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    Israel gives Arafat 48 hour deadline
    By Herb Keinon, Arieh O'Sullivan, Jerusalem Post Internet Staff

    JERUSALEM (September 30) - With the cease-fire brokered by Foreign Minister
    Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat shattered over
    the weekend by Palestinian riots and non-stop violence, Prime Minister Ariel
    Sharon convened the security cabinet late last night to reassess the situation.

    However, because of widespread feeling that the violence came about to mark the
    anniversary of the intifada, the security cabinet is giving Arafat 48 hours to
    fulfill his cease-fire obligations.

    United States Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer told Jerusalem Post Radio the
    next 72 hours are crucial. To hear his comments click here.

    The cabinet says if the PA does not crack down on terrorism and violence, the
    IDF will renew its pro-active measures.

    Those include Israel's assassination policy and ambushes and raids to kill
    Palestinian militants in the field.

    Meanwhile, Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer has instructed the army to
    start easing measures in the territories in areas where there is no violence or

    The army is reportedly lifting its blockade on Jericho - if it remains quiet.

    It also reopened the Rafiah crossing in the southern Gaza Strip along the
    Egyptian border.

    The army will ease further measures in the coming days - if there is no

    Despite the weekend violence, a planned meeting between Israel and Palestinian
    brigade commanders - the second since Wednesday's Arafat-Peres meeting - is to
    take place this morning.

    A senior official in the Prime Minister's Office said the cabinet was convened
    last night because there had been some 50 Palestinian acts of violence -
    including a mortar attack on Tekoa - since the Peres-Arafat meeting. "But what
    is most disconcerting," the official said, "is that Arafat has not taken any of
    the actions he was supposed to have taken against Hamas and Islamic Jihad."

    According to last Wednesday's agreement, by Tuesday morning this week the
    Palestinians are to have arrested a number of high-profile terrorists, and
    Israel is to have removed blockades and roadblocks in a number of "quiet"
    areas, as well as ease up on certain restrictions regarding entry into Israel
    and the transfer of goods and merchandise.

    Under the agreement, the Palestinians were immediately to give clear directives
    to stop all forms of violence - from mortar fire to riots - and to end
    incitement. Israel, for its part, was to immediately stop all initiated actions
    in Area A, and reduce the security pressure on the Palestinians.

    The security meetings were arranged during a three-hour meeting on Friday of
    the joint security forum comprising top Israeli and Palestinian security

    Attending that meeting for Israel were OC Planning Maj.-Gen. Giora Eiland, OC
    Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Doron Almog, and OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Itzik
    Eitan, as well as representatives of the General Security Service.

    The meeting split into a number of groups according to regions, where more
    detailed steps were outlined.

    It was decided that more meetings would be held on the regional brigade
    commander level today. Defense officials said last night that these meetings
    may be delayed due to the continuing unrest.

    The meeting last night was to decide on whether Israel would implement some of
    the confidence-building measures it had promised the Palestinians.

    These included opening the Rafah border crossing and lifting travel

    One of the results of the Friday joint security forum was a decision to do away
    with collective actions and treat each region separately. Thus, for example,
    unrest in the Gaza Strip would not prevent Israel from lifting blockades in
    areas of the West Bank where the cease-fire was kept, security officials said.

    Earlier yesterday, Ben-Eliezer held a situation assessment with top IDF
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    This Week in Israel

    Palestinian students at Al Najah University in Nablus erected a replica of the
    Sbarro Pizzeria in Jerusalem, where a suicide bomber killed 15 Jews, to
    celebrate the first anniversary of the Al Aqsa Intifada
    Israel moved the clock back one hour on Sunday night, September 23. The time
    difference to the East Coast is now 6 hours. Israel reverts to summer time the
    night after the first Seder, on March 28th,


    According to various sources, Osama bin Laden also intends to attack Israel.
    The first signals to confirm such information were the arrest of Nabil Ukal, a
    resident of Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip, by the GSS a year ago. It transpired
    that the 27-year old Ukal was sent to act as a bridgehead for attacks in Israel
    and was the first representative of a global terror organization run by Bin
    Laden in the Territories. Ukal had originally joined one of the organizations
    attached to Bin Laden's organization and received military training in
    Afghanistan. At the instruction of a senior member of the organization, he was
    dispatched to prepare the military infrastructure for Bin Laden's organization
    in the Territories and the Gaza Strip, as well as including Israeli Arabs. In
    1998 Ukal returned to Gaza since which time he has received instructions from
    activists in Bin Laden's organization in Jordan and in Britain on preparing
    bombs. The charge sheet against Ukal stated that he had intended to perpetrate
    large-scale terror attacks in central Israel, to dispatch suicide bombers,
    activate bombs against IDF patrols and to launch anti-tank missiles at
    settlements. Following Ukal's arrest, several members of his cell who had been
    engaged in practical preparations for attacks were arrested. Their work
    included collecting information, experiments in detonating devices and hoarding
    explosive material. One of those detained is Said Hanawi, a Palestinian who
    trained with Bin Laden in Afghanistan and the son of the former commander of
    the Palestinian police station in Ramallah. Bin Laden recently mentioned the
    US and Israel in the same breath. An investigation of the "Millenium cell" - a
    group of Islamic activists trained in Afghanistan by Bin Laden, showed that its
    members planned to bomb Israeli targets and hurt Israeli and American tourists
    at the border crossings. The terrorists were found guilty, some were given
    life sentences and some received the death penalty, which has not yet been
    carried out.


    A senior defense official stated that as early as August this year, Israel had
    warned of serious attacks in the planning against the US - and a senior
    American official confirmed that it would seem that this time someone would
    take the rap for not heeding warnings from the Israeli Mossad. This week the
    press reported that two senior Mossad officials were sent to Washington in
    August this year and warned the Americans that widespread terror attacks were
    being planned against "prominent" targets in the US. A senior Israeli defense
    official said that the planned attacks were connected with Bin Laden, although
    there was no specific information as to the nature of the plans. The Mossad
    also informed the Americans that terrorist cells involving 120 people were
    operating in the US.


    Israeli defense estimates are taking into account the possibility that an
    American attack, particularly on Iraq, will bring Israel into the conflict,
    possibly through an Iraqi missile attack on Israel. Nevertheless, the defense
    establishment has to date refrained from taking overt steps to improve civilian
    protection. To date, the Home Command has not decided whether to open
    additional stations for the allocation of gas masks. Meanwhile, the number of
    people contacting the Tel Aviv station has increased noticeably.


    Unlike the situation on the eve of the Gulf War, Israel now has a defense
    system against ballistic missiles - the Arrow missile system. Eight of the
    last nine Arrow tests have proved that this system can destroy Scud-like
    missiles. So far only one of the three Arrow missile batteries is lined up and
    considered operational. The number of missiles that Israel possesses is
    confidential, but the number of missiles in storage obviously depends on
    financing, so that Israel's defense establishment is seeking an American
    partner to manufacture the Arrow missiles.


    The Palestinian Authority threatened journalists working for foreign news
    agencies not to publish footage of the expression of joy by Palestinians
    following the attack on the US. The threats hinted at risk to their lives
    should the pictures be published; the journalists succumbed and did not
    publish. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs named the Reuters and A.P.
    behavior "journalism under terror". However, the Foreign Ministry does have
    film of the festivities, although it has decided not to distribute it
    aggressively but only upon request. The US ambassador said that: "the
    American people will be the judges of such conduct".


    Israel this week expressed solidarity with the victims of recent terror in the
    US. The government session opened with a moment's silence and MK's stood for a
    moment in memory of the victims. The Knesset also sent US ambassador in Israel
    Dan Kurtzer, a letter of solidarity with the mourning of the citizens of the
    United States, signed by all Knesset factions - excluding the Arab parties who
    refused to sign. 40,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square for a rally
    named "You have a friend". The rally was organized by the Jewish Agency and
    Tel Aviv City Hall and was attended by the US ambassador in Israel. Minister
    of Foreign Affairs Shimon Peres said at the rally: "We will go hand in hand
    with America". In Jerusalem Yaffa Street, one of the city's proncipal roads,
    was renamed New York Street for the next two weeks and Mayor Ehud Olmert said
    at the ceremony that "of all the cities in the world New York is closest to


    Harsh response in Israel's political circles, left and right, to comments made
    by French ambassador Jacques Huntzinger that: "the tragedy in the US cannot be
    compared with the terror in Israel. The Israel-Palestinian situation should
    not be confused with the tragedy in the US". There were even calls to send the
    ambassador home. Peres said: "The French ambassador's comments contain strong
    tones of racism and anti-Semitism, and imply that Israeli blood is cheaper than
    American blood". MK Michael Kleiner said that the judges of the "Dreyfuss'
    affair would be proud of such an ambassador". MK Ran Cohen of Meretz condemned
    the ambassador's remarks and said that "the French ambassador is encouraging
    terror here in Israel".
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    (09:25) Several wounded in Jerusalem car bomb blast
    By Dave Bender, Jerusalem Post Internet Staff

    A car bomb blew up in the Talpiot neighborhood in southern Jerusalem shortly
    after 09:00.

    One person sustained minor shrapnel wounds from shards of glass in the attack.

    He was treated at the scene by Magen David Adom.

    Two others, suffering from shock, were transfered to Bikur Holim hospital in
    downtown Jerusalem for treatment.

    One of the two, an elderly man, is suspected of having suffered a heart attack,
    according to the hospital spokesman.

    Islamic Jihad has taken responsibility for the attack, according to Qatar-based
    Al-Jazeera Television.

    The blast took place adjacent to the "Bank Junction," on Bethlehem Road
    parallel to Hebron Road.

    The booby-trapped vehicle was in a small parking lot next to an apartment
    building several dozen meters south of the intersection, when it blew up.

    The explosion took place across the street from a school for children with
    special needs.

    The school was closed today.

    The blast demolished the vehicle.

    Several other vehicles in the vicinity of the explosion were also damaged.

    Police sappers combed the area for other bombs, but found none.

