Gość: €§ 1oo ‰ §eLekTa IP: *.strong / * 13.10.04, 03:22
  • mistatwista 13.10.04, 03:30
  • Gość: meczaca IP: * 13.10.04, 03:19
    3.37 6u7o 4.n03
    c7u7. no>. 7.705c?
  • Gość: golaid IP: * 13.10.04, 02:54
    Gość portalu: ćśoG napisał(a):

    > you smoke, fool?

    - No thanks, inydopsog, wellCome herewink
  • Gość:   IP: *.strong / * 13.10.04, 02:48
  • drf 13.10.04, 03:21
    7e9a7 7a7e lo
    7a7a? a8su77?
  • Gość: recyklistycyzm IP: * 14.10.04, 14:34
    re^y^ling l00p 04 !de!as ?Waste Imperialism? Ekomunizm?
    While employment in the U.S. grew only 2.1% annually between 1967 and 2000, the
    recycling industry saw 8.3% increase in employment, and 12.7% growth in annual
    sales. In 1967, the recycling industry consisted of approximately 8,000
    companies, employing 79,000 people, with $4.6 billion in sales. See ILSR press
    release, Recycling Sector Has a 30-year Record of Impressive Growth.
    Ekomunizm recyklistow?
  • Gość: niemowa IP: * 14.10.04, 18:12
    Gość portalu: recyklistycyzm napisał(a):
    > Ekomunizm recyklistow?
    > wink

    ha! recyklistycyzm czy zaintrygowantyzm?
    (katowicowizm chwilowy. Do pozostalych wymienionych miejscowosci aktualnie nie
  • Gość: patience IP: * 14.10.04, 18:15
    acha, nie widac gdzie teraz jestem, hihiiiiiiiiiii

  • drf 14.10.04, 21:46
    katowicyzm zrecyklowany s3op
    in3ryga 3unk3a3orska za3onczona
    ni w 5 ni w 9
  • Gość: der !D IP: * 14.10.04, 23:09
    a na co jes7 cho7y?
  • Gość: IP: * 16.10.04, 00:01
    in3ryga 3unk3a3orska ro2pocz37a!
    katowic7z3 shocko1mieje
    www eter2e
  • blumenstein 14.10.04, 23:44
  • blumenstein 14.10.04, 23:45
  • drf 14.10.04, 23:58

    wi7amy w klinice !
  • Gość: wi7aj IP: * 15.10.04, 00:13
  • Gość: h€È hÉÊË IP: * 15.10.04, 00:35
  • drf 15.10.04, 14:14
    WKB durch den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB verweigert worden war " , an bundesd
    WKD seit 1953 gibt es den Geheimdienst KGB ) .
    M89 en an den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB geliefert und den Sowjets damit "Ein
    M89 l für den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB hat das Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf
    M89 R+ Auch wenn die dem Geheimdienst KGB unterstellte Lagerkommandantur am "T
    M96 n 1991 Gorbatschow den Geheimdienst KGB zerschlug, übernahm Primakow die neu
    M99 ang für den russischen Geheimdienst KGB spioniert haben. Unter den 261 auf d
    M01 1991 den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB beherbergte. Jetzt sind dort in die
    R98 it und der sowjetische Geheimdienst KGB waren jahrzehntelang im Dunstkreis B
    R99 schen dem sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB und dem MfS abgestimmten und Stasi-M
    A97 ehemalige sowjetische Geheimdienst KGB im Lande unterhalten hatte. Vor eine
    A97 machte der sowjetische Geheimdienst KGB das Hotel zu einer Ausbildungsstätte
    A99 er frühere sowjetische Geheimdienst KGB 1981 das Attentat auf Papst Johannes
    E96 früheren sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB. In Lettland leben heute insgesamt r
    E98 hfolgeorganisation des sowjetischen KGB, der russische Geheimdienst (FSB), d
    E00 hemaligen sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB stammen? Heute formiert sich wiederu
    I97 T). +q Der sowjetische Geheimdienst KGB hat nach einem Bericht des Nachricht
    I98 n für den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB tätig gewesen sein. Das behauptet da
    I00 e Informationen an den Geheimdienst KGB verkauft haben.
    K00 n sogar vom russischen Geheimdienst KGB im Verdacht auf "illegale Einwanderu
    K00 e er ihr, dass er beim Geheimdienst KGB war), hinterließ keinen bleibenden E
    L99 sie an den russischen Geheimdienst KGB weiterzuleiten.Der Staatssicherheits
    V97 n für den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB ausspioniert haben soll.
    V99 früheren sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB gearbeitet haben soll, lebt nach Pre
    V00 en an den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB verkauft haben.
    X98 dex sei vom russischen Geheimdienst KGB gegründet worden.
    X00 durch den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB. Auch die jahrhundertealten Gesetze
    n91 egal und verbannte den Geheimdienst KGB aus der Republik. Das Eigentum von P
    n91 stiz, Verteidigung und Geheimdienst KGB) seiner direkten Kontrolle unterstel
    n91 ssen, den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB aufzulösen. Dies meldete die Nachric
    n91 m Innenministerium, im Geheimdienst KGB und im Verteidigungsministerium ille
    N92 tteln, weil dieser vom Geheimdienst KGB Material über seinen Gegenspieler Je
    N92 ächst den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB vermutet. Auch sei er davon ausgegan
    N93 , Innenministerium und Geheimdienst KGB. Auf diesen Trägern der realen Macht
    N94 n für den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB. Anscheinend hat er US-Agenten und d
    N95 Spionagethrillers: Der Geheimdienst KGB wurde vom Beschuldigten ebenso bemüh
    N95 t mit dem sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB standen.
    N96 der als Nachfolge-Organisation des KGB den Kampf gegen Terrorismus, Mafia u
    N96 rriere im sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB. Mitte der 80er Jahre wurde er Leibw
    N98 führt wurde, sollen der sowjetische KGB und der bulgarische Geheimdienst gep
    N99 ehemalige sowjetische Geheimdienst KGB hat Sprengstoff und Waffen in Westeu
    N00 Arbeit im sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB.
    O97 blich vom sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB angelegten Sprengstofflager abgebroc
    P91 etischen Armee und dem Geheimdienst KGB heimlich ins westliche Ausland gebra
    P91 üchtigten sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB aufzulösen. Statt dessen sollen drei
    P91 lang vom sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB finanziert worden.
    P92 früheren sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB zu kursieren begannen. Nun mußte die
    P92 hfolgeorganisation des sowjetischen KGB konzentriere sich insbesondere auf w
    P92 suchte der sowjetische Geheimdienst KGB 1989 in Litauen einen gewissen Menac
    P93 u Zeiten der UdSSR dem Geheimdienst KGB unterstanden ist und der auf die Auf
    P94 früheren sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB als Agenten gearbeitet zu haben.
    P94 langjähriger Zusammenarbeit mit dem KGB und dem tschechoslowakischen Geheimd
    P95 ehemaligen russischen Geheimdienst KGB und der Sowjet-Nomenklatura nahesteh
    P96 schon im sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB Karriere gemacht.
    P96 r für den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB gearbeitet und dies verheimlicht hab
    P97 hen, daß der russische Geheimdienst KGB hierorts Waffenlager angelegt habe.
    P97 l für den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB für terroristische Zwecke gebaut." D
    P98 der einst berüchtigte Geheimdienst KGB den "dekadenten Kapitalismus" zu zer
    P99 früheren sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB. Aber es ist eben auch ein typisches
    P99 t, daß der sowjetische Geheimdienst KGB beim Attentat auf Papst Johannes Pau
    39 ©-Konkordanzen
  • Gość: anielogujesie IP: * 15.10.04, 20:39
    najpierw z tarcza, potem na tarczy.....

