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PL-Channel Sales Manager

Job ID: 18177021 Job Level: Mid Career


"The position is to work as channel manager to support existing and to
establish and develop new Enterprise channels in Poland. The person should
provide full sales direction, strategic leadership and coordination of partners
activity to build successful growing channel of Nortel Enterprise products to
Polish market.
Key responsibilities:
- To develop the channel account strategies & sales opportunity plans, co-
ordinate partners with direct touch accounts.
- To drive the sales,
- To drive partners▓ implementation of Nortel partner program, stimulating and
managing partners to achieve Gold Partner Status,
- Initiate and co-ordinate training and certification of partners▓ personnel:
sales, pre-sales and post-sales, arrange proper training seminars and hands-on
- Prepare ⌠product bundles■ that fits best into Polish market expectations,
- Identify and implement both market geography and vertical market segments
where new partners are required,
- To drive the type approval process and work into the LC▓s to obtain
appropriate product localisations if needed,
- To drive partners to be able to deliver converged voice/data solutions
- To implement Nortel channel marketing initiatives in Poland,
- To drive introduction of new products to partners,
- To develop and introduce country-specific sales tools for existing and new
- To manage relationships with key decision makers at partner side.
- To position Nortel Networks business solutions through the coordination of
presentations, workshops & meetings.
- To co-ordinate partners▓ participation in Nortel events for partners
(seminars, exhibitions, workshops, forums etc┘),
- Co-ordinate proper resources to support partners in end-user accounts, where
no Nortel DT manager is assigned
- Support partners to run end-user events (seminars, conferences etc┘)."

"Established Channel manager with proven experience and success in Channel
Management within the Polish Market.
""Sales via channels"" experience - knowledge of channel activation, ongoing
relationship management, price-list and local pricing negotiation, product
training and promotion
Experience of supplying Telecom technologies √ voice and data in the enterprise
Commercial knowledge - familiarity with international supply/service contracts,
payment terms, receivables, customs, taxes and duties, service agreements and
equipment type approval in country
""Customer Communications"" experience - marketing, presentation, relationship
building, negotiation and issue resolution skills
Corporate experience - ability to respect the internal organisation and work
within its processes to ensure the credibility of your market
Transcultural experience √ track record of success in an international
Fluent international English and Polish
Strong computer skills"


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