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is it worth playing in online casinos?

11.04.19, 14:14
now rarely anyone surprised by the presence of a smartphone and unhindered access to the Internet. rarely who their smartphone owners do not use games online. I especially observe how people play on the subway or in buses on the way to work or home. But how do I feel this is just a waste of time. Time on the road can also be combined with pleasant games and useful earnings. The first thing this casino I thought. when it was in Las Vegas. I liked it then. but if you play online casino, can I win? and which casinos to play?
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  • gradika24 13.04.19, 08:25
    Hello! Many will say that playing in a casino is only losing money, but things are not so simple. If you have to play a gamble for money, then everything changes. Remember that if you won the money it is too late to ask whether you should start playing in the casino at this needle. I note that about 5% of people are not subject to excitement at all and of course 100% at the beginning of the road consider themselves to be these 5%. We are all selected one by one.
  • daswa 13.04.19, 14:48
    How slot machines work
    Despite the diversity of modern slot machines in online casinos, they are actually very simple. The built-in random number generator determines random numbers, each of which is "connected" with a certain symbol on a certain reel – and the slot machine stops on these symbols as a result of this process. The loss of symbols is completely random and it is physically impossible to influence this process – unlike the old, mechanical slot machines in traditional casinos, where the outcome of the game with certain knowledge and skills could still be influenced.

    The results of each spin in the slot machines are random and independent of each other – the slots have no "memory", so some symbol can fall on a certain reel several times in a row or not fall at all. Similarly, it works, for example, roulette, where for 10 rounds in a row can fall red – absolutely randomly.
    Since the result of playing slots is always the result of the random number generator algorithm, the online casino itself is not able to influence the outcome of the spins, even if it wanted to. This is strictly monitored by a special Commission on gambling. For example, in the laws of the state of Nevada governing the activities of casinos in Las Vegas, there is a separate paragraph in which the casino is required to "protect" the random outcome of gambling – so that the results of the rounds do not depend on the style of play, the amount of bet, the result of the previous round and any other factors.

    In classic 3-reel slot machines, the random number generator selects three completely random numbers, each of which corresponds to a cell on each reel – and then, according to this result, the machine stops the reels so that these cells fall out. Even the most modern 5-reel slots work on the same principle. In fact, the game ends before the reels finish spinning – and the reels, by and large, are not even needed. The reels in the slots perform, in fact, a purely aesthetic function – a tribute to the traditions of the old "one-armed bandits", they only visually display the results of the random number generator.

    The standard slot machines in modern online casinos provide from 35 to 50 stops for each reel, each of the stops is a symbol" tied" to a certain number in the algorithm of the random number generator. Take into account the fact that each reel has a different number of different symbols (for example, seven "cherries", five "sevens", one bonus symbol, and so on). Therefore, somehow calculate the probability that during the rotation of the reels will fall some combination of the same symbols on all three or five reels is absolutely impossible. It is for this reason that there is no strategy that would allow players to secure a win in the slots. such slots are much more profitable to play not in online casinos, but in ordinary institutions: some players (often not too sober) simply do not understand that they play in a slot machine with a "cumulative" effect and eventually leave the game just before they receive additional rewards. As a result, when the next player sets down for such a free machine, he gets all those bonuses to which his predecessor did not have the patience to get.
  • klinza 13.04.19, 15:50

    Gradika24 any gambling is the risk and probability of loss. But this is the probability of winning. Anyone who decides to play should make a decision specifically and learn to stop on time. To put real money you need them to have your own. Money for bets should not be on the principle of putting everything I have in the house.
  • aksana11 13.04.19, 16:21
    No, of course it's not a waste of time. I also play when I go to work, or from work to home. I play at the weekend. The casino has one plus, if luck smiles, then you can win money, so it's worth the risk if you know why. I play bobcasino, and there have been cases when I won, not a lot of money, since I inserted the minimum amount.
  • miloslawkaczmarek 21.07.19, 16:37
    Fajne kasyna online dla prawdziwych profesjonalistów i fanów:

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