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ŚMIERĆ Z GŁODU - czy Was to nie rusza??????

NIE! Musi byc selekcja naturalna.
Wiekszosc umiera po przez glupote a nie z glodu.

DLACZEGO ciezko pracujacy Amerykanie maja za wszystko placic!

Czas aby kastrowac ludzi w takich krajach bo oni tylko rozprowadzaja
wszystkie choroby na swiecie.

Gdyby murzyni w Afryce malp nie jedli to by nie bylo infekcji ebola.

Ty narzekasz na AIDS a to jest doskonala metoda selekcji naturalnej.

Po za tym nie ma zadnego dowodu do tej pory ze wirus HIV powoduje AIDS!

Naukowe dowody potwierdzaja ze AIDS jest horoba spowodowana po przez
TOKSYCZNE (TOXICITY) efekty spowodowane uzywaniem narkotykow, a nie wirusy.

The chemical bases of the various AIDS epidemics: recreational drugs, anti-
viral chemotherapy and malnutrition. [P. Duesberg, C. Koehnlein, & D. Rasnick
(2003) J Biosci 28, in press]
Kary B. Mullis (born December 28, 1944) Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for
developing DNA PCR test.

Once in a while in the world of science, there comes an idea or a tool so
ingenious that it revolutionizes the way people ask questions. Polymerase chain
reaction, better known as PCR, is one of these technologies. It has not only
made a tremendous impact on the scientific community, but it has also affected
many aspects of our everyday lives.

Polymerase chain reaction is a technique that amplifies DNA, enabling
scientists to make millions - or even billions - of copies of a DNA molecule in
a very short time. PCR has been used to detect DNA sequences, to diagnose
genetic diseases, to carry out DNA fingerprinting, to detect bacteria or
viruses (particularly the AIDS virus), and to research human evolution. It has
even been used to clone the DNA of an Egyptian mummy!

Who is the genius behind this revolutionary technology? He is a scientist and
surfer from Newport Beach, California, named Kary Mullis. Mullis, considered
an "intellectual maverick" by many, won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for
developing PCR.

On April 23, 1984 Dr. Robert Gallo announced that he had discovered "the
probable cause of AIDS", a new retrovirus, later named HIV.
There are several dramatically different definitions of AIDS that depend on
your location and age, and most do not require that you test HIV positive.

In developing regions of the world such as Africa, AIDS can be diagnosed in
people with fever, diarrhea and a persistent cough lasting more than a month,
and no HIV is test required.

In the US, illness is not required for an AIDS diagnosis.

A study of IV drug users in Montreal, Canada showed that participants in needle
exchange programs were more than twice as likely to be HIV positive than
injection drug users who did not exchange for clean needles.

In another blow to the idea that needles are the problem, a study of female
prostitutes showed that those who used drugs only intravenously were less
likely to be HIV positive (46%) than those using cocaine only in non-injected
ways (84%). The infectious theory of AIDS cannot explain these anomalies.

Jimmy Carter Angers African National Congress
Business Day, South Africa, March 10, 2002

"We find it alarming that president Carter is willing to treat our people as
guinea pigs in the interest of pharmaceutical companies…"
"We find it alarming that president Carter is willing to treat our people as
guinea pigs, in the interest of pharmaceutical companies, which he would not do
in his own country," the ANC said in media statement in Johannesburg. "We do
not understand why US citizens urge this drug [Nevirapine] upon us when the
health authorities in their own country do not allow its use for mother-to-
child-transmission. One of the reasons for this is that these authorities say
that there is insufficient data about issues of the safety of the drug.

Assumpcja ze HIV powoduje AIDS jest nadal tylko assumpcja.

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