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News- limitowane flakony Lempickiej (ang.)

30.01.06, 22:48
A w zasadzie 1 nowa, bajkowa edycja klasycznej Lolity plus kofrety zestawy
miniatur, z moodiereport:

"FRANCE. Pacific Création Parfum Beauté has unveiled several new fragrance
presentations, for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The
activities all correspond with the company’s 2006 “Charms and Spells”
and “Potions and Talismans” promotional themes.

For Valentine’s, the company has created a “Game of Love and Chance“, which
will be offered as a gift with the purchase of any 100ml Lolita Lempicka
women’s edp or 100ml men’s edt. Customers who purchase any fragrance
reference, plus one other ancillary product, will also be offered the gwp.
The game features a hey and a heart that are linked to one another, and
attached to two luxury Lolita Lempicka fragrance miniatures. The object is to
separate the elements.
Once separated, the key and the heart can be worn as lucky charms. They are
presented in a transparent case, decorated with a watercolour print.

Meanwhile, for Mother’s Day, the company is in reflective mood, with the “One
Thousand Secrets Mirror”, shaped like a heart, which sports a gilded, white
antique-style frame.
The (detachable) mirror converts to a fragrance stand for the 50ml Lolita
Lempicka edp spray. It is decorated with mauve, enamelled violets and an ivy
leaf tassel.'s%20day.jpg
There is also a Purse Mirror version, presented in a velvet pouch, to
accompany a 5ml edp miniature. It will be offered as a gwp with every 100ml
edp spray or 50ml edp spray plus one ancillary.

Lastly, for Father’s Day, Pacific Création Parfum Beauté has created
the “Talisman Box”. Nestled inside is a 100ml spray bottle of Lolita Lempicka
au Masculin edt, plus a 50ml tube of Tonifying Shower Gel.
The box is fastened shut with a bracelet in the form of an ivy leaf,
fashioned in matte white gold metal with a satin finish.'s%20day.jpg
In addition, with the purchase of every 100ml men’s edt and a bath line item,
customers will be offered a box of amulets containing three single does of
Tonifying Shower Gel and three single doses of Moisturizing After-Shave

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