    ide machnac farfalle z łososiem, gałka muszkatałowa itp itd...
    bo ni jak ...k.... mych problemow moralnych chiba nie rozwiaze...


  • Gość: Szymon IP: * 15.10.04, 20:47
    tynem nie jesteś. Haha. To ile ci zostałopo tym nieudanym obrzezaniu? Oj
    niewiele , mówi rafałek.
  • Gość: patience IP: * 15.10.04, 23:46
    Witam serdecznie, jak zwykle, ale troche zaniepokojona. Rozumiem czemu Pan
    pisze o Ceesie, ale Euromir? Mysli Pan, ze ten gosciu ze Szwecji z ktorym tu
    pare uwag wymienilam, to Euromir? A to sie dalam nabrac! Dziekuje za
    ostrzezenie, Panie Jozefie. A wlasciwie to ten Euromir zawsze mi sie wydawal
    podejrzany, ale nie zdawalam sobie sprawy, ze tak potrafi nabierac ludzi. Chyba
    specjalnie do tego celu szkolony, jak Pan mysli?
  • Gość: Szymon IP: * 16.10.04, 00:57
    Wiadomość została usunięta ze względu na złamanie prawa lub regulaminu.
  • Gość: id30l09 IP: * 17.10.04, 18:43
    bog forum obrezezal ci jezyk szymonie...
    wpolczuje i domyslam sie najgorszego...
    naruszenia regulaminu wink))

    ps shalom oszolomom !!!
  • Gość: raskolnikov IP: * 17.10.04, 18:48
    szymon zakonczyl okres remisji po prostu...
    masz racje trzeba mu tylko wspolczuc.

  • drf 17.10.04, 20:03



    pozdrowienia z przyszlosci

  • Gość: ooo? IP: * 17.10.04, 19:31
    shalom id30l0903!
    ps. no moze jednak cos ewentualnie zdekonstruktywizuje? Bo inaczej nie dasz mi
  • Gość: raskolnikov IP: * 17.10.04, 19:58
    Czytalem kiedys dobra ksiazke psychologiczna.No i ... wyjasnienie dla zbrodni
    Raskolnikova moze wydac sie proste.
    Otoz gdy ktos jest bardzo wzburzony jego mozgiem zaczyna rządzic jedna z
    najstarszych jego czesci mianowicie rdzen przedluzony.On przejmuje wladze
    absolutna w mozgu.Wydziela sie adrenalina, dopamina, nastepuje szczekoscisk,
    rozszerzenie zrenic i tym podobne reakcje organiczne.
    Aktywizacja rdzenia przedluzonego, tak jak wspomnialem powoduje wygaszenie
    innych czesci mozgu odpwoiedzialnych za np. pamiec.
    I wtedy czlowiek pisze : spierdalaj, wali stolkiem o podloge, rzuca talerzem, a
    nawet zabija.
    Porwanie emocjonalne oczywscie w kk jest okreslone jako zbrodnia w afeckcie.Ale
    nie o tym mowa chociaz Raskolnikov z punktu widzenia medycznego doswiadczyl
    wlasnie takiego porwania.
    I dlatego znalazlbym inna postac z innym zaburzeniem do zobrazowania danej
    osoby smile
    Wracajac do rdzenia przedluzonego....
    Ktos by zapytal a na co taki rdzen? A na to ze poza dopuszczaniem do handicapu
    odpowiedzialny jest on za pamietanie spraw zwiazanych z duzymi emocjami.
    Inna czesc mozgu tj. hipokamp ( taki maly poobny do slimaka stworek ) pamieta
    sprawy obojetne tj. na przyklad gdzie polozyles/las coca cole itd.

  • Gość: ?eeee! IP: * 18.10.04, 00:03
    genialnie deKonstSTrRuktywizujesz tota(l*e)litaryzm .....
    samo ZYCIE !!!
  • Gość: !aaaaach? IP: * 18.10.04, 00:41
    dzienkujem i nawzajem.
    Nadmieniam skromnie ze wiem jak zrobic, zeby bylo jeszcze wiecej zycia i
    bardziej wesolo...
    Wiesz jak?
  • Gość: 19:15 / 17-X-04 IP: *.strong / * 17.10.04, 19:14
  • Gość: drf IP: * 18.10.04, 00:47
    idio7a...jo7a w jo7ewink
    jezeli Polska i kosciol ka7olicki ma 7akich
    o6roncow jak 7y 7o nie po7Rzeba jej

    Ks jankowski pzesyla ucalowania
  • mcattery 18.10.04, 01:00
    Paryż – Naukowcy francuscy opatentowali najmniejszy mikroskop na świecie o
    rozmiarach nie przekraczających wielkość kciuka.

    Tokio – Japońscy konstruktorzy w błyskawicznym tempie opracowali mikroskop o
    tak małych rozmiarach, że można go zobaczyć tylko pod mikroskopem.

    Moskwa – Tutejsi inżynierowie skonstruowali mikroskop, którego w ogóle nie
    można zobaczyć.

    Hawana – Na Kubie już od dawna nie widziano żadnego mikroskopu.

    Pekin – Konstruktorzy Chińskiej Republiki Ludowej zapewniają, że w ich kraju
    każdy woli jeździć na rowerze.

  • zaufany.chirurg.niny.terentiew 18.10.04, 01:05
    Toledo, 9 pazdziernika 2004 (inf. wł.)

    Naukowcy z Uniwersytetu Rosynanta w Toledo odkryli największą liczbę świata.
    Jest nią 2 do potęgi 28935689754291856834753894569387598756238956475 plus 2.
    Przypomnijmy, że dotychczas za największą liczbę uważano 2 do potęgi
    28935689754291856834753894569387598756238956475 plus 1, znaną jako 'Liczba Psi-

    Trwają spory, jak nazwać nową rekordzistkę. Najprawdopodobniej wygra jedna z
    dwóch propozycji: 'Liczba Psi-Omega plus jeden' lub 'Liczba Jowiszowa'.

