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Studying English, courses.

28.04.04, 22:28
I am a first year student of English in The Netherlands and I am curious what
courses do they teach in Poland?
This is a list of my courses at "English Culture and History" 1st year:
-grammar and syntax,
-translation and writing skills
-oral communication
-literature (20th and 19th century British literature and also American)
-English From Old To New,
-British Culture and History,
-Introduction to Poetry
-Introduction to Prose,
-general linguistics,
-Introduction to American Studies (as our faculty is divided in two -
American and British studies)

Well, I think that's about it :) And how about your Universities?
Which courses do you like? What don't you like?
Personally I'm fond of literature courses (all of them actually) and at this
moment translation (in spite of difficulties, as it's in Dutch (which is
obviously not my native language).Furthermore I enjoyed Histoy and culture
but I hate Old English (as a course, we have a hopeless teacher :/)


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