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Pamiec Polakow wymordowanych przez zydow w Katyniu, nie Jedwabne!

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    1. POLISH History
    May 1, 1996


    The short history of the Katyn Massacre reproduced here was posted on
    Internet 'soc.culture.polish' by KonradX@msn.com on April 25, 1996.


    25,700 Polish officers, Polish citizens, Polish prisoners of II World War were
    murdered in the early spring of 1940 in one operation. A single shot to the
    back of the head on orders from the Soviet government. In Katyn Forest died
    15,000 Polish officers. The other 10,000 were executed in various undisclosed
    places throughout Russia. The exact number of Polish deaths is not known.
    Anyone who might be able to attain leadership and become the future opposition
    against the Soviets was immediately dispatched.

    World War II broke out September 1, 1939. The Germans marched into Gdansk
    (Danzig) and Gliwice (Gliwitz). Before they got to Poland, on September 17 the
    Soviets already attacked from the other side and took all of the eastern part
    of Poland with Vilnuis (Wilno) and Lvov (Lwow). This attack was the result of
    the Ribbentrop-Molotov secret pact between the Germans and the Soviets. It was
    dissolved by Hitler's attack on Russia on June 21, 1941.

    After the German invasion on Russia, the Nazis discovered the aftermath of the
    Katyn Massacre. Upon the Germans telling the world of this, the Russians tried
    to blame the Germans. But the bodies that were found in Katyn had been
    decomposing for months. Evidence such as paperwork found on the dead bodies as
    well as the condition of the corpses, whose hands were tied together with
    barbed wire, pointed to the fact that they were killed in April 1940 - one year
    before the Germans controlled any of those areas.

    50 years passed before the Russians admitted responsibility of this attrocity,
    which was deliberate and intentional mass genocide.

    March 5, 1940 Beria Laurenti prepared A DOCUMENT OF GENOCIDE for the Central
    Committee of the Politburo USSR. It was signed and Approved by: Joseph Stalin,
    Vyacheslav Molotov, Kliment Voroshilov, Anastas Mikoyan, Lazar Kaganovich, M.
    T. Kalinin.

    The victims' crime: Being Polish and therefore enemies of the State. The
    Sentence: Death by firing squad.

    Oct. 11, 1951 - Dec. 1952 a select committee of the 82nd U.S. Congress
    investigated the Katyn massacre. The facts, evidence, and circumstances of the
    massacre were forwarded to United Nations.

    April 13, 1996 - International Katyn Day - NO ONE WAS EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

    Houston, Texas - April 13, 1996"

    End of article.

    NOTE a): For information on Katyn: Reprinting of House Report No. 2505, 82nd
    Congress Concerning the Katyn Forest Massacre; Katyn, the Untold Story of
    Stalin's Polish Massacre (1991) by Allen Paul; Katyn, a Whisper in the Trees
    (1991) by Anthony A. J. Jakubowski; Jews in Poland (1993) by Iwo Cyprian
    Pogonowski (see index); (see bibliographies for further info)

    NOTE b): Lazar M. Kaganovich was one of Stalin's Jewish henchmen.

    Ref. Los Angeles Times, July 27, 1991: "The mustachioed, Ukrainian-born Jew was
    the last of Stalin's "faithful comrades-in-arms" - the inner Kremlin circle
    that included Vyacheslav Molotov, Lavrenti Beria and Georgy Malenkov - who
    helped create Stalin's brand of totalitarianism. ... Kaganovich, who joined the
    Bolshevik Party when he was 18, played a "sinister role" in the years of
    Stalin's terror, according to Soviet historian Roy Medvedev. ... As early as
    1932, Kaganovich helped wage a ruthless terror in the northern Caucasus that
    resulted in the deportation en masse of the inhabitants of large Cossack
    villages. As first secretary of Moscow's Communist Party organization in 1930-
    35, he was responsible for the construction of the capital's subway and the
    eradication of many historical monuments and churches. ... He was head of the
    Communist Party's agricultural section for a time and thus personally involved
    in the liquidation of the private holdings of the Soviet peasantry, a long and
    violent operation that led to millions of deaths and badly damaged the
    country's ability to feed itself."

    Ref. B'nai B'rith Messenger, May 21, 1993 by Si Frumkin: "I also doubt that
    many Jews know about the Ukrainian genocide of 1932-1933, during which close to
    9 million men, women and children were starved to death by Stalin and his
    fellow-thugs who at the same time enforced collectivization on Russian
    peasants, Kazakhstan nomads, and committed other atrocities that resulted in
    the deaths of between 25 and 60 million innocents. ..."

