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Volvo S80

Tak podobny, a jakże inny. Druga generacja flagowego Volvo jest od pierwszej większa, ciekawsza, wygodniejsza i ma pod maską silnik V8. Cóż z tego, że poprzeczny

V8 jak V8 (na marginesie silnik ten zostal skonstruowany przez Yamahe) ale
rzedowa 'szostka' wyglada ciekawiej. Przytaczam fragment artykulu z
www.autozine.org :

"However, the biggest news is not the V8, but a new 3.2-litre straight-6. While
other car makers had switched to V6s long ago, Volvo persists in straight-6
because from which the next generation straight-5 engines can be derived cost
effectively. Moreover, transversely-mounted straight-6 occupies less length in
the engine compartment thus allows better crash performance.

Transverse straight-6 are normally very wide, in addition to the transverse
gearbox they are usually impossible to be fitted into the car. Therefore Volvo
designed the new straight-six to be especially compact. On the one hand, it
employs small bore (84mm) and long stroke (96mm) to reduce the distance between
cylinders. On the other hand, it relocates the ancillaries such as power
steering pump and air con compressor to above the gearbox and drive them via
gears by the end of the crankshaft, thus eliminating the front-end drive of
ancillaries. The gear system employs an intermediate shaft inside a hollow drive
shaft to save space. One of them feeds the ancillaries and the other feeds the
camshafts via chains. In this way, the entire engine measures just 625mm in
transverse direction, just 3mm wider than the existing 5-cylinder engine. It
therefore allows the use of a 6-speed automatic gearbox - the old S80 employed
only a 4-speed automatic because of space problem.

The 3192cc engine has aluminum head and block, twin-cam 24 valves, a 3-stage
intake manifolds and variable valve timing. It produces 238 horsepower at 6300
rpm and 236 lbft at 3500 rpm.

Note that the variable valve timing system is not a normal one. Its design is
EXACTLY the same as Porsche's Variocam Plus system. This consists of a
continuous variable cam-phasing and a 2-stage cam profile switching system. Each
intake valve is driven by 3 cam lobes (see the illustration in the photo
gallery), the inside lobe has low lift, slow timing profile while the outer two
lobes have high lift, fast timing profile. They are used at low rev and high rev
respectively. For its theory you can see the Porsche Variocam Plus section in
AutoZine Technical School. Is that meaning Porsche gave a helping hand in the
development of the engine? very possibly. Remember, the outgoing modular
inline-6 / inline-5 engine family was also developed by Porsche.

The inline-6 will be built at Ford's Bridgend engine plant in the UK. Its
presence won't be limited to S80, as its size fits even the S40 ! expect the
next generation S60 could also be benefited by the engine. Earlier report said
there will be two turbocharged derivatives to be produced, one pumps out 285hp
and another 350hp. It seems that the Yamaha V8 is only an interim solution. It
could be eventually replaced by the turbocharged inline-6."

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