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OK, which cities are your favour and why?

04.02.06, 23:37
as in subject wink of cors - i mean polish ones.
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  • usenetposts 05.02.06, 02:18
    Good question.

    I like Warsaw, Poznan, Koszalin, the Katowice area despite the pollution, the
    Trojmiasto, Legnica, Bydgoszcz. Bielsko Biała is a great place too. Gorzow is

    The ones I like a bit less are Kielce, Radom, and maybe Lodz. Torun doesn't do
    much for me either, although there are nice things around and about it. I can't
    say I dislike any of these places though.

    I think Krakow is OK but overrated, Wroclaw I always get lost in, but it does
    have some terrific features.

    I don't have an opinion on Bialystok or Szczecin, but I'd like to get to know
    them more.

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  • skattski 08.02.06, 02:16
    My favorite place in Poland is......Zyrardow!!! It takes only 30min by train
    going west from Dworzec Centralny. It`s small but really pretty i`d say. 1 Maja
    street goes across the heart of the town, there`s a beautiful park with a
    museum of the county and filthy river Pisia. Sure after 9pm you gonna get
    mugged cause it`s like Peckham or closer where i live..Camden Town. Very rough.
    Tough, there is no knives or gun culture at all...i think. i was born there and
    lived there for many years before end up in UK, but still feel thrilled when
    paying a visit. My kiwi mate once sad, i`ve been all over the world and have
    seen almost everything, i told him,- you must find yourself in Zyrardow to
    claim your mission is accomplished . Talk to your polish friends guys, half of
    the city either work or study in Warsaw.
    Check out the website to find out more. Good luck and take great care :o)
  • hardenfelt 05.02.06, 10:58
    They all have their attractive sides. It really depends on what You are looking

    Warszawa – a mixture of slum and luxury, poverty and wealth. The people
    generally have a European mindset. Very little religious nonsense unless You
    come across British o American missionaries. The only true international city
    in Poland. It has it’s posh places and a student’s atmosphere. A very good city
    if You want to do business. Not enough underground culture. Something should be
    done about the river bank and some of the houses in the reconstructed Old Town
    (which does not look very old) should be transformed into student hostels. A
    mayor with visions could get this city into the European first league.

    Krakow is a great city – but only for so and so long. Great bars, good and
    cheap food, student’s atmosphere. The mindset is to conservative for my taste –
    too much history and nationalism. Waldo would feel good here. Besides from
    Rynek I like Kazimierz and Nowa Huta – a great example of communist city
    planning. The whole town is a bit like a museum but the train journey to Warsaw
    takes less than 3 hours – and that’s a big plus.

    Wroclaw – Used to be a hole in the ground but it has changed incredibly over
    the past 6-7 years. The atmosphere is great, loads of good bars and
    restaurants. An active business environment. The mindset is still a bit
    małomieszczanski though, but I think it’s changing rapidly.

    Katowice – Here I always get lost. It’s not as bad as it’s reputation, but I
    haven’t been there for a long time.

    Opole – looks like a dying city. It’s really to small to be an administrative
    centre, nothing new happens, the cream moves to larger Polish towns or to
    Germany. Mindset close to village-mentality.

    Torun – this is where I would live for a while if I didn’t need to make a daily
    living. Architecture is great and there is an artistic air to he town. Good
    restaurants. If you are on a economy budget I recommend the Bar Mleczne on
    Rynek but in general the restaurants are very cheap. I think it’s difficult to
    make a living though. There is a punk-scene.

    Zielona Góra – Almost the same as Torun.

    Lódź – Not my favorite city – but Pietrowska is nice.

    Poznan – almost German mindset (some might like that). A vibrating city but I
    would like to know it better.

    Szczecin – I’ve stayed overnight around 20 times, but never found anything that
    would make me go there for pleasure.

    Gdansk – maybe my favorite. Seaport-mentality (I like that). Architecture
    reminds me of Copenhagen. The reconstruction of Długa is indeed very well done.
    Jarmark in the late summer is worth a visit.