    Kierownik zespołu odkrywców liczby, prof. Baltasar Martinez twierdzi, że
    prawdopodobnie istnieją jeszcze większe liczby, ale ich odkrycie będzie
    wymagało dużo silniejszych komputerów, niż te, z których naukowcy korzystają
  • Gość: patience IP: * 18.10.04, 01:04
    Widzi pan, drf wypowiedzial sie niepochlebnie na temat panskiego potencjalu
    intelektualnego. Ja sie z nim niestety musze zgodzic, a nawet dodam, ze jest
    gorzej. Pan sam wielokrotnie pisal, ze cees sie pod te wszystkie niki podszywa,
    a tutaj z kolei pan twierdzi, ze on ujawnia, kto sie pod tymi nikami kryje. To
    jest bardzo nielogiczne. Albo sie podszywa, a wtedy nie ujawnia, albo ujawnia,
    a to znaczy, ze nie podszywa. Czyli pan jest nie tylko idiota, panie Jozefie,
    ale kto wie? Moze nawet... imbecylem?

    W zwiazku z powyzsza niepochlebna opinia mam do pana postulat, zeby sie pan
    podszyl pode mnie. Co panu szkodzi? Jeden nik mniej, jeden wiecej... Moze pan
    mojego nika wymieszac z jakims innym nikiem, czemu nie? Niech bedzie
    kreatywnie. Na przyklad niech mnie pan wymiesza z drf, to zalatwi pan dwoch
    wrogow na raz.
  • Gość: jaumre IP: * 18.10.04, 01:10
    ja przez ciebie umre ze smiechu.
    co jak co mozesz mi wytykac i to,ze jestem kolumbem i to ze biegam z kalaszem i
    toze sie przypochlebiam ale...
    qrde...kto jak kto, ale nikt nie ma takiego poczucia humoru na forum jak ty !

    czekam na opiernicz do etyki ucze sie piiiilnieeeee.

  • Gość: orany IP: * 18.10.04, 01:23
    idz spac. Daj mi pozyc choc 5 minut bez twojego towarzystwa. Zadreczysz mnie na
    smierc. Idz spac, przytul sie do swojego ulubionego kalasznikowa i mu zaspiewaj
  • Gość: postscriptum IP: * 18.10.04, 01:31
    .. gosci ktorzy chca przyjechac na grob swojej matki i potrzebuja troche
    wsparcia duchowego zeby wstac i kupic bilet na samolot. On sie nie bedzie z
    toba turlal po krzakach na Pomorzu. Bedzie chodzil spokojnie po chodnikach,
    placil za bilety w autobusie i zwiedzal dawno nie widziana ojczyzne. Z aparatem
    fotograficznym, a nie kalasznikowem w garsci. Jest bardzo nikle
    prawdopodobienstwo ze przy takim trybie zycia natknie sie na jakas wojne
    ubeckich gangow czy jakichkolwiek szpiegow. Do Polski corocznie przyjezdza duzo
    turystow i jakos udaje im sie ta wizyte przezyc. Bardzo cie prosze.

  • Gość: ok IP: * 18.10.04, 01:32
    powiem ci cos, gdybys mnie traktowala jak czlowieka mimo twych oporow, ansow
    nie biegalbym jak wariat..
  • Gość: patience IP: * 18.10.04, 01:59
    Uch. Alez traktuje. Nie widzisz tego, ale traktuje.
    Masz teraz umysl nakierowany w zla strone. Przyzwyczajony do latwizny i
    blyszczenia dzieki tej latwiznie. Umysl dosyc sprawny, ale rowniez dosyc...
    hm... waskotorowy. Jesli czegos z tym nie zrobisz, to wyzlobisz w nim koleiny i
    bedziesz tak jezdzic w kolko. Mistrzostwo swiata w rozwiazywaniu krzyzowek
    brzmi atrakcyjnie, ale jesli te koleiny wyzlobisz, to grozi ci, ze do konca
    zycia bedziesz rozwiazywac jedna i ta sama krzyzowke, w kolko, i w kolko. Wiele
    ludzi tak ma. Dlatego etyka, ktora byc moze doprowadzi cie na przyklad do
    empatii i jeszcze paru ciekawych miejsc. Przestaniesz swoich rozmowcow
    rozszyfrowywac, a zaczniesz ich czuc. Poza tym zauwazylam ten watek z umyslem
    zniewolonym. To jest mniej wiecej to. Myslenie o tym, co jest pod spodem.
    Niewazne czy ci mowia ze cos tam mowisz madrze, a inne glupio. Nie licza sie
    tez bledy jakie po drodze popelniasz. Chodzi o sam proces myslenia. Ale do tego
    nie potrzebujesz nikogo, a najmniej mnie. To ma byc twoje myslenie, a nie moje.
    Nie masz nikogo ani nasladowac, ani tez konstruowac swoje myslenie w
    konfrontacji z cudzym mysleniem. Swoje myslenie musisz znalezc w sobie. Dlatego
    nie jestem dla ciebie dobrym towarzystwem, bo predzej czy pozniej zaczniesz
    albo nasladowac, albo sie ode mnie odbijac. A chodzi o to, zebys poskrobal w
    swojej glowie i od niej sie odbil. To trudniejsze niz te twoje zagadki. Ale za
    to skutki sa przyjemniejsze. Lepszym towarzystwem jest w tej chwili Danutka,
    ktora i tak cie znalazla w tym watku. Ona pisze cos w rodzaju poezji, i jej
    postow sie nie da 'rozszyfrowac'. Jej sposob pisania zmusza do czucia. I o to
    wlasnie chodzi. Naucz sie czuc. Nic wiecej ze mnie nie wydobedziesz, bo nic
    wiecej po prostu nie ma.
  • Gość: oj....... IP: * 18.10.04, 02:21

    Nie masz o milonie rzczy pojecia. Czy ty rozumiesz, ze moim problemem jest
    to,ze czuje za bardzo? A rozwiazywanie pierdol jest pokazowa?

    Qrwa moze mnie opierdolisz ale napisze ci cos na gg. Mozesz nie odpowiadac.

