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25.10.02, 09:30
Obcinanie glow zywym ludziom jedna popularnych form mordowania u
islamistow------garsc przykladow.
Pamietacie 4 zamordowanych zagranicznych inzynierow w Checheni 1 1998 roku
im tez obcieli glowy----MUZULMANIE (milosierny ten Islam )
Garsc przykladow:

West ignored Chechnya’s dealings with bin Laden

THE BODIES of four foreigners, beheaded in December 1998, are prepared to
be transferred from a morgue in Grozny, in this television image. [photo: AP]

By ROBERT BRUCE WARE / Special to The Russia Journal
7 Dec 2001

Osama bin Laden paid $30 million to ensure that Chechen kidnappers would
behead three British telephone engineers and their New Zealand colleague.
The four captives had become pawns in bin Laden's enduring quest to create a
rift between the Islamic world and the West. No less ominously, their
decapitation was part of bin Laden’s desperate efforts to acquire nuclear
weapons from former Soviet reserves.

The victims’ severed heads were found in a sack beside a road in Chechnya in
December 1998. The British company that employed the engineers had been
secretly negotiating with the terrorist gang that was funded by al-
Qaida, ... (Value)

A Sudanese and an Ethiopian citizen were decapitated in Saudi Arabia for
premeditated murder on Sunday.

The punishment, following the Sharia, the strict Islamic law, was carried
out in the southern province of Assyr.

A Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry spokesperson declared that the Sudanese
citizen Bent al Qahtani was sentenced to death for the murder of his father,
by asphyxiation. The Ethiopian citizen Watio Farzeez was sentenced for
beating a compatriot to death.

18 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia since the beginning of the

Two of the group of six Jehovas Witnesses captured on Tuesday were
decapitated by Filipino terrorist group Abu Sayyaf on Thursday, according to
sources in Manila.

The hostages were captured in the southern Philippines and were held on the
Island of Jolo, the terrorist stronghold. The heads of the hostages were
found together with a note, which read. “Those who do not believe in Allah
will have the same destiny”.

The Filipino armed forces have launched a major rescue operation in the area
to find the other hostages.


Decapitated body believed
of US reporter found
Posted: 5:28 PM (Manila Time) | May 17, 2002
Agence France-Presse

KARACHI – Pakistani doctors and police Friday unearthed a decapitated body
buried in a blood-stained hut which was said to contain the remains of
beheaded US reporter Daniel Pearl.

"The body is beheaded. It is in 10 or 12 pieces. It could be Pearl's body,"
a police source told Agence France-Presse.

Biography of the latest Iraqi Christian martyr; Sister Cecilia Hanna 1931-

25 August, 2002 Baghdad, Iraq
No other Christian church gave as many martyrs for Christianity as the
Apostolic Mesopotamian Church of the East did throughout its close to 2000
years of existence. For since its establishment at the hands of Saint Thomas
(Mar Toma) the Apostle and St. Thaddeus (Mar Addai) (one of the 72 Apostles,
who preached in Mesopotamia between 37-65 A.D) and the Church of the East
never stopped giving one martyrs for the cause of Christianity after

Having been established in a hostile environment with no state to support
her, the Church of the East struggled to survive and to fight attempts to
destroy her and its followers. From the massacres during early centuries at
the hands of the Persian Zoroastrians to the genocides of the Muslim
fanatic, the Mongol Timor Ling (1400 –1402) to the destructions of Nadir
Shah (1743) to the holocaust of WW1 in what’s wrongly known as the Armenian
Genocide at the hands of Kurdish tribes and their Turkish masters to the
never ending oppression of the consecutive Iraqi Arab governments since the
creation of modern state of Iraq in 1921, the Church of the East was always
bleeding and working for the survival of its followers, the native people of
Mesopotamia, the Chaldeans and the Assyrians..

Today, another Chaldean martyr is added to the millions before her, for
Sister Cecilia Hanna was killed savagely in a disgusting crime where her
head was severed from the rest of her body, not because this old and kind
human being did something wrong, but because being a Christian in a land
roaming with Muslim fanatics is becoming a dangerous venture and a
provocative act to those who have twisted the teachings of their religion to
that of being blood thirsty thugs.
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