    Sopot – simply love it. Great for biking, swimming, sailing, chatting with
    people from all over the world, drinking, eating, concerts and cat-exhibitions.
    It’s more quiet in the winter time, but I still like it. The university makes
    it a real town and not just a holiday resort.

    Gdynia – modern, fast going, streamlined.

    Leszno one of the most boring towns I’ve ever been to – but that was 5 years

  • waldek1610 05.02.06, 11:23
    Krakow- has its laid back, Galician atmosphere. The locals seem to be quite
    helpfull and respectfull for visitors and tourists... by the Polish standards.
    Lots of character, patriotism and aristocratic flair mixed with cosmopolitan
    culture and openness to visitors. It is lot less "hippie"... then Praque in
    Czech Rep.

    Warsaw- is worth seeing due to its symbolic status of the Polish capital. It
    used to be lot more beautifull before WWII, and it could easly compete with
    Wienna or even Paris if it wasn't distroyed by Nazi Germany to such extend.

    Despite all that, todays Warsaw has more sky modern scrapers then London, more
    public parks and squares than Berlin, more cosmopolitan atmosphere then Moscow
    or Athens. And of course it is the hometown of Frederic Chopin...what else
    could I say smile

    Polska jest w moim sercu!
  • ejmarkow 05.02.06, 12:02
    During my travels around Poland, I usually enjoy the smaller historic towns
    that don't have too many tourists bumping into one another. There are some
    larger cities that are nice though. I like (in no particular order):

    Warszawa - The most cosmopolitan city in Poland, nice historic core, wide
    avenues, plenty of parks, interesting blend of old and new, amazing that
    approximately 90% of it was rebuilt during the last 60 years, good restaurants
    and nightlife

    Lublin - Stunning old town, a bit rundown at times which gives it that original

    Tarnów - Excellent old town, resembling a miniature Krakow, nice gothic town
    hall and pedestrian lanes

    Reszel - Gorgeous and tiny, nice castle, churches, stone bridge, period

    Olsztyn - Impressive rebuilt old centre and many original buildings scattered
    around, very clean environment

    Torun - historic and old in every sense, nice

    Nowy Sącz - Must see town hall, many fine churches, castle ruins, pleasant

    Kraków - Nice, breathless, original, beautiful, but way too many tourists

    Krosno - old town centre perched on a small hill, beautiful period houses

    Piotryków Trybulnalski - I was happily shocked as I got off the train there,
    fantastic old town and quite extensive, churches, old town walls, pleasant

    Wrocław - Really impressive and spread out, fine architecture and excellent
    town hall

    Leżajsk - Compact, very attractive, old and original, historic, I enjoyed it

    Zamosc - incredible fortified old town, churches, and splendid center

    Przemysl - Ancient city, an eyeopener, very eastern flavor

    Radom - Old town center was nice with two ryneks, very run down, surrounding
    suburbs were not attractive at all

    Kielce - same as above, except as you approach the city from the highway, an
    ugly ring of apartment blocks sits on top of a hill, nice church and palace,
    train station resembles a UFO

    Kętrzyn - quaint, small old town with fine castle and church

    Zlotoryja - small and nice, beautiful architecture

    Jawór - same as above

    Rzeszów - nice to stroll around for a day, castles and churches, beautiful
    rebuilt town hall

    Łódz - Large, industrial, I got lost there, nice period architecture in the

    Zakliczyn - small historic town next to the Dunajec river, with ruins of the
    Melsztyn castle overlooking the town

    Ciężkowice - Interesting rynek, most houses made of wood, nice gothic church
    and very tiny town, cool stone park reserve nearby

    There are many more.