  • Gość: ).!(Z933& IP: * 19.10.04, 00:41
    What are the geometric implications of rendering mandalas with sand? (Use the
    concepts of 'accuracy' and 'precision'.)
    What is the relationship between the scale of a mandala and the type of
    iconographic representation that it contains?
    What are the primary differences between the Guhyasamaja mandala illustrated
    above and those given by Dagyab?
    If the mandalas shown above are two-dimensional representations of three-
    dimensional objects, what might those objects look like?
  • Gość: Józef IP: 210.212.6.* 20.10.04, 01:01
    imbecyl to dla niej wieksze upośledzenie niż idiota. Otóż robaczku, gdybyś była
    imbecylką, co mnie byłaś łaskawa przypisać, nie broniłabyś takiej kanalii jak
    cees. Ale Ty, wielce szanowna jesteś tylko idiotką , a to największe z
    możliwych upośledzenie umysłowe. Całą swoja "twórczoscia" je potwierdzasz.
    Haha. Co za towarzystwo niedouków szemranych. Haha. Fuj
  • Gość: dr FrÖid IP: * 20.10.04, 01:12
    Józef kto cie wypuscil z izolatki?
    SchizOOfrenia to nie zarty...Psy&koza cie ZJADA !!!


    pani salowa pomocy...
  • Gość: Józef IP: 210.212.6.* 20.10.04, 01:17
  • Gość: Jozek IP: * 20.10.04, 01:23
  • Gość: j0e IP: * 20.10.04, 01:35
    le SB IDealizmInkoGnozis?

  • Gość: no COTY IP: * 20.10.04, 01:50
    absolutnie nie.
    to po prostu tozsamosc nr III smile

    pozwala odpoczac. po prostu.
  • zupagrzybowa 20.10.04, 02:15
    a gdzie tozsamosc?
  • Gość: bonnequestion IP: * 20.10.04, 02:22
    A to bardzo dobre pytanie, tez sie nad tym zastanawiam.
    jazni to zbyt moco uzyte slowo.ja bym tu uzyla slowa osobowosc.

    luknij w skrzynke.
  • zupagrzybowa 20.10.04, 02:41
    nie stac cie na odrobine zdRoweGo exhiBiZionizmu?
  • Gość: heh IP: * 20.10.04, 02:55
    de quoi ???

    w kazydm razie raz juz postawilem na EXhi,hiBIcjonizm
    i wyszedlem na tym jak Zaw..., tfu Zablocki na mydle....
  • Gość: spaaaaac IP: * 20.10.04, 02:59
    jutro niestety nietypowa niezwykla nienormalna nieprzewidziana nieciekawa
    niewesola pobudka o 8.30....FU!
    przeciez o 8.30 to ja codziennie mam randke z Morfeuszem....

  • Gość: po co publicznie? IP: * 20.10.04, 03:05
    w ksiazce bedzie he he smile
    a wychodzi niedluuuugo!!!!!!!!!!
    wiec bedzie publicznie, tu tego na tym nie zarobie.

    grunt to dobry geszeft smile nie wiesz?

  • Gość: a widzisz ze spie? IP: * 20.10.04, 03:10
    myslalem,ze mam rozjasnic publicznie kwestie PSY - KOZY,czy tez ZOO Or^ii
    a chcesz zebym te linki rozjasnij?
    ok DRF nie oplaca sie isc spac ide zaparzyc zatem kawy i rozjasnie te
    linki,ktore podales!

  • Gość: SpijNaJawie IP: * 20.10.04, 03:24
    ujawnienie ma7Rixu 8liskie...

  • Gość: dobranoc ...padlem IP: * 20.10.04, 03:28
    zrobilem kawe...ale chyba jednak sie poloze,ale zajme sie dzisiaj problemem
    zdrowej i chorej semantyki.

    wiesz DRF, atwiej sie poklocic na forum albo na czacie..
    i to nie dlatego ze nie znamy rozmowcy.
    kilkadziesiat procent tego co do nas dociera w czasie rozmowy pochodzi z
    przekazu pozawerbalnego. Nie wiedzac rozmowcy, nie slyszac tonu jego glosu, ba
    nawet go nie czujac latwiej jest popelnic pomylki.
    Bo dla kazdego dane slowo kojarzy sie inaczej.

    Da sie rozmawiac bez slow prawda?
    Niektore zwierzeta tak rozmawiaja...

  • Gość: !!!!!!!! IP: * 20.10.04, 01:29
    Panie Jozefie,

    Bardzo prosze bez przepychanek.Znam tego Pana od lat, nie rozmawialismy kilka
    lat i chcialbym z nim pogadac.
    Prosze mi na to pozwolic. Jest Pan przeciez osoba kulturalna i wyksztalcona tak
    wiec mysle,ze moja prosba nie sprawi panu zadnego wiekszego problemu.

    Marian Borutowski
  • vvvatto 19.10.04, 00:31

    /-- /---| /---- /---\
    /-/ // \-\ \\ | | |
    | | | \--\ | |---/
    \-\ \--\ // // | |
    \--- \--/ ---/ \---\

    \ /---\ /----\ \/---\ /-\
    |/-----\ /----\ // // // | / | | | // \-\
    --/ \\ | -\ \-/ | | |/---/ | | | |
    | /--/ | // | \\ | / |\---\ | | \\ |
    -----/ \-----/ | \-- \----/ | // \- \----- \---/
    | | ---/
  • drf 19.10.04, 23:04
    Alfred Korzybski (pronounced "Kahshibski") was born July 3, 1879, in Warsaw,
    Poland, to wealthy, aristocratic parents. By his teenage years he could speak
    four languages -- Polish, Russian, French and German. He managed his father's
    farm before attending the Polytechnic Institute at Warsaw to study chemical
    At the outbreak of World War I in 1914, when Korzybski was 35, he volunteered
    to join the Second Russian Army, where he served as a battlefield intelligence
    officer. He was injured three times during the war: first, dislocating his left
    hip when his horse was shot and fell on him; later he was shot in the knee;
    finally, he injured himself as he attempted to clear a cannon that was
    obstructing a muddy road.

    In December 1915 he was sent to Canada and the United States as an artillery
    expert for the Russian Army. Once in Canada he began studying English, which
    became his favorite language and the one in which he would write his major

    In 1917 Korzybski moved to New York to supervise the shipping of ammunition to
    Russia. When the Russian Army and government collapsed later that year, he
    stayed in the United States to continue war efforts on behalf of the French and
    Polish armies.

    Soon the United States Government hired him to travel the U.S. as a war
    lecturer to encourage sale of Liberty bonds.

    Shortly after the Armistice, Korzybski met Mira Edgerly, an American of wide
    fame as a portrait painter on ivory. They were married two months later, in
    January 1919.

    His experiences during the war led Korzybski to contemplate the causes of the
    periodic bloodbaths that afflicted civilization. Eventually this led him to
    ponder the differences between humans and animals. He observed that animals by
    nature were mere hunters and gatherers or "space-binders" in their pursuit of
    food, whereas humans practiced agriculture, reflecting a human capacity to
    anticipate needs, learn from experiences and readily transmit these experiences
    as symbols to succeeding generations. He labelled this unique human
    behavior "time-binding" and noted that the rate of growth of human knowledge
    resembled a geometric (exponential) progression. Korzybski felt that teaching
    humans animalistic or mythological theories about themselves helped create and
    perpetuate such episodes as the recent war.

