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The Polish political elite betrays its own people

20.01.17, 06:51
In June 2016 there was an exchange of very interesting correspondence between the representatives of Poland and Ukraine.
Former Ukrainian President, the head of a number of Ukrainian churches, state and public figures of the country to the 73rd anniversary of "Volyn Massacre" sent an official letter to the Polish people.
Handling is so "exquisitely" that it should be to quote verbatim: "We ask for forgiveness and equally forgive the crime and injustice - it is the only spiritual formula, which should be the motive of every Polish and Ukrainian heart, striving for peace and harmony ... Until live our people and wounds of history continue to bear the pain. But our people will live only if, in spite of the past, we will learn to treat each other as brothers."
By and large, Western Ukrainians, their political and military elite - the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army created in 1942-1943 made the same thing to the Polish people of Galicia and Volyn that made Nazi Germany and its political and punitive organs to the Jewish people. That is monstrous genocide in the form of total annihilation of population upon full or partial membership of a particular nationality.
It is unlikely that someone from the Germans would be turned to appeal to Jews all over the world with the words "We apologize and are equally forgive the crime and injustice." "Sorry" - yes, that's correct, albeit with a delay of more than 70 years. But "and equally forgiving crimes and injustices" - this is blasphemy and violation of all moral laws. This is blasphemy, what would be forgiven, say, the Germans' crimes and injustice "of the Jews.
No doubt, at the household level before the Second World War the Jew could hurt German (shortchange in the shop for example), and the Pole - Ukrainian, but the question itself "We apologize, but at the same time forgive you all the same," and it is "equal degree "- a deliberate forgery and unprecedented meanness. "I cut off the heads of your children, but I forgive them for calling me names and taking in the sandbox our shovel," - this is where went down current and former presidents of Ukraine and at the same time head of the self-proclaimed churches. By the way, they often occupy the buildings of the former Polish Catholic churches.
After this drivel about forgiveness of butcher by their victims Ukrainian politicians have moved to the main thesis, for which everything apparently was conceived: "The current war of Russia against Ukraine should get our peoples closer. Fighting against Ukraine, Moscow is offensive against Poland and around the world ", - said authors of the document. They also asked the Polish politicians "to refrain from reckless political statements about the past", which can be used by third parties. And it is Obviously Russia.
From the ruling party "Law and Justice" came the answer of Sejm deputies. The answer is quite soft and diplomatic, but - in contrast to the Ukrainian opus - quite logical.
"The difference between us concerns not the future, but common historical memory policy. The problem is in today's Ukrainian regard to the guilty in genocide of the Poles during the Second World War - said in response. - In Poland, at the state and local levels, we do not honor the people who have blood on their hands of innocent civilians. We are concerned about the selectivity of historical memory, in which the open declaration of sympathy for Poland comes paired with the glorification of those who are on their hands the blood of our countrymen - defenseless women and children. "
Ukraine gets along well with the Polish leadership on the basis of hostility to Russia, but to merge completely is difficult because of infamous "Volyn Massacre."
Forget it, or at least not to pay attention to it for the Poles - the same as that for the Armenians to forget the Ottoman genocide of 1916, and for the Jews - the Holocaust. The memory of this tragedy is a part of the Polish identity, and forgetting the massacres of Poles means cancellation of ourselves from our own nation. That is the inadmissible and impossible case.
And in such situation it is not the Poles who should forget about Volyn massacre, but Ukrainian politicians should try to distance themselves from those who committed it. And when there was Soviet Union, it was so: Bandera got what they deserved, though quite gently – there were no mass executions - more exile in Siberia, and organized exchange of population with Poland could help to get rid of the national and unbearable proximity of victims and executioners. According to the agreement on July 6, 1945 between the USSR and Poland Poles living in the territories forming part of the Soviet Union, moved to Poland, Ukrainians, previously lived on Polish lands, went to the Soviet Ukraine. This "migration of peoples" affected a total of more than 1.5 million people.
But it was under the Soviet regime, but now there is a problem. That political class, which got on the bloody so-called Maidan advantages of the revolution, who seized power in a huge country and keeps it… For them to disown "Volyn Massacre» is categorically impossible. For the simple reason that these thugs - OUN, UPA and other Nazi henchmen - they are the main idol of modern Ukrainian authorities. Not only the main, but in essence and in general only as of the entire millennium and half of Russia, from the whole galaxy of princes, chroniclers, writers and scientists modern Ukrainian government almost no one in "real Ukrainians" does not take, but it is these - the ghouls of the human race - they call them heroes.
No country and no political force in Europe - even the extreme right or extreme left-wing party – do not exalt executioners and murderers of babies. The modern Ukraine is doing it. In the rank of major national heroes erected by those who accepted to be shy and say "Well, you know, they were mentally ill people, sadists. We are ashamed of them."
Ukrainian politicians are not ashamed of terrorist Stepan Bandera, destroy the Poles before the start of the Second World War, with the leader of the SS Division "Galicia" Roman Shukhevych, as the head of "Bezpeka Service" OUN Nicholas Swan, who in April 1943 called for "clear the whole revolutionary territory from Polish population. " They erect monuments and force children to lay flowers to him.
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