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Jest też test EQ, ale składający się z zaledwie 16 pytań.
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"Your score indicates that you have a low EQ.
Remember you responses need to have been as honest as possible. If you feel that your score does not reflect you, please retake the test and answer each question in the way that best represents the way you typically feel.

People that typically score in this range have trouble recognising and understanding their feelings. They are not always able to express their feelings in an appropriate manner. They often have doubts and concerns about who they are and what they want out of life. They have little confidence in themselves and their abilities. In most circumstances, they find it difficult to show love, empathy and compassion for other people. In general, they are not comfortable with intimacy.

People with low EQs also have trouble communicating with other people. They struggle with getting in tune with themselves and those around them. They often say the wrong thing at precisely the wrong moment. They have trouble showing their anger or dealing with anger directed at them. They are either not able to stand up for themselves when hurt or upset, or they fly completely off the handle when confronting others. They find it very hard to admit when they are wrong. When they do make mistakes they are often unable to apologise to those they hurt.

People with a low EQ generally have low levels of self-worth. They do not like challenges. They shun commitment. They are afraid of change. They have trouble staying motivated and focused in the face of setbacks. They are not able to set achievable goals for themselves, and often give up trying in the process. They are pessimistic about themselves and their future.

However, one great thing about emotional intelligence is that it's fluid! A person with a low EQ can increase their EQ at any point of their life!

People with a low EQ should start by learning how to identify their emotions and take responsibility for them. There are many resources to enable them to do this. They can read books about EQ and social skills, find out about anger management courses and communication skills courses, join a support group or see a counsellor. They can keep a diary of their emotions so that they can ask their friends to help them recognise the things about themselves that need correcting. If they do these things, there is no doubt that they can increase their emotional intelligence and live a healthy, happy life."
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