    Korzybski was encouraged to develop and publish his ideas by friends that
    included biologist Jacques Loeb and mathematician Cassius Jackson Keyser (1884-
    1945). With considerable editorial assistance from Keyser, Korzybski published
    his ideas in 1921 as Manhood of Humanity: The Science and Art of Human
    Engineering. The first printing of the book sold out in 6 weeks.

    Korzybski continued his research into the mechanisms of time-binding, and
    attempted a synthesis of the sciences from the standpoint of a theory of human
    evaluation. He included the field of psychiatry in his research, and studied
    for 2 years with William Alanson White, director of the St. Elizabeth's
    Hospital in Washington, D.C.

    From 1928 until 1933 Korzybski spent most of his time writing what was to
    become his most famous book, "Time-Binding: The General Theory." At the last
    minute, however, he changed the name to Science and Sanity: An Introduction to
    Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics. The new title, Korzybski felt,
    made clearer the results of his research. Bridges rarely collapse, Korzybski
    noted, because of the power of scientific methods and mathematical languages
    that are used to produce them. His book explored means of transferring this
    predictability of science-mathematical methods to the everyday behavior of
    ordinary people.

    "Science and Sanity" contended that humans progressed ("time-binding") largely
    as a result of our more flexible nervous systems that were capable of
    symbolism. Language allowed us to summarize or generalize our experiences and
    pass them on to others, saving others from having to make the same mistakes or
    reinvent what had already been discovered.

    This linguistic generalizing ability of humans, Korzybski contended, accounted
    for our amazing progress over animals, but the misuse of this mechanism
    accounted for many of our problems as well.

    Just as we need training in how to safely drive a car, Korzybski suggested we
    needed training in the use of language to prevent misevaluation of non-verbal
    as well as verbal realities. He formulated his law of non-identity, also called
    the law of individuality, which states that no two persons, or situations, or
    stages of processes are the same in all details. Korzybski noted that we have
    fewer words and ideas than experiences, and this tends to lead to the
    identification ("confusion") of two or more situations. For example, the
    word "apple" is commonly applied to millions of different objects, to
    the 'same' object at different times, to scientific events on submicroscopic
    levels, to objects of everyday experience, to our mental images, to
    illustrations like the one on this page, and even to the combined letters a-p-p-

    Korzybski developed a training program to teach people how to burst through
    their language habits to properly evaluate the unique characteristics of their
    daily experiences. His goal was to help people evaluate less by the
    implications of their everyday language (by intension) and more by the unique
    facts of a situation (by extension).

    Korzybski advocated the application of a few mathematical devices to our daily
    language, such as indexes (apple1, apple2, apple3 ...) and dates (US1930,
    US1940 ...) to encourage a more factual orientation among language users. He
    also encouraged the use of more actional, relational terms. Instead of saying
    what something "is" we, instead, describe what it does or how it relates to a
    greater whole. He also developed visual tools to teach humans to differentiate
    between non-verbal and verbal levels, descriptive and inferential levels, et

    Korzybski felt that to break away from the limitations of one's daily language
    we needed new ways of 'thinking.' He advocated 'thinking' on silent levels in
    terms of visual images, and he developed many visual aids for his theories
    including the Structural Differential, which in its most detailed form was a '3-
    dimensional' model of the differences between the orders of abstraction (see
    photo at left). Differences between the orders of abstraction include
    differences between verbal and non-verbal levels, between descriptions and
    inferences, between descriptions(2) about descriptions(1), between inferences
    (2) from inferences(1), between affect(2) about affect(1), between what we see
    and the external stimuli themselves, between my abstractions and your
    abstractions, et cetera.

    Korzybski's devices were designed to encourage people to delay their immediate
    reactions while they searched for the unique characteristics of a situation and
    alternative interpretations. He was trying to link science-mathematical methods
    with sanity.

    Following publication of his book in October, 1933, Korzybski set out to
    conduct seminars at schools and universities throughout the country on his
    theory of proper human evaluation, which he called General Semantics. In 1938
    he and several of his followers founded the Institute of General Semantics near
    the University of Chicago campus to serve as a training center and to promote
    research in the new discipline. During World War II he helped S.I. Hayakawa and
    others establish the International Society for General Semantics, which in 2003
    merged with the Institute. His book went through three editions during his
    lifetime, and he helped organize three congresses that brought together
    scholars interested in his work.

    Korzybski died suddenly of a heart attack on 1 March 1950 at the ag
  • drf 19.10.04, 23:18
    In reporting his death, The American Journal of Psychiatry (May 1950)
    stated, "The death of this great teacher ... deepens appreciation of his
    essential contribution to human understanding, on an individual, widely social,
    or international scale."


    This biography was written by Steven Lewis (1995, revised 2004) using
    information provided in part from a larger biography written by Korzybski's co-
    worker, M. Kendig, and printed in the third issue of the General Semantics
    Bulletin, Spring 1950.

    Alfred Korzybski's writings:
    Manhood of Humanity, 1921, 2nd edition 1950, lviii + 326 pages.
    Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General
    Semantics, 1933, 5th edition 1994, c + 806 pages.
    General Semantics Seminar Given at Olivet College, 1937, 2nd edition 1964, viii
    + 96 pages.
    Collected Writings: 1920-1950, 1st edition, 1990. Edited by M. Kendig. xxv +
    915 pages. (Includes all of Korzybski's journal articles and some
  • Gość: :) IP: * 19.10.04, 23:48
    ciekawe bardzo. facet jest jednym tych,ktorzy dali podstawy do NLP

