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Could You help me to translate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IP: * 04.05.04, 14:09
My close relationship with Madame Magdalena was cooling off, as I have
mantioned before. It was partly that the disposition of the apartment made
things more difficult, but mainly beacuse she disliked the fact that I was
moving now in circles other than her own. Feeling often at odds with my
delicate position in their house, I offered to mover to a hotel, but the
entire family insisted on my staying on. And then, out of the blue sky the
most incredible unexpected thing happend. At sunset one day, Pola were
sitting and talking at the tea table, all by ourselves, after the others had
left the room, when suddenly, compulsively, we became silent. My heart began
to beat faster. I searched her eyes questiongly intently; she did not
withdraw hers. Then we both knew ; we were in love, deeply and passionately
in love I reached for her hand, she took mine, our fingers entwined, and we
sat like that, blissfully, without uttering a word. Someone was coming ; we
atarted as though waking up from a dream. Pola stayed for dinner, but all
through the meal we did not dare to speak to each other. Her mother thought
we had quarreled. I reassured her about that, and she asked me to take Pola
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  • Gość: Magda IP: * 04.05.04, 16:02
    If you’re looking for help you would post your translation and ask for
    You are however, looking for someone to do it for you.
  • gizmoj 05.05.04, 00:43
    Right on, Magda! We'll help but we won't do it for you.
    Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
  • Gość: Mimi IP: * 05.05.04, 05:53
    If you don't want to help her just don't say anything. She asked for help not
    for comments.
  • Gość: Michnik IP: * 06.05.04, 15:54
    I think you should try to translate it yourself with a dictionary or ask your
    English teacher. I don't think that anyone will waste a lot of time for
    translate of your text. Good luck

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