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please translate for me: "ism"

IP: * 19.12.02, 10:44
please translate for me: "ism" - i know that it can mean "doctrine" or be a
short form of "Industrial Scientific and Medical apparatus" but maybe you
know more meanings.
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  • Gość: chickenShorts IP: * 19.12.02, 11:03

    ism - (n., Informal, often derogatory) an unspecified doctrine, system or
  • Gość: andy IP: proxy / 10.10.10.* 20.12.02, 18:01

    ISM International Symposium on Microarchitecture
    ISM Image Storage Module(s)
    ISM In Service Measurement
    ISM Incorporated Society of Musicians
    ISM Independent School Management
    ISM Indian School of Mines (Dhabi, India)
    ISM Industrial Security Manual
    ISM Industrial Security Manual (DOD 5220.22-M)
    ISM Industrial, Scientific and Medical (radio spectrum)
    ISM Industry-Sponsored Marketplace (B2B term for trading sites run by large
    corporations for supply or sell sides)
    ISM Information Santé Multimédia (Information System Medical)
    ISM Information Sources Map
    ISM Information Systems Management
    ISM Information Systems Management Corporation
    ISM Information Systems Modernization
    ISM Input Source Manager
    ISM Insensitive Munitions
    ISM Installable Software Module
    ISM Installation Support Module
    ISM Institut Suisse de Météorologie (Swiss Weather Institute)
    ISM Institute for Supply Managment
    ISM Institute of Supervisory Management
    ISM Integrated Services Module
    ISM Integrated Sight Module
    ISM Integrated Software Management
    ISM Integrated Sustainment Maintenance (Army)
    ISM Integrated System Management
    ISM Interactive Services Menu (interactive TV, WAP)
    ISM International Safety Management
    ISM International Software Marketing, Incorporated
    ISM International Staple and Machine Company
    ISM Internet Service Manager (Microsoft)
    ISM Interpretive Structural Modeling
    ISM Interstellar Medium
    ISM Inventory Service Manager
    ISM ISDN Standards Management

  • beciab 20.12.02, 19:36
    If you're thinking about John Lennon's Imagine "isms", then it simply
    means...izm ;)
  • Gość: felusiak IP: * 21.12.02, 15:08
    isme here or isme there. I was over there but I'm over here now.
    a doctrine, derogatory?
    mongolism, aneurism, and so on.

    happy, happy happism.

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