Re: "męski punkt G" Dodaj do ulubionych

Well, women are blessed with a G-spot, so why shouldn't men have one too? Good
news, guys! You do have one - it's called your prostate gland, and it is
exquisitely sensitive. Normally, of course, it is hidden away, but a quirk of
nature means that it can be gently massaged from inside the rectum.

Obviously if a guy is lying on his back, the prostate is on the upper side of
his rectum, and it can be stimulated by a finger gently massaging it through
the wall of the rectum. For the lover who is massaging a man's prostate,
caution is the watchword, because this allows you to establish what degree of
pressure will be pleasant for him. And indeed, what sort of movement -
circles, strokes, gentle pressure - whatever. Again - be adventurous, and play.

In Tantric Sex, there is a whole body of work about male sacred spot massage.
The sacred spot is, to put it simply, a spot in the inner wall of the rectum
which produces exquisite feelings and sensations when it is massaged. It is not
necessarily the same as the spot on which you can massage the prostate: it
often lies just in front of it. The key, therefore, to a man getting the most
pleasure from his partner's penetration, is for the partner to move their
finger over as large an area as possible until the most sensitive spot is
found. The massager will know when she (or he in gay couples) has hit the spot -
the expressions of delight from the receiver are usually a good clue!

The prostate gland produces much of the semen that a man ejaculates. And
massaging it will produce more semen, and change its consistency (it makes
semen more runny). So if you "suck him off" while you finger his prostate, and
take this all the way to his orgasm, you will find that the taste and quantity
of his semen may be different to normal - perhaps more pleasant. But I guess
that depends on how pleasant you find his semen to start with.

The number of couples who are into it seem to think it is rather delightful.
And no, it doesn't mean that your man is repressed gay man (for goodness' sake.
As if being gay is a problem). But this goes deeper than just pleasure. Men who
allow their women to do this are saying something like - I am secure enough in
my maleness to be happy with the idea of you thrusting something up my ass and
taking the dominant position. For a woman who is usually - in some sense at
least - submitting to the thrusts of her man, and who wants to know how
penetration feels when you're on the other end of the penis, this can be a very
exciting experience, opening up new ideas about relationships, power and the
roles of men and women.
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