    NOTE c): The participation of NKVD Jews in the murder of the Polish officers
    was made public in an Israeli paper Ma'ariv, July 21, 1971: "Among the security
    service [NKVD] people in Starobielsk was a major and his name was Yehoshua
    Sorokin ... During his service in the camp, this Soviet Jew, the commander,
    became friends with Vidro [also Jewish] the prisoner. ... It happened that
    Major Sorokin was part of the staff in the third transport, the last one, of
    the Poles from Starobielsk, as the supply manager. ... On the way, when both of
    them were alone and talking Yiddish with each other, Major Sorokin opened his
    heart to his friend. It seemed as if he suffered spasm- attacks and could not
    control his rapid talk. ... Then told Sorokin to Vidro that the Polish
    officers "went", were shot, somewhere in Smolensk forests. Major Sorokin
    said: "What my eyes saw - the world will not believe." ... " "In February 1941
    Vidro was transferred from Starobielsk to the Talitza camp, in the province of
    Sabradlobask which is in the Urals. ... After a year he was assigned to be the
    camp's "commander", (a position that was given to a prisoner) and was
    responsible for interior arrangements, including receiving new prisoners. Also,
    here he happened to hear a certain testimony relating to the Katyn affair. In
    1942, a transport of 50 prisoners arrived at Talitza, among them two who
    displayed bizarre behaviour: Senior Lieutenant Alexander Soslov, and Junior
    Lieutenant Symon Tichonov. It immediately was clarified that their "papers" did
    not indicate, as ordinarily, the accusation and verdict, but rather the
    letters "N.N." were written, that their meaning was probably known just
    to "Kabbalists" [i. e. Jews] from the camp's government. The odd impression of
    Soslov and Tichonov soon was reinforced in a "subtle hint" by the camp's
    director to Vidro (the "commander"), not to send them to work in the forest,
    but rather to find an arrangement for them within the camp, because they
    are "not so alright". Indeed, it turned out, that the two had suffered from
    nervous breakdown. Vidro recalls that Soslov cried often. And once it had
    occurred that officer-prisoner approached Vidro and said: "I want to recount
    you my life. Me and Tichnov, are the most miserable people on earth. Only to
    you, because you are a Jew, we will tell everything. Nothing will matter to
    us ... I killed the Pollacks with my own hands. I myself shot them."

    Vidro tried to interrogate Soslov, by telling him: "You are lying." But Soslov,
    in a choking voice and hysterical, insisted and continued to tell: "Among the
    Russian soldiers that executed the killing, there were not a few that could not
    take it - they threw themselves into a grave and committed suicide. Other
    collaborators in the operation were spread over a short while to different
    places." End of quoted excerpts.

    In March of 1940, an NKVD mission came to Krakow to work out with the Gestapo
    the methods they were jointly to adopt against Polish military organizations.
    The Polish underground and Home Army was occupied Europe's largest and most
    effective r
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      In March of 1940, an NKVD mission came to Krakow to work out with the Gestapo
      the methods they were jointly to adopt against Polish military organizations.
      The Polish underground and Home Army was occupied Europe's largest and most
      effective resistance by far - but only in the German sphere and not in Soviet-
      occupied Poland. In 1939, having joined and/or worked for the NKVD, Jews in
      eastern Poland helped in the capture and deportation to the Soviet Union of
      1.5 - 1.7 million Poles. When Germany occupied that part of Poland, Jewish
      bands armed by the Soviets were killing Polish anti-communist partisans.

      (Many Jews were also killed by the Soviet partisans, communist and anti-
      communist, or not accepted by other Jews. Ref. A Partisan's Memoir (1955) by
      Faye Schulman (Faya Lazebnik), page 104: "A general in the Soviet Army, Vlasow
      had been taken prisoner by the Germans in the summer of 1942. He had persuaded
      them to establish an "army" recruited from among Soviet prisoners of war.
      This "army" was organized to fight on the side of the Nazis, overthrow the
      communist regime in the Soviet Union, and establish a pro-Nazi Russian state.
      Vlasov's army was used for operations against the partisans and took part in
      anti-Jewish actions. ... Hundreds of Jews were killed by our own Soviet
      partisans. In 1941 the partisan movement was struggling. ... [T]he commander of
      the Pinsk partisan units issued an order to kill every stranger in the woods
      who was not attached to a partisan group. Unaffiliated strangers were
      immediately shot. Most were Jews who had escaped from ghettos or camps and were
      hiding in the woods. ... Hundreds were killed before the commander realized his
      error; he was targeting innocent Jews and not Nazi spies. By the time he called
      off the order, it was too late for too many. ... "Most of the Jewish partisans
      were dismissed, [said a Jewish boy] sent away from the units into Nazi jaws
      because they did not have rifles." The order had been given by partisan
      headquarters." End of quote.)

