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Has anyone moved from one city in Poland to anothe

23.10.07, 12:36
r?/Problems with zameldowanie...

It's not so easy in Poland for foreigners - my boyfriend, who lived
and worked in Warsaw last year, needs zameldowanie for his
employment. We've been already twice in one office and then they
sent us to another - and the woman said that we need health
inssurance, temporary zameldowanie and letter from employer to get
his residency card and we need this card to have zameldowanie for
more than 3 months - crazy!
But we just discovered that he has his residency card from Warsaw -
cream paper with no picture, but apparently valid up to 5 years - do
we need another one issued by Wojewoda Wielkopolski? Or is this from
Warsaw enough?

Many thanks for any answers...
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  • gosiash 25.10.07, 02:01
    Well, whatever whoever tells you hear, the woman in the office will
    have her own opinion about it. And if she thinks it's enough that's
    great, if she won't well....
    And in my opinion zameldowanie in Poland is not that bad, try proof
    of address in England, that's fun wink
  • mafketis 25.10.07, 18:36
    For a foreigner geting a karta pobytu you have to get zameldowanie twice, the
    first is temporary just to get the card and then after you get the card you go
    back to extend it (at least that's what I used to have to do) it's not super
    convenient but easy enough all things considered.

    In my experience Polish bureaucracy for dealing with westerners is generally
    simple and very easy to deal with (especially if you ask questions politely,
    double check your information and seem to be making an effort to comply). People
    from former Soviet countries and non-white applicants have a harder time,

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