    Firefighters quickly arrived at the scene, according to eyewitnesses, and
    doused the burning remains of the car.

    Jerusalem police Cmdr. Mickey Levy said the explosive device was moderately

    The bombing was carried out in a residential area of the capital, and not
    downtown, due to a lesser police presence, Levy said.

    He added that police would in turn beef up security in the periphery of the
    city in the wake of the bombing.

    The 12-kilogram bomb, hidden in the vehicle, was made up of a liquid propane
    gas tank, Kalashnikov and M-16 rifle bullets, ball bearings, nails and other
    metal parts in order to magnify the lethal effect of the blast, Army Radio

    The vehicle had been stolen in Israel several months ago, and was then taken
    over the Green Line to the West Bank, where the explosive device was prepared,
    police said.

    Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, after learning that Islamic Jihad had taken
    responsibility for the attack, said,"Islamic Jihad and Hamas are the [Osama]
    bin-Laden of the Middle East and we must fight them without compromise, giving
    them no quarter."

    Internal Security Minister Uzi Landau said in the wake of the attack
    that "there was no point in continuing security talks with the Palestinians."

    "Events of this nature are proof of the need to fight the head of the
    Palestinian Authority [Chairman Yasser Arafat] with all of our abilities.

    "This is a criminal that repeats himself over and over whenever he gets the
    chance," Landau said, referring to Arafat.

    "He just shoots, nonstop and blindly," he said, continuing, "therefore we must
    wage war against Arafat."

    "The police must make preparations, together with the public," Landau said.

    One eyewitness said "I was outside working on our Succa with our children and
    several others when I saw a big pink flash and a large rolling blast."

    A Succa is a temporary dwelling erected for the week-long Feast of Tabernacles
    holiday, Succot, that begins this evening.

    The man hurried the children to safety and broke out his home first-aid kit, to
    assist the wounded in the blast.

    EMS, police, and firefighting forces were on the scene within moments, he said,
    making the kit unnecessary.

    There are reports of large traffic jams in the vicinity due to roads closed in
    the area.

    This is the first bombing attack in Jerusalem since the cease-fire agreement
    between Peres and Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat last week.

    The blast comes on the background of numerous bomb and shooting attacks against
    Israeli civilians and IDF forces throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

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    GSS arrests 20 Hamas terrorists
    By Margot Dudkevitch

    JERUSALEM (October 1) - The General Security Service revealed yesterday the
    recent arrest of more than 20 Hamas terrorists, part of a widespread terrorist
    infrastructure operating in Samaria who were trained and received their
    instructions directly from Hamas headquarters in Syria and other countries.

    All those arrested were qualified in the use of weapons and explosives, the
    majority, young university students who were recruited by Hamas during
    university studies in Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and other countries . Some of them
    were involved in the planning of the two suicide bombings in Netanya on April
    30 and May 18, in which eight Israelis were killed and scores wounded. The
    terrorists had also planned to recruit young Israeli Arabs to assist them.

    All the terrorists underwent intense training and were skilled in weapons use,
    high quality explosives, and different methods of detonating bombs they
    prepared and were also taught how to perpetrate different attacks against
    civilian and military targets, including the abduction of soldiers. At the end
    of their training they were sent to the territories to establish and operate
    terror cells, mainly in Samaria.

    Hassin Zail, 31, from Zbubah in Samaria, studied at a university in Syria where
    he was recruited and sent for training in Syria and Lebanon. At the beginning
    of 1999, he returned as a military expert and began training new recruits in
    explosives and operations. He instructed his cell members to search for a
    hiding place, to purchase raw materials for explosives, and gather

    At the same time, Ahmed Abu Faraj, 25, from Shuweikeh, was instructed to
    establish a cell which would perpetrate attacks. Faraj recruited Iyad Dakor,
    Ramzi Nallawah, and Juad Kalibi, all in their 20s.

    Additional suspects are to be arrested the GSS said.

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    For Immediate Release
    Office of the Press Secretary
    October 1, 2001

    Operation Enduring Freedom Overview
    Campaign Against Terrorism Results
    Period Covered September 14-30, 2001

    Department of State

    Russia offered to share information and the use of their airspace for
    humanitarian flights.
    China offered to share information.
    India offered to share information and pledged support of U.S. actions.
    Japan offered diplomatic and military (logistical) support, and assistance to
    Australia offered combat military forces and invoked Article IV of the ANZUS
    Treaty, declaring September 11 an attack on Australia.
    South Korea offered military medical and air and naval logistics support.
    UAE and Saudi Arabia broke diplomatic relations with the Taliban.
    Pakistan agreed to cooperate fully with the request for assistance and support.
    Secured overflight and landing rights from 27 countries.
    Obtained 46 multilateral declarations of support.
    19 nations of NATO invoked Article V declaring an attack on one as an attack on
    The United Nations Security Council unanimously enacted a binding resolution
    requiring all member states to pursue terrorists and those who support them,
    including financial support systems.
    Department of the Treasury

    Adoption of Terrorist Financing Executive Order.
    Froze approximately 30 al-Qaida accounts in the U.S. and almost 20 overseas.
    Put 27 names on the Terrorist Financing list.
    Reviewing additional persons and entities for possible inclusion on the
    Terrorist Financing list.
    Froze approximately $6 million linked to terrorists.
    Department of Defense

    Approximately 29,000 military personnel, 349 military aircraft, 1 Amphibious
    Ready Group, and 2 Carrier Battle Groups currently deployed in Theater.
    Approximately 17,000 members of the Reserve have been called to active duty, as
    well as several thousand National Guard operating under State authority.
    Department of Justice

    Analyzed 241 serious/credible threats.
    Conducted 540 interviews.
    Conducted 383 searches.
    Issued 4,407 subpoenas.
    Arrested/Detained 439 persons.
    Approximately 30-plus countries offered support in criminal investigations.

    Over 100 countries have offered increased intelligence support.
    Approximately 150 arrests and detentions of terrorists and suspected supporters
    of terrorism in over 25 countries.
    Intensified counterterrorist operations with over 200 intelligence and security
    services worldwide.
    # # #

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    Latest News of the day
    Wednesday 03/10/ 2001

    Blair to make last-minute appeal' to Taliban

    London, Oct. 3, IRNA - British Prime Minister Tony Blair was reported Wednesday
    to be set to fly to Pakistan to make

    a last-minute appeal through General Pervez Musharraf to the Taliban regime in
    Afghanistan to hand over Osama bin

    Laden. Blair, who is visiting Moscow, en route, will be accompanied by former
    Chief of Defense Staff, Lord Guthrie, who

    has been in regular contact with the Pakistani leader since last month's
    attacks in the US, according to London's Evening

    Standard. The British Prime Minister effectively declared war against the
    Taliban regime on Tuesday, saying there is "no

    compromise possible with such people." No date was mentioned for Blair's trip,
    but the prime minister was reported

    elsewhere to be planning to fly to Oman on Thursday to visit 24,000 troops
    engaged in Britain's military exercises since the

    1982 Falklands War. The Evening Standard said that Blair was expected to
    furnish Musharraf with evidence garnered by

    US intelligence agencies, which is claimed to show a direct link between bin
    Laden and the September 11 attacks in New

    York and Washington. The prime minister's visit coincides with a hastily
    organised three-day tour of Saudi Arabia, Oman,

    Egypt and Uzbekistan by US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. HC/KS End ::irna

    Moderate Taliban may cooperate with world community: Pak expert

    Islamabad, Oct 3, IRNA -- A senior Pakistani academic has said that moderates
    within the ranks of the Taliban may be

    inclined to cooperate with the international community in plans for a future
    political set-up. Dr. Rasool Bakhsh Raees,

    director of the Area Study Center affiliated with Quaid-i Azam University in
    Islamabad, made the comments during a panel

    interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). He said he believed
    these moderates may like to work with the

    inernational community to secure for themselves a place in any future political
    set-up. Replying to a question on reports

    about Zahir Shah's role in the future of the war-torn country, he opined that
    this former king of Afghanistan could play a

    role in shaping a future political structure for the country after the Taliban
    regime is removed. "To many, Zahir Shah is

    considered a symbol of unity and nationalism in Afghanistan and in the given
    situation he can bring closer all the ethnic and

    religious groups toward formation of a representative government there," he
    explained. He said he did not foresee any

    future for the Taliban. "I do'nt think they have any future," he remarked. In
    response to another query, Dr. Rasool Bakhsh

    said that whether Pakistan breaks diplomatic relations with the Taliban or not
    is insignificant. However, he qualified, it

    could be significant in the sense that by maintaining ties the opportunities
    for reaching a peaceful resolution of the present

    crisis can be availed of. The United States has learned a lesson and its
    mission would be to arrest, expel or kil Osama bin

    Laden and remove the Taliban government, he said in reply to yet another
    question, adding that the way to get these

    objectives fulfilled will not be through a conventional war. The U.S. and its
    coalition would have to use the latest available

    technology and weaponry against the terrorists camps in Afghanistan, he
    maintained. He was firm in his opinion that there

    are opportunities which both Iran and Pakistan can explore to bring back peace
    and order to war-torn country.

