Re: Odkurzacz Miele

Re: Odkurzacz Miele

The Miele Cat & Dog TT 5000 (S5261) cylinder vacuum cleaner has a reach of almost 10 metres and a large 2.6-litre capacity. We tested it to see how effectively it vacuumed up dust, pet hair and other spillages, and to see how it compares to other cylinder vacuum cleaners.

The Miele Cat and Dog cylinder vacuum cleaner lives up to its name and is excellent at removing pet hair. And, like most Miele vacs, this Best Buy is much more than just a one-hit wonder, giving a great performance right across the board.

Impressive cleaning
The Turbo 5000 removes impressive amounts of dirt from hard floors, reaching deep into crevices so there's nowhere for dust to hide.

It's good on carpets, and the head gets close to the skirting boards so you can clean right up to the edges of your rooms.

Cylinder cleaners often struggle to remove pet hair, but this model's turbo brush head picks up plenty.

Great choice for pet owners
The filter works really well, trapping dust and allergens inside the machine. This model is therefore a great choice for pet lovers and those with allergies.

The vacuum has a reach of almost 10 metres and a large 2.6-litre capacity, so you won't have to stop to change plug sockets or empty the bag too often.

Easy to clean and empty
The disposable bags are very easy to remove, so it's quick and hygienic to empty the vacuum when the time comes. The filter and nozzle are easy to clean too.

The cable rewinds automatically, and the whole unit stores away neatly when you've finished cleaning.

It's quieter than many cylinder cleaners.

Energy consumption is a little on the high side.

Pros: Excellent on hard floors, excellent at removing pet hair, excellent allergen and dust retention, good on carpet, quiet, compact storage, very easy to empty

Cons: Higher than average energy consumption
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