    Of course, my village, Siemiechów, is attractive in its own
    right...unfortunately, no 'rynek' (market square) or 'ratusz' (town
    hall)...only the public school, post office, meeting hall, local store, fine
    stone and wooden churches, 3 interesting World War I cemetaries for military
    enthusiasts, one nice stone chapel on the north-eastern part of the village,
    some nice roadside chapels and one very old stone religious figure missing a
    hand dating back from the 1800's, excellent views and ski area
    (, paradise for mountain bikers, hikers, campers,
    nature watchers, mushroom and berry picking, sipping on a glass of wine or
    beer, and relaxation. If you enjoy laying on a pile of hay in a barn with your
    significant other, this could be the place for you. smile


    Siemiechów, Poland
  • kylie1 05.02.06, 23:04
    Eugene, your jurasowka site is not opening for some reason.
    As for Siemiechow, I really like the bovine picture licking his chops with this
    huge tongue of his.
    Did you give him a name yet?
    How about Florence the cow?

    I am pulling for Wroclaw, that's my fathers city and he absolutely loves it!

  • ejmarkow 05.02.06, 23:51
    Hi Kylie1,

    Yes, that cow should be the mascot of our village! Unfortunately, there are way
    too many of them here and it wouldn't be fair to the rest of them. I think "Moo-
    Hoo the cow" is a nice one. smile

    I see why the Jurasówka Ski Area web site isn't opening up...for some reason,
    the ")" became highlighted in red as a link. Try:
    Hope that works. It's our local ski area...not so large, but nice! smile


    Siemiechów, Poland
  • kylie1 06.02.06, 00:15
    Thanks Eugene, it works fine now. These pics are great too. I will see if I
    can blow them up and use them as my desktop wallpaper.
    Moo Hoo the cow sounds good too. Maybe Florence and Moo Hoo can hang out
    together. I would send those two skiing on those beautiful slopes...cows on
    skis! That would make headlines! I have seen dogs on skateboards before.
    Anything is possible.
    Am I right to think that ski areas near you are much less frequented than say
    Zakopane and therefore a lot more fun?
    My son is a huge ski fan but these year temperatures in Vancouver and around
    did not go below zero. You have to take a longer trip to Whistler or Okanagan
    and it's too much for some.

    Thanks for the pics!
    Geat job!

    smile Kylie
  • ejmarkow 06.02.06, 08:47
    Hi Kylie,

    > Am I right to think that ski areas near you are much less frequented than say
    > Zakopane and therefore a lot more fun?

    Actually, our Ski Area here, Jurasówka, even though small, has become one of
    the most frequented slopes around the Tarnów area. Basically, the Carpathian
    foothills start south of Tarnów, so that's where the majority of the clients
    here come from because it is only 30 km away. But you are right, the most
    popular ski resorts are the larger ones such as Zakopane. Krynica, which is
    only about 60 km away from my village and a very large resort, is extremely
    popular as well.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the pics and website. Thanks! smile

    Best Regards,

    Siemiechów, Poland
  • marimax 06.02.06, 11:12
    Limanowa is a nice small town
  • ejmarkow 06.02.06, 13:07
    marimax napisał:

    > Limanowa is a nice small town

    Yes, I agree...nice town center and surroundings! Here is an ariel photo of
    More old, attractive historical towns around this region (Małopolskie) are:

    Tuchów - Nice market square, two churches, town hall, period buildings
    Lipnica Murowana - Beautiful market square, old houses, nice monument in the
    center, medieval layout
    Czchów - Pleasant market square, remains of castle tower, nice church
    Grybów - Very attractive market square including monumental gothic red brick
    church, period houses
    Gorlice - Plenty of old architecture, interesting market square that has
    overhead walkway and large town hall, attractive church
    Biecz - A must visit medieval town with superb market square and side streets,
    defense walls and church, tenemant houses galore, ancient town hall, former
    building which held only school for executioners (cutting a person's head off -
    that was a long time ago), this town prospered due to the trade route with
    I previously mentioned the nice city of Zakliczyn (the nearest city to
    Siemiechów, only 7 km away West) in another post, but forgot to provide the
    links to their websites. Here are Zakliczyn's links:


    Siemiechów, Poland
  • chris-joe 06.02.06, 11:28
    Kylie, Whistler rocks, but nothing beats night skiing on Cypress Mtn. with
    glittering city lights under your skis and bright dots of ships in the English
    Bay far below.
    No skiing there this year?