    "Afghanistan can't be left alone in chaos after the Taliban are removed to
    witness yet another power struggle as was the

    case before the Taliban regime came to power," Dr.Rasool Bakhsh emphatically
    said. The academic pointed out that

    Pakistan has always wanted the Taliban to engage the international community
    but were prevented because of their rigid

    policies and human rights record. On the current demonstrations in Pakistan
    against the Musharraf government for its

    cooperation with the U.S., he said the people in general support the
    government's policies with only some religious

    extremists opposing them. "Had Pakistan not sided with the international
    community in its campaign against terrorism India

    might have capitalized on such failure, the Pakistani expert asserted,
    defending Pakistan's stand on the crisis in the wake of

    the terrorist attacks. He opined that Pushtun tribal groups living in Pakistan
    and Afghanistan would be keen to play their

    part in a future political set-up. Speaking about the threatened U.S. attack,
    he stressed that retaliation would have to be

    against the terrorists and not against the Afghan people. "The Muslim Ummah
    would not tolerate aggression on the

    innocent people there," he added. Although Pakistan has recognized the Taliban,
    they have never cooperated with

    Islamabad, he pointed out, adding that several instances could prove this fact.
    For instance, they refused to hand over

    alleged terrorists that were wanted in various terrorist acts commited in
    Pakistan, he said. Similarly, they refused to heed to

    Pakistan's requests to save the Buddhist statues in Bamiyan from destruction
    and were also guilty of crimes against the

    minorities, he noted. /MA/MMZ/LS End ::irna 10:45

    U.S. targets terrorist camps


    By Bill Gertz


    U.S. intelligence agencies have identified 23 terrorist training camps in
    Afghanistan that have been targeted for military

    action, according to U.S. officials. They also told The Washington Times that
    China has placed its military forces in the

    western part of the country on heightened alert and is moving troops to the
    border region near Afghanistan in anticipation

    of U.S. military strikes. The officials said the 23 camps have been targeted by
    U.S. military forces assembling in the region.

    The forces include up to four aircraft carrier battle groups with cruise-
    missile-equipped warships and submarines, several

    hundred warplanes and special-operations ground troops.

    Other targets in Afghanistan include some of the Taliban military forces,
    including a small number of MiG-21 aircraft, some

    tanks and armored vehicles and air-defense missile sites, defense officials
    said. The Taliban militia reportedly has about

    1,000 Russian-made T-54, T-55 and T-62 tanks, up to 30 surface-to-surface
    missiles, including Scuds and Frog-7s. Its

    air force is made up of some 30 MiG-23s and additional older aircraft along
    with 80 MiG-21s. Its surface-to-air missile

    forces include SA-2 and SA-3 batteries and SAM-7 and SAM-14. The Taliban also
    is believed to have some U.S.-made

    Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, but defense officials said the batteries may
    have run down. The missiles were sent to the

    Afghan rebel groups fighting Soviet forces during the 1980s. Defense Secretary
    Donald H. Rumsfeld told a group of

    visiting former U.S. government officials last week that the military has
    selected numerous "high-value" targets inside

    Afghanistan, according to a participant in the meeting. The defense secretary
    also said that military action is likely to cause

    collateral damage. The training camps are located in areas stretching from
    northeastern Afghanistan, below the territory

    controlled by the Northern Alliance, and stretching south and east throughout
    the country. They include camps near the

    cities of Kabul, Jalalabad and Khost and in the province of Uruzgan. The
    officials did not provide further details of the

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    Poll: US-Israel ties stronger than ever
    By Dan Izenberg

    JERUSALEM (October 4) - American support for close US ties with Israel is
    stronger than ever following the September 11 attacks, a poll conducted by
    International Communications Research (ICR) shows.

    ICR, a leading American polling firm which does work for ABC News, The
    Washington Post, and the Associated Press, found that 92 percent of Americans
    endorse full cooperation between the US and Israel in combating terrorism,
    while 4% oppose such cooperation.

    Seventy-four percent of Americans favor either strengthening ties with Israel
    or maintaining the current, close relationship. Only 10% favor distancing the
    US from Israel.

    The poll was conducted under the auspices of the Institute for Jewish and
    Community research and the Center for Middle Eastern studies at the Hudson

    According to the sponsors of the poll, which was conducted between September 14
    and September 18, "If one purpose of the attacks in New York and Washington was
    to drive a wedge between the American public and Israel, the results indicate
    the terrorists failed to diminish American public support for Israel."

    The sample consisted of 1,011 randomly selected adults throughout the US, with
    a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.
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    Officials: Bush not putting pressure on Israel
    By Janine Zacharia

    WASHINGTON (October 4) - President George W. Bush's comments Tuesday on
    Palestinian statehood, which sparked an outpouring of concern among Israel
    supporters, were not designed to signal that the US would be bringing more
    pressure on Israel, officials and well-placed sources here said.

    Rather administration officials hoped Bush's comment - that Palestinian
    statehood had always been part of a "vision" - would appease Arab states, which
    have urged deeper US involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and which
    have not been as forthcoming so far as the US would like in the war on

    But officials say that involvement will have to be creative, and not
    necessarily deeper. Former US assistant secretary of state and ambassador to
    Israel Martin Indyk has been calling this week for the US to immediately
    appoint a special Middle East envoy to help solidify the battered cease-fire
    struck by PA Chairman Yasser Arafat and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.

    Administration sources say the US is considering no such option, and point to
    the fact that Dennis Ross served as special envoy for the first five months of
    the intifada with no success in bringing an end to hostilities.

    Prior to the September 11 terrorist attacks on the US, Washington was abuzz
    with speculation about whether the US would use the UN General Assembly that
    had been scheduled for September 24 to launch a new Middle East initiative to
    help calm the intifada, and whether Bush would meet with Palestinian Authority
    Chairman Yasser Arafat in New York.

    The Jerusalem Post reported on September 9 that Secretary of State Colin Powell
    might announce US support for a Palestinian state in his address as a means of
    placating Arab states who say the US has been too pro-Israel.

    But he never got the chance to do so, as the General Assembly was canceled.

    With the US concerned that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could damage its
    top priority - to destroy the Qaida network and Osama bin Laden - it is
    exploring new ways of engaging in the Middle East morass.

    Administration sources say the US is considering no such option, and point to
    the fact that Dennis Ross served as special envoy for the first five months of
    the intifada with no success in bringing an end to hostilities.

    "There's nothing planned right now," said one US official about possible US
    moves regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "It could change tomorrow

    One source familiar with administration thinking said it would be erroneous to
    view Bush's airing of support for a Palestinian state "through the prism of
    pressure on Israel."

    Administration officials are fed up with bad US press in the Arab media, and
    support for a Palestinian state, they believe, is a rhetorical device "that
    isn't necessarily a movement of the goal post," the source said.

    One Democratic legislative aide on the House International Relations Committee
    said the Bush administration's announcement of support for Palestinian
    statehood is stating an obvious fact that nobody speaks about publicly.

    "We knew it even though they've never said it," the staffer said. "They are
    blowing smoke on a non-issue in order to give our erstwhile Arab allies the
    impression that we are sympathetic to the Palestinians."

    But others saw the statement as indeed damning for Israel.

    The pro-Israel lobby AIPAC said in response that until Arafat "decides to stand
    against terrorism, it is unthinkable to grant him a meeting with the president
    or gain US support for a Palestinian state."

    Robert Satloff, executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East
    Policy, writing in the Los Angeles Times yesterday, said the US has rewarded
    the Palestinians prematurely, and indicated to Israel that it will suffer at
    the expense of the new coalition against terrorism.

    "Lending endorsement to Palestinian statehood in the current environment cannot
    but be interpreted by Palestinians as the first political fruit of the
    intifada. The desire to continue the armed struggle against Israel will gain
    new urgency," Satloff wrote.

    "For Israelis, whose last prime minister gave the Palestinians an offer of
    statehood that was roundly rejected, US backing to statehood in the absence of
    ongoing diplomacy will only fuel fears that the anti-Osama bin Laden coalition
    will be built at their expense," he added.

    Israelis already sense this, and for this reason, a cabinet statement yesterday
    again called for Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas to be added to an executive
    order calling for a worldwide freezing of assets of groups and individuals tied
    to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network.

    State Department spokesman Richard Boucher reiterated the US view yesterday
    that Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas were already covered under a previous
    order. That is true, but so was bin Laden and al-Qaida, and the previous order
    did not have the scope of the new one signed by Bush.

    Boucher did not deny a report that there are efforts under way to take Syria
    off the state sponsors of terrorism list to help facilitate their participation
    in the coalition.

    Instead he said he had not seen the report, and added: "As we've often stated
    in the past, the goal of the terrorism list is not to put people on, but to
    take people off. The goal is to get countries to stop supporting terrorism."

    Herb Keinon adds:

    Israeli officials continued to react to reports of a new US diplomatic
    initiative, and to Bush's comments about a Palestinian state with

    The statement could serve US interests in trying to build a coalition, without
    costing us anything, since [Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon has already indicated
    that he also envisions a Palestinian state," one diplomatic official
    said. "There is nothing really new here."

    Another official echoed this sentiment.

    "We were not shocked or angry or surprised," the official said, adding that
    there was nothing in the content of what Bush said to "knock us off our chairs."
  • Gość: : IP: * 04.10.01, 14:11
    By Sgt. 1st Class Kathleen T. Rhem, USA
    American Forces Press Service

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 3, 2001 - Defense Secretary
    Donald Rumsfeld is not visiting the Middle East to
    negotiate basing or fly-over rights for U.S. troops in the
    war on terrorism, but to "solidify relationships."

    The secretary is on the first leg of a three-day trip that
    includes Oman, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia.

    "These are relationships of long standing with the
    exception of Uzbekistan, and that's a situation that it's
    important for us to get to know them and establish a
    relationship," Rumsfeld told reporters on the plane Oct. 2
    en route from Washington to Riyadh, the Saudi capital.

    Even before this stint as defense secretary Rumsfeld was no
    stranger to the region. He served as Middle East envoy
    under President Reagan.

    Rumsfeld didn't say what sort of relationship the
    administration hoped to forge with Uzbekistan. He said he
    believes that given political sensitivities in the region
    it would be best for Uzbekistan to quantify its
    relationship with the United States.

    "I'm understanding of the fact that each country has a
    different situation,," he said.

    The Bush administration wants different countries to
    cooperate in its war on terrorism in different ways,
    Rumsfeld said. "We want countries around the globe to
    recognize the seriousness of this threat," he said. "We
    want them to understand the damage that was done to our
    country and the threat that exists to countries across the
    globe. And we want them to cooperate in a lot of ways."

    One of the most important forms of cooperation is providing
    intelligence on terrorist networks. "The countries on the
    periphery of Afghanistan, in this case, have a lot more
    information than countries that are not on the periphery,"
    Rumsfeld said. "They've seen the flow of people back and
    forth across those borders."

