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ktore wlasciwe

18.04.05, 19:58
she had spoken to him before he went home. czy she spoke to him before he
went go home . ktore jest poprawne i dlaczego
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    • sweet_auburn Re: ktore wlasciwe 18.04.05, 20:49
      to speak to sth/sbd expresses your ability to do so.
      Usually we talk to people. (eventually, you may want to say I speak
      with........., but still)
      And the first one is correct. She had talked to him before he went home.
      Dlaczego? Bo wyraznie zaznaczasz kolejnosc wydarzen w przeszlosci. Najpierw z
      nim romawiala, a potem poszedl do domu.
    • kylie1 Re: ktore wlasciwe 19.04.05, 05:46
      I think both are correct. You would use Past Perfect when you really want to
      make a point that something occurred before another action in the past. In the
      second sentence, you are just stating the facts and grammatically such
      sentences are still fine. It all depends on your perception of those events and
      how important it is to you to make the specific time distinction.

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