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    Job Details
    Job Title: South West, Merchandiser - Security Tagging. JOBS IN EVERY TESCO STORE
    City / Town: ALL Tesco stores in the South West
    Company name: MBA Field Marketing Ltd
    Company sector: Recruitment
    Pay: £8.00 per hour
    Job Description

    We are looking for people to work in Tesco stores to help apply new security labels onto selected products. We will be seeing every Tesco across the UK in the next few months and need teams of between 2 and 8 people per store.

    You will be required to work quickly and accurately, Team Managers will working in each store to train you on the role and also to verify the speed and quality of your work.

    The hours of work are from 6am - 2pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 4pm on Sundays. The pay rate is £8.00 per hour (with a minimum of 8 hours per store). No travel expenses will be paid, please bear this in mind when selecting your stores.

    If you are interested in any of the stores, detailed in postcode order below, please click on APPLY and attach your CV. Please write a cover letter with the store name and date you want to work.

    If you are not already registered with us you WILL ALSO need to go to our webpage www.mbafieldmarketing.co.uk/recruitment.aspx and complete our on-line registration form. We will not consider applicants who have not completed the online registration.

    We will then send you an email back within 7 days to confirm whether you have been booked on the work and send you out more details.

    You need to be 17+ with a valid National Insurance number. Wages will be paid direct into bank accounts fortnightly basis.

    You need to wear plain dark trousers and a plain top with trainers or flat shoes and we will give you a hi-viz vest to wear.


    The South West stores and dates are listed below:

    13/11/2012, TROWBRIDGE, BA14 7AQ

    14/08/2012, STREET METRO, BA16 0HP

    22/11/2012, YEOVIL, BA20 1DL

    22/11/2012, SHEPTON MALLET 1, BA4 5SB

    15/08/2012, WELLS, BA5 2DZ

    15/08/2012, CLEVEDON, BS21 6LH

    16/08/2012, WESTON SUPER MARE, BS23 1XG

    22/08/2012, KEYNSHAM, BS31 2BA

    19/11/2012, BRISTOL, BS32 8EF

    13/08/2012, THORNBURY, BS35 2BS

    18/11/2012, BRISTOL, BS37 4AS

    16/08/2012, MIDSOMER NORTON, BS39 7SW

    20/11/2012, BRISTOL, BS4 5AY

    14/08/2012, NAILSEA, BS48 1AQ

    21/11/2012, BRISTOL, BS5 6XU

    13/09/2012, REDFIELD, BS5 9HT

    12/08/2012, BRISTOL 2, BS6 7XW

    09/09/2012, DORCHESTER, DT1 2RY

    11/09/2012, BLANDFORD FORUM, DT11 9PU

    25/09/2012, WEYMOUTH METRO, DT4 8EQ

    10/09/2012, PORTLAND EASTON, DT5 2AD

    06/09/2012, SEATON, EX 12 2PB

    29/08/2012, AXMINSTER, EX13 5NG

    02/09/2012, HONITON, EX14 8XD

    04/09/2012, CULLOMPTON, EX15 1BQ

    19/11/2012, TIVERTON BLUNDELLS, EX16 4DB

    05/09/2012, CREDITON, EX173PH

    20/11/2012, EXETER, EX2 7EZ

    21/11/2012, BARNSTAPLE TAW VIEW, EX31 2AS

    30/08/2012, BARNSTAPLE, EX32 8PG

    04/09/2012, BRAUNTON, EX33 2DU

    03/09/2012, ILFRACOMBE, EX34 8PQ

    05/09/2012, BIDEFORD, EX39 4FW

    03/09/2012, EXMOUTH, EX8 2TS

    18/11/2012, GLOUCESTER, GL1 2SG

    19/11/2012, GLOUCESTER, GL1 2SG

    16/08/2012, CAM-DURSLEY, GL11 5LE

    21/08/2012, LYDNEY HIGH STREET, GL15 5TH

    20/11/2012, GLOUCESTER, GL2 4PF

    30/07/2012, TEWKESBURY, GL20 5LQ

    21/11/2012, GLOUCESTER, GL3 4AA

    15/08/2012, STROUD, GL5 4AG

    31/07/2012, CHELTENHAM METRO, GL50 3HJ

    13/08/2012, CHELTENHAM, GL51 8JQ

    12/08/2012, BISHOPS CLEEVE, GL52 8LR

    14/08/2012, STOW-ON-THE-WOLD, GL54 1BX

    01/08/2012, CIRENCESTER 1, GL7 1HW

    22/11/2012, CIRENCESTER, GL7 1NP

    16/08/2012, TETBURY, GL8 8HZ

    25/09/2012, PLYMOUTH METRO, PL1 1RA

    01/11/2012, LAUNCESTON, PL15 9HG

    12/09/2012, CALLINGTON, PL17 7XG

    19/11/2012, IVYBRIDGE, PL21 9PE

    10/09/2012, ST AUSTELL 2, PL25 3HR

    11/09/2012, WADEBRIDGE, PL27 7HW

    04/09/2012, PADSTOW, PL28 8EL

    03/09/2012, PLYMOUTH TRANSIT WAY, PL5 3TW

    20/11/2012, PLYMOUTH, PL6 7RF

    02/10/2012, SWINDON METRO, SN1 1BB

    12/11/2012, SWINDON, SN1 2EH

    01/08/2012, DEVIZES, SN10 1AG

    31/07/2012, CHIPPENHAM METRO, SN15 3JP

    02/08/2012, SALISBURY METRO, SP1 1TT

    20/11/2012, SALISBURY, SP1 2NY

    26/07/2012, ANDOVER METRO, SP10 1LU

    13/11/2012, ANDOVER, SP10 1UZ

    08/08/2012, AMESBURY, SP4 7RT

    09/08/2012, SHAFTESBURY, SP7 8PF

    07/08/2012, TIDWORTH, SP9 7NR

    13/08/2012, TAUNTON, TA1 4AB

    12/08/2012, LANGPORT, TA10 9RQ

    23/10/2012, ILMINSTER, TA19 0BN

    24/10/2012, CHARD, TA20 2LW

    06/09/2012, MINEHEAD, TA24 5BY

    00/01/1900, BURNHAM-ON-SEA, TA8 1EZ

    27/09/2012, TORQUAY METRO, TQ1 1DB

    02/09/2012, NEWTON ABBOT, TQ12 3RN

    26/09/2012, PAIGNTON METRO, TQ4 5DL

    02/09/2012, KINGSBRIDGE, TQ7 1QN

    13/09/2012, TRURO, TR1 2TN

    24/09/2012, FALMOUTH METRO, TR11 3PQ

    11/09/2012, HELSTON, TR13 8PJ

    12/09/2012, CAMBORNE, TR14 8DT

    05/09/2012, REDRUTH TOLGUS, TR15 1AX

    21/11/2012, REDRUTH, TR15 3QJ

    06/09/2012, PENZANCE, TR18 3DU

    10/09/2012, ST IVES, TR26 2PN
    Qualifications Required
    You will be required to work quickly and accurately, Team Managers will working in each store to train you on the role and also to verify the speed and quality of your work.

    You must be eligible to work in the UK
    You must be able to speak English fluently
    Edytor zaawansowany
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