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01.08.06, 14:31
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News on a Platter
By Matthias Gebauer in Israel

Propaganda is part of every war, just like bombs and soldiers. Still, it's
remarkable how professionally Israel deals with foreign journalists, catering
conscientiously to all their needs. Lunch included.

The phone rings at 9 a.m. -- right on time. "Hello, this is the Government
Press Office," pipes a woman's voice. "What are you planning to do today? Do
you need an idea?" And then the suggestions just keep coming -- interview
partners; a tour to the houses in Haifa that were struck by Katyusha rockets,
complete with victim interviews. An expert will come along too, one who
explains the nature of the rockets -- "in clean sound bites, if you want.",1518,429105,00.html
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