    The secretary said he believes it won't be a bomb or
    missile that will ultimately make the most difference in
    fighting terrorism; it'll be "a scrap of information from
    some person in some country that's been repressed by a
    dictatorial regime that's sponsoring a terrorist
    organization who's going to put out the kind of information
    that's going to enable us to pull this network up by its

    However, he stressed, a war on terrorism is a far cry from
    a war on the Afghan people. "It is a mistake for anybody to
    characterize the concern we have about terrorism and the
    concern we have about the enormous loss of life in the
    United States (Sept. 11) ... as having anything to do with
    the people of Afghanistan," Rumsfeld said. "It doesn't."

    Rumsfeld said he also hopes to visit troops participating
    in the Bright Star exercise in Egypt, where his main
    message to those in uniform will be "how grateful we are to
  • Gość: 0 IP: * 04.10.01, 20:47
    18:20) Reports: Ukrainian army shot down plane
    By Jerusalem Post Internet Staff, Ap

    It is being reported here that the Ukranian army may have fired a missile that
    shot down the Sibir Airlines plane that crashed into the Black Sea this
    afternoon en route from Israel to Siberia.

    A senior Ukranian nayy officer, Igor Larichev, said the missile accidentally
    hit the plane that was carrying some 75 - 77 passengers and crew.

    However, a short time later, Ukraine's Defense Ministry issued a statement
    denying that it fired a missile that was capable of hitting the plane.

    It is understood the Ukrainian army may have fired some 20 missiles today as
    part of military exercises in the area of the Black Sea.

    "All the rockets used during the training exercise had guaranteed service lives
    and self-destruction mechanisms in case they deviated from their course," said
    Defense Minister Oleksandr Kuzmuk, according to a statement released by
    ministry spokesman Kostyantyn Khivrenko.

    A U.S. Defense Department official in Washington, speaking on condition of
    anonymity, said a land-based surface-to-air missile had been fired from the
    Crimean region of Ukraine.

    Ukraine is the only country known to be conducting military
    exercises in the Black Sea area, the official said.

    The downing of the airliner appeared to be accidental, the
    U.S. officials said.

    Romanian and French pilots are also taking part in an air exercise in the
    region of Romania's Black Sea port of Constanta, Romanian officials have said.
    The exercise apparently includes the firing of air-to-ground missiles.

    The Ukrainian exercises were conducted on Cape Onuk, in Crimea, about 250
    kilometers (160 miles) from the site of
    the crash, on territory controlled by the Russian Black Sea

    Ukrainian anti-aircraft, navy, rocket forces, aviation and artillery took part
    as well as Russian forces including shore-based forces and a guard ship.

    Part of the exercise involved firing on an unmanned aircraft.

    According to military officials, the exercise included anti-aircraft S-125, S-
    200 and S-300 rockets, which are similar to U.S. "Patriot" missiles, and R-300
    tactical rockets.

    "The direction of the firing and the distance do not correspond to the plane's
    explosion site either in theory or in practice. All the hits by the rockets
    used during the exercise were recorded by corresponding devices and reached
    their targets," Khivrenko, the Ukrainian defense spokesman, said.

    "Moreover, the monitoring means of Ukraine's Air Defense
    Forces as well as those of the Ukrainian air traffic control did not record the
    presence of any civilian aircraft in the exercise area during the maneuvers."

    He said that the targets were at a distance of 35-39 kilometers (21-24 miles).
  • Gość: ^ IP: * 04.10.01, 21:04
    10:45) Lebanese source: Hizbullah attack 'strange and risky'

    Lebanese and international sources rebuked Hizbullah's cross-border attacks
    yesterday evening on IDF positions in the Mount Dov area.

    "Any violent attack across the Blue Line is wrong according to the United
    Nations because it's an infringement of a clear UN position," Staffan de
    Mistura, the UN secretary-general's personal representative to south Lebanon
    told Beirut's The Daily Star.

    "But it could not have come at a worse time in view of the international
    climate," de Mistura added.

    The timing of the attack raised eyebrows among diplomats and security

    "It's very surprising," said a Lebanese security source. "The timing is strange
    and very risky, particularly as Israel keeps telling everyone that Hizbullah is
    a terrorist group and it should be hit. Now Hizbullah is giving everyone a
    reason to hit them."

    A European diplomat said that Israel's response could go either way, but noted
    that "the Americans certainly will not want to see a renewal of the Israel-
    Hizbullah war."

  • Gość: # IP: * 05.10.01, 02:01
    Sharon: We won't be another Czechoslovakia
    By Arieh O'Sullivan

    JERUSALEM (October 5) - Pressured by daily deadly terror attacks, Prime
    Minister Ariel Sharon last night said all attempts to reach a cease-fire have
    failed and he has ordered the security forces into action against Palestinian

    "We can rely only on ourselves. And from today forward, we will only rely on
    ourselves," Sharon said.

    Speaking after the terror attack in Afula, which left three dead, Sharon called
    on the West not to "appease" the Arab world by abandoning Israel in the war on

    "Today Israel suffered another murderous Palestinian terrorist attack which
    took a heavy toll," Sharon said. "All of our efforts to reach a cease-fire have
    been torpedoed by the Palestinians. Fire did not cease, not even for one day."

    Speaking at a press conference in Tel Aviv last night, Sharon said the cabinet
    has instructed the security forces to take "all necessary measures" to bring
    full security.

    "We are currently in the midst of a complex and difficult political campaign. I
    call on the Western democracies and primarily on the leader of the free world,
    the United States: Do not repeat the dreadful mistake of 1938, when enlightened
    European democracies decided to sacrifice Czechoslovakia for a convenient
    temporary solution. Do not try to appease the Arabs at our expense. This is
    unacceptable to us. Israel will not be Czechoslovakia. Israel will fight

    "There is no good terrorism and bad terrorism," Sharon said. "It is worse than
    murder. We have been fighting terrorism for over 100 years. Unfortunately,
    there is no swift and immediate solution. But if united we confront this
    terrorism, we will be able to overcome it and bring peace. And we shall

    But the government stopped short of saying the cease-fire with the Palestinians
    is dead.

    "I don't sign death certificates," said Transportation Minister Ephraim
    Sneh. "Actually, we are in a situation where a cease-fire is permanently defied
    by Palestinian terrorism. That is why we have to take the measures to forestall
    this danger and to fight back."

    Sneh also refused to elaborate on what security steps will be taken. "Wait and
    see," he said.

    Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said last night that the
    Palestinians "will have to pay a heavy price for this kind of attacks."

    Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Shaul Mofaz said the IDF has not detected any
    attempt by the Palestinian Authority to enforce the cease-fire.

    "There is no war on terror by the Palestinian Authority and they don't even
    carry out arrests," Mofaz told reporters in Tel Aviv.

    While not repeating his claim that the PA is a "terrorist entity," Mofaz said
    it has never abandoned its belligerent goal.

    Meanwhile, PA Chairman Yasser Arafat convened the PLO leadership in Ramallah
    yesterday to discuss the situation and how to deal with the latest
    developments, Palestinian sources said.

    The PA has been saying that it is unable to arrest terrorists while Israel is
    killing Palestinians. But Arafat is under growing pressure to take action, a PA
    source said.

    He knows that he must deal with militants who are challenging his orders and
    continue to carry out attacks, the source said. But as Hamas and Islamic Jihad
    have fought side-by-side with Fatah during the intifada, he can not suddenly
    start to arrest them, the source added.

    Arafat wants to first try to convince them to stop carrying out attacks and
    only then start to make arrests, the source explained. However, many senior
    officials around Arafat want him to deal with those who violate the orders.

    (Lamia Lahoud contributed to this report.)
  • Gość: + IP: * 05.10.01, 18:13
    (16:45) Fatah claims responsibility for Afula slayings

    The Aksa Brigades of Fatah issued a statement in Jenin this afternoon claiming
    responsibility for yesterday's terrorist shooting attack in Afula that left
    three dead and 14 wounded.

    The streets of Jenin were plastered with photographs of the attacker, Nazir
    Muhammad Hamed, who came from a village near the city, Israel Radio reported.

    If the Aksa Brigades claim is true, this would be the first attack by
    Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement inside Israel
    since Arafat declared a cease-fire last week.

  • Gość: = IP: * 05.10.01, 18:44

    For Immediate Release
    Office of the Press Secretary
    October 4, 2001

    President Directs Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan
    Remarks by the President to State Department Employees
    U.S. Department of State
    Washington, D.C.

    U.S. Assistance to the Afghan People
    Listen to the President's Remarks

    10:25 A.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Please be seated. Thank you all.
    Mr. Secretary, I'm honored you invited me back. (Laughter.) I'm glad to be
    back to be able to say thanks on behalf of the American people to the patriots
    who work for our Department of State. Thanks for your hard work. Thanks for
    your dedication. Thanks for your love of America.

    I'm also here to announce an initiative to help the Afghan people in a
    time of crisis and in a time of need. America will stand strong and will
    oppose the sponsors of terror. And America will stand strong and help those
    people who are hurt by those regimes.

    Mr. Secretary, I am proud of your leadership. Last time I came, I
    predicted you would be a great Secretary of State. You have not let me down.
    (Applause.) And neither have the folks who work at the State Department; not
    only here in Washington, but in embassies throughout the world. America is
    proud of your service. And America is comforted by the fact that we are united
    as we stand to fight terror.

    We are engaged in a noble cause. And that is to say loud and clear to the
    evildoers that we reject you, that we will stand firm against terror, and that
    this great nation, along with many other nations, will defend freedom.

    I want to thank those of you who have worked extra long hours to help
    forge this fantastic coalition that we're building, a coalition of people all
    around the world who understand that the evil acts could have happened to them,
    just like they happened to us.

    People understand that now is the time to take a stand, to seize this
    moment, to say that out of this evil act will come good. And the State
    Department has helped lead the way. And I'm proud of your efforts. And I'm
    proud of your hard work.

