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Any other Flemish people?

13.04.06, 11:44
Are there any other Flemish people on this forum?
I come from Antwerp and live almost two years in Bielany, Warsaw with my
Polish wife. It would be nice to meet a compatriot for beers now and then...
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  • sobieski010 13.04.06, 11:57
    En wie schrijft er hier in mijn moedertaal? Een medevlaming?
  • varsovian 14.04.06, 12:11
    The Flemings, what did they ever do for us, eh?
  • ejmarkow 14.04.06, 15:15
    I know the voluptuous, sensuous French actress Juliette Binoche has a mother,
    Monique Stalens, who is half Polish and half Flemish. Does that count? Too bad
    she didn't film "Chocolat" in my village instead of in "Flavigny-sur-Ozerain"
    located in Burgundy, France.


  • mic2015 03.07.15, 13:08
    Hi, I have good memories of Belgium, and live also in Bielany. Do not hesitate smile

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