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News- Hugo Energise (ang.)

23.05.05, 09:34
z, bylo juz o tym- ale jeszcze jeden opis:

"US consumer-goods manufacturer Procter & Gamble (P&G), which holds the
fragrance license for German apparel label Hugo Boss, has injected some
energy into its Hugo line for young men with the launch of Energise, slated
to roll out globally as of August 2. The juice, formulated by P&G Prestige
Beauté in the UK together with Netherlands-based flavor and fragrance
manufacturer Quest, is the first men’s fragrance for the Hugo line since Dark
Blue launched six years ago.

“For a brand which prides itself on innovation and newness, it is time for a
another Hugo launch,” P&G director France, Jonathan Hewlett tells The launch follows hot on the heels of Soul, a fragrance
introduced February 1 for the Boss line and which hit a 3.5% sales share in
France for its first month, the largest launch in that market since Chanel’s
Allure Homme in 1999, according to Hewlett. As with all major launches, P&G
is aiming for a top-10 position with Energise.

The fragrance opens with spicy top notes, flowing into an aromatic heart and
wrapping up with woody leathery under-notes. The bottle (inspired by a
battery), together with the packaging, was designed by UK company Innovia

The Energise fragrance line is comprised of two EdTs in 75ml and 125ml
formats, priced €43 and €55 respectively, and two aftershaves also of 75ml
and 125ml (€39 and €48), an aftershave balm (75ml: €32), a deodorant in spray
(150ml) and stick (75ml) formats, both for €18, and finally, a 150ml shower
gel, also for €18.

The launch will be accompanied with the usual P&G media barrage, including a
TV spot directed by Edmundo Roman and featuring French actor and Hugo poster
boy Nicholas Duvauchelle, hitting international screens for 10 weeks leading
up to Christmas 2005. The press campaign was shot by Alexey Hay.

And when can the much talked about Boss men’s skincare line be expected? P&G
has been tight-lipped and has pushed back the original June 2005 date.
However, Hewlett assures that a launch will occur before year-end, adding
that definitive details on this entry into skincare will be released in the
next two months."
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  • forevermore79 24.05.05, 11:11
    "SWITZERLAND. P&G Beauty has unveiled a new men’s fragrance from Hugo by Hugo
    Hugo energise is described as vibrant, urban and dynamic: “where attitude meets
    energy”. It is being marketed as the perfect antidote to everyday monotony; an
    escape from the sameness of the daily grind.
    In line with its high-energy concept, the fragrance’s olfactory structure is
    said to develop quickly.
    Created in conjunction with Quest’s Claude Dir, the juice opens on citrus top
    notes of mandarin, kumquat and melon, leading to a heart of coriander leaf,
    white freesia, juniper berry and ambrette seed.
    The base features cocoa bean, Jacaranda wood and a leathery suede accord.
    The packaging, designed by UK-based Innovia Technology, was inspired by a fuel
    cell. Consequently the flacon is reminiscent of a battery. The colour-scheme is
    silver, white and red.
    The Hugo energise product line-up includes 75ml and 125ml edt sprays, priced
    domestically at €43 and €55. There is also a 75ml and 125ml after shave spray
    (€39 and €48); a 75ml after shave balm (€32); a 150ml deo spray (€18); a 75ml
    deo stick (€18); and a 150ml shower gel (€18).
    In addition, the launch will be supported with a limited-edition Revitalising
    Facial Scrub, priced at €18, to complete the grooming experience.

    The face of Hugo energise is 24-year-old Parisian Nicolas Duvauchelle. The TV
    ad campaign is the work of Callegari Berville Grey – the French agency of the
    Grey Worldwide Group.

    Directed by Spaniard Edmundo Roman and based on Grey’s philosophy of
    simplicity, creativity and efficiency, the images were shot in Montreal,
    Canada. The TV copy sees Duvauchelle running, jumping and moving through the
    city across rooftops, up and down stairs and over walls, in a fast, straight
    line to his final destination."

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