      After the Soviets re-occupied ("liberated" from the Germans) eastern Poland,
      many Jews who survived the Nazis, often by being hidden, fed or otherwise
      helped by the Poles, denounced them to the communists for imprisonment, torture
      and/or death. Together with the Soviets they hunted down Polish anti- communist

      After the rest of Poland was "liberated", Jewish communists, having spent the
      war in the shelter of the Soviet Union, established a reign of terror in Poland
      killing thousands of anti-communist Poles, including those who returned to
      Poland after fighting the Nazis with the Western allies.

      Where are those communist Jews and the collaborators in the Katyn Massacre
      now ? Some have died of old age, some are in Israel, some in the United States
      as "survivors", some as professors in U. S. universities, - most, in order to
      mask their foul deeds, cry "Polish anti-Semitism !"

      cs: Interested parties

      Dana I. Alvi
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      1A. POLISH History
      March 21, 1998


      The article below was published by The Barnes Review, December 1997. This is
      the first part, second part is posted under 1Aa. POLISH History KATYN, the same

      The Barnes Review,
      130 Third Street, SE,
      Washington, DC 20003
      Tel: 1-800-728-8907

      QUOTE: ""Ethnic Cleansing and Soviet Crimes Against Humanity", by Ataullah
      Bogdan Kopanski.

      During the period from 1939 to 1949, the Soviets committed mass murders of many
      peoples. Among those holocausted were: Baltic, Slavic, Caucasian and Turkic
      people, eastern Germans, and Poles.

      There is a cynical answer to the question of why, in 1941, the German
      liberators of the Soviet death and labor camps were unable to establish stable
      national government in Russia. Quentin Reynold, an American "liberal"
      journalist and author of The Stars Are Neutral, written in 1941 in the Soviet
      Union, explained it:

      "Today there is not one fifth columnist, nor one Quisling at liberty in the
      Soviet Union. The Germans tried desperately to set up local tribunals with
      local citizens as nominal heads of the tribunals when they captured cities like
      Odessa, Kiev and others which fell to them during their successful march
      through the south last autumn. But in no case were they successful. Potential
      Quislings were all in the labor camps of the far north. Stalin knew what he was
      doing, back in 1938." 1

      Thus, Stalin called by his propagandists "a genial engineer of the people's
      dreams", ordered the murder of all potential Russian allies of Hitler's army
      three years before the "Barbarossa" invasion. Millions of
      potential "reactionaries and fascists" were shot in the back of the head before
      Hitler decided to invade Poland. How far-sighted and visionary was "Uncle Joe",
      indeed !

      But in 1941, after three months of constant retreat of the mammoth Red Army,
      Stalin and his henchmen panicked and ordered the destruction of the files of
      the notorious Lubianka Prison. The German Panzer divisions reached the western
      boundaries of Moscow district. In the Baltic states and Ukraine, thousands of
      Slavs, Byelorussians, Estonians, Lithuanians and Latvians flocked to welcome
      the German troopers. However, in the regions still occupied by the Red Army,
      thousands of suspected "disloyal" citizens were "prophylactically" shot or
      deported to the slave camps of Vorkuta and Karaganda. 2

      The infamous Soviet inner state of Gulag (the acronym of Glavnoye Upravlenye
      Ispravitelno-Trudovikh Legerei, or the Main Administration of Corrective Labor
      Camps) established in 1934, had a special branch of the security policy called
      Smersh composed mainly of Jewish commissars who murdered thousands of captives
      during the war of 1941-1945. The Soviet technology of mass execution was
      primitive, cheap but deadly efficient. In 1941, in the prison cells of the
      Soviet steamer Dzhurma, 12,000 captives had been frozen to death near Wrangel
      Island. A whole trainload of 1,650 Polish deportees died in the wintertime of
      1940-1941 in unheated and overcrowded cattle cars near the death camp of
      Kolyma. Of the estimated 2,000,000 Polish civilians deported to the Russian
      Arctic regions of Gulag in the terrible railway convoys of 1939-1940, at least
      one half were dead within a year of their detention. More than 15,000 interned
      Polish officers, intellectuals, teachers and doctors disappeared in the
      Okchotzk Sea. They were transferred in April 1940 from three large Soviet
      detention camps located in Ostashkov, Kozielsk and Starobielsk. 3

