Australia: pilnie potrzebni do pracy ! Dodaj do ulubionych

Rzad Australii poszukuje Europejczykow do pracy, we wszystkich zawodach.
Spodziewam sie zacieklego ataku ze strony Polakow w Australii, bo przeciez oni wiedza lepiej od rządu, ze zadnych ludzi do pracy, a Polakow w szczegolnosci, nie potrzeba:

Australia looks to Europe for skilled workers

There is a desperate need for skilled workers in just about every trade in Australia from doctors to carpenters.

Australia is planning its biggest global recruitment drive since the "£10 pom" campaign of the 1950s by trying to lure 20,000 skilled workers to the country with promises of shorter hours, a better climate and a lower cost of living.

The government says there are shortages in many key industries and that the problems have, in part, been caused by an ageing population and the fact that almost one million skilled workers have left the country to work overseas.

Europe is regarded as an important potential recruiting ground, and the immigration department is planning a comprehensive drive that will include advertisements and exhibitions playing up the advantages of moving down under. Australian immigration officials will talk up the country's laid-back culture in the exhibitions and Individual companies are providing extra incentives such as cars, laptops and more flexible working hours.

Exhibitions will take place in London, Amsterdam, and Berlin next month and in October. The government is considering a further recruitment drive next year in Los Angeles, Bangkok, Seoul and Manila. The UK and Ireland are obvious recruiting targets. More than 5,000 Britons moved to Western Australia in 2004.

Abul Rizvi, the acting deputy secretary of the immigration department, said the campaign echoed the post-war drive for skilled migrants. "If you think about what we did in the 1950s and the impact that had on Australia, well, we're doing it again," he said. That scheme saw more than one million Britons emigrate to Australia under various assisted migration schemes. Under the current programme, the government will offer migrants four-year employer or state-sponsored migration, with the option to stay on permanently.

The Australian army hopes to recruit up to 300 British soldiers to fill its dwindling ranks at next month's London exhibition, while the South Australian government is seeking medical professionals willing to work in rural hospitals. Salaries for trainee doctors in Australia start at £19,000 and rise to £49,000. Workers on large infrastructure projects, particularly engineers, are also highly sought after following years of under-investment which resulted in fewer apprentices being trained in Australia.

Kim Beazley, Australia's Labor opposition leader, has also called for the estimated 900,000 Australian expatriates working overseas to return home.

Vacancies by state

· The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show a desperate need for skilled workers in just about every trade.

· Western Australia needs skilled recruits for the mining industry, including engineers, planners, building surveyors, IT personnel, environmental health officers, works supervisors and plant operators.

· Queensland and Victoria are states desperate for qualified building professionals, including carpenters, joiners and bricklayers.

· New South Wales has serious shortages in the manufacturing sector.
· South Australia has already recruited more than 100 ex-British police but has room for at least 100 more. The state's biggest challenge is luring doctors to rural hospitals.

Debbie O'Halloran

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