    After all, many of you understand the effects of terror. We had two of
    our embassies bombed. Your colleagues were injured and died. I mean, the
    State Department has been on the front line of battling terror and the front
    line of seeing the effects of terror. And the American people appreciate the
    heroism of the people who serve our country overseas.

    This is a unique type of war. It's a war that is going to require us
    building a broad coalition of nations who will contribute, one way or the
    other, to make sure that we all win. Some nations may be willing to commit
    troops, if that's a decision that we make. Other nations will help in cutting
    off funding. Truth of the matter is, the first shot we fired in this war
    against evildoers was when the Secretary and I and the Secretary of Treasury
    said we're going to find their money, and we're going to starve them of their

    We're going to find their bank accounts, and we will freeze them. We're
    going to talk to banks all around the world, and make it clear that if they are
    on our side, if they join the folks who are fighting evil, that they've got to
    do everything they can to cut off their funds. When we starve them of their
    funds, we starve them of their capacity to move against freedom.

    I'm proud of the coalitions that we've built. I'm proud of the fact that
    the Secretary of State and the able team here at the State Department is a
    results-oriented group of folks.

    We've said, not only join the coalition, we've said here's what we expect
    you to do. Here is your assignment. One of the things the American people
    appreciate about our administration is that we're results-oriented folks, that
    we expect there to be results. We expect if you're on our team, that we want
    your performance. And it's making a difference.

    As I announced the other day, we've collectively rounded up 150
    terrorists, people associated with the al Qaeda organization. Thanks to the
    Secretary of State's work and others' work and the work of people around the
    world, we've convinced those who joined our coalition to rout out terrorists,
    to find them, to incarcerate them, to question them, to find out what's in
    their mind and what their future activities may be. And we're making great

    This is a strong coalition. It's a strong coalition because we've got
    great leadership, but it's a strong coalition because we're right. Because
    it's a strong coalition. Because we've made it clear, this is not a war
    between Christianity or Judaism and Islam. As a matter of fact, the teachings
    of Islam make it clear that peace is important, that compassion is a part of
    life. This is a war between good and evil. And we have made it clear to the
    world that we will stand strong on the side of good, and we expect other
    nations to join us. (Applause.)

    This is not a war between our world and their world. It is a war to save
    the world. And people now understand that. And I want to thank you for all
    your work of making that simple, yet profound, mission clear.

    We have no compassion for terrorists in this country. We have no
    compassion. Nor will we have any compassion for any state that sponsors them.
    Oh yes, we're a compassionate nation, but our compassion is limited. We have
    great compassion, however, for the millions around the world who are victims of
    hate, of victims of oppressive government, including the people who live in

    Today I'm announcing, along with the Secretary of State, that America will
    contribute an additional $320 million in humanitarian assistance for Afghans
    for more food, more medicine, to help the innocent people of Afghanistan deal
    with the coming winter. This is our way of saying that while we firmly and
    strongly oppose the Taliban regime, we are friends of the Afghan people.

    We will work with the UN agencies such as the World Food Program and work
    with private volunteer organizations to make sure this assistance gets to the
    people. We will make sure that not only the folks in Afghanistan who need help
    get help, but we will help those who have fled to neighboring countries to get
    help as well.

    There's no question that we're an angry people about what happened to our
    country. But in our anger, we must never forget we're a compassionate people
    as well. We will fight evil. But in order to overcome evil, the great
    goodness of America must come forth and shine forth. And one way to do so is
    to help the poor souls in Afghanistan. And we're going to do so.

    I want to remind the world that helping people in need is a central part
    of not only the Christian faith, but of Judaism and the Hindu faith, and of
    course a central part of Islamic traditions. And that's why our coalition is
    more than just one to rout terrorism out of the world. It's one to bind
    together, to knit those traditions in a way that helps people in need.

    You know, I talked to a lot of world leaders, and Colin has as well. And I
    told him, through our tears, we see opportunity, that in our sadness and grief
    we see an opportunity to not only defend freedom, but to make the world more

    I see an opportunity at home when I hear the stories of Christian and
    Jewish women alike, helping women of cover, Arab American women go shop because
    they're afraid to leave their home. I see a great opportunity when I see moms
    and dads spend more time with their children here at home.

    I see out of this sadness and grief an opportunity for America to
    reexamine our culture, to reexamine how we view the need to help people in
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    New Images of Bin Laden Appear

    • Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children's Sepideh Azerbaijani-
    MoghaddamOn Afghan refugee women
    • Photographer Gary Calton'Teaching the Taliban'
    • Post Managing Editor Steve Coll on South Asia
    • Former State Department Spokesman James P. Rubin on the Taliban
    • Martin Smith Documentary Producer, "Hunting bin Laden"
    • Women's Rights Activist Barbara Bickon Visiting the Northern Alliance

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    By Ward Pincus
    Associated Press Writer
    Friday, October 5, 2001; 1:49 PM

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates –– Rigid, unsmiling and flanked by AK-47-carrying
    followers, Osama bin Laden appeared in tape broadcast Friday showing the terror
    suspect sought by the United States in the rough, dry mountains of his Afghan

    Al-Jazeera television in Qatar said it believed the 30-second clip it aired was
    the most recent images of the exiled Saudi, Washington's chief suspect in the
    attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

    The TV station did not say whether the footage had been taped before or after
    the Sept. 11 attacks, or how it obtained it. Bin Laden has a history of using
    the closely watched Arab satellite channel as a conduit to the outside world,
    doling out interviews and footage over the years.

    In the newly released tape, bin Laden, dressed in white and beige robes and an
    Afghan-style dark turban, stands side-by-side with his top lieutenant, Egyptian
    Ayman al-Zawahri.

    Men armed with AK-47s, their faces covered, stand near the two.

    Around them was a stark encampment of three or four squat cement huts and a
    half-dozen or so sand-colored tents.

    Rough, arid mountains lie behind them, lit by slanting rays of what appears
    either early morning or late afternoon sun.

    Singing and the beating of drums ring out in the background. Bin Laden at times
    glances toward the camera, his face unmoving.

    Al-Jazeera said the footage was believed to record a celebration of the union
    of bin Laden's al-Qaida network and al-Zawahri's Egyptian Jihad. It also marked
    the graduation of a group of newly trained fighters into al-Qaida, Al-Jazeera

    There was no obvious reason for timing of the release of the tape, and bin
    Laden spoke no words on it – his Islamic Taliban hosts in the past have
    discouraged him from speaking publicly.

    It also was not clear what union the video would have commemorated.

    In 1998, al-Zawahri's group, Jihad, and three other militant Islamic
    organizations linked up with al-Qaida to form bin Laden's new International
    Front for Fighting Jews and Crusades.

    Beyond that alliance, there has been no known announcement of any closer

    Al-Zawahri's group, Jihad, is linked to the 1981 assassination of Egyptian
    President Anwar Sadat, 20 years ago Saturday.

    The alliance with al-Qaida led to a split within Jihad, some of whose members
    feared taking on the United States.

    An editor at Al-Jazeera, who asked not to be identified, said the station had
    no information about the tape beyond what appeared on the air.

    Operating since 1996, Al-Jazeera has provided an alternative to Arab
    broadcasting's usual, uncritical news fare of country's leaders.

    Their reports over the years have angered Muslim governments across the
    political spectrum, and have drawn criticism of the United States in the high
    tensions following the attacks on the United States.

    Bin Laden was last seen in public in February, at his son's wedding in the
    southern Afghan city of Kandahar.

    Then, bin Laden praised the October suicide-bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen,
    which killed 17 American sailors. "The pieces of the bodies of infidels were
    flying like dust particles. If you had seen it with your own eyes ... your
    heart would have been filled with joy," he said.

  • Gość: Matrix6 IP: * 05.10.01, 22:17
    Experts are trying to crack code used by last month's hijackers

    French police have reportedly recovered a code book which could give
    investigators clues to the methods Islamic terrorists used to hide information
    in seemingly innocent messages.
    The American television network ABC said the book was found in the possession
    of Kamel Daoudi, who was arrested in England after the terror attacks on the US
    last month and has since been extradited to France.

    Mr Daoudi worked at a cybercafe. French intelligence officials reputedly
    believe his familiarity with the net could have helped the groups who carried
    out the 11 September attacks keep in touch.

    This code book is a major breakthrough in the investigation

    Former French Defence Ministry Official Alexis Debat
    Former French Defence Ministry official, Alexis Debat, told ABC's "Primetime
    Thursday" programme that Mr Daoudi is believed to be part of Osama Bin Laden's
    terrorist network.

    Mr Debat said the information came from judicial sources who told him the
    notebook with Arabic writing "seemed to be a codebook".

    A BBC correspondent in France, Malcolm Brabant, said that if information about
    the codebook is accurate, it could help the many computer experts hired by the
    FBI to pick out hidden messages in e-mails sent before the suicide attacks in
    New York and Washington.

    "This code book is a major breakthrough in the investigation," Mr Debat told

    He said French officials believe terrorists would have received their final
    instructions for the plot hidden in e-mail messages or even in pictures placed
    on the net.

    The discovery of the codebook suggests that the hijackers and their cohorts may
    have used several techniques to communicate covertly.

    Before now FBI officials have said that the hijackers used public web terminals
    and unencrypted e-mail messages to keep in touch.

    The codebook may reveal that the seemingly innocent messages actually
    contained "trigger" phrases that helped co-ordinate the attacks.

    French officials have even suggested that the hijackers could have been sending
    and receiving instructions hidden in music or pictures attached to e-mails or
    placed on the net.

    The file concealing the message looks innocent, but those with the right
    software can extract text hidden within it.

    This technique of hiding information is known as steganography

    The codebook could reveal the identifiers the hijackers used to spot the files
    bearing hidden messages.

    However, no evidence of hidden messages has been found in a survey of two
    million images carried out by US researcher Niels Provos from the University of

    Suicide missions

    Alleged US terror ringleader, Mohammed Atta

    The code book was reportedly found during a round-up of Islamic militants who
    were suspected of planning to launch suicide missions against American targets
    in France, including the US embassy in Paris.