    Greets for much missed Vancouver smile
  • kylie1 07.02.06, 01:01
    The skiing is going on all the time. Cypress is only 30 minutes away from
    downtown Vancouver and you are right, skiing at night is a real treat for all
    skiers...some 8km of groomed trails lit throughout the night - absolutely
    amazing! The quality of snow can be different in Cypress than it would be at
    Whistler. This is why my oldest son likes Whistler or the Big White. Right now
    it's +7 degrees at the base of Cypress Mtn. However, in higher elevations the
    snow is always there. We have some 19 km of gorgeous cross country trails and
    plenty of room for snow tubing and tobogganing. A real paradise for families
    with small kids! It's also quite affordable!
    Similarily, we have Seymour Mtn, as you probably know and Grouse Mtn with a
    wonderful skyride lift - all within 30 minutes from Vancouver's downtown.
    I think Polish mountains are also absolutelu gorgeous. If you look at Eugene's
    pictures, I think Polish Mtns can compete with any skiing resort anywhere else
    in the world. No problem.
    BTW, Whistler is very expensive and if you want a cup of coffee with a little
    donut your ten dollar is history real quick...remember that too Chris-Joe?

  • russh 07.02.06, 01:17
    > I think Polish mountains are also absolutelu gorgeous. If you look at Eugene's
    > pictures, I think Polish Mtns can compete with any skiing resort anywhere else
    > in the world. No problem

    Aaaaaaah. Who told you that Kylie. I know that you are of Polish decent, but not
    even the most ardent lover of Polish mountains would dare to say what you have
    just said.
  • kylie1 07.02.06, 02:02
    and why is that russh?
  • russh 07.02.06, 07:26
    They are lower, smaller with fewer, shorter pistes; less organised and
    over-crowded in season. The villages are quite nice.

    Preferences are; Slovakia (nearest), Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France.

  • kylie1 07.02.06, 08:07
    > They are lower, smaller with fewer, shorter pistes;

    well, they are still beautiful to me and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I love the Rockies (Banff, Jasper), I love Colorado and Aspen, I lived in the
    Austrian Alps for 3 months. I loved it there too. Still, I love Polish
    Mountains for their own charm and they have plenty of it- Tatra Mtns are not
    small by any means and they got everything you will find anywhere else:
    gorgeous spruce forests, rustic pastures, crystal clear lakes and streams,
    foaming waterfalls, interesting animals and beautiful flowers. Whenever I look
    at Morskie OKO it reminds me of our rockies. Size is not everything for me when
    it comes to mountains.
  • russh 07.02.06, 08:15
    > well, they are still beautiful to me and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    I never said that they are not beautiful (although I personally believe they are
    not as beautiful as the Austrian, French & Swiss Alps). You said they could
    compete as ski resorts with anything in the world; I said no way, you asked me
    why and I gave you the reasons.
  • kylie1 07.02.06, 20:25
    we are all intitled to our opinions.
  • chris-joe 07.02.06, 02:22
    I don't think I ever had a donut in Whistler, but I remember having my first
    poutine there. Although it wasn't the poutine that made me move to Montreal
    soon after smile

    I was a Vancouverite for 15 years and I guess I still consider myself as one.

    And from the Grouse Mtn skilift you can quite often catch a glimpse of deer!

    As for the Polish mountains- I wouldn't know. I was a teenager when I skied in
    Poland last time. And that was quite a different era...

  • kylie1 07.02.06, 03:36
    I love poutine! I know the French Canadians have perfected the art of poutine
    but I am quite happy with the Coscto one. You always get a huge helping for 3
    bucks and it can feed two people quite easily. It's loaded with Mozzarella
    Good to know you are from Vancouver! I think you can certainly call yourself a
    Vancouverite. 15 years is a long time! Or half Vancouverite and half Montrealer?
    The Greek restaurant you mentioned before is still on Davie and still packed.
    Last time I was there the line up was stretching for almost half the block.
    Deer is beutiful but grizzly bear has become a real nuisance to our
    community.More and more Vancouverites keep finding them in their own backyards!
    Most of them are tranquilized and released into the wild. It's a huge problem
    for Vancouver. People start feeling sorry for them or think they can "make
    friends" with them by leaving food outside. Unfortunately it almost always ends
    up in something tragic.


