Ale wpadka ,... Dodaj do ulubionych

Nieznana historia jemenskich Zydow ??? Nie dla wszystkich ,...

Y-net chcial sie pochwalic jak zionisci dbali o swoich a okazuje sie
ze doktor i siostry wyslane przez nich do refugee camp trudnili sie
kidnaperstwem dzieci zamiast troszczyc sie przesiedlencow ,...

It was revealed that hundreds of children of immigrant Yemeni Jews
were literally stolen from their Arabic-speaking parents for
adoption by families of European Jewish origin, in an attempt to
meld the Yemenis into what then was the European mainstream. In the
years 1948-1954 thousands of Jewish children were taken, sometimes
forcibly, from their biological parents while in hospitals or child-
care homes.

These children were taken to institutes and kibbutzim, and many were
given out to adoption. The adopting parents not only changed the
childrens names, but also their I.D. numbers, so they would not be
able to be traced. These activities were carried out by doctors,
nurses, social workers and other members of the Israeli
establishment at that time.

Their parents however were told that the children had died. In most
cases, when the parents asked about the cause of death or requested
a death certificate, or other documentation confirming the death of
their children, they were ignored and their requests went
unanswered. They never saw a body. In most cases, not even a burial
spot. In a few cases, however, graves were shown to the families.
Some of those graves, later on, were dug up by parents who did not
believe that their beloved, healthy child truly died overnight. The
graves were found empty.

These children were not only Jews from Yemen, but also from other
middle eastern and european countries. The number of kidnapped
children has been told to be around 2,400 by the official
investigating committees. Some people estimate the number to be as
high as 10,000 missing children.

Rabbi Uzi Meshulam gathered the names of 4,500 children. The
information he collected over the years was confiscated by the
government and he, together with some of his students, were sent to
prison because of their activities. A high ranking Labor party
official said that if this information had become public, it would
mean the end of the Israeli establishment as we know it. After
several years, Rabbi Meshulam was released from jail because of
health problems, but with the condition that he and his students
would not continue their investigation into the missing children

The main reason Jewish children were stolen from their parents, was
to provide them with a non-Torah education. The ruling class saw
Torah Law and Jewish traditions as primitive, and tried to erase
this from the Jews. They created a large number of Jews who have no
idea of what it means to be Jewish. They have never seen a Jewish
prayer book.


Photos: The unknown story of Yemen's Jews
Nadav Man - 05.10.08

Few are familiar with the immigration story of 4,267 Yemeni Jews to
the Land of Israel during World War II. Shlomo Yefet, a teacher at
the Adan community, was recruited to help and documented life in the
immigration camps; he later immigrated to Israel himself ,...,7340,L-3541413,00.html

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