      Three years later, the victorious German troops exhumed in the forest between
      Katyn and Gniezdov near Smolensk a horrible evidence of the Soviet war crime.
      Katyn was one of the Narodnyi Komissariat Vnutriennikh Del (National Committee
      of Interior Affairs, NKVD) killing fields since 1918. Polish POWs were
      transported to Katyn in the so-called "Stolypin's trucks" or chornyi woron
      (black crows). In the forest, other prisoners unearthed a huge pit. NKVD firing
      squads were waiting at the checkpoint. As the victims emerged one by one from
      the trucks, each was seized by the wardens who tied their hands behind their
      backs with wire, and they were brought to the edge of the pit. At a sign from
      the NKVD commissar, the executioners placed their pistol muzzles at the
      victims' necks. After the order a g o n ! (in Russian: fire !), bullets smashed
      their way out of the foreheads of the Polish POWs. The lifeless bodies toppled
      softly into the ditch. Every day, 300 Polish interned officers were slaughtered
      in the same way. Those who resisted were quickly silenced by the guard's rifle
      butt, their jaws were crushed and sawdust was jammed into the mouth of those
      who tried to scream. A body which moved in the pit was professionally stabbed
      with a bayonet. Twenty-two years of experience lay behind the progressive state.

      On May 11, NKVD men killed the last convoy of Polish prisoners and 4,000
      corpses were covered by a thick layer of the Byelorussian sandy soil. A special
      NKVD forestry detachment shoveled the mass grave and planted rows of pine
      saplings over the mounds in the site called "the Goat Hills" by the local

      When the German soldiers disclosed in 1943 the killing fields of Katyn to the
      shocked world, American President Franklin Roosevelt declared it all to be "a
      Nazi lie and Hitler's plot". The Soviet mass murder in Katyn was well-known to
      the British and American Intelligence services. Information passed to the
      Soviet Union by Eduard Pfeiffer, Jewish homosexual double agent and his British
      lover Maclean about a French plan of sending the fifteen thousand Polish
      officers from the Soviet detention camps to Syria - where Gen. S. Kopanski
      formed a new Polish Carpathian Brigade, certainly influenced Stalin's decision
      on "liquidation" of the intellectual elite of the Polish army defeated in 1939
      by the German and Soviet armies. 4

      The German military investigators, who located the mass graves of 4,500 Polish
      victims of the Soviet policy of genocide, invited an international independent
      commission and the Red Cross Organization from Switzerland to Katyn. When they
      began to dig up the mass grave in April 1943, a Soviet plane was observed
      hovering over the place. Investigators from several neutral countries found
      undeniabale evidence of the Soviet war crimes. However, their report was
      totally ignored by the Jewish, Soviet, American and British prosecutors during
      the controversial Nuremberg Trial. Seventeen German officers "who confessed
      their participation in the execution of Polish prisoners of war in Katyn" were
      found quilty of "crime against humanity" and hanged. Until 1990, the Soviet
      dictators and their communist stooges in Poland maintained that the crime in
      Katyn had been committed by the Nazis. Those who denied it, like Stanislava
      Kostus, my hgh school teacher of history in Poland in 1966, were punished and
      dismissed from work. In October 1992, Russian President Boris Yeltsin
      dispatched an envoy to Warsaw to hand over a copy of Stalin's document
      decreeing in March 5, 1940, the supreme punishment by firing squad of 14,736
      Polish army officials, along with another 10,685 Poles held by NKVD in the
      detention camps at Ostashkov and Starobielsk. 5

      Six thousand Polish captives from Ostashkov and Starobielsk were transported to
      the Ukrainian town of Dergachi near Kharkov and executed in a similar way as in
      Katyn. Others were relocated to the coast of White Sea, placed on board two
      vessels and sunk in the icy waters. 6

      The mass executions of the Polish captives were organized by Y. Raichman, a
      Jewish commissar of NKVD under direct commands of Lavrentyi Beria.

      But the most savage death toll came later, in slave camps of Kolyma and
      Uzbekistan, where inmates, women, men and children never survived longer
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        The mass executions of the Polish captives were organized by Y. Raichman, a
        Jewish commissar of NKVD under direct commands of Lavrentyi Beria.

