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gdzie US armia stacjonuje - 120 krajow

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Where are the Legions?
Global Deployments of US Forces
US Forces in SWA
Forces in Afghanistan
Forces in Korea
Forces in Japan
KFOR Deployments
Liberia Deployments
SFOR Deployments
Where are the Carriers?
Active Duty Military Personnel Sterngths By Regional Area And By Country
Gen. Keane Press Briefing on Plans to Rotate Forces in Iraq 23 Jul 2003
An Army Update by General Jack Keane US Army July 23, 2003 [699 kb PPT]--
Slides on Army deployments




The forces of the United States military are located in nearly 130 countries
around the world performing a variety of duties from combat operations, to
peacekeeping, to training with foreign militaries. Some of these deployments
have existed for nearly 50 years, as in Japan, Germany, and South Korea,
while other deployments have more recent origins such as the current
occupation of Iraq

As of mid-July 2003, there are some 255,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen,
Marines, and Coast Guardsmen deployed in support of combat, peacekeeping, and
deterrence operations. This figure does not include those forces normally
present in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom or Japan unless bases at those
locations are actively supporting a combat operation. Furthermore, tours of
duty in these locations are routine and not considered hardship tours. If one
were to include these forces the number of deployed troops worldwide would be
around 368,000.

However, forces deployed to South Korea are included as those units are part
of a UN command and deterrence operation.

Of the 31 combat brigades in the US Army's active component, some 19 are
currently deployed (including the two from the 2nd Infantry Division in South
Korea) or having just returned from deployment. Of the 2 Armored Cavalry
Regiments both are also deployed (it should be noted that press and Army
officials tend to lump the ACR's in with the Brigades when counting total
combat brigades). Nearly 7 additional brigades have been identified as
candidates to be rotated out to Iraq and Afghanistan by the end of 2003. 1
brigade from the 25th Infantry Division is currently undergoing a transition
to the Stryker vehicle and is unavailable for operational deployments.

The table below represents the deployments of active component US Army combat
battalions around the world including forces sent to Kosovo, South Korea,
Djibouti, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Active Combat Battalions Deployed

Deployed Currently
Deployed Total in Army*
Armor 4 18 26
Infantry (Mech) 3 14 23
Infantry (Light) 0 5 12
Infantry (ABN) 0 7 9
Infantry (AA) 2 11 11
Field Artillery 4 20 35
Air Defense 1 4 11
Aviation 3 19 28
Totals 17 98 155
* Based on Army FY'04 O&M Budget Vol 1

Soldiers from the Army National Guard and Army Reserve have been mobilized to
support operations both in the United States for homeland security duties and
for operations globally, including Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi
Freedom, Joint Guardian and in the Sinai with the Multinational Force and
Observers. As of 23 July 2003 roughly 136,177 soldiers from the Guard and
Reserves were on active duty.

The United States Navy has roughly 40,143 sailors deployed, as of mid-July
2003, in support of various operations and training exercises throughout the
world. Of the 12 aircraft carrier strike groups that are in the fleet
(counting the Constellation and Reagan as one strike group as one is
replacing the other) the Navy has 2 currently deployed, 2 in pre-deployment
training, and 7 receiving extensive yard periods that would make the strike
group unavailable for deployment before 2004 and 1 that will be available in
November 2003. Of the 302 ships and submarines in the Fleet roughly 115 are
currently on deployments.

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    ale zawsze milo mi sie robi jak go czytam:))))

    ehh...te legiony:)))))))

    i jak to mawialem "vae victis":D
  • Gość: Zez IP: * 30.07.03, 17:49
    Ciekawe co z praca dla "weteranow" - zolnierzy USA , gdyby wyzwoli od swojej
    obecnosci obce ziemie ? Przeciez to dziesiatki tysiecy zoldakow koczujacych w
    roznych panstwach. Na emeryture za wczesnie , nie umie pojac tej ekonomi !

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