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News- Lalique: Amethyst (ang.)

04.07.07, 20:55

"French crystal maker Lalique is adding a fruity scent to its portfolio, with
the feminine fragrance Amethyst. The brand hopes its new launch will
consolidate its growth in fragrance. “Our latest three launches, Le Parfum,
Perles [for women] and Encre Noire [for men] already represent over 60% of
Lalique Parfums turnover”, Lalique president Olivier Mauny tells
CosmeticNews. “The fragrance activity represents 18% of Lalique total sales
and it tends to grow.”

Nathalie Lorson of Swiss flavors and fragrance company Firmenich created
Amethyst, a fruity musk juice. Its top note of blackcurrant and blackberry
continues with a floral bouquet and ends with notes of vanilla and musk. It
comes in a heavy glass bottle (Pochet), engraved with thorns. “The success of
our new products is due to their high positioning. We have crystal flacons
and [quite expensive] juices. Compared to others, it seems that
proportionally we invest far more in the product than in its communication,”
Mauny points out.
The line comprises a crystal bottle with a 50ml recharge and a funnel (€550),
EdPs (€72 for a 100ml and €52 for a 50ml) and a body lotion (€33, 200ml).

Amethyst will launch in September in Europe and the Middle East and in late
2008 in the United States. “The US currently represents 3% of our fragrance
activity and it should grow to 12-15% in the near future,” Lalique Parfums
general manager Dominique Daviaud explains. “Selective Beauty’s US subsidiary
is in charge of Lalique Parfums distribution since July. They will push
Lalique sales in its 150 US doors.”

Among other changes, Lalique Parfums has just hired French company P&B Euro
Beauty Agency to distribute its fragrances in France. “Time was hard for us
in France in 2006 because chains are taking more and more importance in the
market and independent perfumeries, which sell most of our crystal editions,
are less and less numerous,” explains Daviaud. Before that Lalique had its
own sales team in France."

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