        But the most savage death toll came later, in slave camps of Kolyma and
        Uzbekistan, where inmates, women, men and children never survived longer than
        two years. 7

        In the Kolyma gold mines, the annual death rate of Polish slaves alone rose to
        more than 50 percent in 1940. After 8 hours of inhumanly hard work, they
        received a bowl of potato soup and a slice of frozen black bread. My relative
        survived the Siberian death camp because he ate raw dead owls and small
        rodents. In the death and labor camps of Kolyma more than 3 million prisoners
        died between 1935 and 1955. Polish, German, Rumanian and Finnish war prisoners
        who worked in the gold fields were the third generation of Soviet slaves.
        Working bulldozers sometimes excavated a huge mass grave and "scraped up these
        stiffened bodies, thousands of bodies, thousands of skeletal corpses, twisted
        fingers, putrefying toes, frozen stumps, the dry skin scored with blood, and
        hungry blazing eyes." 8

        Prisoners and slaves of the Vorkuta and Pechora camps who worked in temperature
        below zero, coerced by the desperate instinct of survival ate their own vomit
        and even flesh of killed fellow prisoners. They were too weak to escape or to
        resist. One Polish survivor described the human phantoms of Kolyma camps: "It
        was a procession not of human beings, but of corpses and trunks. The majority
        had neither noses, lips or ears." 9

        Female slaves in the Gulag were constantly raped by the camp guards who
        infected them with syphilis.

        The cheapest and the most efficient Soviet weapons of mass killing were frost,
        starvation and exhaustion by hard labor.

        After the invasion of Poland in 1939, the Red Army committed several horrifying
        war crimes in the city of Lviv (Lwow, Lvov, Lemberg, Leopolis). But Rockwell
        Kent, an American tourist and "humanist", who was in the eastern Poland
        (western Ukraine) during the Soviet attack, greeted the Red Army because "the
        Jews would be safe". 10

        The local Jewish minority warmly welcomed the invading Soviets, who immediately
        appointed many prominent Jewish-origin members of the Communist Party of Poland
        (KPP) as the commissars and executives of the newly created "Soviet Socialist
        Republic of United Ukraine". The Polish Communist Party was outlawed in the
        prewar Poland as a terrorist group directed from Moscow, and in the western
        Ukraine occupied by Poland was active a strong nationalist and populist
        Ukrainian liberation movement (OUN) led by Stepan Bandera. The Germans
        supported the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in its efforts to
        establish a free independent Ukraine (svobodna Ukraina). Before 1939, the
        Polish army and Polish settlers clashed many times with the persecuted and
        dispossessed Ukrainians. - END OF QUOTED FIRST PART.

        Continued as 1Aa. POLISH History KATYN, the same date.

        Dana I. Alvi
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        A co to jest Jedwabne ? Miejsce gdzie stal sracz WAFEN SS ?
        To tam ,gdzie bohaterzy z SS mieli zakamuflowany sracz w stodole ?
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      1 B. POLISH History
      May 3, 1998


      The quarterly magazine AFTER THE BATTLE, in its Number 92 issue published a 34-
      page article titled The Katyn Massacre by Karel Margry. The article contains
      numerous rare photographs. Acknowledgements are given as follows:

      "The Editor is very grateful for the assistance of Dr. Z. Jagodzinski of the
      Polish Library in London and Andrzej Przewoznik of Rada Ochrony Pamieci Walk i
      Meczenstwa (The Council for the Preservation of the Memory of the Struggles and
      Martyrdom) in Warsaw. Also to Kriss Machala for help with translations."

      Rather than quoting excerpts, below is information where an interested reader
      may obtain the entire article:

      United Kingdom Newsagent Distribution:
      Seymour Press Ltd.,
      Windsor House,
      1270 London Rd.,
      London SW16 3DH,
      Tel: 0181-679-1899
      United States Distribution and Subscriptions:
      RZM Imports,
      P. O. Box 995,
      Southbury, CT 06488
      Tel: 1-203-264-0774

      Canadian Distribution and Subscriptions:
      Vanwell Publishing Ltd.,
      1 Northrup Crescent,
      St. Catherines,
      Ontario L2M 6P5
      Tel: (905) 937-3100
      Fax: (905) 937-1760

      Australian Subscriptions and Back Issues:
      Technical Book and Magazine Company, Pty., Ltd.,
      289-299 Swanson Street,
      Melbourne,Victoria 3000
      Tel: 663-3951

      New Zealand Distribution:
      South Pacific Books (Imports) Ltd.,
      6 King Street,
      Grey Lynn,
      Auckland 2,
      Tel: 762-142

      Italian Distribution:
      Casella Postale 395,
      1-43100 Parma,
      Tel: 0521-290-387
      Telex: 532274 EDIALB I

      Dutch Language Edition:
      Quo Vadis,
      Postbus 3121,
      3760 DC Soest,
      Tel: 035-6018641

      Dana I. Alvi
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      1 C. POLISH History
      Styczen 13, 2000


