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Will be created new aerobatic team flying

15.02.12, 11:37
In Russia, the aerobatic team flying will be created on the Yak-130.

New Russian Air Force aerobatic team will fly to the light trainer aircraft Yak-130 and aerobatic teams to compete with France and Britain, said the commander of the Air Force Colonel General Alexander Zelin. "Today, the world's leading aviation powers have aerobatic teams, mainly on light aircraft, which are quite successful act on the world aviation forums. In our country such a group (acting on light aircraft), no. The creation of a third pilot group in this segment of the Yak-130 would be a successful addition to the received world-famous "Swifts" and "Knight" and would amount to compete with such groups as the "Patrouille de France" (France) or "Red Arrows "(UK) - Zelin said in an interview," RIA Novosti ".

Last year, the Russian Air Force bought a batch of 55 trainer aircraft Yak-130. Previously chief has repeatedly reported on plans to create on the basis of these new aircraft aerobatic teams. The organization will allow its wide use of smoke effects used by foreign aerobatic teams. "I think the creation of such a group will further strengthen the credibility of Russia as a great aviation power," - he said.

Commander noticed that recently appeared in the media a lot of material on the establishment of pilot group on the Yak-130 instead of the famous "Knights" and "Swifts" to combat the MiG-29 and Su-27. "Dissolution of pride in the Russian Air Force is not planned," - he said.
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