Re: Zarobki w Portugalii Dodaj do ulubionych

Welcome werdziak,

Thanks for your list, but this is not exactly, what I ment. The average wages
don't tell you what people really earn. I would like to know how much, let
say, the shop assistant makes

I used to work in a car saloon in Portugal doing a little bit of everything, my
salary there, 448,50 euro "netto" in the same place there was another guy doing
the same as me but for many years, his salary 500 euros netto, the secretary of
the boss 510 euros netto. The boss 4000 to 5000 euros every month but declaring
500 euros for the taxes department.

Jobs in production, factories, shop assistents usually goes around 400 to 500
euros. Many people have around 600 euros monthly but very old pensioners can
have 200 euros or sometimes even less not even enough to buy medicins.

if it matters if he/she is Portuguese or
foreign origin, etc. Do people change jobs often, is it easier to get a job if
you know someone in the company, or is it only your qualities that matter. What

Many foreigners get underdog jobs like cleaning houses, construction, working
in restaurants and other jobs that nowadays nobody wants to do.

People are afraid of loosing they'r jobs so for many is better to work than be
hanged or risking to change place. It's not easy to get a job well payed and,
yes, if you know some top hat or have a friend it can really help you to go

is young people first jobs, what support can they get from the government if
they can't find the job for some time?

For those who finished studies to work in public places (courts of law,
universities, schols etc) Portuguese state used to give a subsidiary of two
minimum salaries (720 euros) but because of economical crisis even this will be
over soon.

Basically Portuguese get the first job, marry, ask for a 25 years credit to buy
the apartment the furniture and a Golf TDI and are hanged for few decades,
others (many) don't pay the employees and taxes, live on EU subsidiaries and
drink Pina Coladas in they'r yatches.

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