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9/11 - lista 150 swiadkow ktorzy moga nam cos powi

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from the dept.
After the disaster of the first 4 days of the hearings of the 911 Commission,
which included obvious lies on the Timeline, it became now very clear, that
the 911Victims can't expect an honest investigation without help
from "outside".

The following list suggest therefore some witnesses, who might help in the
investigation of Sep11th in plausible Subpoenas.

An independent committee of some 9/11 Victims and lawyers might help to
compile a Top 10 of notarised statements for the next hearings.

However, possible answers of most of these "witnesses" might change the
official story of Sep11th.

We can therefore assume, that the US Government will try everything to
sabotage possible testimonies or try to discredit or silence these Witnesses.

A Committee, created by some 911 Victims and various watchgroups of the 911
Commission (i.e. 9/11 Citizenswatch) might help. They could compile the Top
10 Witnesses, prepared by some lawyers and forward the answers to some
representatives of the 911 Victims at the Independent Commission.

Here is the list of possible witnesses, who could help more about the cover-
up of the Sep11th attack, the Anthrax attack, the War against Afghanistan and
Iraq, which is all connected.

Abbott, Don

(simulated attack on Pentagon Model, late 2000)

Adams, Ron

(Post-War Reconstruction Iraq, Deputy Director of ORHA)

Ahmad, General Mahmud

(former head of ISI)

Ahmed, Atif

(Described as a british mole of the MI5 within "Al-Quaeda")

Al-Amoudi, Mohammed Hussein

(Biz Partner of Khaled bin Mahfouz (-)) and owner of Corral Petroleum)

Alibek, Dr. Ken

(ex-BIOPREPARAT, ex-USAMRIID, Director of Analex/Hadron)

Albaugh, Joe

(ex-Director of FEMA until March 2003)

al-Bayoumi, Omar

(former Dallah Avco, an aviation-services company with extensive contracts
with the Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation. During 2001-2002, the FBI
was silently investigating possible ties between Dallah AVCO and the "Al
Qaeda network")

al-Hibri, Fuad

(co-Founder of BIOPORT)

Amstutz, Dan

(Post-War Reconstruction Iraq, financial coordinator for ORHA, Goldman Sachs
+ Co.)

Anthony, John

FAA, Received Warning on Hani Hanjour. He "did observe Hani's limited
knowledge of flying" and "did check his flight credentials. He did tell
Marilyn Ladner, a vice president for the Pan Am International Flight

Antini, Nicole

(filled out Atta's visa application, ex Huffman Aviation)

Arkeh, Walid

(claimed in August 2001 to have insider knowledge about an attack)

Armitage, Richard

(May 2001 meeting with General Pervez Musharraf)

Arnold, Gen. Larry K


Arquila, John

(Naval Postgraduate School,wargamed "9/11" before Sep11th)

Ashcroft, John

(received early warnings not to fly before 9/11)

Aziz, Mohammad

(former Head of the ISI (-)) during the mid 90s, helped creating the Taliban)

Baker III, James A.

(Baker + Botts, Senior Counselor of the Carlyle Group, strategic alliance
with Afridi & Angell)

Bates, Jared L.

(Post-War Reconstruction Iraq, ROTC/MPRI, L-3 Communications)

Berger, Sandy

(former Clinton National Advisor, warned of pending attack in 2001)

Beers, Charlotte

(Rendon Group)

Binalshibh, Ramzi

(at undisclosed location of CIA)

Bin Laden, Sabiha

(sister of Khalid bin Mahfouz, married to Bin Laden)

bin Mahfouz, Khaled

(Amerada Hess/Tom Kean, brother-in-law of Bin Laden, one of the investors of
President Bush's first company Arbusto
with the help of James R. Bath)

Blair, Tony

Bodine, Barbara

(blocked John O' Neill investigation, former US ambassador to Yemen, former
Iraq administration)

Bolton, John

(PNAC, JINSA, Part of "letter in 1998")

Boren, David L.

