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OK, first discussion topic - France and the Roma

16.09.10, 20:41
What do you make of the current headlines generated by Sarkozy's France at the moment? Was Mrs Reding right to take Sarkozy to task for the Roma expulsions? Was Sarkozy right to retaliate by suggesting she took his Romas into Luxembourg? Wasn't it Rosa Luxembourg anyway, not Roma Luxembourg, or is that a tabula rosa?

Where was Mrs Reding and her offended democratic principles when the Ayatollah Ahmadinejad 's junta was dismissing Sarkozy's wife as an "Italian Prostitute" for supporting a woman which the Iranian government intends to stone to death? Why was Reding silent then and only stepping in against Sarkozy? Is she big and brave when it comes to squaring up to rational Europeans but a cowering wimp when it comes to facing up to the Muslim radicals? Carla Bruni isn't, that's for sure. She's a first lady with balls and I respect that woman. If I were Sarkozy, I'd have my bombers already kitted out to fly over the Iranian leaders' palaces - with a payload of nice hard stones, since they seem to like them so much.
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