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Don't let not being foreign stop you . . .

18.06.05, 15:10
I never said Polish people weren't supposed to post here. If you are
interested in the comings and goings of foreigners, then you're more than
welcome. I didn't think I needed to mention it, but the deathly silence seems
to imply that I did.


Uncle Davey
Edytor zaawansowany
  • asia9111 19.06.05, 05:46
    I am not foreign, and I do not even live in Poland at the moment. After years
    in the US, I am planning to go back. I would be interested to find you opinion
    of the Polish job market. I work here as a chief academic officer at a college,
    and I realize that I would end up doing something else in PL. One hears all the
    horror stories about unemployment, yet all my friends are spending vacations
    abroad. So, what is your opinion?
  • usenetposts 19.06.05, 22:04

    Asia, thank you for being the first person to join this group.

    I was getting worried that nobody could see the group at all!

    You wrote:

    > I am not foreign, and I do not even live in Poland at the moment. After years
    > in the US, I am planning to go back. I would be interested to find you
    > of the Polish job market. I work here as a chief academic officer at a

    Cool! I think you could find employment here in Warsaw at the drop of a hat. I
    would be happy to let you have my contacts in Academia.

    Do you think you would want to start back here at the beginning of the next
    academic year?

    > and I realize that I would end up doing something else in PL. One hears all
    > horror stories about unemployment, yet all my friends are spending vacations
    > abroad. So, what is your opinion?

    I think that you don't have to believe the statistics. There are some very good
    roles and salaries for good people. If you want to be in academia, you could
    be, but the money is not as good as in business, but you would have an
    excellent start in any business with the US exposure and the strong academics.

    If you want to give me your CV, then I could start to see what doors are open
    for you. Remember the money is low by European standards, but I think you'll
    find the difference in standard of living less troublesome than you think.

    What part of Poland would you like to come back to?


    Uncle Davey
  • asia9111 19.06.05, 22:12
    WOW!! this forum is not dead! at least the two of us are talking! I can send
    you my resume to your @gazeta address. I am ready to investigate any
    possibility and I guess, once you see my cv, you will be able to guide me
    better. Hey-I think I have reached the point in my life where I no longer want
    to work 60 hrs a week. I am originally from Gdansk, and would not mind going to
    live there-my family are all there, but I am not ruling Warsaw out. And...I
    cannot break the contract with my current employer just yet..have to stay here
    till 2006, but will be in Poland for 3 weeks in Decemebra and would like to
    have a good look around. Thanks for your reply!
  • usenetposts 19.06.05, 22:25
    I've got links to Gdansk, oddly enough.

    I'm looking forward to getting your cv, but the piorkrat "at"
    address probably will handle attachments better.

    Uncle Davey
  • asia9111 20.06.05, 00:02
    I have sent you the cv. Thanks!
    BTW, how come nobody else is active here?
  • asia9111 20.06.05, 00:07
    no such user???
  • usenetposts 20.06.05, 18:43
    Sorry, typo. That should be piorokrat"at", not "piorkrat".

    I wondered why I hadn't got anything.


    Uncle Davey
  • asia9111 20.06.05, 18:50
    ok, considering I am at work now, I will send my cv in the evening. I guess you
    will have it in your in-box after you wake up tomorrow.
  • maria55 20.06.05, 20:51
    Can I send you mine?
    I can't find a good job in Warsaw!!
  • usenetposts 25.06.05, 14:15
    I'll do what I can for any participants here who send me their CVs. Obviously
    it depends in what's in the CV for what I can think of to do for you, but we
    can give it a go. I can't tell you anything specific until I know what you have
    as your experience and your skills so far.

    I'm always happy to help, though.

    Use the "piorokrat" address I gave upthread.


    Uncle Davey
  • asia9111 25.06.05, 15:05
    Uncle Davey:
    For obvious reasons, I cannot 'rally the troops' of foreigners in Poland to
    join the forum, but don't you know anyone that would be interested in
    participating? BTW, I have heard from a friend, who traveled 500 km. to go to
    Wroclaw for the huge Wagner concert last night, and I am sure others have been
    to it/heard of it-anyone wanting to talk about this or anything else smile???
  • usenetposts 29.06.05, 01:09
    I didn't follow about the Wagner concert, Asia, because I had a guest in the
    evenings for the past few days - he's a Russian friend who works for a group
    with companies in Poland too, but he's been over my place in the evenings.

    How was the concert and what did they play?

    Do you think that Wroclaw will become the Polish Glyndebourne?


