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Have you ever heard of Bitrix?

21.11.19, 15:42
Have you ever heard of Bitrix? I was looking for options that can be used on the Internet for successful business management and team. And I was interested in this offer from Bitrix-online project management software free. So honored, then very interesting proposal and good opportunities. And interestingly, it can be used for free to work with a team of up to 12 people. This of course nice, can be will test entire system Bitrix. How many of you already use this service? What are the most interesting things about working with him?
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    • simbit_26 Re: Have you ever heard of Bitrix? 23.11.19, 21:39
      Bitrix is a heavy system. To show the page of the site when the cache is disabled, a lot of code is executed. How much - I definitely can’t say. But this is by far one of the most inhibitory web systems I've had to deal with. I can say that this is a completely logical consequence of the customizability of a high degree of abstraction of a particular architecture and the numerous growth points embedded in the system.
    • simbit_26 Re: Have you ever heard of Bitrix? 24.11.19, 13:33
      An entrepreneur must with equal zeal develop all areas of activity. Attention must be paid to the quality and functionality of the product as well as advertising the delivery of services to the consumer. It should be remembered that the most beneficial are often the difficult and difficult sides of projects.
    • gradika24 Re: Have you ever heard of Bitrix? 24.11.19, 13:38
      Many people like to use the project management system because of its simplicity, although there is still something to think about in terms of improvement. In the course of its implementation, any project goes through various stages called the project life cycle in the aggregate.
    • lengra Re: Have you ever heard of Bitrix? 24.11.19, 16:14
      About Bitrix not only heard, but also actively use it in work with our team. There is a particularly interesting tool in Bitrix that I like the most - it online project management software free It is very convenient to work on different tasks and projects. I also like the ability to communicate with the whole team, create a closed network, and create websites. And there are also no less interesting tools that Bitrix offers. We even ordered a paid version, as the company employs a lot of people. But now we have a great service for effective work.

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