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News- Tom Ford: Black Orchid (ang.)

25.07.06, 12:34
Na razie zapowiedz- art. z premiery pierwszego zapachu marki Tom Ford Beauty
(wciaz jako czesc koncernu Lauder, ale dzialajacej juz niezaleznie od marki
Estee Lauder), wiecej szczegolow wkrotce, z

"Clad in a gray three-piece suit, white shirt unbuttoned, and tan as ever,
Tom Ford personally greeted high profile editors this morning, including Anna
Wintour, Glenda Bailey, and Robbie Myers at special one-on-one appointments
to introduce his new women’s fragrance, Black Orchid. Held in a townhouse on
East 64th St. between Fifth and Madison, guests were met by an enormous,
snowball-like, bouquet of purple orchids at least 5’ x 5’ in size.
Accompanying the fragrant florals were super shiny, polished displays in
black Lucite, meant to convey a “more vibrant Tom,” a publicist noted.

As The Daily reports exclusively, the big news to come out of the intimate
introductions was the revelation that Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, daughter of
French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, will star in the campaign for Black
Orchid, which will launch in November officially as Tom Ford Black Orchid by
Tom Ford Beauty. In the full-color campaign images, photographed by Mert Alas
& Marcus Piggott, Roitfeld is shown with glossy long hair and red nails and
lips, clutching the bottle in a boudoir-like atmosphere. “I’ve known her
since she was a little girl, and it was amazing to see her grow up to become
such a beautiful woman,” Ford told editors, adding that Roitfeld is “exactly
what beauty is to me.” The master creative director noted that he didn’t want
a model to star in the campaign; rather, he sought more of a personality.

As word has it, no black orchids existed until Ford approached a botanist
with the idea of creating a one-of-a-kind flower for his fragrance. Headspace
technology was utilized to extract the scent from the sole flower developed.
The main note is the black orchid, naturally, but is accompanied by a
patchouli base and hints of chocolate. The result is a scent that is spicy
Oriental—not super heavy, but at the same time, a “personality smell” that is
immediately recognizable.

As for that bottle that Roitfeld is clutching, it’s made by Lalique of black
opaque glass. In fact, three versions of it will be available—the parfum,
which features a gold band around the bottle; a hair perfume that’s gold-
toned, and an eau de toilette that boasts a whimsical tiny gold bow and gold
front plate.

Ford also used the opportunity to discuss his future endeavors. In an effort
to build a complete range of beauty products, for fall 2007, he has a 125-
piece cosmetics line under the Tom Ford Beauty banner in the works, and also
plans to launch a male counterpart to Black Orchid. And in spring 2008, Ford
plans on introducing a men’s skincare line."
Edytor zaawansowany
  • forevermore79 23.08.06, 08:52
    "Aiming to create “the first true luxury brand of the 21st century,” US fashion
    designer Tom Ford is introducing Tom Ford Black Orchid, his first women’s
    fragrance and first entry in the Tom Ford Beauty collection for Estée Lauder.

    The EdP bottle, designed by Ford, is an Art Deco–inspired design of jet-black
    fluted glass, with a hand-tied cord (around the neck) and a 23k gold-plated
    name plaque with engraved lettering. A limited-edition black-crystal perfume
    bottle, created by Lalique, comes with a 15ml glass vial filled with perfume
    and a gold funnel in which the fragrance is poured into the bottle. Each bottle
    is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

    The advertising image, conceived and directed by Tom Ford and shot by Mert Alas
    and Marcus Piggott, features Julia Restoin, the daughter of French Vogue editor-
    in-chief Carine Roitfeld. Still-life shots of the product are the work of
    Irving Penn.

    Tom Ford Black Orchid EdP, which retails at $90 the 50ml and $135 the 100ml,
    with the perfume at $600 the 15ml, launches in the US mid-October and in the
    UK, Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland in December.
    The second phase of distribution, in spring 2007, will roll out a 30ml EdP at
    $65, along with Luminous Hair Perfume ($70 / 50ml), Hydrating Emulsion (150ml /
    $40), Body Cleansing Oil (150ml / $40) and Finishing Oil Spray (150ml / $45).

    Ford previously collaborated with Estée Lauder in 2005 on its limited-edition
    Youth Dew Amber Nude Estée Lauder, based on the brand’s once-keystone
    fragrance, Youth Dew, as well as a makeup palette, Azurée.
    Tom Ford Black Orchid marks the debut of the Tom Ford stand-alone brand in the
    Estée Lauder stable."
  • seria 21.11.06, 16:08
    Miałam możliwość przetestowac Black Orchid. Gdzie to kadzidło, gdzie tajemnica?
    Zapach - jak ocieplone i przyprawione Coco Mademoiselle, i jeszcze jakieś
    perfumy - nazwy nie pamiętam. Podostrzony świeżak. Jest trwały i nie jest wcale
    zły, na przykład na lato, ale zupełnie inna bajka niż się spodziewałam po
    opisach i po czarnozłotej butli.
  • seria 21.11.06, 18:38
    Po kilku godzinach wychodzę delikatnie nutki z Nu. Coco Mdmlle plus Nu.
  • scladaczek 22.11.06, 23:58
    seria napisała:

    > Po kilku godzinach wychodzę delikatnie nutki z Nu. Coco Mdmlle plus Nu.

    Czarna Orchidea i kadzidło narobiły mi smaka obym się nie rozczarowała.
  • seria 23.11.06, 10:53
    Właśnie ja się rozczarowałam, czytałam różne opinie, że to dobry zapach
    dla wielbicielek Black Cashmere...Ale to nie to!
  • scladaczek 23.11.06, 11:38
    Black Cashmere to mój nr 1.
  • chatka_ 02.02.07, 12:16
    Swiezak,nic podobnego... Mleko cynamonowe, esencja cynamonu, lekko poslodzona,
    inaczej niz Slon, ale w tym guscie.
  • forevermore79 02.02.07, 12:12
    Pierwsze info o tuzinie butikowych zapachow na:
    Strona Black Orchid:

    Jestem ciekaw tych zapachow, choc z dostepnoscia bedzie gorzej. A sam stalem
    sie posiadaczem flakonu Black Orchid- upolowanego w Kadewe (obecnie zapach
    dostepny tylko w 3 punktach w Europie).
    Piekna kompozycja- migoczaca, bogata, choc witalem ja z mieszanymi uczuciami.
    Bardzo slodki w kilku pierwszych minutach, kwiatowy, przypomina poczatkowo
    Flowerbomb i Ralpha Hot wzbogaconego o truflowa nute, potem idzie w kierunku
    Theoremy- korzenie, odrobina kadzidla. Nadaje sie na unisex, choc koncepcja
    jest typowo damska- na razie mam w kolekcji i wacham z przyjemnoscia. A flakon
    w istocie imponujacy.

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