    The FBI has discovered that three of the suspected hijackers, including the
    alleged ringleader, Mohammed Atta, turned up at a motel at Hollywood in south
    Florida in August and demanded 24-hour internet access.

    Staff who went into the men's room said they had two laptops and a stack of CD-

    Experts believe the need to be constantly on-line suggested the hijackers were
    waiting for important messages.

    On this occasion, the hotel was unable to provide the telephone connections the
    men needed, and they left in an angry mood, reportedly saying "you don't
    understand - we are here on a mission".

  • Gość: Dawid IP: * 06.10.01, 03:25
    By Jim Garamone
    American Forces Press Service

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 4, 2001 -- "Islam is peace," President
    Bush said. And the United States is not against the
    religion of Islam, he stresses, but those who pervert the
    religion to support terrorism and mass murder.

    Muslims, those who believe in Islam, are everywhere in the
    United States. They may be your doctor or drive your taxi.
    They may serve you in restaurants or advise you in law. And
    they increasingly may be in the same foxhole, manning the
    same position or working on the same aircraft as you.

    Islam is the second-largest religion in the world, counting
    more than 1.3 billion believers. Americans have the
    misconception that all Muslims are Arabs and that all Arabs
    are Muslims. In fact, less than 20 percent of the Muslims
    in the world are Arab, and all Arab countries have
    populations that believe in other religions. The nation
    with the world's largest Islamic population is Indonesia --
    88 percent of its 280 million people are Muslims.

    In the United States, Islam is the fastest growing
    religion, a trend fueled mostly by immigration. There are 5
    million to 7 million Muslims in the United States. They
    make up between 10,000 and 20,000 members of the American

    Army Chaplain (Capt.) Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad is a Muslim
    Imam stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in
    Washington. In his chaplaincy, he ministers to all faiths.

    Imam Muhammad said Muslims all believe in the Five Pillars
    of the Faith. "The foundation of the faith, or Shahada, is
    the testimony in the belief in one God and that Muhammad is
    the messenger of God," he said.

    Another of the pillars is prayer. Muslims pray to Allah
    five times a day, at dawn, midday, afternoon, evening and
    night. Wherever they are, they bow in the direction of
    Mecca, the Saudi Arabian city where Muhammad was born, for
    their prayers.

    Charity is another pillar, Imam Muhammad said. "One gives a
    minimum of 2.5 percent of their wealth to the Islamic
    community yearly," he said.

    Another requirement is fasting during the month of Ramadan
    each year. Ramadan begins Nov. 18 this year.

    Finally, Muslims are expected, if possible, to make a
    pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime. This is the Hajj to
    the Grand Mosque.

    In addition to prayer, a requirement of Islam is to not eat
    pork and not consume alcohol. Muslims gather at mosques for
    religious services, called Jumah, on Fridays just after
    mid-noon. Like many other religions, men typically do not
    mix with women during worship.

    Muslim women wear the headscarf, or hijab, and all Muslims
    must dress modestly. Men may wear a head covering called a
    kufi, but it is not a requirement of the faith. The
    chaplain said one of the obstacles for Muslim women serving
    in the U.S. military is that commanders may authorize them
    to wear the hijab or not. "Some do, some don't," he said.

    Muslims accept vast portions of the Bible and accept many
    Judeo-Christian teachings. Islam sees Jesus Christ as a
    very holy man, but not the Son of God. But Muslims believe
    the Prophet Muhammad received the revealed word of God --
    and that is Islam's holy book, the Koran.

    Like the Bible, the Koran is open to interpretation, up to
    a point. "Those terrorists must be reading a completely
    different Koran than the rest of us," said Marine Corps
    Capt. Aisha Bakkar-Poe. Bakkar-Poe is from Kentucky. Her
    father comes from Syria and her mother from the states.

    She said her co-workers have been asking her about Islam
    since the attacks in New York and Washington. "The question
    I get most often is, 'Who is this Allah guy,'" she said.
    "And how could these fanatics make these attacks.

    "I try to answer their questions and explain that Islam
    does not believe in killing innocent men, women and

    Army Capt. Arneshuia Balial, a nurse instructor at Walter
    Reed Army Medical Center and a Muslim, said the terrorists
    claiming to act in the name of Islam was "like a knife
    through my heart -- that people would practice Al-Islam,
    but do deeds like what they've done. It's not true faith.
    Some people twist religion to the way they think." Balial
    converted to Islam in 1987. She said the religion is more
    than just a set of beliefs, it is a way of life.

    Army Sgt. Jamal Abdel-Wahed is a medical supply specialist
    at Walter Reed. Born in Jordan, he moved to the United
    States in 1986 and is now a citizen. Abdel-Wahed said he
    has a good working relationship with his co-workers.

    "The people I work with are all professionals, and we deal
    with each other in a professional manner," he said. Like
    many other Muslims in America he worries about the effect
    the terrorist strike will have on his family. He said he
    hasn't experienced any discrimination, but has heard
    reports. "I am proud of what I am, who I am and what I
    believe in," he said.

    All of the Muslim service members said they would have no
    problem going to war against terrorism. "This isn't about
    Islam," Bakkar-Poe said. "It's about terrorism."

    Chaplain Muhammad said service members must understand that
    their fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast
    Guardsmen who are Muslim are just like they are. "It's
    important for all of us to see ourselves as coming from the
    same origin," he said. "It's too easy for people to get off
    on what's different.

    "People have a way of just being people," he continued.
    "That nature God has already put into us. There's not one
    Polish nature or Italian nature or Muslim nature or
    Christian nature. It's just human nature. When people get
    to the essence of what makes us who we are, then that's
    what binds us together.

    "The Koran says that God created us different nations and
    tribes that we may come to know each other, not that we
    should hate or despise each other."
  • Gość: xr IP: * 07.10.01, 15:23

    Sharon 'clarifies' appeasement remarks
    By Janine Zacharia and Herb Keinon

    JERUSALEM (October 7) - Following sharp US criticism of his statement that
    Israel won't be an appeasement sacrifice as Czechoslovakia was in 1938, Prime
    Minister Ariel Sharon clarified it last night, saying he "regrets" if his
    metaphor was not properly understood.

    The clarification followed two days of angry exchanges with the US government
    over his remarks Thursday night, in which Sharon warned the US and the Western
    world against trying to appease the Arabs, in order to get them to join the
    anti-terror coalition, by sacrificing Israel. Sharon had said this would be
    similar to what the British and French tried to do in 1938 by giving Hitler the
    Sudetenland in the mistaken belief that this would appease him.

    "To my regret the metaphor [of Czechoslovakia] in my speech was not understood
    properly," Sharon said. "And I regret it. President Bush has made a courageous
    decision to set as a goal the eradication of terrorism. The government of
    Israel welcomes this decision and will provide its full and unwavering support
    to the success of this commitment of the president."

    A similar message was conveyed by Sharon to US Secretary of State Colin Powell
    in a telephone conversation on Friday. In that conversation, according to
    Sharon's office, the prime minister expressed his appreciation for the "deep
    friendship and special relationship" between the two countries, and "especially
    with President George Bush."

    Sharon asked Powell to convey to Bush "his appreciation of the bold and
    courageous decision of the president to fight terrorism. Israel fully supports
    this position and cooperates with it."

    Powell made clear the president's displeasure, and emphasized the importance of
    returning to the peace process.

    Sharon's clarification last night of his comment came after he received
    numerous messages of disapproval from the administration.

    "The president believes that these remarks are unacceptable," White House
    spokesman Ari Fleischer said at a news conference on Friday. "Israel can have
    no better or stronger friend than the United States."

    Fleischer's language recalled more adversarial moments between the allies of a
    decade ago when then prime minister Yitzhak Shamir sometimes tangled with the
    first Bush administration.

    "President Bush is an especially close ally of Israel," Fleischer added. "The
    United States has been and will continue to work very hard to secure peace in
    the Middle East, to press the parties to end the violence and return to a
    political dialogue. And that will continue to be the goals and the policies of
    the United States."

    US displeasure with Sharon's comments was conveyed to him directly by Powell,
    as well as by Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer, who spoke to him shortly after he
    delivered the remarks Thursday evening.

    This conversation was particularly tense, with Sharon reportedly telling the US
    envoy that he could not believe he was calling to complain about his remarks,
    rather than offering condolences for the Israelis killed by Palestinians in
    recent days.

    A senior official in the Prime Minister's Office said last night that Sharon
    made his remarks after getting the feeling that the West was letting Hamas,
    Islamic Jihad, and Yasser Arafat off the hook regarding terror against
    Israelis. According to this official, Israel is concerned that the Palestinians
    are picking up signals from the West that it would tolerate Palestinian terror -
    the evidence being that in the last two weeks Palestinian terror has
    increased, not decreased.

    "The point Sharon was trying to make by bringing up Czechoslovakia was that
    Israel won't give up its right to self-defense when faced with unmitigated
    violence," the official said. "He was using it as a metaphor, not a historical
    corollary. He was warning of something that may develop, and felt that it was
    better to say it now."

    To a certain extent, the message was received by the Palestinians, the official
    claimed, citing the statement issued after the Palestinian cabinet meeting
    Friday night that called on the Palestinians to stop the violence.

    The highly unusual statement read that, "Some of the Palestinian factions, by
    their actions, are deviating from the national interest and the national unity
    of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian leadership is warning all those who
    are trying to violate President Arafat's decision to cease fire that it is a
    dangerous action and will harm the Palestinian national interest."

    Fleischer insisted that Sharon's assumption that the US was trying to placate
    the Arabs was inaccurate. "The United States is not doing anything that would
    appease the Arabs at Israel's expense," he said.

    Sharon has been increasingly frustrated by what he sees as mounting US pressure
    on Israel to keep things quiet so as not to thwart US efforts to forge a broad
    coalition with Arab states aimed at fighting a war against terrorist Osama bin
    Laden's al-Qaida network.