    Uncle Davey
  • asia9111 29.06.05, 04:54
    They were playing "Zygfryd" but I have not heard any reviews. My friend who
    drove there is currently traveling, and he does so without the laptop, so we
    are out of touch for a week. Yes, I do believe that Wroclaw is becoming a music
    center to be 'taken seriously'. In addition to the opera, they also had music
    performances in all-night venues. I think that the architecture plus the music
    must have made for some very spectacular evenings.
  • burgeon 01.07.05, 20:44
    Alright, I will join in, unless you'll boot me out for I have very little to do
    with Poland. The exchange about Wroclaw becoming big on music scene got my
    interest (plus two of you are feline lovers, btw mine is very agile in all
    sorts of acrobatics...anything to make me start paying attention to him and not
    the computer screen). I thought that (aside from the capital) Krakow was the
    place for classical music and Katowice for jazz? Any interesting links to
    Wroclaw? I might travel in the coming months to Poland (thinking of starting a
    new business), and since it got my interest (because of your mini review) would
    not mind checking it out.

  • asia9111 01.07.05, 21:34
    Welcome! I do not think Uncle Davey would boot you out, and I have nothing to
    say--I am a Polish person living abroad (so the reverse of the forum title) and
    would be happy to share whatever I know. Wroclaw is beautiful (although I am
    partial to Gdansk smile ) and it is really becoming a big music center. Is your
    business going to be in Wroclaw? Or any other location? I do know there are
    links that I have, as well as a photo album by one of my compadres in the US,
    which she compiled in June 2005, and I will certainly share all the links,
    except I have to leave home right now, so there should be a new post from me by
    tomorrow am. Where are you now?
  • burgeon 01.07.05, 22:03
    Thank you, that would be great! I am in the same boat as you, as far as the
    title of this forum is concerned.

    I've never been to Wroclaw, but do have a business contact there who I'll need
    to meet. I've never been to Gdansk either, although Gdansk has been for a long
    time on my list of "places to visit" whereas Wroclaw never was, that is until

    I am from NYC, but currently in the UK.
  • usenetposts 02.07.05, 13:41
    Welcome to the forum, Burgeon!

    I am originally form the UK, and if you are there now, I think you have plenty
    of opportunities to visit Poland, as the country is very reachable by car,
    coach and train as well as the budget flights that there are if you book enough
    in advance.

    For thise coming to Polanfd for classical music, ballet, theatre, etc, the
    summer is actually a time to avoid, as the singers and actors and all their
    back-up teams have the whole summer holidays off work, just like schoolteachers
    do. That's why we just had most of the close of season concerts.

    It's not very good, actually, that there's hardly any fine cuolture at the time
    of the biggest influx of tourism, but so it is with ex-socialist countries -
    businesslike thinking is slow enough to filter into the businesses, leave alone
    the areas that were state run amenities. In this country, a ballet dancer or an
    orchestra conductor may be an artist, but they have more of the civil servant
    than the businessman about them.

    For Wroclaw, there is a fine range of architecture from the ancient to the
    modern, and one of the finest paintings I have ever seen, the panorama
    raclawicka is there. You walk up into it.

    A good prior read is of course "Microcosm" by Professor Norman Davies (in
    theory) and his assistant Roger Moorhouse (in practice). It gives you the whole
    history of Wroclaw and shows why it is a microcosm of Europe's whole history.


    Uncle Davey
  • burgeon 03.07.05, 23:10
    Hello Uncle Davey smile

    Yes, it is great that now it will take only 2+ hours on the plain as opposed to
    8+ hours! I can do it over weekend...or if fancy takes for Polish pierogi I
    could fly in for lunch at mleczny bar wink
  • burgeon 03.07.05, 23:35
    Yes, Poland seems to become in the summer months what Italy becomes only in
    August. I am sure that with time they will learn the tricks of the more
    successful west.

    > For Wroclaw, there is a fine range of architecture from the ancient to the
    > modern, and one of the finest paintings I have ever seen, the panorama
    > raclawicka is there. You walk up into it.
    Yes, I've heard of it...and forgot about it (awful, isn't it?). Thank you for
    reminding me; this definitely is going on my "things to do in this decade." I
    will fallow your advice and read "Microcosm" before the viewing. Is it true
    that there is a long waiting list to actually get in?

    This summer I am headed to the Tate Modern to view Frida Kahlo's exhibition. A
    friend on mine is flying from NYC to see it with me. To be honest, I never was
    interested in her work, and can't remember ever seeing any of her work tete-a-
    tete (so to speak). However, the more I read about her, the more I am
    fascinated with the person she was and with her work. I am looking forward to
  • asia9111 02.07.05, 14:43
    for photos of Wroclaw, see the third album from the left 05-05/06
    she took a lot of beautiful photos.
    I hope to locate more links later on.

    I worked in NYC for 14 years! Now I work and live in FL, and hope to return to
    Poland maybe in 2006.
  • usenetposts 02.07.05, 21:04
    I enjoyed that.

    Good photos.

    Got any more?


    Uncle Davey
  • asia9111 03.07.05, 14:57
    I think this is pretty much it for Wroclaw photos. That is all she has taken
    during the last trip, a month ago.
  • burgeon 04.07.05, 00:20
    Great photos! Wroclaw is beautiful, definitely worth visiting. I like T's close-
    ups of rain drops, and her fairy on the window, and the fairy's door smile She
    breaths-in nature. She looked great in the handfasting ceremony. My idea of the
    way to do it!

