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Panstwowy Terror Izraela - OIC

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The Council of Muftis of Russia has criticized the Russian mass media, which
partially cover events in Palestine: “We can see only one side of the
conflict.” This is the position of Israel.

In the meanwhile, at the conference on terrorism, in which foreign ministers of
the countries belonging to Oraganization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
participated, Israel was declared “terrorist state.” According to the chairman
of the conference, Malaysian Foreign Minister Said Hamid Albar, “a common
approach should be chosen towards Israel and the world community must take
measures thereupon.” Israel “does not defend itself from terrorist acts” but
itself has invaded and occupied foreign territories, which causes a reciprocal

Unfortunately, in Arab world, there is no common position on Tel-Aviv’s policy,
which could be seen at March summit of League of Arab States in Beirut.

An extraordinary sitting of the league will be held in Cairo on April 7. It is
already known that foreign ministers of Syria and Lebanon will not participate
as a protest against the nonfulfilment of the Beirut summit’s resolution, in
particular of “demand to break relations to Israel and to recommence the
boycott of Israel by Arab countries.” First of all, the protest is aimed
against Egypt and Jordan’s policy, who do not intend to break off their
peaceful agreements with Israel, Associated Press reports.

While Iranian spiritual leader, the Ayatollah Ali Homeni, following the Iraqi
leadership, called on Arab states to introducing a symbolic month-long ban on
oil supply to Western countries to stop supporting Israel in the Mideast
conflict. Though, according to Reuters, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait refused and
declined this idea.

In the meantime, a military report composed by four European militaries on
situation in the Middle East discloses Israel’s plans about the escalation of
confrontation and engaging Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan in a full-scale
war. This is being reported by Islam.Ru, referring to the Saudi newspaper Al-
Watan. In particular, as a pretext for the occupation of the south of Lebanon,
Tel-Aviv could use the fact that Hezbollah is helping the Palestinians.
According to military, the occupation of the south of Lebanon by Israel would
strengthen its presence in the Golan Heights. At the moment, the Israeli
Defence Ministry, together with US experts, are conducting air manoevers with F-
16 aircraft and helicopters. Moreover, according to the military, the
reestablishment of relations between Arab countries and Bagdad stimulates the
US to delivering strikes against Iraq and stirs up Israeli's policy of
aggression, which is afraid of possible military cooperation between Arab
countries and Iraq.

“The Israeli position established on the roof of a pilgrim house belonging to
Russian Orthodox Church in Bethlehem, the shelling of temples of the Holy Land,
and the mad slaughter of teenagers, women and old men is not only violation of
human rights and of international law, as European and Russian politicians
gingerly say. Outrage upon sacred objects of the whole Christian civilization,
trample of the fundamental right of a human being on protection in the own
house and in the own land, loathsome mask of genocide – this is the essence of
worldly known “butcher” Sharon, who leads the Jewish state. The historical
hatred of Israeli occupants of Islamic and Christian sanctuaries has its
origins, and it is broadly known and does not need to be explained… It is
absurd and stupid to rely on the aggressor’s excuses, who rudely violates peace
in the most highly explosive region of the Middle East,” – Russian columnist
Sergei Lykoshin wrote in his article “Who is taken to aim at?”
So, who will restrain Sharon?

Sergei Yugov
Edytor zaawansowany

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