    Sharon reluctantly conceded under US pressure to allow Foreign Minister Shimon
    Peres to meet with PA Chairman Yasser Arafat to try to clinch a cease-fire. But
    since then Israelis have been gunned down daily and bombs have continued to
    explode. American intelligence officials also are saying Arafat is not holding
    up his side of the bargain.

    Instead of condemnation from the US, Bush answered last week's attacks by
    announcing US support for a Palestinian state, his first such statement ever,
    angering Sharon.

    Sharon has also been concerned about the US courting of Israel's enemies like
    Syria, which is to be voted onto the UN Security Council tomorrow without any
    opposition from the Bush administration.

    And he is upset that terrorist groups like Hizbullah and Hamas are not being
    included in the war on terrorism.

    "Sharon wanted to draw a line in the sand," said one Israeli diplomat. He
    wanted to "reaffirm the rules of the game," outlined during his last visit to
    Washington. Then, the US and Israel pledged not to "surprise" one another and
    to coordinate. Sharon wants that pact reaffirmed.

    He may have achieved the opposite. The US is single-mindedly focused on the war
    on terrorism, and US-Israel relations may not be as high a priority as they
    were pre-September 11.

    One former senior US official commented: "Sharon's heading down the wrong
    track." Even Jewish organizations offered a rare public criticism of an Israeli

    The Anti-Defamation League said in a statement it understands and empathizes
    with Israel's anxieties and concerns about how US policy on global terrorism is
    developing, but characterized as "regrettable" Sharon's comments comparing that
    policy to the appeasement policy of the 1930s.

    The American Jewish Congress also took issue with Sharon's remarks.

  • Gość: Kbl IP: * 07.10.01, 17:15
    Saturday, 6 October, 2001, 08:31 GMT 09:31 UK
    US launches 'anti-terror' satellite

    The satellite can track individuals on the ground

    The United States has launched a satellite which intelligence analysts say will
    probably be used to gather information in the global campaign against
    The Titan IV rocket was launched from Vandenberg airforce base in California on
    behalf of the US National Reconnaissance Office, a secretive agency
    specialising in providing information for the CIA and the National Security

    The rocket is believed to have been carrying a top secret KH-11 spy satellite -
    that could monitor Afghanistan ahead of an expected military strike.

    The US Air Force refused to comment on the payload, but the NRO builds and
    operates America's spy satellites and specialises in gathering pictures and
    electronic data, such as telephone conversations on the ground.

    Pin-point accuracy

    Experts from Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine said the satellite was
    likely to be equipped with a digital camera able to pick out objects as small
    as 10 cm (4 inches) across on the ground.

    Orbiting hundreds of miles above the earth the 15 tonne KH-11 is capable of
    tracking small groups of people walking on the ground as well as vehicle and
    weapons movements.

    It can monitor conversations and even spot campfires at night using infrared

    Identifying the enemy

    According to Aviation Magazine such information could be used to monitor the
    movements of Taleban groups and refugees to help allied forces separate
    potentially hostile groups from "non-combatants".

    The United States is believed to have spy satellites over Afghanistan already
    as US forces continue to build up nearby ahead of expected military strikes.

    Before 1996 the NRO did not publicly disclose the launches of its satellites.

  • Gość: X@Z IP: * 07.10.01, 19:12
    The United States has begun its military operation in Afghanistan.
    "We are beginning another front in our war against terrorism so freedom can
    prevail over fear," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said.

    There were reports of loud explosions and anti-aircraft fire in the Afghan
    capital Kabul and the city of Kandahar, the main stronghold of the ruling

    US President George Bush is to address the nation shortly, and UK Prime
    Minister Tony Blair will speak immediately afterwards.

    Meanwhile, the Taleban says it has sent 8,000 troops to its border with
    Uzbekistan, which has given the US access to an air base for its anti-terrorism

    The US administration has repeatedly rejected Taleban offers to bargain over
    the fate of its guest, Saudi-born militant Osama Bin Laden.
  • Gość: UMMA IP: * 07.10.01, 21:50
    Member posted 09-23-2001 09:28 AM
    It is time for us to unite!
    It does not matter whether you are a follower of Ali or Omar! It does not
    matter whether Abu-Bakr was the right Khalif or Hassan!
    This is ALL Arabic-Politics of 1400 years ago! Ali, Abu-Bakr, Hassan, and Omar,
    no matter whether they were good or bad, are DEAD!
    They died 1400 years ago and we have NOTHING to do with them!
    We do not know whther they were good or bad! It is not our business!

    Those who whorship Muhmmad, Ali, or Omar!
    But those who whorship GOD and believe in his Quran - GOD is for ever!

    Let us not fight about Arabic politics of 1400 years ago!

    Let us unite. It does not matter whether you follow tha Jahfari or Hanafi or
    Maliki Madhhab!

    The only important thing is that you follow GOD and His prophet Abraham!

    The Quran teaches us that we should follow Abraham and his God - our God!

    Abraham is the only prophet whose life and practises (his hadiths) are
    mentioned in the Quran, thus he is our example!

    Let us follow God alone, and try to be like His prophets Muhammad and Abraham!

    IP: Logged

  • Gość: aaaa IP: 207.207.190.* 07.10.01, 22:02
  • Gość: Datsh IP: * 07.10.01, 23:00
    For Immediate Release
    Office of the Press Secretary
    October 7, 2001

    Statement by the President
    The Treaty Room

    1:00 P.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon. On my orders, the United States military
    has begun strikes against al Qaeda terrorist training camps and military
    installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. These carefully targeted
    actions are designed to disrupt the use of Afghanistan as a terrorist base of
    operations, and to attack the military capability of the Taliban regime.

    We are joined in this operation by our staunch friend, Great Britain.
    Other close friends, including Canada, Australia, Germany and France, have
    pledged forces as the operation unfolds. More than 40 countries in the Middle
    East, Africa, Europe and across Asia have granted air transit or landing
    rights. Many more have shared intelligence. We are supported by the
    collective will of the world.

    More than two weeks ago, I gave Taliban leaders a series of clear and
    specific demands: Close terrorist training camps; hand over leaders of the al
    Qaeda network; and return all foreign nationals, including American citizens,
    unjustly detained in your country. None of these demands were met. And now
    the Taliban will pay a price. By destroying camps and disrupting
    communications, we will make it more difficult for the terror network to train
    new recruits and coordinate their evil plans.

    Initially, the terrorists may burrow deeper into caves and other
    entrenched hiding places. Our military action is also designed to clear the
    way for sustained, comprehensive and relentless operations to drive them out
    and bring them to justice.

    At the same time, the oppressed people of Afghanistan will know the
    generosity of America and our allies. As we strike military targets, we'll
    also drop food, medicine and supplies to the starving and suffering men and
    women and children of Afghanistan.

    The United States of America is a friend to the Afghan people, and we are
    the friends of almost a billion worldwide who practice the Islamic faith. The
    United States of America is an enemy of those who aid terrorists and of the
    barbaric criminals who profane a great religion by committing murder in its

    This military action is a part of our campaign against terrorism, another
    front in a war that has already been joined through diplomacy, intelligence,
    the freezing of financial assets and the arrests of known terrorists by law
    enforcement agents in 38 countries. Given the nature and reach of our enemies,
    we will win this conflict by the patient accumulation of successes, by meeting
    a series of challenges with determination and will and purpose.

    Today we focus on Afghanistan, but the battle is broader. Every nation
    has a choice to make. In this conflict, there is no neutral ground. If any
    government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents, they have become
    outlaws and murderers, themselves. And they will take that lonely path at
    their own peril.

    I'm speaking to you today from the Treaty Room of the White House, a place
    where American Presidents have worked for peace. We're a peaceful nation.
    Yet, as we have learned, so suddenly and so tragically, there can be no peace
    in a world of sudden terror. In the face of today's new threat, the only way
    to pursue peace is to pursue those who threaten it.

    We did not ask for this mission, but we will fulfill it. The name of
    today's military operation is Enduring Freedom. We defend not only our
    precious freedoms, but also the freedom of people everywhere to live and raise
    their children free from fear.

    I know many Americans feel fear today. And our government is taking
    strong precautions. All law enforcement and intelligence agencies are working
    aggressively around America, around the world and around the clock. At my
    request, many governors have activated the National Guard to strengthen airport
    security. We have called up Reserves to reinforce our military capability and
    strengthen the protection of our homeland.

    In the months ahead, our patience will be one of our strengths -- patience
    with the long waits that will result from tighter security; patience and
    understanding that it will take time to achieve our goals; patience in all the
    sacrifices that may come.

    Today, those sacrifices are being made by members of our Armed Forces who
    now defend us so far from home, and by their proud and worried families. A
    Commander-in-Chief sends America's sons and daughters into a battle in a
    foreign land only after the greatest care and a lot of prayer. We ask a lot of
    those who wear our uniform. We ask them to leave their loved ones, to travel
    great distances, to risk injury, even to be prepared to make the ultimate
    sacrifice of their lives. They are dedicated, they are honorable; they
    represent the best of our country. And we are grateful.

    To all the men and women in our military -- every sailor, every soldier,
    every airman, every coastguardsman, every Marine -- I say this: Your mission
    is defined; your objectives are clear; your goal is just. You have my full
    confidence, and you will have every tool you need to carry out your duty.

    I recently received a touching letter that says a lot about the state of
    America in these difficult times -- a letter from a 4th-grade girl, with a
    father in the military: "As much as I don't want my Dad to fight," she
    wrote, "I'm willing to give him to you."

    This is a precious gift, the greatest she could give. This young girl
    knows what America is all about. Since September 11, an entire generation of
    young Americans has gained new understanding of the value of freedom, and its
    cost in duty and in sacrifice.

    The battle is now joined on many fronts. We will not waver; we will not
    tire; we will not falter; and we will not fail. Peace and freedom will

    Thank you. May God continue to bless America.