      Dwa cytaty z ksiazki "Agresja Zwiazku Radzieckiego na Polske 17 wrzesnia 1939
      r. LOS JENCOW POLSKICH" (Torun 1998) autorstwa Piotra Zaronia. (Patrz tez "13.
      BOOK (KSIAZKA) Agresja ... ... "

      Strona 401: "... Oto list kpt. Stanislawa Cylkowskiego, jednego z jencow
      polskich przebywajacych w obozach niemieckich, ktory wraz z grupa szesciu
      innych zostal przywieziony przez Niemcow do Katynia 16 IV 1943 r. W listach do
      zony z 28 kwietnia i 7 maja 1943 r. opisal swoje spostrzezenia i wrazenia z
      pobytu w Katyniu. - "Odlot z Berlina do Smolenska nastapil 16 kwietnia. Samolot
      ladowal w Warszawie gdyz jeden z jencow zachorowal i pozostal pod straza w
      Warszawie. Pozostali odlecieli do Smolenska. 15.30 ladowanie w Smolensku.
      Smolensk typowe miasto frontu zniszczone prawie zupelnie. Tu zapoznano nas
      szczegolowo z wszystkimi dokumentami, fotografiami, zeznaniami, nazwiskami
      ofiar katynskich. Ponury przedsmak tragedii. Cala prawie noc pracowalismy, a o
      osmej rano wyjazd autokarami do lasku Katynskiego. Naraz stop ! Przed nami
      lasek - marny piaszczysty ! Skrecamy w lewo, wysiadamy. Co za okropny mdly
      zaduch - toc to zaduch rozkladajacych sie zwlok. Nie do wytrzymania ! Pare
      krokow na prawo - Rany Boskie. Co za straszny, wstrzacajacy widok, pelno zwlok,
      tysiace zwlok, zwloki naszych drogich kolegow, kochanych braci. Porzucani w
      glebokich dolach jeden na drugim i obok drugiego, rece i piesci scisniete w
      przedsmiertnej walce, dlonie zwiazane sznurami, straszliwe prozne oczodoly,
      zeby - szczeki obnazone jakby w krzyku smiertelnym. Boze, Boze, co ci ludzie
      przecierpiec musieli, biedacy, i za co ? Chodze wsrod tych drogich sercu zwlok.
      Pale nerwowo jeden papieros o drugi. Okropny zaduch. Szukam, szukam Jozefa
      Pil... (Pilaczy - kupca z Bydgoszczy, zaprzyjaznionego z autorem) znajomych.
      Niestety twarzy juz rozpoznac nie mozna. Mundury, buty, pasy et cetera dobrze
      utrzymane. A wszedzie zdradziecki strzal w tyl glowy ! Kilkaset zwlok juz
      wydobyto, leza na piasku juz zidentyfikowane. A tam w tych dolach jeszcze kilka
      tysiecy. Kto sercu bliski jeszcze tam lezy ? Odkopujemy sami jedne zwloki.
      Zdejmuje z zimnych rak kajdany - sznur. Cienki, ale mocny sznur, przywiozlem ze
      soba. Przegladamy znalezione przy zwlokach dokumenty, zapiski, listy. Jakie to
      listy, pocztowki od swoich najblizszych, smutne, tragiczne te pamietniki.
      Biedacy wszystko sie urywa w marcu 1940 roku." 32"

      Strona 395: "... Natomiast dyr. Seyfried dla uczczenia pamieci poleglych, po
      odejsciu Niemcow nad mogila powiedzial: "Wzywam delegacje polska, aby chwila
      (milczenia) ciszy uczcila pamiec poleglych tu rodakow, ktorzy zgineli po to by
      Polska istniala."18" -- Koniec cytatow.


      Dana I. Alvi
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        A co to jest Jedwabne ? Miejsce gdzie stal sracz WAFEN SS ?
        To tam ,gdzie bohaterzy z SS mieli zakamuflowany sracz w stodole ?
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      8. POLISH History
      April 2, 1998


      Ponizej dany "Referat Jakuba Bermana" jest wziety z ksiazki "Judeopolonia -
      nieznane karty historii" wydanej w Krakowie w 1981 roku. Brak jest nazwy firmy
      wydawczej i nazwiska autora, ktory ukrywa sie pod pseudonimem XYZ. W jej
      wstepie autorzy pisza:

      CYTAT: "Chcemy tym, do ktorych dotrze ta ksiazka uswiadomic, ze nadal - mimo
      formalnego zmienienia szyldu przez ekipe rzadzaca - narod polski jest
      odlamywany, eksploatowany, jest instrumentem w niepolskich rekach." - KONIEC

      CYTAT, strony 235-238: ""Referat Jakuba Bermana"

      Sekretarza Stanu Rady Ministrow i Czlonka Biura Politycznego PPR, Czlonka
      Tymczasowego Rzadu Jednosci Narodu oraz Sekretarza Poalej-Syjon, wygloszony w
      kwietniu 1946 r. na posiedzeniu egzekutywy Komitetu Zydowskiego.