    I know two people who returned to PL after decades of living in the States. The
    first person, after 6-months packed his bags and returned to CA (several $K
    poorer) and the other person for about three weeks was regretting the move, but
    then settled in and now is happy with her decision. I love visiting PL, but am
    pretty sure could not live there permanently. I am a hybrid that could not fit
    in homogenous society. Perhaps I am mistaken; with all the foreigners
    relocating there...perhaps Warsaw (or some other city) will soon (or maybe
    already is) be like Prague: you meet people of all walks of life, and hear more
    English there than in SoHo.

    I do plan to return to NYC when business allows it (I think that it is a great
    place for retirement). For now I am adjusting to life in England, and am happy
    to say that last year was the first year when I felt at home here. The older I
    get the harder it is for me to settle in.

    If it is not too personal of a question: where would you like to settle in in
    PL? Will you not miss the hot FL weather?
  • asia9111 04.07.05, 15:16
    I am glad you enjoyed the photos. How many times have you been to PL? Was it
    Warsaw every time? I am hoping to go back to Gdansk, and will not miss the
    Florida heat, but might miss the sunshine. I do agree that NYC has become very
    popular with the retirees-no need to drive, and so many things to do-culture
    all around. I think you may feel less lonely there, than in some suburb,
    although many would fight me on this point.
    I believe that Poland has become less homogeneous over the last 10-15 years,
    but still might seem like it to someone who has not known it 20 years ago.
    Warsaw has a big international population; maybe not as big as Prague, but
    Uncle Davey would be the one to ask about this.
  • burgeon 04.07.05, 22:18
    3x; always to Krakow (last time in Warsaw, over 20 years ago) and from there I
    organize trips to the rest of PL. Yes, that is my reasoning when thinking of
    retiring in NYC (still years away, but I like to plan even if the plans may
    change): there is so much to do (in NYC) that I would not become what I fear
    most: that is one of the people sitting in their suburban house looking at the
    world from a living room window. NYC has so much to offer that I would love to
    enjoy it to the full, and all of my close friends live there. So I would become
    one of those old ladies having brunch with my old friends discussing an
    exhibition we've seen at MoMA, viewing yet another play at Jean Cocteau
    Repertory, dancing salsa and tango at Sandra Cameron, the list does go on,
    doesn't it? So much to do, so little time...

    Yes, I wonder how Uncle Davey is finding life in Poland?
  • asia9111 04.07.05, 22:23
    I have been to Sandra Cameron, as ballroom is my secret passion!
  • burgeon 04.07.05, 23:33
    I used to go there once a week after work!!!! Took Argentine Tango, Latin, and
    all the ballroom and jazz....need I say how much I love dancing??? I miss that
    place, although it was always 10 women for 1 bloke...and how stupid did you
    feel when it was your turn to pretend you have a partner and dance on your own?
  • burgeon 04.07.05, 23:37
    I also used to go dancing at Ym Ywha at Lex & 92 St. It was close to my home.
  • asia9111 04.07.05, 23:42
    small world, ha? Most of my dancing was done at Arthur Mutrray and at
    Bautista's studio in NJ. Never attempted Argentine Tango, but am pretty darn
    good in the 'regular' one though! Have gone to many workshops in MYC after
    work, and had seen the Cameron studio on PBS once, too. they had a special on
    channel 13 on ballroom in NYC. Yep, the 'pretend you got a guy to lead you'
    routine is a sad one, indeed. Unfortunately it is the same in every studio I
    have been to-shortage of guys sad
  • burgeon 05.07.05, 23:48
    the bribes I used to convince my guy friends to take these classes!!!

    Arthur Murray, that's where a friend of mine signed up. For me it was out of
    the way 5th & 53rd, I was on the 6 train so after work, when in a hurry, did
    not feel like walking these few blocks. Lazy ass.

    The sad thing is that where I live now there are no dancing studios (well,
    there is one, but the people who run it are not good). I have not properly
    danced in four years (that is if I don't count the times in the kitchen)!!!

    >Never attempted Argentine Tango, but am pretty darn good in the 'regular' one
    I've never tried the regular tango...
  • maria55 25.06.05, 15:20
    Oh, that's nice of you! CV on it's way smile
  • kropekuk 03.07.05, 00:22

    Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Zwei Kaczoren!
  • usenetposts 03.07.05, 17:10
    kropekuk napisał:

    <nothing worth reading>

    Don't worry. Nobody's gonna teach you English.

    You have to put your own effort in to get anywhere with it.

    That's the big secret to language learning, and there, I've gone and let the
    cat out of the bag.


    Uncle Davey
  • kasiulek82 19.07.05, 22:59
    knock-knock may i join you guys? i hope my english won't be a problem smile
    it's nice to see some foreigners faces in poland
  • alapacz 23.07.05, 12:54
    Drogi Wujku ;D,

    I think that this forum has a great future, the best place for people coming to
    Poland and locals to get known each other and exchange information smile


    Agnieszka smile

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