    END 1:07 P.M, EDT

  • Gość: * IP: * 08.10.01, 08:49
    PA Mufti Calls Upon Muslims Not To Join U.S. Coalition Against Terrorism

    MEMRI October 1, 2001
    On Friday September 28, 2001, during the sermon in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, PA
    Mufti, Sheikh Ikrimah Sabri, called upon Muslims to oppose the U.S. coalition
    against terrorism and encouraged them not to fear the U.S. Following are
    excerpts from the sermon:
    ”Oh Muslims, oh brothers, believers, everywhere, our Prophet used to deal in
    Friday’s sermon with current events of his time and I will follow him and also
    discuss some religious rulings connected to the current international event
    following the [attacks] that took place in America on the 11th of this month.”
    ”First, there is a religious legal rule that man is innocent, namely, in Islam,
    a human being is innocent until he is proven guilty. It is not allowed to
    blame a human being and then tell him ’prove you’re innocent.’ Therefore we
    tell America: ’It is forbidden to accuse a person before the beginning of the
    ”Until now, the American administration could not present proof to convict the
    accused in the [attacks] in New York and Washington, [because] it is possible
    that there are other elements inside America who carried out these [attaclks].
    [Since] those who flew the planes were professionals and had significant
    technical knowledge.”
    ”Second, Allah says: ’It is forbidden to throw on one person the burden of
    another.’ Therefore, we are not allowed from the legal religious point of view
    to throw on a person the responsibility for a deed done by another person. It
    is forbidden from the legal religious point of view to kill innocents, since
    the comprehensive war does not leave out anything; it kills innocents, it burns
    trees, it destroys homes and economies.”
    ”The aggressor will not be secure in his country, just like the party that was
    attacked. In as much as it is forbidden to kill innocents in America, it is
    forbidden to kill innocents in Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other
    ”Third, our Prophet says in a long tradition (Hadiph): ’It is forbidden for a
    Muslim to go against another Muslim, against his life, his properties, and his
    honor (wife).’ It is forbidden from the religious legal aspect that a Muslim
    would kill another Muslim; this killing is regarded as a severe sin. There are
    tens of verses, and hundreds of traditions that forbid it. It is far more
    sinful for a Muslim to ask for the help of a non-Muslim to kill another
    Muslim. This is a grave heresy. Allah says in the ’Chapter of the Cow’ [in
    the Quran] that ’heresy is worse than killing.’ ’Preserve Allah’s edict oh
    rulers and be careful with your deeds.’”
    ”Allah says in another verse: ’You should fear Allah if indeed you are
    believers.’ In another place he says: ’Do not fear them, but me if indeed you
    are believers.’ The belief is the basis for fear of Allah. He who does not
    fear Allah is shaken in his belief or lacks belief. We trust a Muslim who
    fears Allah but does not fear human beings.”
    ”Oh Muslims, brothers in faith everywhere, from the pulpit of the blessed Al-
    Aqsa Mosque we call upon America, the superpowers and the states that aligned
    in a military pact, we tell all of them: ’No to war, because it brings
    hardships on all mankind.’ [We say] no to the killing of innocents, no to the
    killing of elderly women and children, no to [being under your]
    guardianship. ’No to [your] intervention in other peoples’ issues. No to
    imperialism, no to occupation.’ We tell the Muslims: ’You have to unite around
    the Quran and the Sunnah, [the conduct of] his messenger, the Prophet
    Muhammad.’” --
    The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
    P.O. Box 27837, Washington, DC 20038-7837
    Phone: (202) 955-9070
  • Gość: * IP: * 08.10.01, 18:04
    08:55) PA: We are studying the situation in Afghanistan

    The Palestinian Authority has not taken a position supporting or condemning the
    US-led attacks against Afghanistan overnight.

    "We are studying the situation, and will talk with others at a meeting of Arab
    and Islamic foreign ministers in Qatar," Palestinian Authority Information
    Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo cautiously said this morning during an interview
    with Radio Palestine, Israel Radio reports.

    "We are interested in a united front.

    "We have in the past emphasized our condemnation of the attacks in New York and
    Washington ... they cannot be justified in any religious or political fashion,"
    Abed Rabbo said.

    When Abed Rabbo was asked about a comments supporting Palestinians in a
    videotaped statement by Osama Bin-Laden released last night by the Taliban,
    Abed Rabbo said, "I heard what he had to say, and [although] it is true there
    is terror and killing against the Palestinians carried out on a daily basis,
    this does not justify killing people in New York or anywhere else.

    "We do not want any more strategic mistakes made in the name of the

    When asked about reports of arrests of Palestinians engaged in planning or
    carrying out terror attacks against Israelis, Abed Rabbo said, "There is
    campaign of 'blackening' the Palestinian position. There are no arrests of
    Palestinians. There never were in the past and there never will be.

    "If a number of individuals were arrested, they were detained for reasons
    directly connected to Palestinian security," Abed Rabbo said.

    In a move viewed skeptically by Israel's defense establishment, Palestinian
    police arrested at least two terrorists Saturday wanted by Israel and several
    other Hamas and Islamic Jihad activists in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip,
    saying this was part of a new policy to rein in militants.

  • Gość: #### IP: * 08.10.01, 23:48
    Monday, 8 October, 2001, 20:34 GMT 21:34 UK
    US launches new strikes

    US troops prepare for second wave of strikes

    United States forces have launched a second wave of air strikes on targets in
    Defence officials say the attacks are aimed at the Taleban's military
    airfields, tanks and fighters. Bomber aircraft and missiles were deployed.

    The attacks resumed almost exactly 24 hours after raids began on Sunday night.


    It is terribly important to understand that there is no magic bullet, that a
    cruise missile will not solve it
    US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

    Reports say the new attacks targeted the capital, Kabul, the Taleban stronghold
    of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan and the airport in the eastern city of
    Jalalabad. Mazar-e-Sharif and Konduz have also been hit.
    Taleban forces are responding with anti-aircraft fire.

    Power supplies to Kabul have reportedly been cut and Taleban radio has urged
    residents to stay indoors and close their blinds, reports say.

    Kabul residents reported bombs hitting targets on the outskirts of the city and
    near the airport.

    The Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press agency said a bomb had fallen near the
    city's main hospital.

    In other developments:

    In Gaza City, Palestinian police shoot dead three demonstrators at a rally in
    support of Osama Bin Laden and two police stations reported sacked by
    FBI taking second case of anthrax in Florida "very seriously"
    Captured British journalist Yvonne Ridley has been released by the Taleban and
    has arrived in Pakistan
    Protests against the air strikes in Afghanistan break out in two Pakistani
    cities as President Musharraf tries to reassure people that strikes hit
    military targets and did not hit Afghan cities
    US citizens in Indonesia are advised to stay indoors and be prepared for
    possible evacuation amid threats from hardline Muslims
    Egypt recognises the US' right to bomb Afghanistan "if it has conclusive
    The main target of the attacks, Saudi-born militant Osama Bin Laden makes a
    defiant statement - apparently recorded before the attacks - saying the US
    was "filled with fear from north to south, east to west"
    First strikes 'success'
    The United States declared its air assault on Afghanistan on Sunday night a
    great success.

    President George W Bush said the operation was "executed as planned". But he
    added that it would be "a long war, that requires understanding and patience
    from the American people".


    This action is not only against Afghanistan, but this is a terrorist attack on
    the whole Muslim world
    Taleban ambassador in Pakistan Abdul Salam Zaeef

    In a separate development, the US has called a meeting of the United Nations
    Security Council, scheduled for 2100 GMT on Monday.
    A letter submitted by Washington to the council on Sunday warned that the US
    could take action against other countries and organisations after the strikes
    on Afghanistan.

    Humanitarian effort goes on

    In Sunday's first wave of attacks, US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld
    said, US and British forces had struck military aircraft, runways, missile
    launchers and "terrorist training camps".

    Mr Rumsfeld insisted that every target attacked on Sunday night was a military
    target and Kabul was not attacked directly. He said that the humanitarian
    effort, air-drops of relief aid, would continue.

    Mr Rumsfeld warned of a long campaign. The targets being hit were not going to
    cause the Taleban "to rock back on their heels", he said.

    "They do not have the kind of high-value targets which lend themselves to being
    dominated from the air."

    "We cannot yet state with certainty that we destroyed the dozens of military
    command and control and leadership targets we selected," Mr Rumsfeld added.

    British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Monday that the utmost care was being
    taken to avoid civilian casualties. He reiterated that the argument was not
    with the Afghan people, who he said would not be abandoned once the current
    conflict was over.

    : Military glossary

    Guide to the military hardware being used

    Unlike Sunday night, British forces are not directly involved in the latest

    The Taleban said there were about 20 casualties in Kabul from the Sunday's
    strikes, including women, children and elderly people.

    Hardware in action
    Tomahawk cruise missiles
    10 B-1 Lancers and B-2 stealth bombers
    10 fighter bombers from aircraft carriers

    The Taleban ambassador in Pakistan, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, described the
    strikes as "a terrorist attack... not only against the Islamic Emirate of
    Afghanistan, but on the whole Muslim world".
    Independent reports from Kabul have not confirmed the death toll, but bombs are
    said to have landed in a residential area in the centre of the city.

    Fleeing Kabul

    Many Kabul residents are reported to be fleeing the area, but reports said some
    shops and schools opened as usual on Monday.

    Some reports from the city quoted residents expressing relief at the lack of
    civilian casualties.

    The attacks followed warnings from US officials that time was running out for
    the Taleban to hand over Bin Laden, whom the US accuses of organising the 11
    September suicide attacks that killed more than 6,000 people.

    On Sunday US forces later air-dropped relief to Afghanistan, including 37,500
    ration packs.

    Rumours of possible strikes have led to a major exodus of refugees from

    But a spokesman for the UN refugee agency in Peshawar in Pakistan said basic
    food and shelter "simply could not be provided" if there was a massive influx
    of refugees.

    The aid agency Oxfam said Afghans were probably better off if they stayed where
    they were inside Afghanistan.

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