    luknij na ten link doksmile
    no i na to smile

    Mapa to nie terytorium.
    Jako istoty ludzkie nigdy nie możemy poznać rzeczywistości. Możemy jedynie
    poznać naszą percepcję rzeczywistości. Doświadczamy i reagujemy na świat
    głównie poprzez nasze zmysłowe systemy reprezentacji. Jest to
    nasza "neurolingwistyczna" mapa rzeczywistości, która determinuje nasze
    zachowania oraz sposób nadawania tym zachowaniom znaczeń, a nie rzeczywistość
    jako taką. Generalnie to nie rzeczywistość nas ogranicza lub wzmacnia, lale
    nasza mapa rzeczywistości.
    2. Życie i "umysł" są procesami systemowymi.
    Proces jaki dzieje się wewnątrz istot ludzkich i pomiędzy ludźmi a ich
    środowiskiem jest systemowy. Nasze ciała, społeczeństwa, nasz wszechświat są
    złożonymi systemami i podsystemami, które wpływają na siebie nawzajem w sposób
    naturalny. Nie ma możliwości kompletnego wyizolowania jakiejkolwiek części
    systemu od reszty tego systemu. Takie systemy opierają się na pewnych
    samoorganizujących się zasadach i w naturalny sposób dążą do optymalnych stanów
    równowagi lub homeostazy.
    3. Na pewnym poziomie wszystkie zachowania mają pozytywną intencję.
    Oznacza to, że istnieje lub istniał odpowiedni kontekst, w którym to
    zachowanie jest właściwe z punkty widzenia osoby, która je przejawia. Ludzie
    dokonują najlepszych wyborów spośród wszystkich dostępnych w ramach ich
    aktualnej mapy rzeczywistości. Każde zachowanie niezależnie od tego jak złe,
    szalone, dziwne może się wydawać - jest najlepszym z możliwych wyborem danej
    osoby w tym momencie czasu.
    4. Prawo koniecznej różnorodności.
    W teorii systemów istnieje zasada nazywana prawem koniecznej
    różnorodności, która mówi o tym, że aby przystosować się i przetrwać - element
    systemu potrzebuje pewnej minimalnej dawki elastyczności. Ta dawka
    elastyczności musi być proporcjonalna do zmienności reszty systemu. Jedną z
    implikacji prawa koniecznej różnorodności jest to, że jeśli chcesz osiągnąć
    określony cel, to musisz zwiększyć ilość operacji, które prowadzą do celu,
    proporcjonalnie do stopnia w jakim zmienia się system. Istotne jest, aby wraz
    ze zmianami w systemie, zmieniać swoje działania zorientowane na cel, a nie
    tylko powtarzać stare działania nawet jeśli w przeszłości dawały one pożądany
    rezultat. Ponieważ środowiska i konteksty, w których działamy zmieniają się,
    więc te same procedury nie zawsze będą dawały te same rezultaty. Jeśli chcesz
    osiągnąć swój cel musisz zmienić sposoby dotarcia do niego. Jeśli zawsze
    używasz tej samej procedury, za każdym razem uzyskasz inny wynik. A więc im
    system bardziej złożony tym więcej wymaga elastyczności. Inną implikacją prawa
    koniecznej różnorodności jest to, że ta część systemu, która jest najbardziej
    elastyczna ma największy wpływ na cały system.

  • drf 20.10.04, 00:15
    "The Grass is Green."
    Written 1996 by Steven Lewis (
    Korzybski built his system on an empirically demonstrable generalization, non-
    identity, which in my teachings I refer to as the principle of individuality.
    We can define this principle as "no two situations, parts of situations,
    persons or stages of processes are the same in all details."

    Although we may live in a world of individuality, our nervous systems seek
    generality. We abstract. Often times, though, we confuse the various orders of
    abstraction produced by our nervous systems. We confuse the object level with
    the process level, we confuse the map with the territory, we confuse the
    inference with the description, we confuse the word with a specific
    meaning .... These various confusions of the orders of abstractions Korzybski
    called "identification." To identify to Korzybski meant to not differentiate
    enough ... to overevaluate by generality (intension), underevaluate by
    individuality (extension).

    Korzybski's prescription was to train oneself to properly evaluate the
    different orders of abstraction. He was not advocating the abolition of
    generalizations, as some have suggested. He wanted us to evaluate a map as a
    map, and not as the territory it could at best only represent. We would not
    confuse the objective level with the process level, nor the descriptive level
    with the object level, nor the verbal level with the semantic level, nor the
    inferential level with the descriptive level ....

    Korzybski's interest in modifying our language arose from his empirically
    demonstrable belief that our daily language habits often grossly misrepresent
    the structure of our world as revealed by 20th century science, and may
    therefore lead us to confuse the orders of abstraction. In the case of "the
    grass is green," Korzybski's concern would be that the statement does not
    remind the individual that the greenness s/he sees is a joint interaction of a
    person and their environment. Instead, the form of the statement isolates the
    observer from the observed, in effect unconsciously projecting the observer's
    abstractions onto the world outside.

    To better map our world we could say "I see the grass as green." Here the
    observer and observed are united. Such a statement may reflect a degree of
    consciousness of abstracting, an understanding that what we see "out there" is
    a product of a unique nervous system responding to unique stimuli. This higher
    consciousness may permit a person to be more tolerant of others who may see
    and/or label the grass some other color.


    Korzybski recognized in the 1920s the significance of macromolecules and
    molecular aggregates and their surface charges and configurations for
    understanding biological functions. His chapter on colloidal behavior
    in "Science and Sanity" attempted to relay this significance to our daily
    evaluations and thereby refocus our orientation from static macroscopic to
    dynamic submicroscopic levels of organization.

    According to Evans and Wennerstrom:

    "Living systems are made up largely of proteins, polyelectrolytes and
    amphiphilic molecules contained in an aqueous medium. By their very size, such
    molecules possess colloidal properties. More importantly, they self-assemble
    into a great variety of organized structures that perform extremely
    sophisticated chemical transformations. Life processes involve the control and
    transformation of colloidal assemblies, and many diseases are associated with
    malfunctions at the colloidal level. The new level of knowledge made available
    by colloidal science has considerably enhanced our understanding of interaction
    forces that control biological processes." (introduction, page 37)
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    ja widze mowe jako trawe jako zielen.
    dr ida
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    ja teraz niedowidze, bo jestem bardzo,bardzo spiacy!

    a co do mowy trawy bardzo ciekawy temat psychologiczny ale o tym jutro smile

    nie zapomnij o skrytce pocztowejsmile

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    nie 9Ram w skrytki pocztowecrying

    czekam na pu8liczne illuminacje...wink
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    > 1.imPortaNce of coMMunicaing
    > 2.deFiniTions
    > 3.Form of communicatinG in Business
    > z.Model of CommUnicaTion PRocess
    > s.EFFecTive inTerPeRsonal CommuNication

    reason of communicating
    pleasure of communicating

  • Gość: civilSocietyWrocla IP: * 20.10.04, 14:58
    Wiceburmistrz Wąsosza pił piwo w piątek na skwerku przy ulicy Szewskiej z
    kolegami. Jako ze pic piwka na skwerku nie mozna, to trzymal je w kieszeni, od
    czasu do czasu wyciagal... i pociagal. Policjanci to pociaganie zauwazyli i
    przyszli go wylegitymowac. Wiceburmistrz zamaszyscie wyciągnął piwo z kieszeni,
    zeby dostać się do dowodu osobistego. Ale jak piwo wyciągnął, to za nim
    pociągnął woreczek z marysią, której było 6 porcji. Aczkolwiek twierdzi, ze
    pociągnął tylko piwo, a marysi już nie, bo ona sobie niewinnie leżała na ziemi
    półtora metra od niego. Wiceburmistrzowi grozi wyrok do 3 lat więzienia za
    posiadanie narkotyków. Burmistrz Wąsocza ze stoickim spokojem odniósł się do
    problemu lewitacji woreczka z marysią i wyraził zgodę, aby wiceburmistrz dalej
    pracował na swym stanowisku, póki się nie wyjaśni, kto i za co pociągał.,35751,2345736.html

    Reszta kraju:

    Znany lobbysta zostanie w areszcie
    IAR 20-10-2004, ostatnia aktualizacja 20-10-2004 14:15

    Znany lobbysta Marek D., właściciel spółki Triton Holding stanowiącej część
    Larchmont Group nie wyjdzie z aresztu - postanowił łódzki sąd. Grażyna Jeżewska
    z biura prasowego Sądu Okręgowego w Łodzi poinformowała, że sąd utrzymał areszt
    mimo proponowanej kaucji w wysokości dwóch milionów złotych.

