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Help Judy Urbanski-Roche find her roots?

05.01.08, 23:15
I was born in Canada but my parents came from Poland. I speak very
little Polish (my parents didn't teach me for too many reasons to
mention) but I hope you'll still welcome me to this group as I am
exhausting every possible means to uncover the identity of my
biological grandfather.

Here is the edited version of my story: my Grandmother Julia
Lagelbauer-Klangarter (spellings could be incorrect but I'm going
with what I was given) married her first husband, possibly just
before WWII broke out. Unfortunately, she said he was killed on his
way home one night by the German SS because he was helping to
smuggle Jews out of Poland. My Babcia, along with my Aunt Stanis and
Mother Jasia, was smuggled across the Polish border by one of my
Grandfather's friends before they were killed as well. My mother was
about 1 year old and my Aunt was about 6 years old.

After that, Babcia worked as a housekeeper for a German family
before meeting her second husband, Wladyslaw Hleba in a hospital for
wounded soldiers. They married and had three more children:
Ludmilla, John and Joe. They lived in Belgium for a number of years
before moving to Canada in the 1960's.

My Babcia never told anyone the name of her first husband. My Aunt
Stanis is dead but apparently she did remember a little of her
father. My Mother, who is 64 doesn't even know her own father's
name. How sad is that? I have tried to find information about him
but it is so hard.

If anything about this story sounds familiar to any of you, please
write to me. The names I'm looking for are:
Hleba, Lagelbauer, Klangartner/Klangetner

If you can help, bless you. If not, thank you for taking time to
read this anyway.

Judy Urbanski-Roche
Edytor zaawansowany
  • syswia 07.01.08, 03:23
    Welcome to our Forumsmile Hopefully you can read some Polish and follow
    our discussions. None of the names you mentioned are familiar to me.
    In fact two of them sound Jewish or perhaps German, not Polish.
    Poland was multicultural before the war so it not very surprising...
    Anyways, welcome!
    Z buntem przez zycie...
  • karul 10.01.08, 03:29
    welcome onboard. it sounds to me it will be quite difficult for you
    to discover the identity of your grandfather via the internet. if
    you know the name of the place/region where your grandma lived and
    got married, you could try some of the polish online genealogy
    professionals who can do thew diggin, for a price, of course.

    otherwise, it does not look promising. no records were kept during
    the war of 1939-45, and the existing pre-war ones were often lost.
    good luck, in any case!

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