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UK - the higher pourentage of chidren in prisons

24.11.12, 16:30
I would write Phd thesis about children in bristish prisons.
But, I am afraid about british, violent police.
Could someone give me an adivice?
Best regards
bioderma, Paris France
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  • bioderma 26.11.12, 12:21
    In french lungage, of course.
    My previous lectuer of english Dennis Davy from British Institute of Paris, London University do not answer-smile
  • usenetposts 03.12.12, 12:23
    If I were you I would not allow myself to be intimidated. Nothing will change if you fear to write a PhD theses on the subject.
    - Moje wideo na YouTube -
    :: Foreigners Living in Poland Forum
  • bioderma 04.12.12, 21:57
    Thank you very much useneposts, mybe I will ask an advice the chief of brit police I met once in Kenya. But, I have only some pics with him and with her wife, I do not rember his name.
    He used to hunt fish when scuba diving, I am happy he did not use hunting children-smile)

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