    "Sąd podzielił zdanie prokuratury, że izolacja podejrzanego na tym etapie
    postępowania jest niezbędna"- dodała.

    Marek D. został aresztowany pod koniec września. Łódzka Prokuratura Apelacyjna
    zarzuca mu oraz jego asystentowi - byłemu posłowi KPN, Krzysztofowi P. -
    udzielenie jednemu z posłów obecnej kadencji korzyści osobistej i majątkowej.
  • zupagrzybowa 20.10.04, 15:54

    "China is mounting a huge crackdown in the remote western province of Xinjiang
    against what it says are terrorist elements linked to Osama Bin Ladin Oct. 7,

    "Al-Qaeda ('The Base') is a conglomerate of groups spread throughout the world
    operating as a network. It has a global reach, with a presence in Algeria,
    Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Syria, Xinjiang in
    China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mindanao in the
    Philippines, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya,
    Tunisia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Dagestan, Kashmir, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya,
    Tanzania, Azerbaijan, Eritrea, Uganda, Ethiopia, and in the West Bank and Gaza"

    plane taking Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to Brussels revealed [that]
    large quantities of Chinese-manufactured ammunition were discovered in the Tora
    Bora cave hideouts of Osama bin Laden worldnetdaily, 2001." BIN LADEN - CHINA
    DEALS IN 1998—"The British daily Guardian said in its Saturday's issue that
    China had paid millions of USD to Osama Bin Laden in order to get the US- made
    Cruise missiles, which did not explode after their launching at Afghanistan
    three years ago by the American forces arabicnews, Oct., 2001."

    —Said one Chinese observer, "We need to side with America for strategic
    reasons at least in public. Yet we think that the United States is our long-
    term enemy. It is just not right to say it now (expired)." "Russia, China,
    Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, and other states we [US] are embracing
    as 'allies' against terrorism have been the prime sponsors of terrorism for
    decades and have been key supporters of bin Laden and his extended network up
    to the present times thenewamerican, Dec. 31, 2001."

    "Perhaps China hopes that befriending bin Laden will ensure that the weapons
    will be used only against Western enemies. But it cannot be sure"

    Reporter Hamaid Mir, "known for his close contacts with Osama bin
    Laden...source," was taken blindfolded to interview bin Laden on Nov. 8: "
    was somewhere in the mountains, he believed north of Kabul. He said it was very
    cold...being driven for five hours to an unknown destination. He said when he
    got there, he could hear gunfire going on in the background...more of a mud
    hutch than a cave source." "I believe it was a deception," Mir told
    Reuters. "Actually he is not fighting in the north of Afghanistan, he is
    fighting somewhere else, maybe in the south. But he decided to give the
    interview to me in the north so that when I went back to Pakistan, I would tell
    people it was in the north source."

    THE CHINA-PAKISTAN CONNECTION—"On 21st May 1951, China and Pakistan established
    diplomatic ties. From then on, China and Pakistan have been enjoying a good
    neighborly relationship and mutual beneficial cooperation on the bases of the
    Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence. In 1980's, the leadership of China
    and Pakistan exchanged visits frequently. The international situation went
    through great changes in 1990's but the time-tested Sino-Pakistani friendship
    and cooperation withstood all international vicissitudes and continued to march
    forward source."

    ESCAPE THROUGH PAKISTAN DATA & MAPS—"Nowadays most traffic on the Karakoram
    Highway consists of tourists and hajjis--Muslims making a pilgrimage to Mecca--
    but small-scale trade has revived as well. Pakistani businessmen come to
    Kashgar [China] source."

    "The absence of the fourteen kilometre road that precedes the western side of
    the town of Karimabad. It is an old tarmac road that winds through several
    villages. This road is not shown on any map! Karakoram 1." Karakoram 2


    Says Russia's Pravda: "Osama bin-Laden and his closest supporters most likely
    hide themselves on a base in the Pamirs, in the so-called Wakhan corridor

    "The Wakhan Corridor is the narrow portion of Afghanistan that connects to
    CHINA. If this Pakistani report is true -- he is makin' for the border. Anyone
    want to consider the probabilities or potential problems with violating Chinese
    airspace or territory? source"

    "The report said the base was situated near the village of Buzi Gunbad, and
    nestled between the towering peaks of the Pamir mountains... source."

    Hiker websites provide considerable detail of routes to China from Baza'i
    Gonbad. Baza'i Gonbad is situated at a junction of two routes through the Pamir
    mountains of the Wakhan which connect to the China border to the east. There
    are a number of trails and rivers that cross over into China. The border is a
    river. Says Footprint Adventures website: "Not very strenuous. Broghil Pass was
    used to be the shortest and easiest route from Central Asia to the Indian
    Subcontinent. On our way to the Broghil Pass we will leave our packs in
    Ishkarwarz our tonights camping site and carry only water and cameras with us
    source." more detail 1 more detail 2 more detail 3

    "United States special forces are hunting for Osama bin Laden in northeastern
    Afghanistan's isolated Pamir mountains, a Pakistani press report said source."

    Says the US Army's famed 10th Mountain Division: "All the 10th Mountain
    soldiers in Uzbekistan know why we're here source." more on Wakhan Corridor

    "BOROGHIL—From Ishkarwaqz three main treks divert in different directions. We
    take the eastern option, a leisurely walk along the Yarkhun river passing by
    horses and Yaks grazing on green pastures. As we pass the northern trek leading
    over 3888m Darwaza Pass (meaning Door in Urdu ) to Wakhan. We arrive at summer
    settlement of Lashkargaz (meaning cavalary`s pastures) home of the Sardar
    (chief) of Bjoroghil. Three hours walk further is Lalay Rabat at 4000 m. Today
    the trek is flatter and we will walk along the Yarkhun river through many green
    meadows source."

    HAS HE SENT HIS FAMILY OVER THE CHINA BORDER?— Perhaps they've blended into the
    busy city of Kashgar (Kashi), or a suburb west of it, in southern Xinjiang
    province: They'd be with old pals: "...the surging wave of Islamic militancy
    in Xinjiang can be traced to the mid-1980s when a large Islamic militant force
    was being raised to wage a jehad against the Soviet military inter- vention in
    Afghanistan source."

