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10.05.03, 23:32
Skonczylo sie Palestynom zycie na rachunek obywateli Iraku ,
teraz podliczaja ich za sluzbe Sadamowi , za psia wiernosc i za
tortury narodu na rozkaz Sadama.
Mowia im poszli won , w najlepszym wypadku !!!

UN fears for Palestinians evicted from Iraq homes

By Reuters

GENEVA - The United Nations on Friday expressed concern that Iraqi landlords
have forced Palestinian refugees out of previously-subsidized homes, raising
fears that up to 90,000 people could be put out on the street.

In addition to 1,000 Palestinians reportedly evicted in Baghdad, dozens of
Iranian refugees have been turned out of homes by local communities in
southern Iraq, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said in a statement.

Palestinians, displaced from their homes when Israel was founded in 1948,
enjoyed Saddam's protection, often being housed in the homes of Iraqis
evicted by authorities for opposing the government, or in government

But now that U.S. troops have toppled Saddam, many have found themselves on
the streets after some original homeowners returned to claim their property
or when other Iraqis, taking advantage of the legal vacuum following
Baghdad's fall in April, have simply taken over government houses forcing
tenants out.

"UNHCR fears that more of the 60,000 to 90,000 Palestinian refugees believed
to be living in Iraq may lose their homes, as other landlords reclaim
property they were forced to rent out for miniscule sums to the Baath
government on behalf of the refugees," the agency said.

"Since the fall of the regime, even this money -- sometimes as little as e1
per month -- has not been paid to the owners."

The evicted Palestinians are camping in unused buildings and on open land,
according to the agency which does not yet deploy any officials in Iraq,
pending UN security clearance.

Many of the Palestinians have been living in Iraq since 1948, though others
were displaced from Kuwait following the 1991 Gulf War, according to UNHCR.
The majority live in Baghdad.

The UNHCR sent a three-truck convoy with tents, mattresses and blankets, as
well as stoves and jerry cans for up to 2,000 people. It was due to arrive
Baghdad on Friday from Jordan.

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    poszli won.

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