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  • perk 08.11.11, 17:54
    Na koszulce reprezentacji widnieje logotyp PZPN i Nike,…,109077,10611441,Reprezentacja__Zaprezentowano_nowe_stroje_druzyny.html

    The Nike check mark is no logotype.
    Regardless of what the symbol above the word POLSKA represents, it’s no logotype either.
  • perk 19.11.11, 15:31
    Butchery & Wine Knajpą Roku 2011,34862,10672889,Jest_Knajpa_Roku__Wygraly_steki_i_wino_z_Zurawiej.html

    Because wine tastes better in a slaughterhouse?
    Because carnage is what happens to the patrons?
    Because the chef botches up every single dish and wine is a must to cope with the aftertaste?
  • perk 02.12.11, 01:35
    According to,1726370,0,1,kto-pisal-przemowienie-szefa-msz-brytyjski-slad,wiadomosc.html
    Radosław Sikorski twierdzi, że przedstawiona przez niego w Berlinie wizja Europy jest jego autorskim pomysłem. Ale czy to oznacza, że szef MSZ sam pisał wystąpienie? W opisie dokumentu z angielską wersją przemówienia zamieszczonym na stronach MSZ pojawia się nazwisko Charlesa Crawforda jako autora dokumentu.

    What's wrong with Sikorski's English?
    Well, pretty much everything.
    What if it's Crawford's English?
  • bunkum 06.12.11, 20:59
    This guy is practically illiterate in English.
    Even if we skip the missing articles and pretend not see chaos in every other sentence, here are some good ones:

    Today Croatia, Serbia and FYROM each have their own currency. Has.

    Let me first say what this crisis is not about. It was not caused – as some have suggested – by enlargement. Enlargement of what? Sikorski's penis enlargement?

    If credibility is the problem, then restoring credibility is the answer. Really? More of the problem is a solution.

    The break up would be a crisis of apocalyptic proportions beyond our financial system. wildest dreams. Financial system is apocalyptic?

    We have a Europe with a dominant currency but no single Treasury to enforce it. Enforce currency?

    Two successful federations tread this way before us. Trod or traded.

    ...a lender of last resort that underpins the credibility to the entire Euro zone.
    Credibility of the entire...

    To be more effective, the Commission should be smaller. Any one of us who has chaired a meeting knows that they are most productive when up to a dozen people participate.
    Not more than a dozen.

    Angela Merkel has even suggested that he or she should be elected directly by the European demos. Merkel knows her sex.

    We were one of the first countries to introduce a public debt anchor in our constitution.
    Who else did it to us?
    Anchor? Not Limit?

    ...we shall have to take measures that call for sacrifice and understanding of everyone, without exception.
    Sacrifice everyone without exception?

    The principle of unanimity – admirable in a federal state – proved open to irresponsibility and corruption.
    Principle open to irresponsibility?
  • perk 08.12.11, 13:58

    Some clever-clogs had run a Properties check on the Foreign Ministry's website version of the superb speech by Radek Sikorski in Berlin on Monday. And found that the original version of the document was called 'More Europe' - created by Charles Crawford. Eeek. Anyway, the Polish Foreign Ministry has put out a statement to the effect that for substantive and linguistic purposes the Minister had consulted all sorts of people including myself on the speech, and then written it himself , making changes even on the plane to Berlin. The Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza carries the story and statement if anyone is interested. So that's that. Anyone who knows Radek Sikorski will recognise his own inimitable style throughout the text.

    The prick got pricked and eeked. LOL. Another nicely cockuped endeavor .
  • perk 21.12.11, 15:45
    "Dom Olewnków. Znajduje się ok. kilometra od centrum Drobina. Przed bramą wjazdową kamera..." napisaliśmy w artykule sprzed 10 laty, tuż po porwaniu Krzysztofa Olewnika. Istnieniu monitoringu zaprzeczała jednak jego rodzina. Teraz okazuje się, że mogła mijać się z prawdą. Czy tragiczne zdarzenia nocy z 26 na 27 października utrwaliła kamera?,0.html?utm_source=czapeczka&utm_medium=AutopromoCzp&utm_campaign=a_logoczapa
    What does the Polished monitoring mean ?
    Is it
    (a) Interconnected hardware and controlling software used for monitoring premises?
    (b) Recordings so produced?
    (c) People hired to monitor security and alarm systems installed in the field?
    (d) Anything the author thinks monitoring means?
  • perk 20.03.12, 23:15
    Billingowanie dziennikarzy łamie prawo,76842,11375708,Billingowanie_dziennikarzy_lamie_prawo.html

    Phone calls for Polish presstitutes free of charge? Or something like that? No, wait. Oh, well.
  • chris-joe 25.03.12, 08:38
    Love it, love it, love it :)
    Welcome to QC where Staples has been legally obliged to morph into Bureau en Gros, and Tim Horton's had to drop the 's to be able to operate in La Belle Province.

    A topic that just keeps on givin'
  • chickenshorts 04.04.12, 17:49
    perk napisała:

    > ..with this?
    > W piątek i w sobotę w warszawskim Teatrze Dramatycznym odbyły się castingi do "
    > X-Factor". Po castingu jurorzy wyszli do fotoreporterów i pozowali do zdjęć.
    > And this?
    > Oczywiście deweloperzy nie zaczynają budować wszystkich domów jednocześnie.

    Well, I'd personally use a punctuation mark called 'comma' after "Oczywiscie"; that aside - everything is as it should be (in Poland).
  • perk 05.04.12, 03:31
    > Well, I'd personally use...

    Personally? How do you use the comma mark personally?

    >... that aside - everything is as it should be (in Poland).
    That's humbug, prononced hoomboog, according to the Schetyna character.
    That aside, your everything is as it should be is illiterate.
    "...everything is as it should be (in Poland)" has one pronoun too many, but that's good enough for you, I guess.

  • chickenshorts 06.04.12, 02:05
    Well... sorry, yet again, but the only something wrong with the bits quoted by you, was the missing comma after... etc... for me...

    Is that clearer, Grammar Gestapo?

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