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Average wage rises to NIS 7,169 in March

The average monthly gross wage for Israeli workers rose to NIS 7,169 in
March, 2 percent higher than in the previous month, the Central Bureau of
Statistics (CBS) said Sunday.

The average wage is NIS 7,068 when workers from Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza
Strip, as well as foreign workers, are included, CBS noted.


Trend data showed that the average wage increased 4.2% on an annualized basis
in February and March, in fixed prices.

In total, there were 2.343 million workers on the Israeli side of the Green
Line during March, or 2.415m. including foreign workers and those from the
West Bank and Gaza. The former figure rose 1.2% in annualized terms in
February and March.

For the nation's 62,700 foreign workers, the average gross monthly salary was
NIS 4,075, CBS said.

As usual, employees of Israel Electric Corporation and the Mekorot water
company had the highest wages, an average NIS 18,200. However, March's figure
was skewed by a one-time bonus at Israel Electric.

Excluding that, their average was closer to February's mean, NIS 14,600.

Banking and financial services workers also received their 13th salaries in
March, boosting their average wage to NIS 14,410, compared to NIS 11,428 in
February. At the low end, workers in leisure and food services averaged NIS
3,505 a month.

In all, two-thirds of all workers earned more than the average salary. Among
those, the average monthly gross wage was NIS 9,343. The 26% that made less
than the mean averaged NIS 1,948 among them.

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