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Zombies will take to Queen Street this Saturday :)

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Zombies will take to Queen Street this Saturday to raise money for a cat
charity. Wannabe zombies are asked to bring their sunscreen and keep in
character -- groaning incoherently, dragging their feet and staring vacantly
at store windows. The undead will meet at Metropolitan United Church Park at
4:30 p.m., shuffle on to Queen Street and slowly walk the three and half
kilometres to Bathurst. "The undead helping save the lives of kittens can be
appreciated by those that see similar ironies in everyday life," said
organizer Julye Huggins, who hopes at least 50 zombies will take part. The
money will go toward Toronto Cat Rescue, a network of foster homes for rescued
and abandoned cats. Toronto Cat Rescue reps will mingle, talk feline and issue
tax receipts for donations of $10 or more.
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