(ex-CIA, Breakfast meeting with George Tenet on Sep11th,
Professor in Norman, OK- 2minutes away from Zacarias Moussaoui's home

Bremer, L. Paul

(ex-Kissinger Associates, Post-War Reconstruction Iraq)

Bryant, Johnelle

(United States Department of Agriculture.
claimed, she was face to face with Mohammad Atta)

Brzezinski, Zbigniew

(TC-Mitglied, Author of "The Grand Chessboard"

Budiman, Agus

(driver for Takeout Taxi, accused for organising Virginia driver licences for
some of the hijackers, deported to Indonesia)

Buffet, Warren

(Lear Jets, Offutt Meeting Sep11th)

Bush, George

Bush, George Herbert Walker

Bush, Jeb

Bush, Marvin

(ex-Securacom/Stratesec, Inc., WTC)

Butler, Colonel Steve

(Defense Language Institute Monterey, accused Bush of "LIHOP", met some of
the "hijackers")

Cambone, Dr. Stephen A.

(Douglas Feith's former deputy, now Joint Warfare Simulation, Under Secretary
of Defence for Intelligence)

Cannistraro, Vincent

(ex-CIA, Former deputy station chief in Jeddah, former Lockerbie
investigation, escorted ABC news analyst John Miller to his Bin Laden

Card, Andrew

(informed Bush of 2nd attack, as seen on Booker Elementary Tape, ex-General
Motors' Vice President of Government Relations)

Carlucci, Frank

(Carlyle Group, former secretary of defense, former Deputy Director of the
CIA, Meeting with Bin Laden Group on Sep11th in Hotel Ritz-Carlton in
Washington, D.C., co-chair of the RAND Center)

Carney, Timothy

(Post-War Reconstruction Iraq, possible ties with CIA since 70s, former US
Ambassador to Sudan and Haiti)

Carroll, Philip

(advisor to the Iraqi Oil Ministry, former Shell Oil America and Fluor)

Catalano, Joseph

(Trooper 1st Class, who stopped Siad Jarrah for speeding on northbound
Interstate 95 shortly after midnight on September 9. The CIA claimed, that
Jarrah (pilot of the jetliner that crashed in Pennsylvania) was not on a
terrorist watch list, but according to motel records, a man by that name used
a credit card to pay for a late August 2001 stay at the Pin Del motel in
Laurel, Md., where Nawaq Alhamzi stayed in September.
Alhamzi was on the CIA watch list.)

Celler, Richard

(former director of "UNOCAL Pakistan Ltd")

Chalabi, Ahmed


Cheney, Richard "Dick"

Chevrette, Peggy

(JetTech manager, who called the FAA on Hani Hanjour.
Jet Tech was closed in September 2001.
It was owned by the Pan Am International Flight Academy)

Chiaradio, Robert J.

(former head of the FBIHQ, since July 2002 KPMG Consulting.
KPMG is auditor of AMEC, one of the four companies, who cleaned the rubble
from both Pentagon and WTC. Also accountant of Tom Kean's Aramark)

Clarke, Richard

(head of the CSG and Cyber Security Task Force, met daily since Mid'2001,
heard of pending attacks)

Clarke, Veronica

(spokesman for the Pentagon, "saw first plane" attacking the WTC live on TV
at the Pentagon)

Collins, Aukai

(ex-FBI informant in Phoenix '96-2000, monitored Hani Hanjour, Author of "My
Jihad", trained at Khalid Bin Whalid camp in 1993)

Conklin, Janice

(Contact at ENRON's Taliban Broadband Project "TSI Communiactions". Her
contact at Enron was Shelly Mansfield)

Crowe, Admiral William

(co-founder of BIOPORT)

Darkanzali, Mamoun

(Syrian-born executive in Germany, on watch list of BND since 1998.Darkanzali
visited with Mohamed Atta, Marwan Al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah, the same Hamburg
mosque. Due to Chicago Tribune, the CIA was seeking to turn Darkazanli into a

David, Dr. Ruth

(chief executive officer of ANSER, ex-CIA)

Davidenko, Sergei

(Hired Sakher "Rocky" Hammad for a sprinkler job at the Twin Towers for Sep
5th, 2001)

Davis, Jay C.

(ANSER, former founding director of DTRA, worked on thermobarics)

Dekkers, Rudi

(Huffman Aviation. According to Yellow Cab driver Bob Simpson and other
witnesses, MadCowProd found out, that Mohammad Atta and Rudi Dekkers had a
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