      /wedlug stenogramu/

      Zydzi maja okazje do ujecia w swoje rece calosci zycia panstwowego w Polsce i
      rozszerzenia nad nim swojej kontroli. Nie pchac sie na stanowiska
      reprezentacyjne. W ministerstwach i urzedach tworzyc tzw. drugi garnitur.
      Przyjmowac polskie nazwiska. Zatajac swoje zydowskie pochodzenie. Wytwarzac i
      szerzyc wsrod spoleczenstwa polskiego opinie i utwierdzac go w przekonaniu, ze
      rzadza wysunieci na czolo Polacy, a Zydzi nie odgrywaja w panstwie zadnej roli.

      Celem urabiania opinii i swiatopogladu narodu polskiego w pozadanym dla nas
      kierunku, w rekach naszych musi sie znalesc w pierwszym rzedzie propaganda z
      jej najwazniejszymi dzialami i prasa, filmem i radiem. W wojsku obsadzic
      stanowiska polityczne, spoleczne, gospodarcze, wywiad. Mocno utwierdzac sie w
      gospodarce narodowej. W ministerstwach na plan pierwszy przy obsadzaniu ich
      Zydami wysuwac nalezy: Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych, Skarbu, Przemyslu,
      Handlu Zagranicznego, Sprawiedliwosci. Z instytucji centralnych - centrale
      przemyslowe, banki panstwowe, centrale handlowe, spoldzielnosc. W ramach
      inicjatywy prywatnej w okresie przejsciowym utrzymac silna pozycje w dziedzinie

      W partii zastosowac podobna metode - siedziec za plecami Polakow lecz wszystim

      Osiedlanie sie Zydow powinno byc przeprowadzone z pewnym planem i korzyscia dla
      spoleczenstwa zydowskiego. Moim zdaniem nalezy osiadac w wiekszych skupiskach,
      jak Warszawa, Krakow; w centrum zycia gospodarczego i handlowego: Katowice,
      Wroclaw, Szczecin, Gdansk, Gdynia, Lodz, Bielsko. Nalezy rowniez tworzyc typowe
      osrodki zydowskie przemyslowe i rolnicze, glownie na ziemiach odzyskanych, nie
      poprzestajac na Walbrzychu i Rychbachu /obecnie Dzierzoniow/. W tych osrodkach
      mozemy przystosowac przyszle kadry nasze w tych zawodach, z ktorymi bylismy
      slabo obeznani.

      Uznac antysemityzm za zdrade glowna i tepic go na kazdym kroku. Jezeli
      stwierdzi sie, ze jakis Polak jest antysemita, natychmiast go zlikwidowac przy
      pomocy wladz bezpieczenstwa lub bojowek PPR jako faszyste nie wyjasniajac
      organom wykonawczym sedna sprawy.

      Zydzi musza pracowac dla swego zwyciestwa, pracujac jednoczesnie nad
      zwyciestwem i ugruntowaniem komunizmu w swiecie, bo tylko wtedy i przy takim
      ustroju narod zydowski osiagnie najwyzsza pomyslnosc i zabezpieczy sobie
      najsilniejsza pozycje.

      Sa male widoki by doszlo do wojny. Jesli Ameryka zacznie sie szybko
      socjalizowac, to ta droga mniejszych lub wiekszych wstrzasow wewnetrznych i tam
      musi zapanowac komunizm. Wtedy reakcja zydowska, ktora dzis trzyma z reakcja
      miedzynarodowa zdradzi ja i uzna, ze racje mieli Zydzi stojacy po drugiej
      stronie barykady. Podobny przypadek wspoldzialania Zydow calego swiata
      wyznajacych dwie rozne koncepcje ustrojowe - komunizm i kapitalizm - zaistnial
      w ostatniej wojnie. Dwa najwieksze mocarstwa swiatowe kontrolowane przez Zydow
      i bedac pod ich wielkim wplywem, podaly sobie rece. Trud Zydow pracujacych
      wokol Roosevelta doprowadzil do tego, ze USA wspolnie z ZSRR wystapily do walki
      przeciw Europe Srodkowej, gdzie byla kolebka nowej idei, opartej na nienawisci
      do Zydow. Zrobili to Zydzi gdyz wiedzieli, ze w przypadku zwyciestwa Osi, a
      glownie Niemiec, ktore doskonale przejrzaly plany polityki zydowsksiej,
      niebezpieczenstwo rasizmu stanie sie w USA faktem dokonanym i Zydzi znikna z
      powierzchni swiata. Dlatego tez Zydzi sowieccy dla tego celu poswiecili krew
      narodu rosyjskiego, a Zydzi amerykanscy zaangazowali swoje kapitaly.

