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Couture design work is truly a reflection of you and your personal tastes. By filling out this questionnaire, this is not only an opportunity for you to speak your mind with any thoughts or wishes you may have for your invitations but it is also gives us a chance to get to know you and your wedding tastes, style and individual personality.

Your invitation design literally starts with us getting to know you. We design to your specifications only. We find it most helpful for you to tell us all about your special day. What do you love most about your chosen location? What is your color or theme? What do your flowers look like? How did the two of you meet? Any little detail that will help us understand you and your upcoming wedding day.

Some couples like to provide actual tear sheets from magazines or links from websites. While some just speak from their minds. Whatever it is that you have will be great. We are able to work with what ever you provide us.

PHOTOS: If you wish to send/attach photos, please attach them in the body of the email, not in the word document! This helps Ceci reference them more effectively. Thank you!

1. Your name + your fiancés name:

2. Your address:

3. Your phone number:

4. What is your wedding date?

5. What is the style of your wedding – how would you describe the look, feel, and mood you want?

6. Where are you getting married? Please provide the name, location, and website of the venue.

7. Is it an indoor/outdoor or church/temple wedding?

8. What do you love most about your chosen wedding location?

9. Is your wedding more traditional or modern in style?

10. What are the colors you are using in your wedding? Please provide any pictures or website links as examples, if available.

11. What types of flowers or decorations are you using in your wedding? Please provide any pictures or website links as examples, if available.

12. What is your wedding dress like? What color? Please provide any pictures or website links as examples, if available.

13. What are your bridesmaid or groomsmen wearing? Specifically, what colors? Please provide any pictures or website links as examples, if available

14. What date do you want to have your invitations in the mail? (Save the dates are generally mailed out 6-8 months prior to the wedding date and invitations, 6-8 weeks prior).

15. How many invitations do you plan on sending out? (Our minimum order is 50 and we print in increments of 25. Also remember that you will be inviting couples, so not every person will need an invitation).

16. What type of invitation design do you envision? Classic or modern, or both?

17. Do you like clean typographic design only, or more decorative / illustrated look?

18. What type of typography are you drawn to? (A clean lined, modern font or classic all caps? Embellished, traditional italics or soft, simple lower case italics? Hand Calligraphed? Or a mix?)

19. Do you have a preference in paper styles? (Metallic, smooth or textured? Ecru or white? Colored?)

20. Anything else you want to say about your wedding day, style and tastes, etc?

21. Are there any samples from our website that you are drawn to? If so, please specify which ones,

22. How did you find Ceci?

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