    BIN LADEN's ONGOING CONTACT WITH CHINA— "Chinese nationals visited Osama bin
    Laden terrorist camps in Afghanistan after a U.S. cruise-missile attack there
    in 1998 and paid for the right to study and remove unexploded missiles source."

    "Author Gordon Thomas in his book Seeds of Fire, has claimed that Beijing had
    an actual role in the September 11 attack on America. Thomas purports to show
    how Beijing is positioning itself to become America’s “new major enemy.” Thomas
    points out that on Sept. 11, a transport plane from Beijing landed in Kabul."

    "He [bin Laden] works a great deal with China. He's got good relations with
    them source.''

    "As a result, there has been increasingly significant economic cooperation
    between the Taliban and China. To believe China will actively participate in
    combating the Taliban government is, therefore, wishful thinking source."

    "If Bin Laden made it to the vast and remote area of Muslim western China he
    would, at least, be safe from the Americans, who would not be able to launch
    any military action there to catch him. But it is unlikely that China would
    welcome him. The regime is worried about the prospect of an Islamic uprising
    among its millions of Muslim citizens source."

    "Some [Xinjiang] separatists have received military training in Afghanistan.
    They reportedly fought along
  • Gość: drPat IP: * 20.10.04, 19:15
    The Strategy of Exit

    Quiet wait
    In the white
    Covered with cotton flowers
    On the route
    To the sky
  • drf 22.10.04, 01:25

    1. At the same time it is possible to analyse the cascade energetics, with
    antienthropic and enthropic branches, some characterising better energy saving
    behaviors. This is also related to selforganized serial subcascades at the
    whole cycle of behaviors. It is not always so. There appear environmental
    situations in which the bug is condemned to starving if it follows the minimal
    energy policy.

    2. The bug begins with a free behavior, 00000, a straight linear gait with no
    random bursts whatsoever. The behavioral sequence, afterwards, starts mainly
    with 00001, which imply the appearance of a wandering gait, with small
    incomplete clockwise and counterclockwise turns, interrupted when one of the
    bug's antennae tactile sensors detects an obstacle. So this triggers an edge-
    following gait, 00010, enslaving half of the previous wandering gait. The
    random bursts appear and show only if the body angle goes towards the edge, and
    the normal 00010 behavior is given priority. If the environment presents a
    convex obstacle, the bug recoils and follows the previous general orientation.
    This recoil is not detected by any of the five selected neurons. Nevertheless,
    it certainly is a distinct behavior which should be added outside of the main

    3. Simulating evolutive inherited behaviors, with some exceptions, the bug does
    not remain in the food patch zone for a long time. On the contrary, when the
    bug "feels satisfied" or senses the neural correlate of this situation, there
    is an energy saving switch and it runs away, including situations in which food
    is below its mouth. The arousal to exit subcascade is, in this last case,
    11010/01010/11010, a locomotion slow/fast phase transition, nothing to do with
    the main sequence, Fig. 3. The most frequent slow/fast exiting subcascade means
    just 11010/10010/0000x series, with 10010 as a short happening, sometimes
    unseen. What one sees at the screen is that the two bug's antennae emerge out
    of the food patch as a signal that the locomotion phase transition will show
    during the next seconds.

    4. The arousal to exit subcascade is related to the energy sensor (name for a
    chemical detector of high/low serotonine internal levels if the bug shold have
    metabolism). As is, each mouth movement increases energy and each single leg
    movement cycle decreases it. The alarm condition, when the level falls below a
    threshold value, connects again the command to search for food (neuron SC
    triggers to frecuency 1): the behavior is now 00110. When bioenergy decays, it
    justifies a new odor oriented 01110 behavior, which drags the bug towards the
    food patch when no obstacles interfere (this is one of the much studied m o t i
    v a t e d behaviors, when the bug feels hunger and exhibits at the same time an
    arousal subcascade of behaviors, with an energetic driving force strongly
    related to survival [Beer, p. 126]). If there is an obstacle, the bug circles
    it, as previously explained.

    5. This often means that the bug is walking in the same direction as the
    negative odor gradient, instead of following the normal, but now left behind,
    positive odor gradient. This, studied a posteriori, suggests a distinct
    adaptive behavior, specifically related to the environment. On other
    environments and with some of the 480 parameters differently valued, this
    strange behavior does not show up. It may seem strange, but a posteriori it
    appears as the best way to delay death. If all its bioenergy is lost in a two
    way pendular motion among both sides of the place of maximum odor, no other
    fate happens.

    6. Afterwards, with the obstacle left at the side, the bug's chemical sensors
    at both antennae activate the FO neuron and now the behavior is 01110. The bug,
    with SC firing, searches for food with his pair of antennae odor sensors
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    to chwile potrawie, bo mam problemy z tlumaczeniem smile

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    wpadlem tylko na moment mam chwilowo dosc rzeczywistosi wirtualnej.
    ide se poczytac,ukladac liste gosci,co prawda jeszcze zostalo ponad dwa tyg.
    itp itd.
    urodziny mamy prawie razem i ja i moja druga polowa smile

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    rozczarowanie.. .... bierzesz lekko swoje obietnice...crying((
  • Gość: lilac IP: * 21.10.04, 02:00
    dopiero zaczalem czytac polecane przez ciebie linki,mialem dzis dzien latania
    po bankach i szarpania sie z Urzedem Skarbowym o PITY 4 smile
    a potem nie mialem na nic sily poza siedzeniem na kanapie i czytaniem
    jednak uwazam,ze do zabrania glosu bede gotowy nie wczesniej niz w piatek smile
    jutro musze odetchnac po prostu smile

    marze o dniu bez kompa, bez komorek, bez faxow, bez pukania do drzwi,po prostu
    marze o dniu bez !

    <piekny bez dla ciebie na dobranoc>

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    na luzie

  • Gość: tak tak a jak... IP: * 21.10.04, 02:13
    przypomniala mi sie piosenka z Polskiego ZOO...
    tyle tu bylo o psy,kozach,kogucikach na druciku...

    Dzien uplynal w menazerii idzie nowy a my z nim
    wsrod dewiacji i histerii
    smiech potrzebny jest jak klin
    skojarzenia to przeklenstwo
    wiec mozemy dzis dac glowe
    jakiekolwiek podobienstwo
    bylo czysto przypadkowe...

    wszystkie łosie maja w nosie
    zubr poplakal sie jak bobr
    z dzika wlasnie wyszlo prosie
    chor padalcow w roli kur
    piszczy w trawie lub brzmi w trzcinie
    sieja burze albo mak
    wydarzenia i opinie
    a czasemi nawet tak....
    oj tak.... tak tak....