      Nalezy sie liczyc z dalszym naplywem Zydow do Polski, poniewaz na terenie Rosji
      jest jeszcze duzo Zydow. Przed wkroczeniem Niemcow w poszczegolnych miastach
      ZSRR bylo kilka skupisk Zydow polskich: Charkow - 36 200, Kijow - 17 800,
      Moskwa - 53 000, Leningrad - 61 000, w zachodnich republikach - 184 730. Zydzi
      skupieni w tych osrodkach to przewaznie inteligencja zydowska i dawne kupiectwo
      zydowskie. Element ten jest obecnie szkolony w ZSRR. Sa to kadry budowniczych
      nowej Polski demokratycznej. Zgodnie z zalozeniami polityki sowieckiej wobec
      Polski - tzn. projektem polit-biura - fachowcy ci obsadzac beda najwazniejsze
      dziedziny zycia w Polsce, a ogol Zydow bedzie rozlokowany w glownych centrach

      Stara polityka zydowska zawiodla. Obecnie przyjelismy nowa, zespalajac cele
      narodu zydowskiego z polityka ZSRR. Podstawowa zasada tej polityki jest
      stworzenie aparatu rzadzacego, zalozonego z przedstawicieli ludnosci zydowskiej
      w Polsce.

      Kazdy Zyd musi miec swiadomosc, ze ZSRR jest wielkim przyjacielem i protektorem
      narodu zydowskiego, ze jakkolwiek liczba Zydow w stosunku do stanu
      przedwojennego ulegla olbrzymiemu spadkowi, to jednak dzisiejsi Zydzi wykazuja
      wieksza solidarnosc. Kazdy Zyd musi miec wpojone to przekonanie, ze obok niego
      dzialaja wszyscy inni, owiani tym samym duchem prowadzacym do wspolnego celu.

      Kwestia zydowska jakis czas bedzie jeszcze zajmowala umysly Polakow, lecz
      ulegnie to zmianie na nasza korzysc, gdy zdolamy wychowac choc dwa pokolenie

      Wedlug danych wojewodzkiego Komitetu Zydowskiego na terenie Slaska Gornego i
      Dolnego, jest obecnie ponad 40 000 Zydow. Okolo 15 000 Zydow ma byc
      zatrudnionych w osadnictwie. Powiat Rychbach /Dzierzoniow/ i Nysa sa
      przewidziane do tych celow. Akcja osadnicza finansowana jest z zydowskich
      funduszow zagranicznych i panstwowych. Zydzi celowo tworza nowa, choc chwilowo
      nieznaczna, koncentracje elementu zydowskiego, kladac podwaline pod zawod
      rolnika i robotnikow przemyslowych.

      Jest to budowanie przyszlego podloza szerszych celow politycznych.

      Jakub Berman

      - - - - - - - - - - -
      Opis ten znajduje sie w aktach sprawy czlowieka, ktory za ujawnienie tegoz
      stenogramu zostal skazany na kare smierci, zamienionej nastepnie na
      dozywocie." -- KONIEC CYTATU.

      Autentycznosc "Referatu Jakuba Bermana" jest w stanie potwierdzic Pan Boguslaw
      Rybicki, Prezes Stronnictwa Narodowego "Ojczyzna". W jednym z wydan
      tygodnika "Ojczyzna" wydawanego przez Pana Rybickiego ukazal sie ten
      slynny "Referat Bermana".

      Dana I. Alvi
    • Gość: OZI IP: 203.76.17.* 19.07.01, 02:55
      A co to jest Jedwabne ? Miejsce gdzie stal sracz WAFEN SS ?
      To tam ,gdzie bohaterzy z SS mieli zakamuflowany sracz w stodole ?
      • Gość: OZI IP: 203.76.17.* 19.07.01, 03:24
        A co to jest Jedwabne ? Miejsce gdzie stal sracz WAFEN SS ?
        To tam ,gdzie bohaterzy z SS mieli zakamuflowany sracz w stodole ?
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