  • marimax 07.02.06, 10:29
    $10 donut and coffee ?
    Are you trying to impress someone or are plain stupid to pay so much ?
    I forgot, you only have your coffee and donut at Chateau Whistler
  • russh 07.02.06, 10:43
    Marimax, you are a real plonker! Funny probably, if you weren't so pathetic.

    Read Kylies post again, and maybe you will understand that she was warning that
    the donuts and coffee were expensive, not trying to impress.
  • kylie1 07.02.06, 20:24
    marimax, you are very observant and extremely intelligent, I can tell. Thanks
    for coming here. You ARE raising Dave's stats by being here. That is greatly
    If you weren't as subtle as an axe to the head or a water buffalo in heat I
    could probably have a conversation with you.

  • chris-joe 07.02.06, 11:33
    As for poutine they have plenty of varieties here, even the QC 'macdo' carries a
    'macpoutine'. I stay away from it for obvious reasons smile

    I didn't mention any Greek restaurant on Davie but now I'm racking my brain
    trying to remember its name... Is it "Stepho's"? Right across the street from
    the local Shoppers Drug Mart (known as "Pharmaprix" in QC).
    And I should remember- I used to live on Davie.

    Are you a Westender, too?

    Ah, the city wildlife of Vancouver... The coyotes, the whole family packs of
    raccoons, not to mention the Canada geese stopping traffic on Granville Street.
    The radio reports warning locals of bear spottings in the burbs.
    And the Westenders warning one another: "Watch out! There's a skunk in the bush
    ahead" smile

  • marimax 07.02.06, 19:59
    Westend is mostly for grass smokers, lesbians, faggots and prostitutes only a
    little better than skidroad.
  • chris-joe 07.02.06, 21:30
    You're almost right mari- the West End Of Vancouver is pretty popular with gays.

    As for grass smokers- I would argue that they are pretty evenly distributed
    across the country and I'd risk an opinion that pot consumption per capita in
    Burnaby or Port Coquitlam (or in any other suburb of Vancouver for that matter)
    is probably equal to or exceeds that of the West End.

    You're completely mistaken however when it comes to lesbians and prostitutes.
    Lesbians tend to like the East End better (Commercial Drive area for example),
    while the last prostitute may have been spotted in the West End... well, way in
    the early eighties, no later.

    Comparing the West End of downtown Vancouver to the skidrow (I suppose that is
    what you meant when you said "skidroad") i.e. the area around East Hastings and
    Main proves your complete lack of knowledge of Vancouver.

    The West End is an urban residential area (and not an inner city) popular with
    single, younger crowd as well as with middle class, mostly childless, urbanites
    (gay and straight) etc.
    Check the prices of the West End condos! Just off the bat I can bet you won't
    find a 2 bdr appt for rent for less than $1500.

    Also, could you please try to refrain from using offensive terms like "faggots"
    in the future?

    Thanks smile

  • kylie1 07.02.06, 20:29
    That's the one on Davie. It is called Stephos.And, yes, it is across from
    Shoppers Drug Mart - good memory Chris-Joe. smile
    Yes, we live in Kitsilano.
    I will leave the whole rest to marimax. He is itching to answer all your
    questions. He does it with grace and charm, as usual.
  • kylie1 07.02.06, 20:47
    A small correction chris joe. Actually, Straight across from Shoppers you
    have "Fresgo" restaurant and Stephos is just a block or so away from there. But
    it's on the same side as Fresgo. Still pretty close!
  • chris-joe 07.02.06, 21:40
    You're right, Fresgo would be right across the street from that corner
    convenience store (still there?) and the Shoppers parking lot smile

    Kits, eh? Nice area, a short Aquabus ride from the West End. What's the name
    of the beach next to the Aquatic Centre? Is it the Sunset Beach?

    If I were to move back to Vancouver (and I just may do that in the near future)
    I would probably be looking for a place in Kits.

