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ku niezadowoleniu tych forumowiczow,ktorzy sa za scislym przestrzeganiem
prawa,wiadomo jakiego,postepowy swiat potepia wyrok austriackiego sadu. tutaj
macie protest Kanadyjczykow,ale w wielu panstwach blogerzy potepiaja surowo
iscie komusze prawo austrii.bojkotujmy austrie.
"Healthy countries don't decree a particular version of history or interfere
with ongoing historical inquiry," said Fromm.

"By arresting David Irving for the conclusions he's drawn from a
lifetime of research, Austria has lined itself up with the enemies of free
speech and free thought. This behaviour is unworthy of its past and we hope
the Austrian Government will reconsider and release Mr. Irving," added Fromm.

The protesters carried signs reading “Free David Irving”; “Civilized
Countries Don’t Jail Historians” and “Shame on Austria.”

Mr. Fromm delivered a letter of protest to the Ambassador which was
politely received by embassy staff.

“I’ve known David Irving for many years and have found him to be an
honest, insightful and objective historian dedicated to exploring and
revealing the truth,” said former Canadian diplomat Ian V. Macdonald, who
joined the protest. “No one should be punished for revealing the facts,” he added.

John Morgan, an Oxford graduate, said he doubted that most Austrians
agree with their repressive government. Calling Mr. Irving a “political
prisoner,” Morgan, a protest organizer from Toronto, argued: “The hangover of
World War II propaganda has lasted long enough. It’s time for historians to be
able to explore those events without fear of being imprisoned.”

Karl, a free speech supporter and law student from Upstate New York,
tried to drive to Ottawa to attend the protest. Honest lad that he was, he was
denied entry into Canada. “I told them that, and it was my intention [to join
the protest], but they told me that I couldn't because somehow meeting you at
a protest meant that I was protesting. I would have made up a sign if I was
protesting, and planned to get there at the start of the event instead of
after my other class. Apparently 20 year old White males in suits are always
suspect when going to Canada.” Had he been a Jamaican crack dealer or a
self-styled homosexual “refugee” from Cuba, no problem!

"Pij mleko! Bedziesz wielki!"-antek_cukierman
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