    Oh, another thing from Vancouver I miss dearly: "The Georgia Strait" mag! It
    rocked! smile
  • kylie1 08.02.06, 03:27
    Yes, it is Sunset Beach. Nice place.
    You can find all that on if you want to refamiliarize yourself
    with Vancouver.
  • mwanginjagi 12.02.06, 04:48
    I love Koszalin, laid-back and easy-going.. friendly and just 30 minutes to the

  • usenetposts 12.02.06, 14:17
    mwanginjagi napisał:

    > I love Koszalin, laid-back and easy-going.. friendly and just 30 minutes to
    > sea


    A pity I never seem to get to go there these days.

    - Uncle Davey's Homepage -
    :: Foreigners Living in Poland Forum
  • marcus_anglikiem 03.03.06, 21:00
    mwanginjagi, what do you do in Koszalin? I used to live there (on Zwyciestwa,
    like everything wink )...
  • ejmarkow 12.02.06, 14:33
    mwanginjagi napisał:

    > I love Koszalin, laid-back and easy-going.. friendly and just 30 minutes to
    > the sea.

    How does Koszalin look architectually? Is it old, new, attractive? Thanks.


    Siemiechów, Poland
  • mwanginjagi 13.02.06, 01:58
    ejmarkow napisał:

    > mwanginjagi napisał:
    > > I love Koszalin, laid-back and easy-going.. friendly and just 30 minutes
    > to
    > > the sea.
    > How does Koszalin look architectually? Is it old, new, attractive? Thanks.
    > Regards,
    > Eugene
    > Siemiechów, Poland

    I guess what really attracts me to Koszalin is it's personality as a city
    rather than the architecture and buildings... there is something very unique
    about Koszalinczycy... they love life and the love family... there is a sense
    of family and oneness... every Koszalin family that I came across was unique in
    this sense... they laugh and smile with their hearts... I guess one of the most
    unique places I'll ever be in the World...

    oo and one thing... Koszalin chicks are so beautiful and voluptious... they'll
    blow your brains out!!!

    Regards and pozdrawiam
  • szwet14 08.02.06, 02:35
    For God´s sake - you can polish whatever you wish but not Polish towns, please.
  • marimax 08.02.06, 11:26
    I don't think you know Vancouver very well. Skid road or a skid row there is
    not much difference and I hope you never end up there . You should check Coal
    Harbour rental prices (if you know where it is)to compare it with West End and
    you will see where normal people are moving to.
    Believe me faggot is a faggot the same as whore is a whore

  • chris-joe 08.02.06, 11:39
    If you knew Vancouver better then you would know that Coal Harbour IS in the
    West End...

    And the prices in Shaughnessy and British Properties are even higher than in
    Coal Harbour. Does that make Coal Harbour a skidrow?

    What can I say? A moron is a moron.

    cheers smile
  • marimax 08.02.06, 13:24
    This time you are right because I had Yaletown on my mind.
    I am sure I could drive you around Vancouver and if left at some areas you
    wouldn't know how to get back toWest End.
    Yes sir a jerk is a jerk, always.
  • chris-joe 08.02.06, 19:24
    I left Vancouver 4 yrs ago, visited twice since; given how fast Vancouver
    changes, you're probably right. However what does it prove exactly?
    In this fascinating conversation we've been having it is I who's proven you
    wrong on several occasions and not vice versa.

    Still, what's the Yellow Cab number? 681-1111? Or has it changed as well?
    You see- somehow I'd find my way home smile
  • usenetposts 08.02.06, 14:21
    marimax napisał:

    > I don't think you know Vancouver very well. Skid road or a skid row there is
    > not much difference and I hope you never end up there . You should check Coal
    > Harbour rental prices (if you know where it is)to compare it with West End
    > you will see where normal people are moving to.
    > Believe me faggot is a faggot the same as whore is a whore

    You need

    - Uncle Davey's Homepage -
    :: Foreigners Living in Poland Forum
  • usaf 08.02.06, 22:24
    dude I got sick reading it !

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